4 Best Guns for Zombies Cold War ─ Best Weapons 2023

Cold War Zombies have been gaining wide popularity among players of different age backgrounds. The game, as the name indicates, features a zombie land setting where you have to fight off Zombies using various weapons that can be unlocked as you progress and advance in the game levels.

Every seasoned player knows that a gun’s worth is measured not only in its damage output but also in its handling. You need a weapon that can mow down zombies without turning you into an easy target.

A firearm’s weight, rate of fire, and reload speed can make or break a high-stakes situation. In my experience, balancing these aspects is crucial for survival, especially as the waves get tougher and the swarms faster.

When it comes to fighting off the hordes of undead having the right weapon can make all the difference. Here are some guns that you will find helpful in those times.

1. M16

Guns for Zombies Cold War - M16

M16 is a perfect choice to finish off all those living dead creatures. It is the best weapon in the Cold War Zombies and can protect you effectively in life-threatening situations. Since the gun is faster than the majority of the weapons, you can use it to fire the bullets continuously.

This can help you finish off as many enemies as you can. You can achieve three rounds after pulling the trigger each time and therefore if you are a good shooter can you easily kill off three zombies at a time. This offers you a competitive edge and reduces the requirement for adjustments.

The weapon is also exceptionally precise and will not disappoint you in any aspect. However, we highly recommend taking out the deck for increased speed and loading large-sized magazines, which might be difficult to achieve when it is inserted inside the gun.

2. D.I.E Shockwave

Zombies Cold War - D.I.E Shockwave

You haven’t got your hands on a good weapon unless you have tried the D.I.E Shockwave to eliminate your enemies. Trust me, it is one of the best weapons that can be adopted in the Zombies Cold Wars.

They can finish off even the toughest creatures and will not render you helpless in an intense battle. The weapon comes with four different updates that can be used for protection against different types of attacks.

One remarkable benefit offered by the shockwave is the ability to kill multiple foes in a single attempt. This means you can use it once to get rid of three to four enemies on the spot. It also offers you the advantage of distance, which means you can attack the target from a distance without being extremely close to it.

3. Krig 6

Zombies Cold War - Krig 6

If you ask me to suggest a weapon that features multiple advantages and does not put you on the spot, then Krig 6 will be my first choice. It is an action rifle, to be precise it is specially designed for scenarios in which you have to battle multiple zombies at a time.

The gun comes with an iron sight which contributes to shooting precision and allows you to clearly see and lock your target even from a great distance.

It is also highly versatile in nature and can be used for a variety of purposes in different scenarios. The best one among which includes the Zombies Cold War. Another thing I would like to highlight about this amazing rifle is its lightweight which makes it relatively easier to carry.

Definitely, it offers room for extra ammunition that can be used in an emergency situation. However, the increased ammunition does impact the weight of the rifle and therefore, offers you a balanced shooting experience.

4. Stoner 63

Zombies Cold War - Stoner 63

If you want to incur more harm to your enemy, then Stoner 63 is a great choice. The weapon is capable of killing the zombies in one shot and can be your perfect partner in Zombies Cold Wars.

This is especially true if you are new at it and are not familiar with other weapons, you can use this gun to eliminate as many enemies as possible by injuring them deeply.

In addition to this, you also achieve a relatively larger magazine size than any other gun on the list. This helps you kill swarms of zombies without wasting any time in loading the gun and changing magazines, thereby becoming a meal for those creepy creatures.

5. FFAR 1 – (FARA 83)

Zombies Cold War - FFAR 1 - (FARA 83)

One of the key strengths of the FFAR 1 in Zombies mode is its high rate of fire. With a fire rate of 909 rounds per minute, this gun can mow down zombies with ease. It also has a very manageable recoil, which means you can fire off bursts of bullets with precision and accuracy, even at long ranges.

Another reason it is so effective in Zombies mode is its large magazine size. With the right attachments, you can increase the magazine size to a whopping 50 rounds, meaning you won’t have to reload as often and can keep firing for longer periods of time.

But what really sets the FFAR 1 apart is its versatility. This gun is effective at both close and long ranges, making it a great all-around weapon. It’s also very effective against boss zombies, thanks to its high rate of fire and damage output.

Of course, no weapon is perfect, and the FFAR 1 does have its drawbacks. It can be a bit difficult to handle at first, especially if you’re used to slower-firing weapons. And while its damage output is high, it’s not quite as powerful as some of the other weapons in the game.

Guns You Should Avoid

While there are many guns that are effective at taking down zombies, there are also some weapons that you should avoid using if you want to stay alive.

  • Pistols: While pistols may be a good backup weapon in multiplayer modes, they are largely ineffective against zombies. They have low damage output and limited ammo capacity, which makes them a poor choice when facing waves of undead enemies.
  • Shotguns: The low range and slow rate of fire of most shotguns means that you’ll be vulnerable to attack if you miss your shots. Additionally, shotguns are not very effective against boss zombies, which can make them a liability in later rounds.
  • Sniper Rifles: Sniper rifles are designed for long-range engagements, which makes them a poor choice for Zombies mode. Most zombie encounters take place close to mid-range, which means that a sniper rifle’s slow rate of fire and limited ammo capacity will leave you vulnerable to attack.
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs): They have a limited range and low damage output, which means that you’ll need to get in close to be effective. Additionally, their high rate of fire can lead to ammo depletion quickly.
  • Rocket Launchers: While rocket launchers can be effective against boss zombies, they are largely useless against regular zombies. They have a slow rate of fire, limited ammo capacity, and long reload times, which makes them a poor choice for Zombies mode.


Zombies Cold War - FAQs

Are there any melee weapons that are effective in Zombies Cold War?

Melee weapons can be surprisingly effective, especially in the early rounds of Zombies Cold War. They offer silent kills and conserve ammunition.

However, as the game progresses and the hordes grow larger and tougher, melee weapons become less practical due to their close-range nature and the increased risk they pose to the player.

How does the zombie health scaling affect weapon choice throughout the game?

As the rounds progress, zombies become more resilient, requiring more firepower to take down.

This scaling means players will often have to switch to weapons with higher damage output or those that have area-of-effect capabilities to deal with larger groups effectively.

Is there a benefit to specializing in a single weapon type in Zombies Cold War?

Specializing in a single weapon type allows players to become highly skilled with that weapon, making them more effective in combat. However, it’s also beneficial to be versatile and adapt to different weapons as the situation may require different strategies, such as switching to a weapon with a higher rate of fire during intense swarms.

Do different zombie types require different weapons or strategies?

Yes, different zombie types can have unique weaknesses and resistances. For example, armored zombies or boss zombies may require weapons with higher penetration or explosive damage.

Adapting your strategy and weapon choice to the type of enemy you’re facing is key to survival.

How does playing solo versus in a team affect weapon choice?

Playing solo might require you to choose weapons that are more self-reliant, such as those with higher ammo capacity or those that can control crowds more effectively.

In a team, you can specialize and choose weapons that complement the roles and strategies of your teammates, such as one player focusing on high-damage weapons while another covers crowd control.

The Bottom Line

In Zombies Cold War, the right armament is your lifeline—the difference between being a conqueror or conquered. The weapons outlined today have been tested on the virtual battlefield and have proven their worth time and again.

They blend power, agility, and adaptability to keep you one step ahead of the undead horde. As you navigate through the chaos, remember that each gun is a tool and your mastery of it will dictate the flow of the game.