Best Magisk Modules for better Battery life 2023

best Magisk modules for battery life

Are you looking for a definitive list of the best magisk modules designed to prolong the battery life of your device? Then you are at the right place.

Magisk is a trusted approach for gaining root access without modifying the system partition. With Magisk’s framework, we can gain root access without much hassle and can also extend Android’s capabilities, plus enjoy many other features that will take our Android to the next level. You can access the banking apps without tripping SafetyNet with Magisk and install different modules to customize your device.

As well as these robust features, Magisk has the latest technology that balances performance and power consumption. It provides the best binary for hibernating apps on your device. The open-source Project WIPE interactive parameters for mainstream SOCs can be generated by artificial intelligence through simulation and heuristic optimization algorithms. Instead of tuning the parameters manually.

Listed below the top four magisk modules:

Best Magisk modules to extend battery life


#1. L-Speed

If your phone lags during gaming times and you want to improve it, you must flash the L-speed module with the Magisk root tool. L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks and other binaries inside an intuitive module. L Speed is not supported on non-rooted phones, so make sure you have a backup of the current ROM on your PC before you root.

Its goal is to reduce significant lags,and improve your gaming experience on Android. Furthermore, it fixes network problems, prevents unorthodox apps from connecting to the internet, and increases battery life.

This module is available in several stages. It is in Beta, Alpha and Stable. Generally, the module will work on any device as long as it meets the minimum requirements. You can find this project on the XDA developer’s platform.


#2. Battery Life Extender

This application allows you to make sure that your device’s battery reaches a healthy charge level so that it will last much longer. You can change the default range from 25% to 85%, but the range is fully customizable. In addition, it shows a battery indicator clearly on the status bar.

The features includes – customizable sounds, customizable silent time, user defined LOW/HIGH levels, battery indicator on the status bar. Despite these robust features, it is still very easy to use and has a very clean design. Essentially, it extends the battery life by ensuring it operates in the healthy range.

This app notifies you when your phone’s battery is at a LOW or HIGH level by sending an audible and visual signal so you can plug it in or unplug it at your convenience. In most cases, the default range of 25% to 85% provides the best balance between battery care and usability.

You will hear the notification every 5 minutes when charging (high level), and every 15 minutes when discharging (low level). Approximately every other month, the battery needs to be fully charged and discharged so the internal power gauge can be calibrated. You can find this project on the Google Play store.


#3. Amplify

It is the fifth most popular Xposed Modules thread of all-time at XDA developer portal. There are over 8,200 posts and nearly 1 million downloads, with a 4.13-star rating. In amplify, you are in control of how often and how long your device awakens, and therefore how much battery it consumes. If you want to optimize your battery consumption, use the recommended settings, but you can customize every alarm, service, and wakelock if you want.

Among the native features of Amplify are –

  1. Design that follows Material Design principles. You may choose either Light or Dark theme.
  2. Calculates how much time has been wasted and saved due to alarms and wakelocks.
  3. A reliable blocking engine.
  4. This feature lets you control any alarm, service, or wakelock on the device.
  5. Tasker integration
  6. The codebase has been made available to the public, so you can look at how it works, or even build it yourself.

You can find this project on the XDA developer’s platform.


#4. SuperFreezZ

Like Greenify, the app works without root access. By using the Accessibility Service it automates going to Settings and forcing the closing of apps. The fact that an app has been force-closed by SuperFreezZ does not mean it cannot be reopened, especially on Android Nougat.

Using the UsageStats API, you can optionally allow the app to detect and kill only rarely used apps. SuperFreezZ kills any apps that are running in the background. Apps can be frozen when the screen turns off by disabling the option that locks the power button immediately. Additionally, you can change the length of time an app must be inactive before it is automatically killed.

The features includes –

  1. If the screen shuts off, apps will be frozen
  2. Can be configured to freeze only apps not used for a week
  3. SuperFreezZ itself can be frozen as well as apps or system files.
  4. The white list freezes everything by default and the black list does not freeze anything by default.
  5. You can choose not to include accessibility, since that slows down your device.

You can find this project on the f-droid platform.



Despite the fact that there are many applications available on the web for rooted and non-rooted devices, the functionality that these modules provide cannot be compared. The Magisk module is packed with the latest binary so you can easily tweak your device as you desire. My favorite game is PUBG, which I play all day and night. Thus, I need a device with the longest battery life possible.

Greenify previously worked with SuperSU as well as Magisk, however it has been deprecated now and is not available anymore. Amplify is one of the best magisk module to extend the battery life ever made for a rooted Android device.

Important: Make sure that these magisk modules work with your device before installing them. Don’t forget to backup your ROM and personal data before installing magisk modules.

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Please let me know if you have any questions.