How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen? – Ultimate Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen?

Well, no doubt there are many chances that you be searching about How much does it cost to repair a laptop screen? Screen, the main component of your laptop that displays and handles everything on your laptop. With all its burst hardware components, it helps you to interact with your laptop.

Being the laptop’s important component, the laptop screen is the most suspectable part to get malfunctioned or damaged.  The average lifetime of any laptop’s screen is around 36-40 months depending upon the brand name and the laptop’s quality.

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If it’s a normal brand, it means that you’ll have to repair it. We wish that you never get to such a situation, but if such a situation arrives, we have written an article on how much it cost to repair a laptop screen.

When you want your laptop screen to be repaired, you have been thinking about the same question that how much does it costs to repair a laptop screen? So, today’s blog is for you.

Before we get started with our article, let us tell you what the screen’s main component is and what the laptop screen is made up of.

The laptop screen is made up of?

The laptop screen comes packed with an LCD that displays the system interface to you, and the functions of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) obstruct a path of light to you.

This LCD is generally including 2 panels that are polarized glasses which we also called the substrate. These two layers include a Liquid crystal material in them.

The backlight present plays an important role in sourcing the light that goes through the first substrate.

The minute electrical current that carries in makes the liquid molecules of crystals allow a certain orientation and align them in a specific way to allow different quantities of various properties to pass through them and reach the second substrate. This creates the colours and then forms the images to display to interact with the screen.

Now you know different things make up the LCD screen, so there is more than one reason for your laptop screen’s failure. Now, the cost of laptop screen repairing depends on the amount and type of damage that is done.

If the damage is low, then it might be the backlight that isn’t functioning properly.

Meanwhile, severe damage might include breaking polarizing glass in the LCD, or the liquid crystal display might leak out.

So, this is how the cost of repairing a laptop varies. Moreover, the cost varies from model to model too.

Damaging of hinges of the laptop screen

The laptop hinge is a common issue that many users face regardless of the brand and build quality. The hinges are placed on both lower sides of the laptop at the back of the bezels. The hinges might break due to the following reasons:

  • It might become overly stiff
  • Unable to hold the weight of the screen.
  • When have broken free of the mounts.

The metal hinges may physically break or might get detached from the plastic parts that are mounted. You’ll get to see what’s the main problem when the bezel of the LCD becomes broken or pushed out. 

When these hinges are left untreated, they become unable to hold the screen and usually result in the working of one side of the screen. Problems like hinges should be quickly fixed with the right parts from the experienced technician.

How much it cost to repair a laptop screen?

Generally, when hiring a professional and experienced, it can cost you around $50 to $200. The repairing cost depends on the laptop that you have and how much damage is done.

You can also double-check the details and price of your broken laptop’s screen fix by googling the details about your laptop. And before repairing, make sure that you are paying the right and experienced one for your laptop repair.  Here is a lump sum amount according to the screen size.

For 15.6 inches big screen display

For laptops like Acer 15.6, the repairing costs you need to pay will be around $300 because the technician will have to fully open your laptop, adding $100 more to the repairing cost. Be safe from the local fraudster who promises a screen fix in a lower amount without any guarantee.

For HP models

Older versions of laptops might be causing more damage to you because they are rare and old laptops, so there are fewer chances of getting the spare parts of old laptops, which results in increased charges.

And if luckily you find the part in the lower amount, the technician would demand more money as opening up the older laptops is confusing.

The laptop’s repairing cost goes around $200-$300 if referred to a good and experienced technician. And if you are capable enough to repair the laptop, it would subtract hundreds of dollars you are spending on laborers.

If you own a Microsoft signature or Apple laptop, let me tell you that repairing these laptops would cost almost near the new laptop’s price. So, you are advised to take great care of your laptop. Even an amount like $200-$300 is no less money.

A chart of some popular laptops with their prices included that people have paid to get their hinges repaired in this table below.   

Factors that affect the price of the laptop

Here are some factors that affect the repairing cost of a laptop

  • Laptop model and hinges

All laptop comes with different sizes of hinges. On some laptops, the hinges used might be too difficult or rare to find, increasing the price of that particular component. Generally, the average cost is about $7 to $50 just for the parts of hinges.

  • Labor

The cost to repair the laptop screen varies from shop to shop. The simple fixes of laptop hinge repair can cost around $40 to $90, but it can increase significantly if the damage is severe. The job not only includes replacing hinges but also includes the replacing of front bezels, screen back, and the special brackets that need to be customized.

How you save money?

The easy way to save money is by getting free estimates from various repair centers to know how much they are going to charge. Take an idea of the amount from different shops and get your laptop repaired from the store that offers the lowest prices.

Check if the laptop’s warranty is remaining. If it’s remaining, you can, you can repair or replace it with no charges. 

And if you are capable enough to repair the laptop, it would subtract hundreds of dollars you are spending on laborers.

Wrapping up

So, this is how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen. We hope you will get an idea of the lump-sum amount you will require to repair your laptop screen. If you got anything to ask, then feel free to ask anything in the comments section. We’ll get to you with the problem of your solution.

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