[Fix] Battle.Net Won’t Install On Windows 10 2023

Battle.net won't install on Windows

Are you trying to download battle.net app for windows 10/8/7 computer? And It’s stuck at “downloading new files” and want to fix this issue then you are at the right place. Here I am going to share a step by step guide to fix ‘battle.net won’t install on Windows 10/8/7’.

Blizzard Battle.net is one of the most popular internet based video games cum social network platforms, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard has a collection of some most popular computer games which includes Warcraft III: Reforged, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Call of Duty: Warzone.

Battle.net works like an Agent which helps you to initialize and install patched blizzard games on your computer. Unfortunately the agent sometimes failed to initialize the application. Sometimes the agent also does not download the data from the server or install any game files.

So here in this guide, I am going to show you a step by step guide to fix battle.net wont install issue on Windows 10/8/7.


How to fix Battle.net won’t install on Windows 10

Method 1: Run Battle.net launcher as Administrator

  1. First of all, you have to navigate to C:\Program Files\Battle.net.
  2. Now you have to right-click on the Battle.net Launcher.exe and the click on Properties.
  3. Now a pop-up window will appear. There you will find a menu at the top of the screen of the pop-up box. Now look for the Compatibility tab and then click on it.
  4. Then click on the ”Run this program as an administrator” box.
  5. And then confirm changes.
  6. That’s it.


Method 2: Update Your Computer and Router

Most of the time the Agent gets failed to download the data from the server due to unsupported system modules. And a quick update to the Operating system can easily solve your problem regarding installation issues. Follow the below solution.

  1. Navigate to the Start Menu.
  2. And then go to the Settings.
  3. You need to click on “Update & Security”.
  4. You have to click on Windows update located at the left side panel.
  5. Now you can see the “Check for updates” option at the right side of the panel. Just click on it. That’s it. You can see the below screenshot.update windows battle net error


Method 3: Turn off Antivirus

Sometimes Quick Heal or McAfee antivirus block the Battle.net launcher as It detects a virus in a Blizzard folder. The process of patching or updating games can look suspicious to antivirus. Follow the below guide:

  1. Navigate to Start > Settings.
  2. And then navigate to Update & Security > Windows Security.
  3. And then go to Virus & threat protection > Manage settings.
  4. Now you have to switch Real-time protection to Off.


Final Words

Blizzard Battle.net is the best games launcher which allows you to play a wide range of video games online. Battle.net allows you to install patched games very easily in just a couple of minutes. However, sometime, the agent of the battle net launcher does not get connected to the server which causes the installation error.

The best solution to solve this problem is to update the operating system. If the installation is blocked by an antivirus program then you might have to disable the antivirus for sometime so that the agent can download the data from the server.

Thanks. I hope that the step by step guide has helped you to sort out your problem. If you are still facing the problem regarding installation of battle.net launcher on your Windows 10/8/7 then you can add a comment in the comment box below. I will try my best to solve your issues.