How To Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack?

How To Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack?

How To Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack?

Headphones, a basic element to complete your desktop. According to research, most of the people prefer headphones, whether they are gaming or using it for other tasks. This is because headphones project sound directly to the user and reduce the chances of isolation to a minimum.

The earphones and microphones work on the same principle and they are appreciated and preferred over speakers because they do their job so well. Some of the earphones can be used as microphones but not all of them. Earphones must be of good quality so that they can be used as both microphone and earphone. While microphones can’t be used as good speakers.

How do headset/ microphones work?

How To Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack?

The mechanism on which headphones/ microphones work is vibrating diaphragms. The mechanism is used to convert sound into electrical energy and then converts to sound energy back. In this way, you can easily speak and record your microphones.


These re-proposed earphones are of good quality in which the inferior compared to purpose-built microphones, but the audio options can be improved slightly in the computer setting. The main purpose of headphones or headset is to provide privacy as they provide quiet and private sound in the ear. The small silicon chips in the headphone create small music.

What’s inside it? 

Most of the headsets or earphones contain a four-band 3.5mm TRRS connector which is a compartment where three insulators separate four sections, this provides an additional audio channel like a microphone input added to stereo output. Usually, the TRRS works perfectly in the personal computer that has integrated earphones and microphone jacks.

Those computers who don’t have headsets and microphones jack attached to it, and an external microphone adapter is used for it. This external adaptor is used to convert the 3.5mm TRRS plug into a three-band 3.5mm headphone input connector which consists of three sections that are separated by two insulators.

The personal computer comes with a standard 3.5mm audio jack where you can connect your headphone with a microphone with audio jack through the wire.


Do you know why most of the gamers choose wired microphones while gaming? It’s because wireless Bluetooth headphones provide an excellent quality voice with proper timing.

However, the wired headsets with mic also give pleasing sound for the best gaming experience. Headphones with mic with one jack can truly broaden your sound experience and give you the chance to take full of gaming.

Coming to your concern, how to use headset mic on pc with one jack without any further delay.

How to use headset mic on pc with one jack?

How To Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack?

Imagine you spent a lot of money and buy the best headphone with a built-in microphone in the market. You would be thinking to use it for gaming or calls or some other tasks. The only big obstacle between you and your thinking is that some full-sized desktop comes with a separate microphone or headset jack. On the other side, the laptop and cell phones come with a combined 3.5mm audio port.

So, unfortunately, you have to plug-in the headphone to the audio port and listen and if you want to use your microphone for calls or something like that, you have to plug the headphone into a microphone and use them for speaking. You can’t do both at the same time.

You can also use Bluetooth headphones with built-in microphones which makes it easier for you to cope up with the separate audio jack issue. But the Bluetooth headphones are generally made in a way that their connection is meant for cell phones for better sound quality.

Nowadays, the high-end Bluetooth headphones came with a lineup option that converts them into wired devices.

They came with wire so that you can plug them with older gadgets too who don’t have Bluetooth option. You can also use them as a wired headphone when the headphone’s battery goes down. It is a good way to solve the separate jack issue. In case you are not in a mood to buy Bluetooth headphones, don’t worry. We have one more solution and it’s pretty simple.

If your PC doesn’t offer the one combined port for audio, you have to buy a cheap Y-adapter which splits the signal in two. The Y-adapter combined both the audio going to drivers in your headphones which reaches you and the audio you are generating through the microphone.

Once you have the Y-adaptor in hand, you have to your headphones into the female port or the male port according to the appropriate port on your computer. The pink-colored port is for the microphone while the green-colored port is for headphones or speakers.

Surely, you can see the icons near the port to connect it suitably, if you don’t find icons you can set the port functionality manually in the audio settings in the windows settings.

These y-adaptors are fitted with two female connectors (TRS) and one male connector (TRRS).

It’s better if you don’t rely on these adaptors completely because they aren’t 100% guaranteed to work. It is because of enough variation. But the good thing is they are not so expensive so if you get unlucky you can change them.

If you want a more reliable device with easy controls for volume and mute, you can get an inexpensive USB sound card.

Reasons to choose the type with only one jack

You might find difficulty while gaming with your friends if you are without playing without headphones. In order to communicate with friends, you have to chat through the keyboard which is very time-consuming. Don’t rely on your computer’s headphones because they are not strong enough to capture your voice, and they might pick different sounds also like the sound of your room’s fan or PC’s fan.

To overcome this issue, you can use wired headphones with a microphone as they provide the gaming experience and are designed to maintain a balance between your game sound and voice chat. Here are some major reasons to choose headsets.

Pleasing Sound

Surely, the main concern of the gamers is good sound quality. So here it is, these headphones provide superior quality sound when plugged into single audio port while they don’t perform so well if plugged in conventional dual jack input.

Reduce wire usage to your PC

Old headsets create a sense of annoying surroundings, and they have two wires one for mic input and other for headset input. More connection leads to more wires and it becomes annoying sometimes. On the other hand, the headphone which is made for one-jack audio input comes in to reduce the number of wires.

TS, TRs, and TRRS.

These headphones come with three types of supports.

TS: Those headphones who can’t support a microphone and stereo sound. They handle mono sound.

TRS: These headphones can’t support microphone sound but can support stereo sound very nicely. It means you can easily listen to the other gamers but you can’t reply to them through the microphone.

TRRS: These are suitable and demanded headphones that support both microphone and stereo sound. These headsets are useable with PC, cell phone and laptop. Besides, it provides a convenient feature to be connected by single jack on your PC, it finds compatible and saves space when used with a laptop.

Innovative device

As we are living in the technological era, the single jack headphones or pc with the support of a single audio port are great advancements here. The TRRS jack creates a lower impedance signal and has a superior signal to voice ratio.

Types of the headphones jack.

There are three different types of headphone jacks listed below:

5mm audio jack

This jack is the most famous among all other types of jack. It is found in cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, DVD players and many more devices it is known as a mini-phone connector.

5mm headphone jack

It is the largest headphone jack found in headphones with mic with one plug-in. A standard connector for high-quality headsets. They are manufactured for home stereo systems and smartphones.

Because they are bigger in size, they are commonly used in musical instruments for better performance.

5mm headphone jack

The least competitive product in the jack market. They are popular with TTY devices, mobile phones, and communication radios. In comparison in terms of size, there is not so much difference, and they almost look similar.

The last line

Modern PCs are designed in a way that they can support single audio jack headphones but if you got an old PC, no problem. We have listened to several solutions up there. Headphones with mic with single jack and less annoying and easy to use. All you have to do to them is to plug them into combined audio jack carefully. While the headphones with two jacks are quite difficult to handle.