About us

Greetings from our blog!

We are a group of technology enthusiasts that love to write articles about tech-related topics. Most of what we write about is Android, Linux or Windows, although we do cover other subjects as well. We started this blog in 2019 with the aim of helping the tech geek community with their gadget-related problems. This blog has gained a lot of popularity since its establishment, and we are proud of that.

In this blog we have covered the following topics:

  • Termux (A linux based terminal for android)
  • Magisk (Rooting an Android device)
  • Windows OS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Others

You may follow the below hierarchy of contents that we have published till now.

#1. Termux Tutorials: Termux is one of the most popular linux based utilities developed for all kinds of Android devices. This application is extremely powerful and has become one of the most popular threads on various online forums. During the development of one of our web applications, We needed an application that can ssh into a linux server in order to automate some processes. There was only one application that came with its own ftp tool for uploading and downloading files, and that is termux.

It is one of our favorite applications, and we use it extensively to automate our work processes. It is something we are passionate about, and we have published a few articles about it.

#2. Magisk (Systemless Root for Android): Magisk is a popular and very helpful tool that can be used to root your Android device without modifying the system files. Perhaps you already know about it. With the help of Magisk, you can customize your Android device in a number of ways, including adding Xposed framework, battery management, RAM management, and fake location.

#3. Windows OS: This is one of the best user-friendly operating systems built for office purposes. Throughout the years, Microsoft has added lots of customizations and features. Having said that, It cannot be compared with Ubuntu, Kali or any other linux distribution.
Most of the time, you might encounter some problems while installing a third-party application on it.

#4. Android: We have created an Android category on our blog for general category articles. In contrast, we have been focusing on magisk and termux in separate tags since these two applications hold a lot of sway over the others. You will find here a selection of articles other than termux and magisk.

#5. Others: This is a residual category of our blog. We published articles in this category that we were unable to categorize under the categories listed above. You can find here a bunch of articles related to a range of problems and issues that we face every day. Mostly, you’ll find here articles on Internet hacks, browser hacks, social media, free download materials, Google Drive, and programming related material.

The above categories are not exclusive, but inclusive. We are trying to cover other areas of interest also.

The avid readers make us what we are. In this blogging journey, we are not trying to make money, but rather to offer useful content to the general public. In general, we discuss with the readers and other tech professionals issues that they face on a daily basis. We will then write useful content to address these issues.

We are very hopeful that you might find this blog very useful and you will share our blog with your friends on social media.

If you want to give some suggestions and feedback, we welcome you. You can write an email here marketing[at]shantelllc.com