12 Best IEM Under 200 – Reviewed [Oct 2023]

Best IEM Under 200

12 Best IEM Under 200 – Reviewed [Oct 2023]

Looking for some In-ear monitors (IEM), but feeling a big hole in your pocket after inquiring about the price? Well! There’s no need to worry because we are about to reveal the best IEM under 200.

However, the question is why do you need an IEM when you have gigantic headphones that probably cover your ears from top to bottom? The answer is flexibility.

Also, you got to be in style, right? The time has gone when people used to spend thousands of bucks on ordinary elephant-sized headphones. And now they are more focused on the tiny versions which are more than enough to rock your ears.

So if you want IEM within your price range, then stay tuned because we have an entire guide for you along with some of the best products, which are completely pocket-friendly.

Are IEMs Any Good?

It depends on your usage. For instance, if you’re a musician, singer, or live performer, you might be looking for something that could soothe your ears, as well as, provide high-quality sound.

Contrarily, if you are from any other profession and you want IEMs for your serenity and just for the sake of enjoying music, then even a standard sound could do wonder.


However, in both cases, it’s the quality that makes IEMs good or bad for you. Of course, if you would see a local market or anywhere online, you might be stuck with hundreds of models and varieties.

And unfortunately, you would end up confused or become a victim of impulsive buying.

As a consequence, you get yourself a high chance of getting the wrong type of IEM, which would certainly make you realize that they aren’t good for you. But, going for some famous names could be beneficial. But again, they would expensive as hell!

So, in short, IEMs are good if you have an increased budget. But what the best IEM under 200 that has an excellent performance? We are sure that it would cheer you up.

Purpose of Buying an IEM?

Okay! You know what IEMs are good at. And till now, you also got a glance at why IEMs are used for and what IEM suits what personality. But the question is, would you sacrifice for your 200 bucks for cheap quality ear monitors? We guess not! So you must understand the purpose of buying an IEM because it might help you get the right one.

IEM for Smartphones

Got a smartphone and want to travel timelessly with the help of music? There’s no better way than having an IEM attached to your smartphone jack while you’re on that bus from work to home. Or riding a bike while you’re the way to school or college.

But as IEM comes in a variety and so do smartphones, you got to make sure that your IEM is compatible with your smartphone software. It is observed that much cheap quality IEMs don’t work fine when they are made harmonious with smartphones.

In the same way, you got to realize what company’s smartphone you own. Is your phone is an Apple product because the latest models don’t support IEMs. Or are you an Android user? Because if you are, then you are all good to go with IEMS.

But don’t worry, we have gathered some awesome products that won’t trouble your smartphone and IEM’s compatibility.

IEM for PC/Laptops

Got a game to play? Have a movie to finish? Yes! An IEM lets allows you to enjoy all kinds of entertainment activities without disturbing the person sitting right next to you.

Remember, good IEMs do support all kinds of PCs, laptops, and other compatible devices without delaying any sound, or affecting the original sound quality.

So, if your sole purpose of buying an IEM is gaming or watching movies on your PC, then the IEMs we have mentioned in this article are awesome for such devices.

How IEM Works?

Many manufacturers call IEM as “Bluetooth Buds” or simply name it “mini headphones”, but they are wrong. Because IEMs are not headphones, the typical ones. But informally we all love to call them that way (Strange but normal, right?).

So IEMs consist of tiny elements present in each ear-piece to produced premium engineered sound. Or you can say that they include a new technology that assures better sound that your headphones, and even most of the earphones you get with your smartphones as an accessory.

And that’s the number one reason why people prefer IEMs over box-packed cellphones’ earpieces.

So what’s the technology which makes IEM so special?

Technically, there are two technologies

  1. Balanced Armature Drivers
  2. Dynamic Drivers
  • Balance Armature Drivers

This technology is best for noise cancellation. Moreover, it produces low bass frequency. The same type of driver is also used in hearing aids. They are the smallest in size and expensive in price.

  • Dynamic Drivers

If you’re looking for some super bass sounds, then dynamic drivers are your required technology. It uses airflow to produce huge sound, but it also reduces the charm of noise isolation.

The first technology is best for you if you prefer the quality sound. Also, it’s the best way to cover ears from disturbing noises that won’t let you listen to your favourite jam with ease. It is also seen that IEMs with this technology often have a great shape and ear comfort and gives you a luxurious feel whenever you plug them inside.

However, the second technology is for those who don’t care much about panning and all they want is loud bass. So, if you’re interested in some beat drops, or overloaded bass and beats, you can choose the second technology.


What if you want both? You can grab that deal, but people think that it’s impossible within 200 bucks. And while yes it is! But didn’t we tell you that this article is all about the best IEM under 200? : )

So before you take a look at the IEM products within 200, let us tell you what to look for in an IEM.

IEM Buying Guide

This is just not a guide but a way to get a durable IEM that serves you with brilliant sound. You must be wondering about the factors, which need to be addressed. Well, here they are:

  • Go for Fittings

Ask yourself, what kind of IEM would you prefer? Those which are way too lagging and don’t fit your ears at all. Too tight that could hurt your ears, or too lose that would not even stay in your ears for a single song? All these questions are necessary because it will help you buy the best IEM under 200.

Remember, some IEMs are made of silicone earbuds, which are perfect for your ears’ comfort. But there are also other materials used specifically on earbuds that cause ease even if you wear them for longer periods.

Therefore, keep in mind to go for that kind of IEM that fits you well.

  • Choose the One with Most Features

If you remember that in the previous sections we discussed the two technology types found in IEMs. So, those are the first things to consider as they play a vital role in building up features. Nevertheless, you might not find written about technology on the box, but you can grasp the knowledge of having this feature by looking at the noise cancellation option.

If the IEM claims to have noise cancellation, it means it falls in the Balanced Amateur technology. Go for it!

  • Wire or Wireless

If you like to walk more and sit less, then it’s better to go for the wireless ones otherwise wires would work fine.

  • Modern Design

Don’t look for old designs because you don’t live in the past. Having a new design IEM will boost your confidence and you would be able to listen to your favorite tracks even in public places without any hesitation.

  • Brands or General Products

Of course brands! There’s no way you could go for general, or unknown IEMs because they could be way too risky. You might lose your 200 bucks if you opt for unbranded IEMs. Therefore, you need to choose the best brand.

That’s why our list only includes solid branded items to make sure you get the best thing in 200 dollars with maximum features.

  • The Sound Quality

This point is somehow related to technology, but you will find different qualities of sound even if you choose the noise cancellation IEM.

Many people think that loud sounds signify better sound quality. However, they are wrong because there’s no good thing about an IEM if its offering high volume output but muting most of the played instruments in the song.

So, if you ever feel something missing in your tracks while you listen to it through your earbuds, then it means your ear monitors have bad sound quality. And it’s surely unacceptable as you might not savor the purchase at all.

Best IEM Under 200 – Here’s What We Suggest

It is time to pick the right IEM that comes under 200. Excited for the list? Here you go!

1.SE215-CL by ShureSE215-CL by ShureSE215-CL by ShureSE215-CL by ShureSE215-CL by Shure

This Shure IEM offers high-quality sounds just the way musicians wish. The monitors are capable of delivering each instrument right in your ears without any delay or dullness in the overall track. Moreover, it also comes with the great bass feature, so even if you want to use them for some kind of serious demo mixing, you can do it.

It has a great sound isolating mechanism that blocks noises up to 37 DB. So you can expect minimum noises coming from the outside as you wear them while working out in the gym, or traveling. And yes! It’s a lightweight IEM whose wires won’t. It has a low-profile design that will provide comfort to your ears. And the best part is that it has a reinforced cable that can be customized and replaced anytime. Plus, its MMCX gold-plated connector permits you to rotate it the entire 360 degrees.

Although it comes with standard foam sleeves, you can also switch you small, medium, or large sizes as per your desire. Lastly, it comes in different colors and a soft-zip pouch to carry it anywhere.


Comes in beautiful black design the MX2 PRO is one the best IEMs under your range. The first attractive thing about this product is that it is all customizable. Means, you can change its accessories, and upgrade them whenever you want.

It has a 10mm subwoofer that has a moving coil nature which includes the balanced armature technology for a clear sound. So with this IEM, you can expect perfect mids, highs, and lows whenever you play a song with loads of instruments, or heavy vocals.

It’s a wire-IEM but with the ability of cable replacement. So in case, your wires are broken, you can change them without any effort. This point gives durability to the overall model. And if you are bored of seeing the black color, then you can use different customization options on the earbuds. We recommend having a 3D printed design on your buds that fits your ears’ shape and size. It will surely make you look stunning.

MX2 PRO by MEE comes with a complete kit that includes a protective case, 1.4 amp adapter, silicone ear tips, and 1-year warranty.

3.IE 40 PRO by SennheiserIE 40 PRO by SennheiserIE 40 PRO by SennheiserIE 40 PRO by SennheiserIE 40 PRO by Sennheiser

Looking for some new designs in IEMs? Why don’t you try the IE 40! It has been a popular IEM due to its transparent earbuds design that steals the attention. Plus it has a dynamic broadband 10mm transducer that delivers accurate studio-recorded sound.

And if you don’t like much acoustics in the track, then this model reduces them and produces dissonance-free sound even when the volume is high.

It comes with an ergonomic beautiful ear molds along with a flat profile design that fits your ears flawlessly.

4.UM Pro 10 by WestoneUM Pro 10 by WestoneUM Pro 10 by WestoneUM Pro 10 by WestoneUM Pro 10 by Westone

If there’s one word to describe this model, we call it glamorous.

With a perfect tone balance and single driver technology, UM Pro regenerates sound just like the way you hear in the original recordings, but with better and enormous sound quality, so that you could listen to every beat.

That’s one of the main reasons why this IEM is loved by most of the musicians. It is meant for professional music producers and artists so that they may work without worrying about getting bad sound quality.

Like several other IEMs, the UM Pro 10 also has an ergonomic design that allows you to wear it for hours and hours without feeling pain. But the silicone ear tips are of premium quality and far better than most of the IEMs. They even help in providing sound isolation and eliminating the nearby noise.

And the one thing that makes users crazy for it is its wire’ design. Surprisingly, it has a beautifully twisted cable that is as light as a feather. Moreover, it can control sound up to 114 DB (Yup! Better than Shure) and has a frequency response of about 20hz – 16kHz.

The product comes with an entire package including foam ear tips (five pairs), ear monitors, monitor vault, and a cleaning tool.


Simgot EN700 PRO are some funky little IEMs out there that are made of crystal copper. But don’t go on their size because they have a great design and durable body.

They are lightweight and delivers clear sound, although not better than the original, but at least the real tone. But these are perfect if you love listening to high pitched songs as they are great at controlling high sound waves.

Despite its design, we won’t recommend this for pro musicians, but if you want to become a good listener or your purpose of buying an IEM is to pass your time, then it’s a solid choice.

It has a 400D Kevlar cable with a 6N silver and copper-plated DuPont to assure longevity and to resist any tensile material. And like rests of the IEMs, it works fine with all digital audio players and Android smartphones.

The product is very comfortable and the manufacturers even promise a 30 day money-back time if the IEMs don’t fit you in any way.


If you’re waiting for a great hi-fi sounding IEM, then your wait is probably over. The MS1 by HIDIZS is an awesome IEM with a dynamic diaphragm for ideal music deliverance.

These monitors extremely competent due to their beautiful and solid black color design. Moreover, its 3.5mm jack allows them to fit any audio device, such as PC, tablet, Android phone, and even the old models of the iPhone.

It includes Dynamic Drivers technology for authentic sound. In fact, on testing, we found that it gives you a feel like a live concert Yup! Crystal clear sound in both ears.

The product comes with a detachable cable for high convenience. You can change or adjust them without much trouble. The body of MS1 is made of aluminum, so you expect high durability. Plus, the ear tips come in four different sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large to fit your ears’ size.

These ear monitors are Hi-Res certified, which means they are recognized in the entire world due to their beautiful sound. Moreover, there are audiophiles, which makes this IEM a great tool for music production for all the musicians.

The IEM can be attached with Androids, MP3/MP4 players, and previous iPhone models with 3.5mm jacks. You can also claim a new piece within a year or simply take your money back within 30 days if you don’t find these IEMs amazing.

7.M6 by MEEM6 by MEEM6 by MEEM6 by MEEM6 by MEE

Although they are the best IEM under 200, the manufacturers recommend this model, particularly for pro musicians.

M6 comes with 2nd generation noise-cancellation features, which can be upgraded. The product consumes sounds and delivers it to your brain by doing maximum refinery. This way you will never find any crunchy or distorted noises even in most of the hard rock and heavy metals songs.

Wait! We didn’t mean that these are not good for heavy instruments, but what we are trying to say is that most of the songs have a hissing sound as they record live instruments and that is quite disturbing. But M6 clears out those distorted noises in one go.

They are sweat-resistant, as well as, allows you to replace the cable. Furthermore, the earbuds are very soft and don’t hurt even if you have them for like days. And the important part is that it includes special T-Series famous memory foams, which are specifically designed for M6.

The box includes a stereo cable and headset cable, 6 silicone ear tips, case, memory foams, 1.4 adapters along with a 1-year warranty.


These are some devil-looking monitors we call it silver devils. Why? Because they are in silver colour that sometimes resembles more like greyish metal color.

With perfect size and craftsmanship, MT3 is another Hi-Res certified music gear that can rock your life. Its lightweight feature allows you to wear it even if you’re running miles with full speed. It has a detachable cable but it supple material. And the cable is soft enough to show flexibility to avoid breakage and hard enough to be torn apart. Thus, making MT3 a great IEM product in 200.

While rest features are ordinary, it has maximum sound isolation that 100% prevents noise from the outside. Therefore, wearing them consider high concentration on whatever you’re doing while these monitors are in your ears.

And of course, expect enormous sound with MT3!

9. AS10 Earbuds by KZAS10 Earbuds by KZAS10 Earbuds by KZAS10 Earbuds by KZAS10 Earbuds by KZ

Want some balanced Armature in your life? Go for the AS10. Alright! So first thing first. The design and color are new. A combination of black and somewhat sea-green makes it elegant.

Now if talking about the sound quality, then you can consider this IEM for a balanced tone and sound. In other words, the left and right panning are accurate. Moreover, the instruments could be heard with great clarity. There’s no overlapping or muteness in music when you listen to it through the AS10 because it has a HIFI sound.

It includes BA Driver 22955 FOR LOWS. 296898 for Mids, and 30095 earbud pieces for high, and of course, a separate earbud with the combination of all. So this means you can feel free to experiment for getting the best tone until you find it,.

As the monitor is wired, therefore, the cables are datable and allow you to change them whenever needed.

10.C10 by CAAC10 by CAAC10 by CAAC10 by CAAC10 by CAA

C10 is not an ordinary thing. It’s a heavy-duty IEM that can blow your mind! With a 3.5mm jack, you can attach it with any audio device and Android phone. However, it might not work well with some iPhone models.

With a metallic datable cable, the design is customizable with a noise cancellation option. More to this, you can easily listen to the highs and lows without missing any chord or vocals.

The body is made of Zinc that gives C10 a longer life than most of the IEMs. So even if you need to change the cable, you may not find any need to change the entire IEM for several years. And if handled with care, you can stay on it for decades.

The piece is perfect for the gym, jogging, and other heavy-duty activities. Also, these earplugs will make you a great listener.


ZSR is average IEMs but we still consider them as best IEM under 200 and there’s a reason for that.

When you choose ZSR, can get two options.

  1. Buying with mic
  2. Buying without mic

And if you choose with mic, you just need to pay a little extra amount. This means you can use them for calling as well. So music and calling together, won’t that make a perfect toast? Well YES!

You can also buy them in three different colors – black, green, and red. It includes dynamic balance and controls sound to the highest level possible to deliver with average accuracy.

The cables are detachable but the noise cancellation feature is below expectation. Still, it is something you can get in 200. Oh and yes! It comes with a 1-year warranty.


Last but not the least, the BASN comes with a 3.5mm connector. It provides balanced bass sound, middle and highs, but the low sounds are not much hearable.

It comes with an ergonomic earbud nose and ear tips made with soft silicon. Moreover, the connector is detachable. Nevertheless, the reason why we have included this in our list is because of compatibility.

Surprisingly, BASN can be upgraded using different companies and models IEMs supporting products. For example, you can use Shure’s cable and attach it with BASN. So that’s the best thing about BASN and it gives a lot of flexibility.

Finally, this is the best IEM under 200 which is suitable for all devices that support 3.5mm audio jacks.