How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3- Easy to Follow

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3PS3, no doubt a brilliant machine designed for both purpose, a home multimedia hub and gaming machine. Although, the device is quite old now still there are a large number of PS3 fans out there who still uses PS3.

Unlike previous models who doesn’t allow you to connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones, PS3 is the first in its league that will enable you to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones.

We can’t deny the fact that Bluetooth headphones offer a great sound wherever you are in the room. Don’t forget to read the well-researched review on the mouse for Fortnite.

It’s always convenient for you if you do multiplayer gaming with your friends or other players as it allows you to play and chat with other players on the online PlayStation gaming network. The PS3 supports a variety of audio devices.

In minutes, though the main system setting you can connect your wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones to PS3. Plus, you can also customise your console to use audio codecs or anything else. PS3 offers you a lot of options to customise your gaming machine performance so that you can experience better gaming.


As a multimedia hub, you can also watch Blu-Rays, DVDs, your favourite streaming services, or even browse the internet. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated headphone jack in PS3 to plug in the wired headphones but there are several other options by which you can connect both wired and wireless headphones to the console.

To save your time and effort, we have written a step-by-step guide by which you can easily connect your wireless or wired Bluetooth headphones to PS3. Just follow the procedure as written and you’ll be able to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the console quickly.

A step-by-step guide to connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones to PS3

So, you have got your PS3, and you are all set to go multi-players but the only things which are stopping you are wireless Bluetooth headphones? If that’s the case, then you don’t need to worry anymore. The easiest and smoothest way to connect your Bluetooth speakers is to take advantage of your console’s wireless capabilities.


To connect any of wireless device like headset, controller or keyboard to the console, you first have to register the device with the console and then pair it to use it. So the procedure is mainly divided into two sections

  • Pairing a Bluetooth Headset or Device.
  • Setting your newly paired device as an IO device (for headset).

Pairing a Bluetooth headset or any other device

In the XMB home menu, make your way to settings then go to Accessory Settings.

There you will get several options, find “manage Bluetooth device” option and select it. After that, you will get an option of a register (i.e. pair) to pair a Bluetooth-compatible device with the PS3.

Make sure that no Bluetooth device is already connected to PS3, and the message will appear, saying that there is no Bluetooth device has been registered or paired. The console will ask you if you want to register any device. Highlight the “YES” option and press “X” button.

The console will search for the devices, and if your device is compatible with PS3, then it will be connected to PS3 if not, then you will have to buy another machine. For safe sight, let the console search 2 to 3 times for the Bluetooth device. Sometimes the console doesn’t recognise the headset or any other device and came up with the “No devices available” dialogue box. After all, it’s a machine.

If your device is compatible with PS3, the console will automatically make a pair with them, or a list of Bluetooth devices will appear. To pair the device with PS3, go to the register new device option and press the “X” button

  • Only one Bluetooth headsets or Device can be paired to PS3 at a time. If you are willing to connect another device, you will have to un-pair to the previously paired device, and then you can connect the new headset or any other device.
  • When the console is searching for the headphones, then make sure the headphones are ready to be connected to console. The information to prepare the device is supplied with the Bluetooth device.
  • When the console is searching for Bluetooth device, make sure the Bluetooth device is placed within the suitable range; otherwise, it’ll not find it. Check that device is in “ready to pair” mode not already paired. To know better about the Bluetooth device, read the instruction the back of its packing.
  • Once you are all set with the device, press the button from console to start scanning.

If the scan is successful and your device incompatible with PS3, then PS3 will list all the Bluetooth device it finds. Then it will ask you to pair the device with the console. In case it doesn’t find any device, then there is likely that you haven’t prepared the device properly or the device isn’t in range. In this case, consult the documentation of “pairing” instructions.

Now you have to enter the password key of your Bluetooth device to complete the pairing process. The password key is to ensure the security that helps in building a secure connection between Bluetooth devices and console. The password key is written at the back of packaging usually.

The on-screen keyboard will pop-up on the screen, use it to enter the password, once done with entering a password, move the cursor to the green Enter button and then click “OK” button. Use the D-pad to highlight the OK button and then click it.

Once the pairing is complete, you will get the confirmation message. The message means that you have successfully established a secure connection with PS3. Now press the “X” button to continue.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your game and chat online with your friends.

Setting your newly paired device as an IO device (for headset).

Once your Bluetooth headphone and PS3 is connected, then you will have to set it to default Input/ Output Audio device so that you won’t have to repeat the above-written process all the time.

First of all, from home page go to settings, and then go to Accessory settings, move the pointer to Audio device settings and press the X button.

A tray will be opened multiple giving options, highlight the Input Device option from that and press X button. Select the microphone for voice chat, scroll up and down or refresh until you get to see your desired device then press X button selecting it.

On selecting the Output Device will automatically change the previous settings and now your Headphone will be working as an output device too. With these settings you will be able to hear other player’s voice chat messages on your wireless Bluetooth headphones.

In case you like to hear other player’s voice on your television or any other connected receiver then all you have to do is to adjust the output device back to “System Default Device”.

  • Make sure that the Bluetooth headphones are turned on when you are configuring the input and output audio settings of the console. Or else if the headphones are turned off, then the name of that device will be greyed out and unable to select for the output device or an input device. If the Bluetooth device is turned on and still the console shows the device in greyed-out then first connect the headphones to the console and then repeat the process. After this, the device name will lighten up and displayed on a screen, and now you are good to select it as an input and output device.
  • When you have successfully selected the input and output device, you can test input and output levels of headphones by speaking into the microphone. Now you will be able to hear your voice over the output audio source you’ve chosen. You can also adjust the volume. Do this by customising the microphone level and press the button the set the volume. Once you’re finished adjusting the volume, you should select the OK button and get returned to XMB.

Since PS3 is an old gaming machine now, so many of the old headphones are compatible with it. In case you need to buy a new Bluetooth headset then we have you written an article on Bluetooth Headphones in 2023, make sure to read and get the latest headphones in the market. Here is a list of recommended Bluetooth headphones from our side.

JBL Bluetooth HeadphonesJBL Bluetooth Headphonesstrong>JBL Bluetooth Headphones<

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

These headphones are not only famous in the gaming world but also they are efficient headphones which offer great sound. Most of the gamers assure that connecting this Bluetooth to the PS3 console is very easy with this beast. The most bought and famous headphones of JBL are

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  • JBL Everest Elite 700: a headphone that comes with super comfortable design with customizable and powerful audio system.
  • JBL UnderArmour Sports wireless Train headphones: these headphones are perfectly designed to deliver the perfect fit to ear with fantastic sound quality.

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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

Skullcandy is famous because of its wide range of high-end headphones to budget headphones. They offer rich headphones with such good sound quality that no gamer resist themselves to buy their headphones. Their headphones use neckbands instead of fully wireless earpieces or skimpy cables.

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  • SkullcandyiCon Soft: this model provides an excellent sound quality that it’s in the list of many teens.
  • Skullcandy Hesh 3: offers a reliable and solid balanced audio performance.

Sony Bluetooth HeadphonesSony Bluetooth Headphonesstrong>Sony Bluetooth Headphones<

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

Finally, headphones from the official makers of PS3. These headphones are the favourite choice for both young and old gamers. It comes with sleek designs and innovative features, enhanced voice quality, speech recognition, voice command. In short, it provides an up-level gaming experience for serious gamers. The famous models are:

  • Sony WH- 1000XM3: A noise-cancelling headphone that comes with improved performance and more comfortable fit.
  • Sony WH- 100XM2: it doesn’t provide that not comfort as its next model, but surely it is one of the premium headphones around.
  • Sony WF- 1000X: Perfectly a best sounding headphone in the market.
  • Sony MW1 Multi-functional Smart Bluetooth Headset: it’s an average performing headphone with plenty of tricks.

Wrapping up

In this article, we have written a step-by-step guide by which you can easily connect your Bluetooth headphones with PS3. There are no restrictions of which headphones are compatible with PS3, almost every kind of headphones work well with PS3. The Default pass key of headphones is 0000, do don’t worry if you don’t find any passkey at the back of headphone’s box. We hope this article is a great help to you for connecting the headphones with PS3. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions related to the report. We will get back to you soon.