How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Charge – Easy To Fix

How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge

How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Charge – Easy To Fix

Bluetooth speakers a life saver device that we often use in our daily lives. But what if your Bluetooth speakerBluetooth speakerBluetooth speakerBluetooth speakerBluetooth speaker stops working, or charging. Usually, the charging cable of the Bluetooth speaker gets damaged and the most common reason for this is the falling of phone or Bluetooth speakers while charging.

It’s very common in the case of a phone as it is heavy while on the other side the Bluetooth speakers aren’t that heavy as a phone. But these Bluetooth speakers are built with solder connections that are sensitive in nature.

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So our very first advice is to always buy a Bluetooth speaker that comes with strong connections, in short, you need a durable device. Many of us have phones with ourselves all the time, but carrying a charger the whole time with you isn’t possible.

So, with the help of a phone, you can easily charge Bluetooth headphones and there are several more ways.

In this article, we are going to list all those ways by which you can list all the possible ways to charge your phone, and also we are writing about how to fix a Bluetooth Speaker that won’t charge.

There are two reasons for this happenings. The first reason can be the accidently broking charging point while the other reason can be that the charging cable is damaged.

To find out the main reason, first, you need to change your broken cable with a new one and then check, if the speakers start charging then there was an issue with your charging and if don’t then the issue is in the charging port.

Enough of the introduction, now let’s jump into the main topic which is how to fix a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge.

How to fix A Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge

How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge

If the data cable or charger of Bluetooth headphones aren’t working

By your smartphone

Phone, a basic thing that everyone carries with themselves, and the fact that you can charge your Bluetooth speaker using your phone might surprise you.

Maybe you have already heard about charging the phone with power banks but you can also charge them using your phone. But under only one condition that phone must have the ability or feature to charge another device.

The battery life of the Bluetooth speakers you are charging with your phone might vary. The built-in battery size determines that for how long you can use your Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, it can be a few hours or for a whole one day.

Smartphones are lightweight and if your Bluetooth speakers weigh less than 500 grams then they are easy to handle and carry.

You will surely enjoy the ride with the non-stop music when the battery goes out, just charge and you are ready to go again.

With the help of a Mobile charger

In some cases, you might need a different charger to charge your Bluetooth speakers. So charging your Bluetooth speakers with another charger is another alternative you have.

Using a Power bank

Power banks are smart devices that are very useful for those who travel a lot. It’s no less than a life-saver. If you are unable to connect your Bluetooth speaker through a USB AC adaptor by connecting the rechargeable built-in battery or the properly working AC outlet, then this is another alternative you have.

This can be a good portable alternative who don’t want to indulge their selves into the technical work of fixing Bluetooth Speakers that won’t charge.

Thismeansthatif your Bluetooth speakers ever run out of battery in the middle of your travel or picnic then no need to worry because you can charge them with the help of a power bank.

Using wireless charging

If the charging port of Bluetooth Speakers is faulty or damaged, and if you know nothing about how to fix a Bluetooth Speaker that won’t charge then the best you should do is to forget about looking for the right charger.

It’s nothing but a waste of your valuable time. In such a case the best alternative you have is to charge your Bluetooth speakers wirelessly.

The wireless charging saves you from a lengthy procedure of fixing the port and then repeating the same process of plugging in and out your Bluetooth speaker to a charger. You have all rights to choose what is best for you.

With that said, you will have to find out some advanced technology that can be used to charge your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly.

But that’s only possible if the Bluetooth speaker supports wireless charging. You can get hundreds of the best Bluetooth speakers that supports wireless charging, the market is full of ‘em.

How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge

If the charging port is damage

By soldering the micro USB charge plug

If are ready for some technical work, then get ready with this step. Here’s a quick tip to get started with the process.

  • First, you need to clean.
  • The next thing you need to do is to touch the previously cracked solder to melt that again. If your soldering tip is big, then you will need to file it down for a perfect solder tip.
  • After you re-solder the negative and positive terminals, it’s time to test the circuit that has been changed.
  • If your Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, then there are chances that the faulty charge circuit prevents any top-up charging which results in 0V. a quick test with a voltmeter showed that the voltage of the battery is 0V, instead it should be 3.7V.

Fixing a charger that has a broken port.

After some time, the lithium-ion battery drops to a lower level. So if you think to change the circuit then it might be a good decision to make. So it’s always better to go for a new battery.

If you staying with the same battery, then here’s how to fix it.

  • First, open the battery by cutting the protective plastic from the side on each of the positive and negatives ends of the battery. It can be opened by using a sharp knife and a small screwdriver to open up the battery to expose the terminals of the battery.
  • Then charge the battery by using the opus battery charger. To make sure that the sound system of the Bluetooth Speaker is working properly you should put a small amount of charge of at least.
  • Once the battery reaches 2V you can reinsulate the battery and install it back into the portable speaker. Now seal the Bluetooth headphone back the way it was.
  • And it’s done.

Wrapping up

See how easy that was, the technical work was a bit lengthy. It is always advised to keep your lithium-ion batteries.

This seems to be a common issue with Bluetooth speakers which might happen because of falling or by the damage of the charging port of your Bluetooth speakers.

That’s not a big deal, with electronics you might have to face some kind of issues that are easy to fix. The Micro USB and ports are sensitive in nature. Good luck with fixing your Bluetooth speakers.

Thank you