15 Best Laptops for SolidWorks 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Solid works, the work/ software which demands high power functioning laptops, especially if you are dealing with complex models. Your research Best laptops for solid works shows a big yes, and that’s why we are here with the Best laptops for SolidWorks.

If you are using programs, then probably there are chances that you will be using or intended to use other engineering software such as Revit, AutoCAD and even Lumion etc.

These laptops mentioned below are suitable for solid works and are also capable of running other engineering programs quite efficiently like AutoCAD.


The criteria used for the best laptops for solid works include the following requirements: firstly, it should come with a dedicated GPU such as NVidia or AMD.

A graphics card helps you to get better and smoother performance. Secondly, the laptop configuration must have an Intel Core i7 processor.


Another important thing that should be present in a laptop is storage and a quality display with crystal clarity. Our list includes a laptop that ensures that you won’t be needing another new laptop for at least 5 years.

After that, you might feel a need for another new laptop before a significant performance downgrade on a previous laptop.

Top Picks of 2023

Here let’s start with the list of best laptops for solid works.

1. Lenovo ThinkPad P50

At first, we are putting Lenovo ThinkPad p50, which is specially designed for professionals on the go, and if you deal with large assemblies and length projects them Lenovo ThinkPad P50 is best for you.

This laptop can be defined as a “mobile workstation.” It’s pretty heavy, big and has a brick-like power supply.

If you are expecting tons of space and decent ports selection, well, you are right, you are getting all of these specifications with it. Moreover, a DVD/ CD drive is also there which lets you install up to 4 storage devices.

The processor of this laptop is a bit old, but this doesn’t stop considering it because it has nearly the highest clock speed you will find from the options.

The laptop has Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5 4 core up to 3.70 GHz. And with Intel eon, you are getting higher onboard cache size (8 MB) than most of the other popular laptops with even larger cache size such as Intel Core i7 -7700 HQ has 6MB for Ex.

Lenovo ThinkPad has 16GB of RAM size, which is perfect for working with large assemblies and sophisticated models and if your projects are more complicated, then you can also upgrade it to 32GB later on. Moreover, RAM has the fastest DDR4 support.

SATA II SSD on an M.2. The slot is installed on the storage side, not the fastest one but still, it has impressive features like opening Sold work in a flashy speed.

The GPU card that comes with this laptop is decent, not the best though, but don’t judge. For a workstation, 4GB VRAM is the right size when you are working with large assemblies. The thing you can take advantage of is its CUDA cores for GPU accelerated rendering.

2. Dell Precision M7730

The second one on our list is one of the best laptops for solid works which is Dell Precision M7730. Dell is famous for producing both high-end and budget laptops and luckily both perform their job well and so is Dell precision do.

It comes with an exemplary hardware configuration, which is ideal for any professional user of reliable work.

Starting with the processor, the workstation is loaded with Intel Xeon E-2176M processor, which offers excellent clock speed up to 4.0 GHz coupled with a 12MB cache to deliver an adequate processing power.

The 17.3 inches ultra-Sharp Full High Definition display offers a perfect contrast of vivid colors and intensity. Solid works involve tons of work that needs to be done precisely, and even a small detail can lead to wrong results. So having a display screen is always an advantage.

Talking about RAM, the laptop has 64GB of RAM, which easily handles the RAM hungry applications without any lag. With this amount of RAM installed on your laptop, when you will use solid works or you use substantial methods like extruding and lofting to produce a solid shape, the laptop will help you out in every aspect.

The laptop has an NVIDIA Quadro P3200 6GB graphics card that is enough to carry out and handle all graphics-intensive tasks. Coming to storage, you get 2TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD which delivers an ample amount of space enough for storing all of your projects.

3. MSI WE72 7RJ-1032US

Here is another workstation for professionals. If you are going school and in need of a laptop that helps you out till you graduates then avert your eyes from this one. This laptop is aimed at dealing with large assembly size projects. This one is a little expensive but worth it.

One of the prominent salient features of this laptop is its 17 inches Full HD display with IPS panel technology. The resolution of the laptop is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

This laptop has the same performance as Lenovo ThinkPad P50. The RAM in the laptop is not ECC. It is already upgraded to 32GB DDR4 which the fastest RAM released till now. The clock speed of the laptop is nearly the same, just a tad faster than 3.8GHz and have an equal number of cores.

The 512GB M.2 SSD SATA III will keep all of your data in place, and if you more workload to store, you can upgrade the RAM up to 2TB.

Both are must when you are into large assembly size models and their respective simulations. The fan is a little noisy. The laptop feels a little heavy which makes it not quite the right choice for carrying it around. The laptop weighs 5.95 lbs.

NVIDIA Quadro M2200 4GB VRAM GPU is just one step above Lenovo’s M2200. On the other hand, SSD holds twice the capability (the more you increase their capacity the more expensive they will get). SSD RAM is also upgradable to PCIe based NVMe.

For connectivity, the laptop offers USB Type- C (Gen 2nd), HDMI port, Mini-Display port 1.2.

4. Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition

If you want a standard 15 inches laptop, then Acer Aspire V15 Nitro black edition could be your best laptop for solids work. It an entertainment setup that can deal with multimedia content, reliable work and some gaming content. The first generation of this laptop was released in 2014 but its new model has some severe specifications.

The laptop has an aesthetic design that attracts the eye and overall craftsmanship quality does a pretty good job. The machine feels sturdy. The hinges are soft, smooth and well-designed which allow users to lift the screen using only one hand easily. The 15 inches screen is full HD    with the native resolution of 1920 x 1080p.

This model has Aspire V Nitro branding engraved on the laptop, and the trackpad has a Black edition signature over it which shows this is not an ordinary laptop.

The screen of the laptop has a 4K display with IPS panel technology. The gamut panel is capable of covering 100% of the Adobe RGB gamut, and it impresses with its sharp, vivid, accurate colors and broad viewing angles.

The base model comes with a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5-6300HQ processor, along with 8GB of RAM, NVidia 960M graphics and dual storage. With a higher version or configured version, you can get 32GB of DDR4 RAM with Intel Core i7 processor.

The battery life is quite impressive. You shouldn’t expect more than 3 hours on a single charge.

5. Microsoft Surface Book 2

If you are a student or a professional who needs the best laptop for solid works, do yourself a favor and go for Surface Book 2. Surface Book 2 can easily handle Solid tasks with no problem and according to our research, the Surface Book 2 is the only non-workstation that is certified for a laptop for reliable work.

It is considered as a premium laptop in the race, so premium design and robust build are it is top-notch, the fact they are entirely made up of aluminum.

The screen is 13.5 inches with the native resolution of 3000 x 2000p. The screen is detachable, and with surface pen taking notes are even more comfortable than before (this is one of the most demanding features from students.)

It is one of the most versatile ultra-books for CAD work. All you have to do is to configure the setting according to your needs depending on the complexity of projects you are doing. It comes with Quad-core i7 8th Gen processor up to 4.2 GHz which is pretty enough for a student (even Intel Core i5 is good).

With a dedicated graphics card like 1050GTX or 1060GTX, you can have a good command over your entire stream of projects you’ll come across in your engineering curriculum. You are getting NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 VRAM GPU fitted with the laptop.

Thanks to its storage, which is NCMe PCIe based SSD (fastest till now.) The size doesn’t matter as they all offer plenty of features for solid works. 1TB of space is pretty enough to store your files and projects.

The laptop lasts for 12 hours with primary usage.

6. Dell G5 5587

Another successful leading laptop is Dell G5 5587 from the G-Series of Dell. For those who are new to the field and practicing this laptop is the best choice for those because of the price and specs combo it offers.

The laptop comes with elegant, sleek black color and a sporty look delivers a great users experience while working with software like solid works.

Talking about specification, this laptop is equipped with the Intel Core i7-8750H processor which makes this laptop capable of handling almost every processor-intensive task. When talking about RAM, this laptop has 16GB DDR4 of RAM which can be upgraded to 32GB   in case you need more RAM.

For the storage capacity of the work machine, it comes with 128GB of SSD and additional 1TB HDD storage, which makes a perfect combo. The SSD is being used for all booting related tasks and help in starting and shutting down the laptop at an excellent speed.

Now coming to an essential part that we look for in workstation laptops, the graphics card. Thanks to the vast selection of Dell which added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB VRAM GGDR5 graphics memory. Not only is this memory card enough for CAD software but also you can do picture editing photos and videos on this laptop.

The laptop weighs 6.28 lbs. Which is not the heaviest laptop, you can easily carry it around in short routes. The battery lasts for nearly 6 to 7 hours on a single charge.

7. Asus ROG Strix GL703GM

There is no need for Asus to introduce it, as they are already famous for producing top quality gaming laptops and heavy-duty work machines. This model, Asus ROG Strix GL703GM, is an excellent laptop for reliable work and other resources intensive tasks.

The laptop comes with a 6 cores Intel Core i7-8750H processor which powers it a unique power to handle every job smoothly.

If you are a kind and patient person while dealing with Solid works, then you need to draw your attention towards Asus ROG Strix GL703.

This laptop comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM which gives you an adequate performance when you are using RAM-hungry applications like Google Chrome (it drains a lot of RAM.)

The laptop has 17.3 inches Full HD Display. The work machine weighs around 6.5 lbs, which seems to be reasonable with this size.

The keyboard has full RGB customizable that let you work in low-light conditions. As far as storage of the laptop is concerned, you will get 256GB PCIe SSD + 1TB Firecuda Hybrid drive which gives you 5x more speed than usual HDD drive and also give you an ample amount of space to store your files.

The laptop is fitted with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, which further enhances the performance and speed of the laptop and leads to quick results with amazing graphics and visuals.

8. Acer Aspire 7

Acer aspires 7 is added to the list to give competition to other laptops. It is another high-end laptop which meets all the requirements to be a part of the list of best laptop for solid works. T

The cool feature this laptop has is the Fingerprint sensor which ensures laptop privacy and protects them from unknown users. Let’s have an in-depth look at its specifications.

The laptop has 15.6 inches in size, which uses IPS panel technology and has Full High definition. Full HD display makes sure to show the content with accurate colors, and the IPS display panel improves the viewing angles as it is built with LED-Backlit. So it gives you better contrast and brightness.

Talking about CPU, under the hood Intel Core i7-8750H lives, that has a boost frequency is up to 4.1 GHz, which sounds perfect for reliable work.

Moreover, it has six processors and the TDP is 45W. RAM installed on this laptop is 16GB DDR4. The DDR4 RAM is modified to give productive results in comparison to other previous laptops.

Coming to storage, the laptop has 128GB SSD storage. SSD storage is specifically designed to perform fast and consume low power. Additionally, the laptop also has 1TB HDD capacity and 1TB of HDD is enough to store your project and files of solid works protected and safe.

It was coming to another important aspect which is GPU. The laptop comes NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti with VRAM of 4GB. And the plus point is that GTX 1050Ti is a dedicated GPU, which means that it didn’t use the laptop’s processor and RAM to give you output. Instead of that, it uses a separate co-processor to handle the graphics and visuals.

The laptop has a registered version of Windows Home which is also an essential requirement of robust work software.

9. RAZER Blade 15

For those who are looking for an edge-to-edge display laptop with equal laptop performance, then your buy list matches to Razer Blade 15.

Because this is what this laptop is all about, this is why we have decided to add Razer Blade 15 to the list of best laptops for solid works. The laptop provides excellent and smooth performance.

The 15.6 inches edge to edge display, the color presented on this display, are factory calibrated to deliver you an eye-soothing display work experience.

Thanks to its 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H 6 core processor, which runs every program at the speed of flash in a smooth manner.

With the specifications, this laptop is only best for solid works but also it is best when it comes to gaming. The laptop is both well-built and well-engineered to meet the requirement of heavy-duty applications.

This laptop is equipped with 16GB of RAM, which makes it a perfect fit for those who love to multitask and work in speed.

To store your files and projects, the laptop has 128GB SSD along with 1TB HDD which is the perfect duo to provide both speed and space and reduce the loading time of the applications which are RAM-hungry.

The most prominent feature of this laptop is that at this price, it is VR-ready that comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q powerful graphics.

10. MSI P65 Creator 8RF-450US

MSI P65 Creator 8RF-450US is another best laptop for reliable work and what makes it so unique, let’s find out.

First things first, the display of this laptop has 15.6 inches size with Anti-glare technology with a fantastic refresh rate of 144Hz makes the deal super attractive. Anti-glare technology keeps the content displayed in high content with accurate colors. 144Hz refers that the screen changes its frame 144 Hz in one second.

Now, let’s move further and talk about the processor; the laptop is equipped with Intel Core i7-8750H. The high-end processor has a starting boost frequency from 2.2GHz that goes up to 4.1GHz. For working with Solid Works, the minimum requirement is to have a processor with 3.3GHz speed so that it can perform efficiently. The laptop works on six cores to process your data.

Under the hood, the laptop has 32GB of RAM and the RAM belongs to the DDR4 family which is modified in two aspects. The first aspect is the faster speed and the second one is to reduce power consumption.

The storage used in the production of this laptop is NVME SSD which a step further than standard SSD. The SSD has a capacity of 512GB and it is modified to fasten the speed and reduce the power consumption.

The laptop comes equipped with a dedicated GPU with a vRAM of 8GB capacity. This laptop uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 which is specifically designed to be productive in graphical interfaces.

11. Lenovo ThinkPad p53

It is another rugged and robust workstation that is best when working on sold works. Whether you are a student or a professional, this laptop is worth considering for both of you. It doesn’t disappoint in any way, and it is fully equipped with all top of the line hardware that is needed by any professional CAD user.

Starting with its display, this screen sports a bright 15.6 inches HD display, which produces vivid colors.

Coming to its processor, it is equipped with Intel’s mobile flagship processor, and the eight-core processor is Intel Core i9-9880H processor which features a fantastic clock speed of 2.30GHz which goes up to 4.8GHz along with Turbo boost and 16MB Smart Cache. With these specifications, you are a step further than what’s needed to handle your rendering and model tasks.

The laptop sports a 64GB of DDR4, which is more than enough whether you are doing solid work or high-end gaming. 64GB of DDR4 won’t disappoint you ever.

With the storage of 1TB NVMe SSD, you won’t face any trouble in storing your files and projects. As you know, NVMe drives offer flashy fast data transfers.

In the graphics line, the laptop has NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 graphics with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM, and it is a workstation with classy graphics designed for CAD applications for solid works 2023.

12. HP ZBook 17 G6

HP ZBook is a heavy lifter laptop for applications like solid works 2023. This laptop is notably registered for extreme performance to meet extraordinary demands.

If you are into the editing of multiple content streams or manipulating complex data and developing VR, then this can be your loyal partner.

“Number never matter,” and this device is a proof of this statement because HP ZBook 17 G6 has stolen the hearts of people. From its silver finish chassis with a 17 inches display, HP ZBook 17 has stolen the show.

The 17 inches display with IPS panel technology along with the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 provides crisp and sharp images. The laptop also supports a 4K display. So what’s under the hood? Let’s find out.

8-core Intel Core i9-9990H Vpro processor powers the laptop with 2.30GHz base frequency and 4.3GHz at turbo. You will get 64GB of fast DDR4 RAM which can easily handle the large and heavy assemblies you are concerned about.

Talking about storage, this laptop has 512GB SSD NVMe storage, which is quite big and enough for handling solid work. Besides, you are getting a 1TB mechanical hard drive for storing your projects and files.

Coming to the graphics section, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 with 16GB GDDR5 of VRAM is sporting in this laptop. The graphics card has 3,072 CUDA cores in it. Moreover, the laptop has 384 NVIDIA Tensor Cores and 48 NVIDIA RT cores which ensures the heavy Ray-tracing computation workloads.

The laptop has Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A, and an HDMI port.


GIGABYTE claims that “The world is only, ALL Intel inside.” And precisely this is what their laptop works under. Attractive hardware and high-end software combination in one device are what they believe. Let’s have a look at what this beast got in it.

Looking to the front, you get a display of 15.6 inches, which uses IPS panel technology which ensures the wide viewing angles. The LG FHD delivers more accurate in color depth.

The anti-glare technology used in this screen makes sure the content resists high lights and the content stays displayed true. The screen offers 4k UHD resolutions with 100% Adobe RGB color gamut.

This laptop is equipped with a high-end processor like Intel Core i7-8750Hz. The boost frequency of this laptop starts with 2.2GHz and leads up to 4.1GHz; the core has six cores to process data.

The laptop has 16GB capacity from So-Dim. Dim uses integrated circuits which results in low power consumption and more output.

Coming to storage, the laptop comes with 1TB of NVMe SSD which pretty fast and keeps your data safe. Moreover, NVIDIA GTX 2070 graphics are used in the workstation. This GPU is the third-fastest, well-known GPU. It holds 8GB of VRAM capacity.

The battery life of this laptop is good, and it stays up to 10 hours on normal usage if you use it on normal usage.

14. Dell Precision 5530 Mobile Workstation

Here is another beautifully crafted workstation with amazing specifications. Those who are looking for a mid-range machine it is a great bargain and for starters, it’s a hyperthreaded laptop that lets you can finish renders in a reasonable time with 12 threads at disposal.

The laptop sports 6-core Intel Core i7-8850H processor, which clocked from 2.6GHz up to 4.30GHz turbo, 9M cache and 45W power rating.

Then we have 32GB of flashy fast DDR4 RAM, which pretty impressive and with 512GB of SSD drive for holding your operating system and data. Then 15.6 inches ultra-sharp full HD display at 1920 x 1080 rocks the show.

Other features this laptop has is 1 x M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive and 1 x 2.5 inches PCIe/ SATA drive which is fitted with 512 SSD.

The laptop has 4 USB 3.0 ports with Power Share, 1 x Thunderbolt 3, 1 x mini-display port, 1 x headphone and microphone combo jack. The laptop goes for 13 hours which is quite a notable feature of this laptop.

15. Dell i5577 Inspiron

Last but not least, this laptop is another alternative you have that can handle small design and projects. The laptop has 15 inches full HD screen with Anti-glare technology.

The laptop has 8th generation Intel Core i5-7300 HQ up to 3.5 GHz with a clock speed of 3.5GHz to the few decimals below 3.8GHz. Coming to RAM, this laptop has 8GB of RAM. Ideally, you need 16GB of RAM for Solid professional work but 8GB is capable of>100 part design. If you ever find yourself indulging in complex design then upgrade it to 16GB.

Like Surface Book 2, this laptop comes with the same GTX 1050 which is quite useful at handling high graphics and visuals.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for solid works if you a starter.

Choosing the Right Laptop

Finding the best laptops for solid works is a bit trickier and a thing you should concentrate on before buying. Solid Works is a vast and versatile platform where different people need different hardware depending on which kind of project they are working on.


For students, they might need a consumer-level laptop and those who are experts and using professional software, they might go for enormous size workstation laptops and the rest of them might settle anywhere in between.

What’s the problem?

You can start with recommendations of the laptop from their official website but the thing is they don’t guide you well enough. They will let you buy a high-end laptop when all you need is a consumer laptop under $1000.

Dealing with the situation.

The best thing you can do is to read reviews of users, ask the people who have used the same software on both computers and high-end workstations.

That is another long process, so to save your time we are here with the best laptop for solid works with a detailed explanation, pros and cons, and buying guide also.

Buying Guide

Best laptops for SolidWorks

Here are some main aspects that you should look for when buying the best laptop for reliable work.

Graphics card

In solid works, you are going to play with graphics-intended designs and visuals so it is crucial to invest in a laptop that comes with a certified graphics card.

For a general idea, the NVidia Quadro graphics card works well with solid works. The graphics card is capable of handling complex designs and it gives you a lag-free experience which leads to more productivity.


Another most crucial aspect is RAM which makes the workstation to run Solidworks. If you are a professional CAD practitioner, then you don’t have to upgrade RAM every after a while instead buy a laptop with a pretty good amount of RAM once and for all.

16GB of RAM is excellent for solid works to provide you smooth functioning of solid works. And in case you have a decent budget, then you can go for 32GB RAM; that could be the best thing for reliable work.

Screen size

While doing solid works, you have to be careful with each little detail, and there will be situations in which you have to visit every corner of the screen. Plus you’ll have to carry the laptop too so go for a laptop that saves you from shoulder pain.

The weight of the laptop is directly proportional to the screen size. Most of the users go for 15 inches laptop and 17 inches laptop can be beneficial if you stay mostly at your office.


So these are the 15 best laptops for solid works. We hope that our article will help you a lot. If you still have any confusion, then don’t be shy, and feel free to ask any question in the comments section and also make sure to check your doubts on the official Solid works forum.

Thank you.