How to Fix a Lenovo Laptop That Won’t Turn on? – 2023 Complete Guide

No matter how outstanding and excellent the laptop construction company is, the situation sometimes comes when it fails in its technology. Here is when you will need the help of yourself or someone else to get through the situation.

For this purpose, you must be aware of some essential solutions to the problems. We are talking about fixing a Lenovo laptop which is not turning on. This article will take you towards the ride of simple fixing methods that you can apply on your Lenovo laptop if it is not turning on commonly.

As Technology has advanced itself, it is still not sure that any single technology is 100% accurate and will never come across any problems. Keeping this in mind, you should be prepared for any mishap. And while using the technology, you should know fundamental issues and their essential solutions that you can apply to cover up the situation. This article will let you understand how to fix a Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on!

Fixing Lenovo Laptop

Here are the four standard and essential solutions you can apply, in case your Lenovo laptop is not turning on.  Make sure to read the following details with proper attention so that you can deal with your Lenovo laptop efficiently.

Problems And Solutions

Before looking for the solution, you must be aware of the underlying problems causing your laptop not to turn on. We will start with the fundamental issues and then will jump towards the solutions in the following details so you would be able to deal with the problems in a better manner. Moreover, the solution of each issue is mentioned under each heading, so make sure to give a good and careful read.

1. Battery

laptop battery

The battery could be the first and foremost reason that your Lenovo laptop is not turning on. This is because there is a possibility that your battery is not providing an adequate supply of energy towards your laptop to make it turn on. Furthermore, there are chances that your dead battery is quite old or it is damaged. That is why it is not turning your laptop on and is not compatible with your computer anymore.

In this case, you can replace or change the battery so your Lenovo laptop will fix this issue if it has it. If you plan to replace the battery, then make sure the new battery you are getting should be compatible with the Lenovo laptop model you are having.

Furthermore, I will never recommend taking the old damaged battery to the repair shop and getting it corrected. Always go for the new battery to replace the old battery.

2. Insufficient Voltage Supply

The second most common reason for Lenovo laptops not turning on is the insufficient voltage supply. There are chances that your AC is not supplying efficient and sufficient voltage, which is why your computer is not turning on.

Keeping it in mind, make sure to look for the AC adaptor cable and cord you are using. In case you find any malfunctioning or breaking, consider replacing it properly. Change the line twice, at least before looking for any other solution to the problem. This is because if the AC power supply is the problem, you can get it corrected with the replacement of the cable.

3. Hardware Problems

Another underlying reason that is not letting your Lenovo laptop turn on is the problems in its hardware. If you notice that you are pressing the power button of your laptop and it is creating a strange noise, it means that there are some problems with your hardware.

How to Fix a Lenovo Laptop That Won't Turn on

Similarly, if you have installed a new motherboard or some other new hardware, this can also lead you to the pain of not turning on your laptop.

This is a problem where you need to take your laptop to a proper professional. He will make corrections in your laptop’s hardware or can do replacements if there is a need. And on the other hand, if the installation of the new motherboard or hardware is the reason, you can fix it on yourself with the re-installation of them.

4. Charging

Low charging or zero charging is a possible reason that will take you towards the problem of not turning on your Lenovo laptop. This could be done mistakenly or unintentionally if you have not considered the laptop’s charge and turned it off in the previous use.

To correct this problem, focus on the charging and charge the laptop by giving it a problem charging time and supply. After knowing that your computer is now fully charged, you can replace your charger and turn it on. In case this is the problem, it will be solved simply by setting.


Is there any reset button on a Lenovo laptop?

There is a box which is fixed in the bottom of the laptop which can be used for reaching the reset button from a hole present in it. This reset button is located in the middle of the system. If you use this reset button, make sure that it is not connected to the power supply or battery.

Is my laptop dead or broken?

If you have connected the charger and it says “plugged in, charging”, it means that your laptop is not dead; instead, it has decreased in its efficiency. Alternatively, if you connected the charger and it says “plugged in, not charging”, it means that it has died and it’s not receiving any voltage.

Why did my laptop die suddenly?

We cannot say that there is only one reason that has caused the laptop to die. There are many other reasons too. Some of the reasons for your computer dying are its charging, battery, hardware, sockets, cables, or insufficient cooling.

Moreover, if you find your computer is not turning on and is creating some issues, do not perform experiments; instead, take it to some professional shop to get it repaired.

Is it ok to leave a dead battery on your laptop?

Leaving a dead battery on your laptop will not affect the other components or other hardware. Although it is recommended to change the battery if it is finished, you can use your computer with a dead battery and the presence of a continuous power supply. Furthermore, it is also recommended for you to change the battery as soon as possible.


Lenovo laptops are facing turning-on issues nowadays. Many of the users are complaining about this issue daily. We have considered the four fundamental problems in the article mentioned above so you can read and understand how to solve them independently.

Getting technology in your hand does not mean you are a professional, so give yourself space and understand the problem first. Make sure to carefully perform various steps mentioned above to check where the actual problem is. Make sure to deal with your laptop calmly. Further, it is highly advisable to take your laptop to some professional shop to get it repaired.

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