iPhone xs max won’t turn on? Easy Way to Fix it

iPhone xs max won’t turn on? Easy Way to Fix it

There is no surprise that Apple track to sell around 195 million units in fiscal 2023, while there is a huge increase in sales graph from last year’s sales, which was 186 million. After all, Apple is a worthy brand. But won’t it be disappointing? If you spent a thousand dollars on buying an Apple device and all of a sudden, it just won’t turn on or become unresponsive.

Although the Apple mobile devices are checked before they are set to sell, the Apple production runs multiple tests to check software, hardware and screen of the devices, and then they are set to release (if working properly). But, some people faced these unwanted problems like sudden shutdown, unresponsive screen, etc.


Some people reported that their iPhone XS Max wouldn’t turn on or screen is unresponsive, and unfortunately, if you are one of them, then we got a solution for you. No need to worry because you will find several ways and methods for what to do when iPhone XS Max doesn’t turn on.

If you’re iPhone XS Mas suddenly turns off and won’t respond then before going to a technician, you should try these money-saving methods. You don’t have to pay an expert to repair your device while you can easily do it by sitting at home without paying anyone. Choose any method which suits you and follow the exact steps, and we are sure that you will get back to your iPhone. So let’s go.

What to do when iPhone XS Max doesn’t turn on?

There are several methods by which you can fix your iPhone XS Max.

Fix for iPhone XS Max won’t open without data loss

All users wish that they don’t lose any data after the fix. So, the easiest and most used way by which you won’t lose your data is to use the iMyFone Fixppo application.


This app allows or enables a phone to turn on easily by using simple and convenient steps. It fixes the problem without factory reset your device, so there is no chance to lose data.


  • Open the iMyFone Fixppo application on your PC or laptop.
  • Connect your iPhone XS Max to the computer and then select Next.
  • The computer will search and identify your device, if not identified even after unlocking the phone, the program will ask you to use the DFU mode or recovery mode. The program will guide you step to step to go through recovery mode.
  • The program will ask you to download the firmware that is compatible with the version of your iPhone XS Max. Download it.
  • When the firmware package is downloaded, click on the “Next” button to start the process.

This method has helped many users in fixing their iPhone without data loss. People prefer this method because of the following reasons.

  • Fix issues without loss of data.
  • Fix many issues in one click like a loop on start, black screen, stuck in recovery mode.
  • Works for all models of iPhone X, XS, XS Max, eight, etc.
  • Many experts recommend it.
  • Money backup is guaranteed if you find any technical issue with the software.

Force Restart your iPhone XS Max

Force Restart your iPhone XS Max

You will need this method when your iPhone XS Max suddenly turns off and won’t open due to software problems. Whenever an Apple device seems to have malefaction, this very first thing you should do is to force restart the device simply.


This will fix the black screen problem. Forcefully restarting the device resets the on-going power cycle. By Forcefully restarting, the device will automatically fix the minor issue that occurred in software. Fortunately, your data won’t be lost by this method. Here are the steps for forcefully restarting the device.


  • Firstly, quickly press the “volume up” button. The time of pressing the button should be a second or less than that.
  • Without any delay, now quickly press the “volume-down” button.
  • Then, press and hold the side button for 10 seconds.
  • Keep pressing the side button (power button) until you feel a vibration and then let it go when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Note that there shouldn’t be any delay or gap while performing the actions in between. During the process, the device screen will go black in between the process, but then your device will restart. Make sure that you don’t release the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Force restarting while charging

The apps which are running in the background can drain a lot of battery too. When your device runs out of battery, there are chances that your iPhone XS Max might become unresponsive. Plugin the original charger and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Repeat these steps after some time of plugging-in the charger.


  • Plug-in the iPhone with the original charger and leave it for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Press the volume up button constantly just like before.
  • Then press the volume down button quickly and release it immediately.
  • Press and hold the lock button.
  • Don’t release the power button until you see the Apple logo appears.
  • Your phone will be fixed now.

This method is often used in case the 2nd method doesn’t work out. The sudden blackout and unresponsive screen and other issues like this usually happen because of background running apps as they drain too. The success rate of this method is low, but the good thing is your data is safe in this method, you won’t lose data.

Update the IOS apps to the latest version

The old apps can cause too much trouble. Sometimes they are reasons for freezing and blackout. These un-updated apps cover more space and can create critical situations for the device. The update ensures that the apps behave more smoothly with previous bugs fixed. Most of the users turn off the Auto-update option and face problems in the future. Follow these steps to avoid lagging or freezing.


  • Open the Appstore of your iPhone XS Max.
  • Make your way to the updates section. You will find multiple apps there. Tap on the “update all” button on the top right corner on the screen.
  • Updates all apps then, you won’t face any lagging or freezing.

DFU restore by iTunes

An alternative way, if your device isn’t responding to any touch at all. Connecting with Itunes can help in interacting with the device without loading the boot loader or operating system. Here is a guide for DFU mode restore with the help of iTunes.


  • Connect your iPhone to the computer or laptop through a charging cable, then launch iTunes on the computer.
  • Quickly press the volume up button multiple times.
  • Do the same with the volume down button.
  • Now, press and hold the ‘sleep/wake’ button and wait till IPhone’s screen turns black.
  • Now hold the ‘volume down’ and ‘sleep’ button together for 5 seconds. Release the ‘sleep’ button after 5 seconds but continue holding the ‘volume down’ button for an additional 10 seconds.
  • Then you will be entered in IPhone’s DFU mode, iTunes will automatically detect iPhone in recovery mode. A message “iTunes has detected iPhone in recovery mode” will appear on the computer screen but the screen of the iPhone will remain off/black.
  • Click on the “Restore button” button and confirm your actions.

Contact Apple software

If there is a physical or liquid issue in the device, then you need to contact a professional technician because only a professional can fix the device in this device.


With the above-written method, you can fix the software related issues, but if the problem appears to be on hardware, then only a professional technician can fix it. We recommend you to perform all the above method with the device if your device doesn’t get fixed, then surely there is hardware related issue in it.

Instead of any third-party directly contact any Authentic Apple store or get in touch with their customer care. If your phone is under warranty, then you won’t get a dent in your pocket.

Reasons for why iPhone XS Max is unresponsive?

There are several reasons why iPhone XS Max screen is unresponsive:

  • Battery related issue.
  • Loose connection, water damage, hardware issue.
  • IOS update went wrong.
  • The touchscreen panel is not working.
  • An unexpected change in system settings.
  • Corrupt software because of malware attacks.
  • Conflictions between internal and external commands.


See, there are different methods by which you can easily fix the freezing or sudden turn off issues. Note that it is not important every time your iPhone turn off automatically just because of any software related issue, there might be a hardware issue too. To get a hassle-free experience, try dr.fone- System Repair(IOS). This application can fix almost all issues except iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR, not responding issues. So that’s all folks.

Kindly place your questions in the comments section, and we will get to you very soon. See you next article.