How to Turn on Wireless Capability On Toshiba Satellite Laptop? – 2023 Guide

You are not the only one who is confused as to why the satellite laptop is not showing the internet option. This can be because of certain reasons such as not updating the windows software or some insecure error in the network, or some drive issues. However, for a newbie, it can be a lot more challenging.

This is the reason many users ask how to turn on wireless capability on Toshiba Satellite Laptop. Therefore, you will be pleased to hear that there are multiple ways you can figure out the reason and resolve the issues.

First of all, you will have to keep your mind calm and figure out the particular reason why your laptop is not showing it. Then, by following these common techniques, you can quickly troubleshoot the issue.

In this article we’ll show you how to turn on wireless capability on Toshiba Satellite Laptop!

Method of Locating the Wireless Switch on Toshiba Laptop

Step 1

To start with the process, take a look as to what type of laptop you have, whether it is a touchpad or a regular laptop. On the search bar, you will see a small antenna-like icon while you are moving your mouse randomly in different directions.

However, this button position will solely be based on your laptop type. For this, you can use the attributed button and open the menu, where you will find a box that will say ‘allow WiFi.’

Step 2

Once you are done finding it, you will see that in the control panel, you will be given two different options. One of them would be to connect to the internet while the other one would be to Windows. Now, based on your preference, choose either a network connection or sharing and set up a password.

Step 3

Now, finally, in the last step, you will go to the ‘set internet network connection windows.’ Here, right-click the wireless link and select the option of ‘properties’ from there.

Now, choose the enable button with your cursor and wait for the process. By clicking continue, you will easily locate the wireless switch in your Toshiba Satellite laptop.

How to turn on-screen wireless capability on Toshiba Satellite laptop?

how to turn on wireless capatibility on toshiba satellite laptop

For this, you will press the ‘fn’ and ‘shift key’ together, followed by the spacebar, instead of using the ‘fn’ key alone. This will show you the icon of the ‘wireless switch’ from where you can follow the same process as discussed above. You can also click on the PC or F8 key to see the desired menu.

How to Fix WiFi on Toshiba Laptop?

To fix the Wi-Fi switch on the Toshiba laptop, you will have to follow these steps;

  • First of all, make sure that your laptop has a Wi-Fi button. If you have, test it whether it is working or not. If it is not working, restart the computer.
  • Another thing you can do is restart the router itself. For this, make sure the WLAN is connected. Also, you should keep in mind that the SSID is broadcasting, and your network is selected for the public.
  • You can also remove the wireless profile from your laptop to get the maximum optimum performance.
  • Finally, you can enter the dedicated password to connect to your Wi-Fi.

How to Fix WiFi on Toshiba Laptop Windows 7

If you have a regular Windows 7 Toshiba laptop, you can follow these steps to make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

  • First of all, from the window bar, choose the control panel option
  • Once you are done, select the Network and Sharing Centre, as it will take you to further settings.
  • Now, you can easily go to the adaptor settings by right-clicking on the left side of the screen.
  • In the end, use the right-click option and select the wireless link and click on enable Wi-Fi network option. In doing so, you will be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Finally, you are done, and you can proceed.

What to Do if My Toshiba Laptop Keeps Turning Off?

If your laptop Wi-Fi keeps turning off, there can be some issues in the settings. To resolve this problem, you can follow these simple steps;

  • First of all, select the control panel and then click on the network connections.
  • From this, you will see two different options from which you will have to select the ‘wireless connection.’
  • By right-clicking the option, you will see a choice of properties from which you will select the ‘power management section.’
  • Now, you can save the settings and allow the computer to turn off the device to save the power.
  • Now, press the save option, and you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why won’t my Toshiba satellite laptop connect to wifi?

The reason why your laptops keep suggesting it has no internet access is largely because of some insecure error settings, or your device needs a software update.

To resolve this issue, you can easily go to the wireless network and open the power menu and change the settings. Here, confirm the option of ‘allowing the machine to switch this device to save power and save the settings.

How to turn on wireless capability on a Toshiba satellite laptop?

It is a fairly simple process. First of all, choose the control panel from the window bar. Now, from the two options given, select the ‘network and sharing center’ and go to the ‘adaptor settings’. By right-clicking the left side of the screen, you will see a wireless link, select it and continue to wait until you are done and save the settings.

How do I troubleshoot my Toshiba Laptop?

To troubleshoot the reason why your laptop is not showing internet access, follow the following steps;

  • Power off the laptop by pressing the power button. You can also remove the battery by disconnecting the battery tab and power cord from the charging jack.
  • Once you are done, continue pressing down the power button for about 30 seconds, as this will switch off your unit.
  • Now, place the battery again and reconnect your laptop to the power cord, however, make sure that you have not unplugged the laptop from the main power source and until it is completely charged.
  • Finally, restart your Toshiba device.

Final Thoughts

You are not alone in figuring out how to turn on the wireless capability on the Toshiba Satellite laptop. Although there can be multiple reasons, the cure is simple and straightforward. To save your day, this article has brought together some of the commonly used techniques that can help you along the way.

Finally, I hope that you will soon figure it out.