How long does the laptop last? Complete Guide

How long does the laptop last? Complete Guide

How long does the laptop last? Complete Guide

The live era where everything is transforming into technological phase so are we. Everything from groceries to electronic devices is being made with long-lasting durability. In fact, we are pretty sure you are reading this article on your laptop or another electronic device.

Billions of people own a laptop or other electronic devices. We can witness a change in people from using a desktop to a portable computer which means a laptop. Laptops have become a solution to a lot of problems.

One can easily use a laptop while traveling, in offices, schools, colleges, and universities where laptops are usually used.


There is no denying the fact that a laptop doesn’t last forever. However expensive and modern it is, on someday you will come to realize that your laptop speed isn’t as fast as it was before. You will realize t when your laptops start to lags, sudden crash, late response, and many more symptoms. When the new model releases, the value of the previous model drops down.

Here a brand new laptop can fix your problem to some extent, as there are tempting so if you keep them smooth, clean, and suitably maintain them, it can last longer. In this way, a new laptop can save your money for a long time but not for a lifetime.

It’s no bad in being attached to your PC or laptop but one also needs to be aware of the expiry date of your PC or laptop. We are coming to the subject.

Your concern how long do laptop last actually have two meanings:

  1. What is the average lifespan of a laptop?
  2. What is the average lifespan of a battery of a laptop?

As you here to clear your doubts, so we will be answering all of your questions. We have broken the article into two pieces, according to the questions mentioned above. In the first section, we will let you know what the average lifespan of the laptop is and then we will tell you what the average lifespan of a laptop’s battery is. And in the end, we will also tell you the ways to increase your laptop’s battery life. So let’s start.

What is the average lifespan of a Laptop?

The lifespan of a laptop depends on these three main points.

  1. What is inside the laptop?
  2. What is the task you are going to perform on a laptop?
  3. How you treat the laptop?

What’s inside the laptop?

As aforementioned, the hardware system plays an important part in the lifespan of the laptop. The modern hardware system under the keyboard will contribute to more years of its lifespan.

The RAM your laptop’s hardware, the longer it is to be last. Unlike PC, the laptop is designed in a way that the hardware components are fitted very close to each other, this doesn’t let the air pass through it and so the temperature rises and the other component get affected by it and start to melt within the system due to overheating.

The low processing speed of the laptop also depends on an outdated and old processor. In today’s era, every day a new part or component is releasing which makes the old component outdated and you won’t be able to perform an advanced task with these old processers.

What is the task you are going to perform on the laptop?

Another important aspect is what the task are you are going to perform on your laptop.

If you are using a laptop for a higher task like gaming, graphics designing or video editing, then you might need a high-end laptop because the low-end laptop won’t remain relevant for a lot of time.

If you are going to perform the less demanding task like emailing, watching videos, web browsing, etc., then your laptop will remain a reliable option for a long time.

So the laptop dependency also depends on types of usage. If you are performing an advanced task on a low-end laptop, then probably it might give you 1-2 years of dependency but if you use a high-end laptop for an advanced task, it will give you a long time to depend.

How you treat the laptop?

Now the last factor is an important aspect of the lifespan of the laptop. It is a fact that if you want a thing to last longer, you have to take care of it. So, in this way, if you want your laptop to last longer, you will have to take care of your laptop.

In 2010, I bought a laptop that I used for web browsing, emailing and for some casual gaming. After 2-3 years, I wasn’t receiving the same speedy response from my laptop as I was receiving before. It was because I was careless with my laptop. I used to plug out the charging cable from the laptop after the battery is fully charged. And because of this, the charging port was completely shot up. These are the things one should take care of.

The laptop was still useable for emailing and web browsing, but it was lagging on normal gaming. It’s not a hard and steady rule. It’s simple. The longer you take care of your laptop, the longer it will last.

Here is a general breakdown of the laptop durability according to their prices.

For a laptop less than $700: you can easily get 2 to 4 years.

For a laptop ranges between $700-$100: you can get 3 to 5 years to durability.

For a laptop of $1000 or more: you can get 4-7 years of durability.

The average lifespan of a battery

How long does the laptop last? Complete Guide

Now, coming to the second part of the question. This question depends on two parts.

  1. The type of quality used in your laptop
  2. How you use a laptop.

The laptop battery depends on what inside your laptop battery. The expensive laptop doesn’t have to grant you great battery life. So it’s better to research before buying a laptop. You can get to know about it by reading customer reviews on how long of a single charge battery life you can get.

The general average recorded lifespan of a laptop in a single battery charge ranges for 2-3 on hardcore using to 7-8 hours or more hours on low usage.

In the second part, if you are using your laptop for hardcore gaming, you can easily get 2-3 hours and then you will need to charge your laptop again.

If you are using a laptop for emails, web browsing, multi-tasking and other casual tasks, you can easily get 4-5 hours and with the laptop, with the best long-lasting battery life, you can easily get 10-12 + hours.

The last important factor to note is the age of your battery. If your laptop’s battery is 1-2 or probably brand new, your laptop will last longer. A battery that is used to give 4-5hours on a single charge might need a charge after 2-3 years after a year.

How to extend your laptop’s lifespan

There are the following points by which one can easily extend my laptop’s life.

Maintain the operating system

Usually, users experience a slowdown in their laptop’s speed. This is because they don’t keep it updated to the latest version. Make sure to update the operating system whenever the update is available.

Run checkups on updates of software and operating systems

Make sure to check for updates regularly, because sometimes it happens that the updates are automatically turned, and you don’t get notified. And you keep using the old version of the software and operating system.

Yes, it consumes time but it is worth it. Besides, if you keep your software and operating systems updated your laptop will more likely avoid the viruses. Less virus means less junk and it will keep your computer clean.

Use Antimalware software

As we all know, how annoying these viruses are; once they get in your laptop, they automatically copy itself in other folders. In this way, they spread to different folders which results in low storage. To ensure your computer safety, you can install anti-malware software and run a regular test for malware.

Regularly clean your laptop, and it’s the hardware

A laptop consist of magnets and magnets seems to attract dirty steels. So, the dirt from other components made up of steels gets attracted to a laptop. So you have to be careful about that too.

Clean your laptop hardware regularly after one or two weeks. It’s not about just hygiene but cleaning your laptop will also prevent overheating. Doing it will help in extending the lifespan of your laptop.

Upgrade hardware

As we all know, the hardware is the main component to boost the laptop. Every electronic device is getting advanced day by day. Every day there is a new release of either a new component or a new version.

So if you want to extend your laptop life, you have to fully equipped with modern components like upgrading your ROM to SSD type which ensure the smooth running of the laptop. High-speed processors like Intel Core i9 and Intel Core i7 are superfast for gaming, multi-tasking and casual task.

We know it’s quite difficult to keep the laptop upgraded with newly released components. But when you have new components fitted, you don’t have to worry about your laptop’s lifespan.

Take precautions seriously

Precautions aren’t safety or warning labels. They are mentioned because of the bad experiences that have happened before, and they are happening again and again if we don’t take them seriously.

Avoid placing your laptop near to any magnetic place, hot area and near to any sorts of liquid. Don’t use your laptop with 100% brightness all the time.

So, folks, that’s all for the general laptops but if you own a gaming laptop, we have something for you too. You must be concerned about how long the gaming laptop last, right? Here is your answer.

The lifespan of the gaming laptop

If you’re a gamer, you must be demanding an advanced gaming machine with more battery life. But let me acknowledge you that laptops which are meant for gaming, you should be excepting shorter lifespan of those devices. Day by day we are getting new and high-end graphics games that require better hardware to run.

A mid-range laptop lasts only a few years and then it starts causing troubles in running newer games. But if you spend more on your laptop and keep it updated with modern hardware, you should expect it to last longer and handle newer games.

With this general overview, you can easily determine the lifespan of a gaming laptop.

  • For a gaming laptop less than $700: you can easily get 2 to 3 years.
  • For a gaming laptop that ranges between $700-$100: you can get 3 to 4 years to durability.
  • For a gaming laptop of $1000 or more: you can get 4-6 years of durability.

But still, there are some things which depend on your usage, like if you like to play games on high-graphics, then you will need a newer or better laptop sooner and if you like to play games on normal or low settings, then you can get a couple of more years with your laptop. These are all the factors your laptop’s lifespan depends on.

The bottom line

So here are all the things you need to know about your laptop’s lifespan. The lifespan of the laptop depends on many factors not just one. By studying the chemical composition in a laptop when you can get to know how long the battery lasts.

The battery capacity decreases with more number of years passed. Different applications drain the different amounts of battery. Your laptop will drain more battery if you are gaming but if you using it for watching videos laptops can give you a couple of hours more.

The laptop battery has 500 charge cycles; it means that you can recharge and discharge the battery 500 times before the capacity begins to diminish. Based on our research, your laptop’s battery diminishes starts after 1-2 years on regular usage.