13 Best Laptops For 3D Modeling in 2023 – Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity is nothing but a mindset free and a multimedia artist needs the best Laptop to create the masterpiece”.

That being said, there is a number of variables you need to consider to choose the perfect laptop for your need.

Some of the programs such as Auto CAD, Solid works are graphic intensive programs, and not every laptop on the market can handle them.

So choosing the best laptop for 3d Modeling takes time, patience, and a fair amount of knowledge.

Even professional animators can agree that choosing the best laptop can be daunting and overwhelming. There are different technical variance you need to keep in mind.

That is why, after spending hours on research, I have made a list of the ‘Best Laptop For 3d Modeling 2023’ that works smoothly and provides high-end performance.

Not only that, for your convenience, I have also included a guide on ‘How to buy the best Laptop for 3d Modeling’ and a FAQ. This guide will definitely help you in choosing the best Laptop according to your needs!

Top Laptops with Powerful Graphics for 3D Modeling on The Go

Here are our top picks for Laptops you can buy online:

1.Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop 15.6

Why we love it:

  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 10th generation
  • Dual channel Memory

The reason why this laptop is #1 on our list of ‘Best Laptops for 3d modeling’ is because it is one of my favorite when it comes to specifications and features it offers. Acer have truly made a masterpiece when it comes to this product, I have to say this is an editor choice for a reason.

What do I love about this product? It comes with a 144 HZ refresh rate, which, unlike any other laptop really helps with animations and 3d modeling. It has the latest 10th generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor, allowing users to run high graphic software like Solidworks.

Coming with 2.6GHz and the feature of Turbo Boost technology which boost the score to 3.8GHz. If you are new to technology, let me tell you, the higher the GHz number for a certain processor, the more efficient the processor is when handling data.

You won’t encounter any lag with the 16GB DDR4 2933MHz Dual-Channel Memory it has to offer. If you are type of person who like to listen to songs or watch movies while animating, you can multitask in ease.

Still wondering if it the Best Laptop for 3d Modeling and animation? Let me clear your doubts. A great laptop for 3d modeling requires outstanding display and a great lag free processor.

Predator comes with a 15.6-inch Widescreen LED Backlit display with an overdrive response time. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 makes this laptop a powerhouse. So without a doubt, this is the best laptop for 3d modeling if you are ready to invest.

Other Benefits

Powerful laptops like these heat up pretty quickly when it comes to extensive use. Don’t worry! Acer have made sure to solve this problem for you.

Predator has a great Aero blade 3d fan and Thermal Management System which gives the user control over the CPU, GPU, and cooling system. Moreover, battery life up to 5 hours really is a cherry on top.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad P71 17.3”

Why we love it:

  • Quad Core i7 processor
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Solid State Drive

You came here looking for the Best Laptop for 3d Modeling, but I am going to offer you something far powerful. It is safe to say this is one of the best laptop for the money, with its amazing features and outstanding processor performance.

Why I recommend this? It is simple. This model by Lenovo have Intel 7th Gen Quad-Core i7-7700HQ processor which I personally believe is ideal for animations and rendering.

Moving on to the clock speed, it provides 2.80 GHz with up to 3.80 GHz. In terms of flash memory, you get 32GB RAM which is efficient with all the software you might use.

Most reviewers have noticed that NVIDIA Quadro M620M provides exceptional performance which is ideal for 3d Modeling.

The system is lag-free with enough power to run the different programs at the same time, so don’t tense about multitasking, this laptop covers it. Why this is the best Laptop for animation and rendering? You need reasonably good RAM, so Lenovo delivers 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM making this model reliable and efficient.

Other Benefits

What really matters is a great hard drive. The ongoing debate between SSD and HDD drives have been going on for some while now.

People often indecisive about what to select. Let me help you! We would recommend you to opt for SSD. Simply because it is much more reliable in comparison with HDD.

SSD have 3x times the lifespan and transfer data much more quickly and efficiently. Lenovo ThinkPad gives 2TB HDD + 1TB Solid State Drive so you don’t need to worry about choosing one.

Furthermore, Windows 10 Pro 64 is pre-installed which is compatible with all 2023 softwares hence making it Best Laptop for 3d Modeling 2023.

3. MSI GS75 Stealth 10SGS-027 17.3

Why we love it:

  • i9 processor
  • Supports 16 cores
  • Performance Boost technology

If you’re one who wants to spend a good amount of money to get guaranteed quality in the product, the MSI will provide you with just that. It may not be the cheapest product but these are the Best Laptop for 3D Modeling and animation due to various technical aspects.

The MSI GS75 Stealth has a Core i9-10980HK 2.4, with 8 cores. The highlighting feature about this product is a Performance Boost with up to 50% performance.

This makes it the Best Laptop For 3D modeling since the performance is top-notch for any software in the world.

It is a role of thumb that the latest technology is the best for entirely everything. MSI has 10th Generation Intel Core i9 Processor, the latest in the world. Unlike other best laptop for 3D modeling in this list, this has i-9 processor.

Why i9 is best for 3D modeling? It has high-end consumer chips and supports up to 16 cores which is great for high-end performance. Read this for extensive information.

The most prominent feature which makes it the Best Laptop For 3D modeling 2023 is that it provides a boost for Clock Speed up to 5.3GHz. This simply makes it the Best Laptop for Solidworks.

Other Benefits

The new Geforce RTX SUPER series supports high number of cores and superfast performance. What really matters when it comes to animation is the display.

I believe the powerful AI enhanced graphic gives one of the best display for animation and rendering. So if you are looking for great displays, this is one for you!

4.ASUS TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop, 15.6”

Why we love it:

  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Affordable with high specs
  • Quad Core Processor

Looking for the Best Laptop for 3D modeling under $1000, you got yourself a masterpiece. I have to say, this is not only one of my favorite Laptop for the money, but for thousands of people out there doing animations and 3D modeling.

Unlike all the other Laptops in this price range, ASUS TUF gives 120 refresh rate with full HD display. You can’t search for a better refresh rate at this price. Lag free, aesthetic display and cost efficient. What more can you ask for?

Well we aren’t done here. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 is a great system for gaming and animations. You can run high graphics games such as Call of duty or Need for speed with no lag, whatsoever.

One of the reasons it is the best laptop for cad and 3d modeling 2023 is its Quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 r5-3550h processor.

This processor is specifically built for High-Intensity Softwares like SolidWorks or Auto CAD, hence if you are looking for Best Laptop for SolidWorks, we highly recommend this.

Other Benefits

We gave high emphasize on extra features when compiling our list of Best Laptops for 3D modeling since we care about your investment.

Despite ASUS TUF being the Best Laptop for 3D modeling under $1000, it has exceptional additional features to make it top 5 in the list. 256GB NVMe SSD with 8GB DDR4 RAM makes it a CPU powerhouse.

Not only this but it has Windows 10 Home pre-installed hence will support all the latest version software.

Coming to durability, it has Dual fans with anti-dust technology eliminating the risk of heating up or components dying out. Lastly, to give a final touch, it has RGB backlit Keyboard to give an aesthetic look.

5.Apple MacBook Pro 16”

Why we love it:

  • 9th Generation
  • i9 processor
  • Touch display with True Tone Technology

Apple claims to be the Best Laptop manufacturers out there, and no doubt, the product speaks for itself.

Apple has a much wider audience range due to its iPhone series hence it can be regarded as the best laptop for 3d modeling UK and the best Laptop for 3d modeling USA due to customers preferring this brand.

Why is this the customer’s choice? I will simply highlight the essential features this product have and it would be sufficient to persuade you to buy this.

Coming with a Ninth-generation 8-core Intel Core i9 processor with its processor specifically designed to cater to high graphic apps makes it a viable option for 3d modeling.

Nothing in 2023 attracts people more than precious touch screen and a display with phenomenal color fidelity.

Apple ensures the best is provided to its loyal customers and therefore have included Touch ID and Touch Bar. As well as, stunning 16-inch Retina display with True Tone technology which is best for 3D modeling.

When it comes to graphic, this is by far one of the best. AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics with GDDR6 memory truly makes it one of the best Laptop for rendering architecture, simply due to its graphic.

Other Benefits

Professional animators highly prefer a Laptop with long battery life since intensive work requires more working hours.

Apple MacBook Pro provides 11 hours of battery saving, highly essential for outdoor use. Furthermore, Ultra-Fast SSD helps in transferring raw data quickly and efficiently.

6.HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-inch FHD Touchscreen

Why we love it:

  • Full HD Display
  • Convertible to tablet and other modes
  • Fast Boost with SSD

Finding the Best Laptop for 3D modeling has never been easy. That is why we have compiled you this list. Next on our list is all in one.

HP Pavilion x360 can be easily converted from Laptop mode to Tablet mode. So if you are looking for something rare and unique, you should try this.

I think this is the Best Laptop 2023 due to its unique design. Four versatile modes: Laptop, Tablet, Stand and Tent mode makes it extra-ordinary option for 3D modeling.

You can draw your animations on it, design 3D model and render architecture. All these reasons combined make it best for 3D modeling.

Let’s dig deep into the specifications. HP Pavilion provides a fast boost with SSD so that you can transfer heavy files without waiting for hours.

The highlighting feature of this model is its BIOS Recovery and Protection. This makes it the best durable Laptop since it automatically checks the health of your PC.

The HP Pavilion x360 has 10th Generation Intel Core i5 with a base frequency of 1.0GHz. However, with its Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the frequency is boosted to 3.6GHz.

It can provide significant processing power to handle all your college course assignments. In simple words, it is the best Laptop for SolidWorks due to its clock speed.

If you are new to 3d modeling, you should know RAM plays an important role when deciding which Laptop to buy. The Best Laptop for 3D modeling should have at least 8GB RAM. Not only,

HP Pavilion x360 fulfills this requirement, but also provides 512GB Solid-State Drive which is more than enough.

Other Benefits

It has 14.0-inch diagonal Full HD display with multi-touch enabled so that you don’t need to worry about working with touch display.

Further emphasis on the screen shows the model has an 80% screen to ratio, making it an ideal Laptop for animations.

7.ASUS 15.6 inch VivoBook Laptop

Why we love it:

  • Dual Core Processor
  • High Storage Solid State Drive
  • Full HD Display

Why we recommend this? Cost is one of the main factor when buying a Laptop. Laptops can range from $200 to $4000 and it all depends on your budget.

Students looking for a budget-friendly Laptop which will aid them throughout their university course work should not look any further.

This is definitely the Best Laptop for 3d modeling under $1000 with all the features one could ask for.

This is clearly the best Laptop for 3d modeling 2023 considering the different aspects it excels in. The model has AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual Core Processor. The processor itself gives high performance when it comes to running softwares like Auto CAD.

In terms of CPU, ASUS VivoBook has a RAM which can be upgraded to 16GB and ensures smooth multi-tasking without a hassle.

On another hand, Hard Drive is upgraded to a 512GB Solid State Drive which not only provides sufficient storage space but greatly aids in transferring files in no time.

Other Benefits

ASUS VivoBook provides 15.6 inch full HD display with 1080P resolutions. One of my favorite feature about this model is its NanoEdge bezel display because it just provide a very premium look and is pleasing to eyes.

Moreover, all the 3d modeling software are compatible with Window 10 S installed in the model hence making it the Best Laptop for 3D modeling 2023.

8.Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Laptop

Why we love it:

  • NVIDIA Graphic Card
  • 8GB RAM
  • Affordable with HD display

While the rest of the list was jam-packed with super high end and technologically advanced products, this one is a simple and efficient Laptop yet makes it on the #8 in our list of ‘Best Laptop for 3d modeling’.

Acer Nitro 5 is the Best laptop for 3d Modeling under $1000, because not only is this relatively cheap but its feature are spot on.

I believe the Intel i5 processor is powerful enough to run all the advanced software like SolidWorks. 8GB RAM enables us to running of the programs smoothly and without lag-free.

What makes this the Best Laptop for 3d modeling under $1000? Display is one of the major purchasing criteria for people looking for Laptop for sole purpose of animations and modeling.

Acer provides a large display with a 15.6″ HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. This will help you focus on minute details.

Other Benefits

People tend to pay extra attention to additional features and Acer have particularly catch that specific selling point. Features like NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics makes the model value for money.

Coming to aesthetics, Backlit keyboard with numeric keypad attracts most of the customers due to its color scheme.

9.Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop 2019

Why we love it:

  • SSD Dual-Chanel Memory
  • Vapor Chamber cooling
  • High end performance

Gaming Laptop is often regarded as the Best laptop for 3d modeling, and Razer Blade Pro is no exception. The Razer Blade Pro is a top-notch Gaming Laptop, and here are the reasons why it’s the best for 3d modeling:

The model is specifically made for gaming purposes hence there is no compromise on performance. Most of the gaming Laptops face heating issues, but Razer Blade ensures this problem doesn’t occur.

My favorite part of this model is how the company has paid extra-ordinary attention to future design.

The world is developing fast, and you cannot always keep updated with technology. These features make it the Best Laptop for 3D modeling 2023 since it is the future product.

Other Benefits

Razer Blade Pro is truly the best Laptop for 2023 with its edge-to-edge display. Unlike other laptops, it comes with an incredible 144Hz refresh rate which would be perfect for your work.

One of the features which no other laptop has is Biometrical Security. The facial sensor with an IR sensor provides top-notch security.

10.AERO 15 OLED XA-7US5130SP

Why we love it:

  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • High storage Solid State Drive
  • High Quality Display

One thing I’ve learned browsing items like Laptops for sale is that there is no one answer for ‘what’s the best laptop for 3d modeling’.

The Best Laptop for 3D modeling is the one that allows running high graphic applications without any lags or error. In that context, I find the AERO 15 OLED with its specifications a reliable option.

AERO has certainly changed the perspective of how the engineering world should look into Laptops. This model in particular focuses on finer details, compatibility and aesthetic looks with no compromise in the performance department.

It comes with Intel Core i7-9750h which is compatible with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. This high-end system allows rendering architecture, making it the best laptop for rendering architecture.

An amazing attribute about this product is that it has a built in 16GB DDR4 2666MHz Samsung DRAM. Not only is this sufficient for any application in future years, but Samsung being a well renowned company, the RAM surely has a long lifespan.

If you are concerned about the storage and speed, the AERO 15 OLED has a 512GB Intel SSD with 760P which might be ample for your work requirement. So don’t waste any time buying this masterpiece.

Other Benefits

AMOLED display often various options to check for finer details in your animation while also giving high definition images with magnificent color reproduction.

Furthermore, it also has a programmable backlit keyboard which is an additional feature for creative people.

11.Lenovo ThinkPad P52s UltraBook Laptop

Why we love it:

  • 8th Generation i7 processor
  • High storage Solid State Drive
  • Full HD Display

This is another of my favorite Lenovo Laptop in the list of ‘Best Laptop for 3D modeling’.Here is why:

Not only does it comes with different options for hard drive and RAM, but all the options are 8th generation with i7 processor.

The options range from 512GB SSD with 16GB RAM to 2TB SSD with 32GB RAM. This allows users to choose the perfect option according to their needs.

The display works extremely well with creators and animator who have high intensive assembly work or anyone who have high attention to details.

It’s a 15.6” Full HD display with IPS technology giving you high-quality images with impressive color fidelity.

What you might not find in this list which this model offers is a 1-year warranty. Surely it can be costly, but it is a one-time investment for something far superior to ordinary Laptops.

Other Benefits

The full HD webcam can be a useful additional feature in current covid situation where you have to work and attend meeting from home.

Why this is the best Laptop for SolidWorks? It has Window 10 Pro installed which is compatible with SolidWorks and other modeling software like AutoCAD.

12.HP Stream Laptop PC 11.6″ Intel N4000HP

Why we love it:

  • Portable Laptop
  • Budget friendly
  • Celeron Processor with high performance

I know you came here for Best Laptop for 3d modeling but not everyone have a high range. So here you go with a budget friendly Laptop which is powerful enough to support different softwares.

This is the Best Laptop under $500 with remarkable features. If you compare it with other laptops in this price range, it surely comes at the top of the list. It has Intel Celeron Processor, having enough power to run basic applications smoothly.

HP has taken special care of the design. It has an 11.6” display and an approximate 4 pounds weight making it a good portable laptop. The smooth white body with a silver finish just fits every creator’s personality.

Other Benefits

Certainly the other benefits make it the best laptop for cad and 3d modeling 2023. It has two processor counts with Window 10 S which is compatible with CAD. It has a SSD hard drive interface and 32GB flash memory size which is recommended for 3d modeling softwares.

So if you don’t want to miss the Best Laptop for 3d modeling, you should definitely invest in this budget-friendly laptop.

13.Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop

Why we love it:

  • 9th Generation with i7 processor
  • Clocking speed up to 4.5GHz
  • Hexa-Core

Last product on our list of ‘Best Laptop for 3d Modeling’, but it definitely doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the money. For all the Dell users eagerly waiting for a dell Laptop, I bring another resourceful gadget to your limelight.

 Dell G7, with its remarkable specifications can compete with all the best laptop for 3d modeling and animation. It is 9th generation Laptop with Intel Core i7 with commendable base clocking speed up to 4.5GHz.

The six cores make it a good fit for 3D modeling for an extensive period of time. Besides that, you also get a 12MB cache which is a handful attribute when it comes to faster processing.

The files you save when working with 3D modeling are space-consuming, hence you need big storage with the ability to transfer files significantly fast. Worry-free, Dell G7 has 512GB Solid State Drive which is large enough to store hundreds of your files.

If you aren’t impressed by the high storage capacity, 16GB DDR4 RAM would convince you. With this, you can work for endless hours without experiencing any lag.

Other Benefits

Besides high storage capacity and efficient RAM, the device bring forth additional features like 17.3 inches Full HD display with 1920×1080 resolution. In simple terms, Best laptop for rendering have high specs suitable for absolutely anything.

How to buy the best Laptop for 3D Modeling

How to buy the best Laptop for 3D Modeling

It can be overwhelming to choose a perfect Laptop for your requirement with a variety of options available.

Reading about different technical variables about all those devices out there can cause confusion and stress. Here I will put it into simple bullet points of the purchasing criteria you should follow to narrow down Laptops for your personal preference.

  • Brand: Choose from the top brands for instance Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo or Asus.
  • Processor: It is recommended to buy i7 or i9, but i5 would work just fine.
  • RAM: 8GB is sufficient enough but for higher performance go to 16GB or 32GB.
  • Graphic Card: If you are using high end software, we highly recommend dedicated graphic card.
  • Hard Drive: If you faster storage go for SSD, however a HDD works fine too.
  • Display: Really depends on your budget. 15” should be a great fit but look for HD display.

These point will help you choose a perfect laptop depending on your preference and need.

Note: You need to make sure what you need from all the above mentioned points before you go searching.


1. Are gaming laptops good for 3D modeling?

Yes, gaming laptops are often a good choice for 3D modeling as they typically have powerful processors, dedicated graphics cards, and ample RAM, which are essential for running 3D modeling software smoothly.

2. How much RAM do I need for 3D modeling?

For basic to intermediate 3D modeling tasks, 16GB of RAM is recommended. However, for more complex projects or professional use, it’s better to have at least 32GB of RAM.

3. Do I need a dedicated graphics card for 3D modeling?

Yes, a dedicated graphics card is highly recommended for 3D modeling, as it significantly improves rendering performance and allows for smoother real-time visualization of your models.

4. How important is the laptop’s display for 3D modeling?

laptop's display for 3D modeling

A high-resolution display is important for accurate rendering and a better visual experience when working with 3D models. Ideally, you should aim for a laptop with a display resolution of at least 1920×1080 pixels or higher.

5. Is it better to have an SSD or HDD for 3D modeling?

An SSD is recommended for 3D modeling as it provides faster read/write speeds and improved overall system performance, which can help speed up rendering times and reduce lag when working with large files.

6. How important is battery life for 3D modeling laptops?

While battery life is a consideration for any laptop, it is generally less important for 3D modeling as the software can be resource-intensive, and most users prefer to work plugged in for optimal performance.

7. Can I use a MacBook for 3D modeling?

Yes, you can use a MacBook for 3D modeling. The MacBook Pro, especially models with Apple’s M1 chip or later, can handle 3D modeling tasks. However, make sure the software you plan to use is compatible with macOS.

8. Are 2-in-1 laptops suitable for 3D modeling?

Some 2-in-1 laptops, like the Microsoft Surface Book or HP ZBook Studio x360, can handle 3D modeling tasks. However, they may not be as powerful as dedicated laptops specifically designed for 3D modeling.


Keep in mind, the higher the price range, the higher specs you can afford. Money is one of the, if not the major factor in the selection. I hope this guide was helpful enough to narrow down your choices.

Happy Laptop Shopping