How Much Does an Average Laptop Weigh? 2023 – Complete User Guide

If you are someone who finds himself/ herself on frequently traveling trips, it is easy and convenient to invest in a laptop that is lightweight and travel-friendly. A heavy laptop is a constant burden to carry around with yourself and can tire you out easily.

Hence, it is ideal that before making a buying decision, you do your research beforehand and invest in a lightweight laptop that can provide you with absolute performance while cutting the excessive burden.

However, having so many options and variety across the market can make it challenging and tricky to choose the one that suits you well. The weight of the laptop depends on various factors such as manufacturers’ buildup quality, screen size, battery, and much more.

Hence, to save your day, I have brought together this guide on how much does an average laptop weigh based on the five major five classifications.

Average Laptop Weigh

Number 1: Ultrabook or Chromebook


These laptops are more of the typical and classic type of laptop. Ultrabook is primarily a type of laptop and is designed by Windows OS. Likewise, the Chromebook comes from the Chrome OS and operates on Google setup.

However, both of these types are designed with similar bodies and structures. Hence, these are largely designed to be lighter and have always been a large selling point of these laptops.

Number 2: Ultra-Portable Laptops

As the name suggests, ultra-portable laptops are the ultra-lightweight laptops you can find across the market. These are designed primarily for traveling ease and convenience. Some of the examples of these include Apple MacBook Pro, Acer Swift Series, and HP Folio series.

However, these laptops can be a bit more expensive than usual. So, if you are someone who often travels with their laptops and is up for spending a bit more on ease, these laptops are a great option to invest in.

Number 3: Thin and Light

Similarly, here comes another classification of travel-friendly laptops that are designed to help you with ease and convenience. These tend to be a little bit heavier and budget-friendly than typical ultra-portable ones. Likewise, these laptops usually have smaller screens and decently sized batteries.

These laptops are also designed thinly, which drastically reduces their weight. All in all, if you don’t want to invest much on a laptop yet want something lightweight and easy to travel with, these are an impressive alternative to invest in. Some honorable mentions here include the Dell XPS series, Apple MacBooksApple MacBooksApple MacBooksApple MacBooksApple MacBooksthese laptops can be a bit more expensive, Google Pixelbooks, and Lenovo Yoga Series.

Number 4: Desktop Replacements

In addition, the desktop replacement laptops, as the name suggests, are designed for a mobile computer set up. These are designed to be powerful, performance-oriented, and relatively lightweight.

If you are someone who doesn’t usually travel yet wants something mobile yet highly powerful and fast with an abundant storage facility, these desktop replacement ones are a great alternative to invest in.

How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh

Similarly, these laptops are designed primarily for gamers, with a high processing speed, fast refresh rate, and long battery life that helps them for long hours. These also incorporate efficient cooling systems that keep the system fast with better heat dissipation and energy efficiency.

So, if you are adamant about not compromising on battery life and processing speed yet demanding mobility, these are the ones for you. Some of the popular ones are the MSI Leopard series, Alienware Gaming Series, and Titan laptops. However since they can get really pricey, there are few other budget versions!

Number 5: Luggable Laptops

Last but not least, the category of laptops based on weight is the luggable laptop. These laptops are inspired by typical and classical PC setups and can be used for heavy-duty applications. These are more of the traditional ones and are not currently being manufactured by brands.

However, there are some people who show interest in these models, largely because of their intriguing value in DIY projects. These are heavy and demand an over-efficient battery, not to mention a power-consuming cooling system. An example of this type would be a Compaq Portable II that is a traditional computer laptop, not currently being sold in the market.

Size Guide of These Laptops Based on Category

laptop screen sizes

Now, once you are clear about the pros and cons of each category of laptops based on weight, here is the size guide that can help you in making a buying decision;

  • Ultrabook or Chromebook laptops usually come with a size range between 9 and 13.5″ X 8 and 11″.
  • Ultra-Portable laptops tend to have a size range between 9 and 13″ X 8 and 9″.
  • Thin and Light laptops usually come in sizes between 11 and 15″ X 11″.
  • Desktop replacement laptops come within the size range of 18″ X 11″.

So, based on these sizes and dedicated weight, you can choose the one that suits your individual demands well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best lightweight laptops present in the market?

There are a number of lightweight laptops present in the market, coming from high-end and popular manufacturers. Some of the most commonly used lightweight laptops include Asus Vivobook, Dell Chromebook, and Apple MacBook Air. All in all, just make sure that your laptop doesn’t weigh over 2.5 if you are looking for something light.

How much does a lightweight laptop weigh?

It primarily depends on the brand and model you are using. This is because weight incorporates a number of elements such as battery life, storage, processing speed, cooling system, and screen. Hence, the average range of lightweight laptops lies between 1.05 and 2.5 kgs. So, anything within this range is considered light for a laptop.

Is 1.6 kg weight heavy for a laptop?

No, a 1.6 kg laptop is not at all heavy. A laptop that can be easily carried around and travels with largely comes with a weight of 1.5 kg. Hence, a similar 1.6 kg laptop is absolutely comfortable for anyone looking for a lightweight laptop to facilitate their frequent trips. All in all, you can easily deviate a few grams from the standard weight.

Final Thoughts

In the end, to answer the question, how much does an average laptop weigh? It is ideal that you do your research on each model separately based on some common criteria. The weight of the laptop largely depends on the screen size, buildup, battery, cooling system, and much more. There are various classifications of laptop weights, some of which are included in this article. Hence, I hope that you can use these to find the one that works for you.