Tanking Tactics in World of Warcraft: A Comprehensive Guide

World of Warcraft attracts millions of players to this day. One of the main factors that makes this game so popular even almost two decades after its release is its exceptional versatility.

Its replay value places it on the list of the best titles in this regard ever. At the same time, there are countless playing styles you can use to make this game more interesting for you. So, nobody should be surprised by its popularity.

When it comes to the content, it’s practically limitless with all the expansion packs that have been released over time. Plus, a lot of items, spells, and other elements have been released as well.

For instance, boosts have become quite popular. If you want to learn more about these, visit KIngboost. Today, we want to focus on one style of play, tanking, and talk about it in greater detail. Without further ado, let us begin.

Finding Proper Gear

After you have created your character, you need to start building. When we say this, we mean choosing the proper gear. As you know, numerous items come with a set of traits that can be extremely careful in cases when you need to serve as a tank.

For you to do that, you need to research your class and specialization. The results you get after a thorough research will indicate what is the right way for you to go as a character.

One of the principles is to carry a lot of alternative gear pieces, as much as possible. With the variety of options in front of you, it becomes easier for you to tailor your capabilities to the combat at hand.

Not all battles are the same, and it is extremely important to know what item to use at what moment. Not to mention that some of the items can serve as a boost to the character traits. The options are countless, which certainly helps in finding the one that suits you perfectly.

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Active Survival

Active Survival

The crucial factor in being a good tank is to be able to absorb a plethora of damage and remain strong enough to fight the enemies. The best way to describe this is to call it active survival.

It is not all about waiting for the opponents to attack you, and to sustain the damage until your allies win the battle. You are actively participating in a battle in a way that provides your team with a significant upper hand. While armor does play an important role in achieving this, it is not the only thing.

There are a lot of, let us say, built-in factors in some characters that provide the upper hand. Another role of tanks is to sustain the damage so that the healers can help other members of the team.

Furthermore, avoiding stacking cooldowns as much as possible is another aspect to utilize. Sometimes, tanks can help win a battle that doesn’t include healers on your behalf.

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Be Reliable

The tank role means that the members of your team should be able to rely on you heavily. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense since you represent the line between being successful in a battle and respawning.

They need to count on you in all situations. So, you need to know the right timing for each scenario. For instance, you need to know exactly when to interrupt the cast.

In a situation when the whole enemy team can be healed with a spell, doing so provides a significant advantage. At the same time, being a good tank means you should show up on a raid exactly when you agreed with your team members.

You can be sure that this is a lacking trait and that there are not many reliable tanks out there. That is why they are held in the highest regard by other players; you can be sure of that.

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Communicate Properly

Communicate Properly

Communication is probably the most important trait of a quality tank. The reason is quite simple: the members of your team rely on you heavily, as we’ve mentioned before. With that in mind, your actions should be coordinated with your fellow team members.

Of course, communication should be as good as possible. Sure, this sounds easy enough to achieve, but it is not always like that.

Being prepared to take a hit is important, but knowing the right time to act in this case is even more important. Imagine a situation where your actions are not coordinated and team members don’t know what they should do at each moment.

Let us be honest, your team will be decimated in no time. That’s why communicating with your team members should be a priority. Otherwise, the success cannot be guaranteed.


The final quality we want to talk about is humility. We get it, World of Warcraft usually requires some teamwork, and this is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous situations where arrogance is displayed in moments where it is not needed at all.

It often leads to the downfall of the whole team. Things can get emotional, and you will certainly agree this is not a good thing for team cohesion. That’s why Tank needs to show some humility.

On the other side, tanks are confident enough to take action in moments that are possibly not communicated. When a member of your team fails to provide, you should lash out.

It is counterproductive. Instead, show understanding and be prepared to share some advice on how to improve their game. Also, do not hesitate to praise after someone has done a good job. We know just how hard this can be sometimes, but it is certainly necessary.

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Closing Thoughts

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A tank, one of the essential roles in every World of Warcraft raid, is one of the layers of protection for the whole team. The player interested in fulfilling this role must understand what the basic traits of a quality role are. Here, you can find a list of the traits you should focus on in this case.