Top 10 Best Motherboards for i5 6500 2023 – Best Deals for Your New CPU

Upgrading your computer system is essential when it lacks performance, speed and efficiency. If you are choosing Core i5 6500 processor, then you must look for the compatible motherboard.

It is one of the best processors for gamers that helps in making your system run fast and perform better. Without a compatible motherboard, you cannot expect it to run well.

When it comes to high speed and better performance, nothing can beat the quad core Intel processor, i.e., i5 6500. The base frequency of the device is 3.20 GHz and clock boost frequency is 3.60 GHz.

A processor is an integral part of the CPU which executes the computer operations efficiently. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the best motherboards for i5 6500 quad-core processor.

Top Picks of 2023

1. Gigabyte DS3H B365M Motherboard

Gigabyte DS3H B365M Motherboard

It is a high-quality motherboard which supports all the latest generations of Intel core processors. When you install it in your computer system, you will be able to play any complex game.

It supports dual-channel unbuffered processors with DDR4 RAM. Its design involves high-quality audio noise guard and capacitors along with LED-based fast lighting trace path.

You will also get RGB LED strips in almost seven colors.

Let us explore some of its exciting features in detail.



  • This motherboard supports high-quality Intel core processors, especially the 9th and 8th generations.
  • It is compatible with non-ECC unbuffered and dual-channel DDR4 RAM.
  • It is available in a new and hybrid design with digital PWM.
  • There are high-quality audio noise guard and capacitors along with fast LED lighting trace path.
  • You will also get RGB lighting in the motherboard that will enhance the appearance of your gaming computer system.
  • It works quickly due to super-fast M.2 along with PCIe SATA and Gen3x4 interface.
  • There is a smart fan feature which helps in saving the power.
  • This device consists of various temperature sensors and fan headers.
  • The design of the motherboard is highly durable because of its sturdy construction.

2. Asus ATX Z170-A Gaming Motherboard

Asus ATX Z170-A Gaming Motherboard

The ATX Z170-A model by Asus is one of the perfect motherboards that is compatible with Intel Core i5 6500 processor. There is a feature of one-click system optimization to handle the functioning of all the components installed on it.

There are multiple features in this motherboard that you must consider. It helps in enhancing the performance of the computer components. Go through its features in detail.


  • There is a feature of 5-way optimization feature with dual intelligent processors.
  • It includes Boost USB 3.1 to connect components with enhanced performance.
  • There is a support of M.2 and SATA express.
  • There is a DTS Studio Sound and 5X Protection II features.
  • It is perfect for playing complex games because it enhances the speed and performance of the computer system.
  • You can easily install the Intel Core i5 6500 processor.
  • The motherboard is designed with sturdy material, which makes it durable.
  • It supports crystal-clear sound with 7.1 speakers. You can expect the best audio clarity.
  • It is easy to set up the components over the motherboard and install it in your computer system.


3. MSI Z170A ATX Gaming Motherboard

MSI Z170A ATX Gaming Motherboard

When it comes to fast speed, nothing can beat MSI ZI70-A motherboard. It is compatible with Intel Core i6 6500 processor and it is perfect for playing complex games. It is easy to install the components on the motherboard.

The audio quality is perfect and you can listen to the music with high volume.

Go through all its detailed features.


  • It consists of socket LGA 1151, which is compatible with Intel 5th and 6th generation Core processors along with Pentium and Celeron.
  • The motherboard involves the Intel Z170 chipset.
  • There are various ports in this motherboard like on 3.1 Gen2 USB Type-A, one 3.1 Gen2 USB Type-C, six 3.1 Gen1 USB and six 2.0 USB.
  • There are three PCI-E 3.0 x16 and four PCI-E x1 ports.
  • It supports either 3-way CrossFire or 2-way SLI ready.
  • It supports DDR4 Boost RAM and XMP LED lighting.
  • The audio quality is great due to its Nahimic Audio Enhancer and Boost 3.

4. Asus H110I-Plus Gaming Motherboard

Asus H110I-Plus Gaming Motherboard

It is another amazing motherboard by Asus which supports 6th generation Intel Core processors. If you want to upgrade the RAM, then you will get a port to install the new one.  There is enough memory which is backed up with five times protection of CSM and hardware safeguards.

If your computer system lacks speed and performance, then you must invest your money in this motherboard. It is one of the stable and trustworthy motherboards by Asus. You must check all its features and determine whether it is perfect for you or not.


  • This motherboard is compatible DDR4 RAM memory.  It makes your computer system run fast and handle all the operations effectively.
  • There is 5X Protection II feature along with the advanced hardware safeguards. It gives all-round protection to your computer system.
  • There is a Media-based UEFI BIOS that works quickly. With the help of EZ Flash 3, the bootup system becomes fast and it performs well.
  • This motherboard includes Fan Xpert features which includes the advanced fan controls. It helps in cooling your computer system and avoid unnecessary noises.
  • You will get many integrated ports within the device like DVI, HDMI and VGA for dual monitor environments.

5. ASUS Prime B250M-A ATX Gaming Motherboard


The Prime B250M-A by Asus is another well-known model of motherboard. It is compatible with all the latest generations of Intel core processors. It offers customizable performance within different styles.

There is a 5X Protection III feature along with FanXpert 2-Plus technology for cooling the computer system.

In this motherboard, you will get multiple ports for assembling different components.

Let us consider its amazing features in detail.


  • It is easy to maximize the speed and connectivity by using the integrated Dual M.2 slots.
  • The motherboard is compatible with Intel Optane memory
  • There is a rear 3.1 USB Type-C connection in it for connecting different devices.
  • You will get 5X Protection III feature with Hardware-level safeguards. With the help of this protection, there is an assurance of longevity and reliability.
  • There are numerous controllers like Realtek RTL8111H, Asus LAN Guard, and one Gigabit LAN Controller.
  • It supports FanXpert 2-Plus feature which provides advanced fan control that helps in cooling down your computer system. With the help of an integrated AIO pump, it gives dynamic cooling to the components assembled to it.
  • There isa dual patent safe slot that helps in preventing the damage by heavyweight GPUs.
  • You will also have on-board 3D-printing mounts to create various unique designs on the custom build.

Buying Guide

There are plenty of things that you must consider while buying a motherboard compatible to Intel Core i5 6500 processor. You cannot invest your money on any random device. Therefore, consider various factors while buying a compatible motherboard, such as:


When you search for any motherboard for your computer system, you need to check the compatibility with your processor. Before considering anything like design, size, audio quality or RGB lighting, give priority to the compatibility.

As you are searching the motherboard for Intel Core i5 6500 processor, you will get many options as mentioned above.

It is better to check all its features to proceed with the purchase. You may be investing a lot of money on the motherboard and you cannot afford to waste your money. The compatibility is a crucial factor that you must consider while buying this device.


You need to connect many components on the motherboard and that’s why you need several ports for them. Make sure that you check all the ports for better connectivity to your devices. Check for the available slots and storage connections.

The effective connectivity in your computer system is quite necessary for effective performance of your device.

In future, if you want to upgrade your components, then you must do it with ease. In some motherboards, you will get unique connections and you need to check whether you need them or not.

You need to check the availability of ports in every location of the device like rear, front, side, etc.

Best Motherboards for i5 6500


While turning on or working in your computer, you need a good RAM to handle the process of information storage. The minimum requirement of RAM is 4GB even if you have Intel Core i5 6500 processor.

But it will be better if you go above than 4 GB for better performance and fast speed. Check for the slot of RAM in the motherboard. You need to buy the one with more slots to add more RAM if required in future.


The chipset is another essential feature to check in the motherboard before buying it. Ensure that it should be compatible with your device. The suitable one with the Intel Core i5 6500 is either Z370 or Z170.

You need to check the chipset while buying the motherboard for your computer system.

Form Factor

Make sure that you check for the ATX form factor in your motherboard that you want to buy. It is necessary to check the size of the device because in the bigger one, you can assemble more components. If you find the ATX factor in any device, it means that it has a good size and it can expand with time. It is essential to determine whether it is suitable for your computer system or not.

Asus H110i Plus D3 Mini ITX Motherboard

Capabilities of Expansion

Before upgrading your motherboard, you must know what it does to your computer system. There are many inputs as well as output ports for connecting different components of your PC.

You need to check how many devices you can connect with your motherboard. In future, you may need to connect more devices, like graphics card, to manage the speed and performance of PC.

If you think that you will face overclocking, then make sure that you have additional fans to cool down your heated system. The motherboard needs to be effective enough that it can handle both input and output operations with ease. Make sure that it must have additional slots and it can handle all the operations easily.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best motherboard for Core i5 6500, it can be a complicated task. But make sure that you go through the buying guide to understand your requirements. Consider the list of perfect motherboards available to you and select the best for your computer system.

You need to upgrade your PC before it gets too late. If you choose to install the Intel Core i5 6500 processor for gaming, then look for the better and compatible motherboard.

Invest your money in the right device because they are expensive and you cannot afford it every time. Buy and install the perfect motherboard for your computer system and get ready to play any game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intel i5 6500 Quad-core Processor Perfect for Gaming?

The Intel core i5 6500 is one of the best gaming processors. Due to quad-core processing, it helps in executing the operations quickly. If you combine a good GPU, your computer system will become the best. You can easily play complex games without any disturbance.

What Type of Chipset is i5-6500?

The Intel Core i5 6500 chipset is known as Sunrise point. If you want to upgrade your PC, then it is the best choice you can make. All the operations will execute quickly and efficiently.

How Much RAM is Essential for Core i5 Processor?

Before you choose the RAM, you must know the generation of your i5 processor. Different generation and type may vary the requirement of RAM. Overall, it is perfect to handle the RAM of at least 128 GB. But if you cannot afford much, then you should go for the minimum of 8 GB.

What is Good to Choose: More RAM or A Faster Processor?

Both RAM and processor are the integral parts of your computer system. It helps in taking care of all the operations. The line-up of processes is done and then, the tasks are performed in order.

In many cases, it is better to choose more RAM over a fast processor. It is quite significant like the processor. If your computer system has enough RAM, then it will optimize the performance and support different software.

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