How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works – Complete Guide

You are having a great day, and the weather is friendly birds are chirping. You are jogging in the evening and just can’t wait to get home. You get yourself a train or bus to get back home. To avoid people’s noise you put on our headphones to feel relaxed, you are ready to tune in.

Well, that’s an excellent way to survive and have a peaceful commute every day. But that’s where you came to know that there is a problem and the problem is that your Bluetooth headphone is only playing music in one earbud.

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This is a global problem; no matter how many times you but new headphones or earbuds, a time will come when you will hear from one side only and that can be a bummer.

So, thinking about the solution here. You might be thinking that is there even a solution to this problem that can resolve this problem? Or you have to buy new headphones or earbuds earbuds earbuds earbuds earbuds or is it totally useless to talk about it?

Well, the answer is NO. There is multiple solutions to this problem. Being with us benefits you the solution of many tech issues you face in your daily lives.

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There are several ways by which one can achieve a solution to this problem, but it is dependent on which type of earbuds or headphones do you use. The repairing technique of each Bluetooth headphone or earbuds differs from each other.

So you need specific instruction of the Bluetooth device you are using. No need to afraid, in terms of technology, our experts have got your back.

Earbuds are one of the common and sensitive devices found in every person’s household. As we have a moving technological era, Bluetooth earbuds are becoming a necessary and essential need for those who are on the go.

Since these earbuds are sensitive, so they can have problems. Don’t worry we have written a guide of the most common issues of earbuds and how to fix them. So hang on tight and let’s begin.

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In this blog, you will get to know that how to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works. Just stick till theendof the blog to find out the answer. Maybe you’ll find something exciting you don’t know.

How to Fix earbuds when only one side working

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works
How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

Some of the common problems people face are that their Bluetooth earbuds stutter, or cut in or cut out frequently. These problems can cause minor annoyance or it can make Bluetooth Earbuds of no use or unstable to use because of the simultaneous choppiness of the sound. Usually, users report cutting in and out of the music and working on only one side of the earbuds.

Are they clean?

Firstly, make sure are your ear pods clean and dry. Sometimes Dirt, ear wax, or lint clog the headphones and block the coming sound from earbuds. After a while, give your headphones an inspection looking for debris.

When done with earbuds, people usually stuff earbuds in a pocket or a bag, which is problematic. Use a case for them to avoid this problem.

If you find any dirt or debris on earbuds, remove it by wiping the dirt with a dry cloth. In case your earbuds are wet, we suggest you to use a microfiber cloth to soak up the liquid. Microfibers are specifically designed for this purpose, as they don’t leave new fibers all over the headphones.

Check the stereo balance

Most of the iPhone users are unaware of the fact that iPhones, Mac, and Windows PC have an option to switch sounds all the way to the right or left earbud. This option is there to help hearing-impaired users. So, if your earbuds are playing music on only one ear, then it could be this that settings have been adjusted by mistake.

How to adjust the stereo on an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings, then Accessibility. (For older iOS, Setting, then General, then Accessibility).
  • Scroll till you see the Hearing category and tap on the Audio/ Visuals button and ensure the slider is in the mid between L and R. (for Older iOS, it’s under Hearing.)
  • If not, then adjust the slider so that it’s become the midway between L and R.
  • Above the slider, you will see the Mono Audio button. Switch the Mono Audio toggle to the off position

Adjusting the stereo balance on Mac:

  • Open System preferences then Sound, then Output.
  • A menu will appear, find and select the name of your earbuds or headphones from the Output menu.
  • Ensure that the slider is in the mid of L and R.
  • For the Mono Audio checkbox, go to System Preferences then Accessibility.
  • Scroll till you see the Mono Audio CheckBox, uncheck it.

Disconnect, reset and restart

Sometimes the solution might be to reconnect and restart any one or both devices.

For old iPhone’s headphones or earbuds, it is as simple as pulling the headphones out and restarting your devices. When reconnecting the headphones, make sure that you press the headphones jack all the way into the port on your device. If the jack is not correctly inserted or partly inserted, the audio will play quieter or will be playing on one side only.

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The Apple air pods are different. They use an extra few steps ahead of them. You have un-pair them and reset the earbuds using the case, follow the following steps to do it properly.

Resetting the Bluetooth Apple air pods

  • Open the Bluetooth menu from your Device and choose to “forget” the paired Apple Airpods.
  • Now, insert the Airpods back to their charging case but keep the lid open
  • Press and hold the reset/setup button on the back of the case for 15 seconds.
  • Keeping the button held until you see the light beneath the lid flashes amber color.
  • Flashing of the light means that the Airpods have been reset, now restart your device and pair them as new.

How to Fix earbuds when only one side working

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works
How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

Here is some simple and easy fix for the headphones whose only one side works.

Check connection

The very first step is to check that if it’s headphones which are causing the trouble or is it the phone which is not working correctly. To test this disconnect and un-pair the connected headphones and try connecting the device with another Bluetooth device and check the result. If you experience the same problems, then the problem lies in your headphones.

  • Switching on and off both sides of headphones will help.
  • Wait for the phone, PC, speakers, or whichever device you are using, confirming that you are connected with the respective device.

Check Internal connections

It often happens that internal connection in the bud disturbs, which results in the absence of sound at one side headphone. To check the ear cup of the headphone, follow these steps.

  • Firstly, remove the foam pads of the earcups.
  • Now, unscrew the earpiece by using a screwdriver.
  • Now, find the end of the aux cable whose other end has a jack. Take that end and slice it slightly. Now you have gently twisted the wire to lose or solve the disturbing connection inside the speaker of your headphones.
  • Now pack the headphones as they were before. Make sure you don’t misplace any of the components of your headphones.

Audio track type

Some of you face the problem when your headphone’s one side works properly with the specific audio and the other side doesn’t, this results is major confusion.

well, most of you don’t know that sometimes you are listening to Mono tracks and without knowing this that Mono tracks play on only one side of the speakers of headphones.

So, no need to get worried if one side of the headphone works properly, make sure you check that track type and if it is not a Mono track then jump to the settings or solution of this problem.

Cleaning a jack

cleanliness is an important aspect whether it is your home appliance or any technology based device. It is possible that the dirt in it is the real reason that one side of your headphone doesn’t work work properly.

To clear this doubt, make sure that you clean the audio jack properly and removes the dirt as much as possible.

To clear the dirt use a cotton swab to remove the dirt from your audio jack. don’t forget to switch off the phone or headphone whichever’s jack you are cleaning before it get dampens.

After cleaning the jack, to check the headphones insert the cable in to the audio jack while the audio is on and then pull out the cable back. Check if both sides of the headphones works properly.

Audio Checking

If you are still facing the same problems, then you should go for a check of Audio.

Sometimes it happens that new headphones are unable to play old audio. It means that they are unable to play the old audio format. This might be a reason of sound coming to only one side of the headphone. Check the audio quality or format of the source.

It is not necessary that the problem always lies in the headphones, sometimes the audio quality is too old that the latest and recent headphones are not able to play it. These type of sound causes disruptions sometimes due to which the audio plays in only one or both sides of the headphones

Fix Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another essential aspect that usually causes disruption. Make sure your device’s Bluetooth works appropriately. And if you still face the same problem to satisfy yourself, eliminate all the connections and connected devices and reconnect them.


As we told you that every model has different specifications, and this is why every model works differently. So it’s essential to be aware of the specifications your device has.

There are some headphones or earbuds that allow you to fully reset the headphones. To know better the process of how to reset your headphones go through the manual and check if you reset them or not.

If you can reset, then the question remains is how? Usually, reset details are similar in many devices. So, I have already listed the details you will find in manual, you don’t have to bother, just follow the steps.

  • Firstly, the primary thing is to make sure that your headphones are switched off.
  • Different models offer different functionality if your headphone has a power button, then press and hold it for 10 seconds, and the headphones will reset.
  • If this isn’t working with your device, then you should press and hold the power button along with the volume up/down button for 10 seconds to resets the headphone.
  • This step is optional less likely to be used, but we are telling just in case if you have a calling button other than of power and volume button, then now you have to hold call or volume button or call o power button for 10 seconds.
  • If your headphone has a play /pause button, then you can also use it to reset your headphone.

The Ending line

In this article, we have written all the possible ways by which you can fix these issues of not working on one side of your Bluetooth headphone or earbuds. Follow these steps correctly, and instructions correctly and we hope your device will be in proper working condition again.

Now that you have answers to your concern “How to Fix earbuds when only one side working,” you understand better and can right measurements to resolve this issue for once and all.

We hope that our article will help you and solve your issue of headphones not working properly. if there is anything unclear in the method we have mentioned above, then you are fully welcomed to our comments section and discuss your issue. we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you. see you in the next article.

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