8 Best and Cheapest 120Hz Monitors 2023 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

Choosing a Perfect monitor is a really tough job for everyone. So! Are you looking for an affordable monitor to experience gaming in the best possible way?

Of course, a monitor plays an important role in providing the best graphic results. And if you lack a good monitor, then your gaming experience may become boring and non-reliable. YES… You have heard it right.

But the question is how the term ‘reliable’ is related to gaming and monitor? Well!

Think the statement in this way, you love gaming and it is one of the sources of your creativity, but if your gaming experience isn’t good, so do you think you will be able to recharge yourself?

Unfortunately no, and this is why non-reliable gaming is nothing but pain in the neck.

Here is the list of best and cheapest 120hz monitors

Comparison Table

Alienware AW3420DW NEW Curved 34 Inch
Alienware AW3420DW NEW Curved 34 Inch
  • 34 inch big and curved screen
  • WQHD = 3400 x 1440
  • Awesome Edgelight IPS LED
  • s-RGB Color spectrum and Cinematic standard
  • Lunar Light
Asus ROG Strix XG438Q 43” Large Gaming Monitor
Asus ROG Strix XG438Q 43” Large Gaming Monitor
  • 43 inches display
  • Fast gaming display technology
  • Better brightness
  • Low latency
Best Choice
SAMSUNG CJ89 43″ Curved UltraWide
SAMSUNG CJ89 43" Curved UltraWide
  • High performance
  • Curved monitor
  • 43 inches smooth display
  • Multitasking
  • One mouse and keyboard can be attached

You can buy 60Hz monitors, as they might provide you great entertainment and results too, but how about buying the cheapest 120Hz monitors? Wouldn’t that be awesome! Just think about all the gaming joy you could get just by getting a good 120Hz monitor.

Surely, it will take your visual experience to another level, and every time you will turn on your game, you will be diverted to another world, the world of excellent graphics.

However, there are indeed some expensive monitors of 120 Hz but in this article, you will be told about some of the inexpensive 120Hz monitors, so that you can enjoy the visuals within low-budget.

But before moving forward towards the main names, it is better to gain a little knowledge about 120Hz monitors.

What 120Hz Monitor Really Is?

To define it most simply, a monitor that is of 120Hz comes with a display of 120Hz refresh rate, which can provide smooth visual results. This means that anything that is displayed through such a monitor would give a magnificent result.


So what does the term ‘refresh rate’ means? Well! Simply put, it is the time frame in which a monitor refreshes itself in one second. The sole reason for a refresh rate is to produce a new frame per second, which gives great picture quality at the end of the day.

So, one of the best reasons to buy cheapest 120Hz monitors is that the monitor is fast and produces great results in every second. In this way, every scene or visually presented on the monitor is refreshed 120 times per second, and if you do the math, then it means in a single minute the visual is refreshed for about 7200 times. So can you imagine how powerful the visual would be?

So now as you know what 120Hz monitors’ true intentions are, let’s move towards 120Hz monitors which are budget-friendly, and which also include great quality.

1. Alienware ‘AW3420DW’ 34 Inches Monitor

Overview for AW3420DW

  • 34 inch big and curved screen
  • WQHD = 3400 x 1440
  • Awesome Edgelight IPS LED
  • s-RGB Color spectrum and Cinematic standard
  • Lunar Light

Well! Here’s another boss. The Alienware 34 inches is another one of the cheapest 120Hz monitors that perform extraordinarily. Many monitors in this range are usually out of great features. Some lack quality while others lack sound.

In the same way, cheap monitors often make problems when it comes to the display. Of course, nobody likes to see pixels being burst. But thanks to the producers of this monitor for this one a great gig.

It has a21:9 wide display that helps maximize the view. Moreover, it’s a great thing if you witness an uneven viewing experience. And do you know what assists this monitor to reveal such results on the display? It is because of the curved “1900 R” screen feature to assure the best possible experience.

Also, the sharpness of this monitor is moderate due to the 3400 x 1440 WQHD resolution.  So you can expect to see every little detail through this monitor.

When it comes to sync, this 120Hz monitor can be easily synced with the GPU. No wonder that the G-Sync technology in this monitor works smoothly. This, on the contrary, also helps in displaying all the frames whenever the monitor is ready to display them.

This means that there are minimum chances of getting the entire graphic distorted. Moreover, the monitor can be synced with NVIDIA that provides the best gaming experience.

Bonus:Dell has a wide range of Modes in the monitors. With Alienware you can select any mode according to your needs e.g Gaming , Movies etc. The feature will choose color correction.

2. XG438Q Asus ROG 43 Inches

Overview for Asus ROG:

  • 43 inches display
  • Fast gaming display technology
  • Better brightness
  • Low latency

Do you ever feel bad about playing games? We mean really bad because you don’t find that charm anymore. But do you know why you feel in such a way? Well, it is due to your monitor display.

Unfortunately, not all the cheapest 120Hz monitors have the capability to produce great quality of the display. So a result, your eyes feel tired and all you seek is for a break, no matter how badly you wanted to play that game.

But it appears to be that the new Asus ROG is an awesome piece of technology because it has been helping gamers to play their favorite games with all their attention, and without hurting their eyes or head.

So what about this monitor? However, the question is ‘what not’. No doubt that Asus is playing a huge role in providing entertainment. So this time Asus has launched the ROG with complete remote control feature. The black color outer display is remarkable as it goes with any room or background. On the other hand, the monitor is an expensive gear you can get with the necessary things.

For instance, this monitor is a non-glaring one that has a super-smooth interface for gaming. It comes with a big dynamic that produces 600 display certifications, and remarkable color performance and contras.

The Asus ROG can be attached to any gaming input without compromising the outputs. Moreover, you can also attach speakers with this monitor.

3. CJ89 Samsung 43 Inches

Overview for Samsung CJ89:

  • High performance
  • Curved monitor
  • 43 inches smooth display
  • Multitasking
  • One mouse and keyboard can be attached

Consider the king of all the electronic brands, Samsung, bringing home to enjoy gaming. Don’t you think it would make you happy? Of course, happiness will be felt from all the four sides of your room because this Samsung CJ89 is one of the cheapest 120Hz monitors you can buy for an exceptional gaming experience.

One of the best things about this giant gaming displayer is the screen. It is just not wide; in fact, it is ultra-wide, which would sink you in it that you would never feel leaving your unfinished gaming levels.

The 43 inches screen is just any ordinary screen, but t has an aspect ratio of about 32:10 which is equal to almost 24 monitors. This defines that the display is powerful enough to showcase every detail in a clear crystal way.

The Picture-by-Picture option helps you in the collaboration of multiple inputs. For instance, if you have two PCs, you can attach both of them with this monitor to see the display on a single screen. So now you can play a whole lot of multiplayer games with your friends on a single platform. Yes! No more distance gaming.

When talking about the refresh rate, it is seen that this monitor has a very smooth rate feature that gives a flawless performance in showing highly colored images. You can also use the USB port to view the content on the big screen while charging the USB device at the same time.

4. MSI Optix – The 34 Inches

The MSI Optix in Overview:

  • Freesycn tech
  • Smart RGB
  • Type C USB port
  • Steelseries Gamsense
  • Frameless design
  • Anti-flicker
  • Internal adaptor

If you are bored from all the traditional manufactured monitors and looking for something new and exciting, then make sure you bring home the Optix by MSI. It will not only brighten up your place by enhancing the gaming experience but also it will make your room a way more attractive and modern. So apart from the external features, let’s begin with the internal magic.

This monitor is made for gaming with adjustable lighting height, which makes it one of the best cheapest 120Hz monitors to play games. It provides realistic images due to the dynamic aspect ratio and contrast ratio.

Buying this monitor is like saying good-bye to all the previous lagging issues and display problems because of its great response time and fast-reflex, and anti-ghosting gameplay. No more screen stuttering and tearing, all goes smooth with MSI Optix.

There are RGB lights on the exterior part of the monitor which are synced with your PC and glows as per the intensity of the game. But don’t worry, you can always play with the settings to adjust them. Additionally, this monitor also comes with an internal webcam that holds the facial recognition feature.

5. Dell Alienware 1900R


  • Resolution of 3440 x 1440
  • Alien FX awesome lighting effects
  • 1001:1 ratio of contrast along with 30nits
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Beautiful exterior
  • IPS Panel

Dell Alienware 1900R is one of the best and cheap in price monitor you can buy. It is the best monitor that is loved by many gamers around the world. And no wonder why gamers prefer this monitor over others as it provides great display and also it is not much heavy on the pocket.

This also ensures that this 120Hz monitor by Dell is the best gadget you can bring home because it is comprised of the finest visual IPS panel along with QHD resolution of 3440 X 1440.

Many gamers complain that their monitors mostly show blurry visuals when they play games. But this monitor allows you to play blur-free games without any mishap. Moreover, one of the best parts of this monitor is that supports NVIDIA G-Sync’s latest technology.

Also, if your work requires more than hours of confronting your monitor screen than your bed, then this model can serve you in this matter as well. In fact, with all the great features, the Dell Alienware 1900 includes the capability to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

This is a great relief for everyone, especially those cannot resist in front of the monitor for hours. So whether you want to play games, watch movies, or use heavy graphic designing software, this model serves in all directions.

Now if you talk about the exterior characteristics of a monitor, then there is a lot to express. Nevertheless, coming onto the main points, then you will surely enjoy the 34-inch display of this monitor with a widescreen aspect ratio of 21:9. This means that it is time to say goodbye to your old monitor, which would probably not wide enough to provide a breathtaking visual experience.

It is also observed that many monitors produce low-quality images or results, which means that you most see dark or dull pictures or videos in those monitors. People often blame this to their graphic card (which in some cases could be the reason), but, in reality, it is the monitor that gives such darker results. And even on setting the contrast, there are no perfect results.

But when it comes to this model, then you can manage and play with the contrast ratio settings, as it allows you to set the contrast within 1000:1. Also, you can help yourself to choose the best brightness from 30nits. This also confirms that you have a wide range of set brightness as per your needs.

This monitor also acquires 16.7m colour support function, which helps in rendering all the colours from every scene which are displayed through the visual output. So whatever thing you see through this monitor is displayed in all the true colours.

Also, due to its great manufacturing design, your field of vision is enhanced, as you will find less need for moving your eyes from one side to another. So, let your eyes stay healthy.

Wait wait wait… There is something more. So ever thought about gaming modes already present in your monitor? We bet you didn’t. Well! To shock the users, especially the online gamers, this monitor comes with six different gaming modes, which can be easily personalized without many efforts.

6. AG352UCG6 AOC Agon


  • 300nits
  • 2500.1 contrast ratio
  • VA Panel support
  • NVIDIA G-Sync support
  • The refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Response time is 4ms

If you are a fan of big screens, and you love to experience gaming on great graphics and big visions, then the AG352UCG6 AOC by Agon is one of the best monitors you can find in the market with 120hz. And the best thing about this is that it is one of the cheapest with price range 120Hz monitors you can ever find with such a gigantic display.

The specifications of this monitor are surely remarkable, as it comes with 35 inches of screen, which is surely a great way to see movies or play games. No wonder, that big screen is the only reason that keeps you in front of this monitor for hours and hours without giving any pain to your eyes.

So did you ever thought to play on a monitor that has a great length when it comes to the screen size along with a VA panel? Yes! The VA panel is undeniably the best possible way to help you with fantastic gaming experience. Also, this cheap monitor includes an ultra-wide display which is around 3440 x 1440 along with a contrast ratio of about 2500.1.

This characteristic of Agon allows the user to get the feel of cinematic at home, also the gaming experience is so pure that the user would feel completely lost in it. For sure, this monitor is one of the primary choices for gamers around the world.

Yes! There is more about this monitor. So do you know that Agon also has 4ms blend response time? With something more, the combination of such response time and the refresh rate of 120Hz can open door to imaginations and bring them to reality. It is also observed that many gamers complain about having a very dry or rough gaming experience.

They blame that on their PC, but the reality is the opposite. Of course, a monitor is a vital instrument for best gaming; therefore, with this model, you can always have fluid and smooth gaming along with the minimum amount of lag. Well! Lag is a serious matter, so it seems like Agon has resolved it beautifully by producing this model.

And if you ever thought about brightening up your place through your monitor, then this is the best thing you can get. Do you know this monitor comes with 100% bled of sRGB and 300nits of brightness? This means that when you will play on this monitor, then even your surroundings will be illuminated. The provision of true colors is the specialty of this monitor. This also signifies that the monitor represents the true picture.

This means that every single graphic or visual that your game has to show you is displayed without any amendment. Most of the monitors, which are cheap, often don’t include such features. It is also the best option that entirely supports G-Sync by NVIDIA. So as a result, you can expect the razor-sharp quality of the visuals.

It also has a curvature of 1800R to make sure the display is accurate and without any breakage. Also, many times, the users complain that they cannot see the image or video from any other angle.

But not with this model, so whether you are sitting right in front of this monitor, or on left or right, or a little far from the monitor, you can always have a similar view. Thanks to Agon for making distance gaming possible, and it’s a big relief for the users with sighting issues.

What! Are you tired of reading the boons of this monitor? Well! There is more, so hold your breath. The adjustment feature is another awesome thing you will find in this monitor, as it surely increases the excitement of gaming.

With the help of this monitor, you can easily play with the adjustments of height. Also, there is an option for tilt and swivel modification. Moreover, AOC also comes with a 3.0 USB port, display port, and HDMI 1.4. And the best thing is that the structure is thin and molded with the bezel to ensure the best view.

7. GS173H G-STORY – Portable

  • The refresh rate is 120Hz
  • FreeSync with a response time of 1ms
  • TN Panel
  • Durable body
  • Multiple HDMI inputs
  • Entirely portable

In this fast-moving world, don’t you think a monitor should be portable? Surely, there are great advantages to things being portable. And nowadays, there is portable software, as well as, several other accessories related to technology. So the GS173H is the best choice for you that can blow your mind with its superb features.

And the coolest thing about this model is that it includes the portable feature. Wow! Isn’t that entirely amazing because you don’t find such facilities in a low-priced monitor? The high-quality and realistic visual results surely provide the greatest gaming experience you can ever imagine. But the credit goes to the makers of this monitor because, under such a fewer price, this monitor has a 1080p display along with the inclusion of TN Panel.

When talking about the details, it is found that the HDR feature is the main player in the entire scenario. However, it is hard to find such quality in a monitor that is inexpensive and portable. But this model has everything within a reasonable price.

So just imagine playing your favorite games without missing any graphical information. It is seen that in other monitors, sometimes high definition graphics are unable to be showcased. This is because of the lack of HDR support, but the G-Story has everything for you when it is about giving the best graphic results.

Another question that comes to peoples’ minds is about smooth interaction while gaming. Previously, there have been a lot of issues with cheap monitors related to harsh visuals when gaming. But as this G-Story model came in the market, it has overcome all such fears.

Due to its 120Hz refresh rate and response time to 1ms, the users can play games without experiencing any stuttering, as the model renders all the signals efficiently. This is a really important fact to understand because the flexibility of a monitor to render signals directly affects the output. So, wit this model, the problem seems to be disappeared right from scratch.

Another great thing about this is the support of FreeSync AMD technology. Yes! The syncing is simply possible and it increases the quality of frame rate, which allows you to play heavy games with compromising on the quality. One of the many best things about this monitor is the color reproduction.

Many monitors fail to reproduce the true color scheme, although your PC does include somehow in providing the best results. However, as the output is the main source of visibility; therefore, the monitor is found to be mostly blamed. So, in this monitor, you can have fun with your gaming because all the colors are truly showcased to you.

And guess what! This benefit is not only for a single user people playing in a network will also get the same results. For instance, if you are gaming with your friends, then the entire network will be able to see the true picture. In this way, you can also compare your monitor with your friends’ monitors to assure you have purchased the best device than the rest on a 178-degree angle. The GS173H also comes with GamePlus modes, such as FPS/FTS, which allows terrific visuals at the end of the day.

As a gamer, you would have thought about the health of your eyes. But do you know that this monitor also has a blue light filter, which helps in protecting your eyes? Moreover, you are not tired anymore from gaming this model is your gaming companion.

You will be shocked to see that gaming with this monitor for several hours won’t give you any eye fatigue. So there is no need for covering your monitor screen with the protectors when you have the G-Story.


Gaming without sound is like tea without milk. It does call tea but has no taste. Sound indeed is one of the basic elements, which permits you to enjoy gaming to the fullest. But it is quite hectic to connect the speakers with your PC for the gaming purpose.

It does put an extra load on the motherboard and slow down PC’s performance. But if you get this monitor, then there will be no need for you to connect your headphones or speakers to the PC. It is because there are built-in speakers to ensure your audio doesn’t disturb your gaming experience.

8. XL2420T by BenQ – Budget Monitor


  • 24-inch display
  • Resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Response time is 2ms
  • Compatible with VESA 100 x 100
  • Best for professional gaming
  • Full support for 3D gaming

BenQ is a good name in the world of technology. The company is known for producing multiple technological items, such as mobile phones. However, the world is astonished to see one of the best producing monitor for gaming by this company. The XL2420 is another addition in the list of cheap monitors with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Some people think that because it’s cheap; therefore, it is of no good use. But do you know that this model is widely used in gaming tournaments throughout the world? If yes, then you probably would have been using it. If no, then what are you waiting for. If you opt for this monitor, then you opt for satisfying gaming.

This monitor is a top-notch product, as it comes with a TN panel with a resolution of 1920x 1080. This allows gamers to experience the incredible quality. Another factor for an enhanced quality is because of the 350nits present in this model with a contrast ratio of 1000.1. So, to no surprise, this monitor has the brightest display along with revealing of true colours.

If talking about the tones, then you will be happy to know that it has gamut coverage of 72% with an addition of FRC features. This allows the users to see all the color tones without any loss. In other words, no matter how high-definition games you are playing, this monitor can transfer original colours to your screen.

The response time is 2ms, which allows you to play games without smearing, and this is one of the biggest reasons why this model is used in international gaming tournaments.

Furthermore, it has several game modes, such as FPS, where the display settings are automatically adjusted to make sure you are always happy to play games. It has a viewing angle of 170 degrees that makes you comfortable in playing the games from a distance.

The new era has come with several enhancements in the gaming sectors. One of the popular phenomena is 3D gaming. But many people are unable to enjoy 3D gaming to the core because their monitors are not supportive of such technology. But in this model, there is support for Vision 2 (NVIDIA 3D) which means 3D gaming is possible.

In the end, this monitor can be kept anywhere in the room, as it is not too much space. The physical adjustment is easy, as it has a pivot of 90-degree. It also comes with a DisplayPort, HDMI, and 3.5mm port.

As a gamer, you wish to look for some monitor with 120hz , but it is quite difficult to find one. However, all the names mentioned above can help you in increasing your gaming experience.

So no matter if you are a pro gamer or a noob, you can always get a cheap 120Hz gaming monitor to make sure the fun never ends.


Yes, There are many 120hz monitors for gaming but MSI Optix is the recommended 120hz 4k gaming monitor for high gaming performance.

To get Full advantage of 4k 120hz Monitor you must need a display port Cable for high FPS because HDMI cable is capable of only 60 FPS.

Of course. 120hz monitor will make your gaming performance smoother than your previous gaming monitor. You must have a good graphics card to get high FPS on Gaming monitor.

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