How To Use iPhone Mic on PC? Easy to Follow

How To Use iPhone Mic on PC? Easy to Follow


An easy to follow—no software guide.

Are you thinking about buying a professional microphone? What if I told you that you need not buy any if you own an iPhone! What? Yeah, you read that right! Professional microphones cost a lot. Regardless of how costly our PCs are, they do not have a decent microphone. In this way, if you need to record sound on your PC, you have to associate a top-notch microphone with it.

How do I use an iPhone mic on a PC?

That’s a tricky question. Since the microphone is once in a while utilized in the work area and PCs, it will, in general, utilize low-quality microphones in their items. Then again, our cell phones are outfitted with a quality microphone. And if you have got an iPhone then you are really very lucky.


The audio quality that you can obtain using the iPhone as the microphone is not any less than the professional mics! You can generally consider purchasing another microphone – yet have you at any point thought of utilizing a decent quality microphone with your cellphone to record sound to your PC?

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This article discusses a free app called Megaphone that lets you utilize your cell phone’s microphone as the default microphone on a Windows PC.

You can convert your iPhone into a microphone in simple steps and that too without downloading any software on your PC. Just follow this super easy guide and you’ll be good to go.

What you need:

  • An app called Megaphone-it is a free iPhone app and it transforms your iPhone into a microphone.

You can download this app using the following link:
  1. The UI of the app.

    The means are basic: you have to introduce the Megaphone server and customer and associate straightforwardly. We have examined the system in detail.

Just follow these steps.


  • Open the app Megaphone on your iPhone. The initial step here is to design the Megaphone server. Rather than making a server on your PC, Megaphone wants to make it on your cellphone.
  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple AppStore and download Megaphone.
  • Presently go to the Megaphone landing page and download the Megaphone customer for Windows. Moreover, additionally, download the Megaphone virtual gadget driver for Windows.
  • Introduce them both and dispatch the Megaphone customer on your PC. When you have chosen a suitable method of transport, make a point to interface both your PC and you are portable. If you select Wi-Fi, ensure the two gadgets are on a similar system. Press the play button on the portable application to begin the server.
  • Plug the connector of the audio jack into the iPhone. Open the application, give it authorizations to record the sound from your gadget. Click the settings symbol in the header.
  • Presently click on Transfer and choose the strategy by which you need to stream the substance from your microphone. The accessible alternatives are Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Plug the other connector of the audio jack into the mic jack on your CPU or on your Laptop. You can utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi however if you need to get the best quality with less sound postponement, go to USB.
  • To begin a USB association, you more likely than not empowered USB investigating on your Android gadget.
  • When the gadgets are associated, you will have the option to see the virtual microphone in the sound settings of your PC.
  • You will be astonished by the nature of the microphone and the low dormancy you give. The best piece of Megaphones the virtual microphone it makes on your PC. The virtual microphone can be utilized with any application. It will work like a standard microphone associated with a PC and all applications should work appropriately.
  • Click Connect, at that point connect. Pick your medium and associate the customer to the server. For Bluetooth, you should match the gadgets and select the gadget starting from the drop menu.
  • For USB, simply associate the gadget using USB. Also, for the Wi-Fi arrange, you have to enter the neighborhood IP address of the cellphone. For Wi-Fi Direct, you have to ensure your PC is associated with the cellphone hotspot.
  • The application chips away at Windows and Mac PCs, however, Mac OS X clients can just profit by the Wi-Fi association choice. Since Bluetooth and USB calls are the least complex alternatives (you simply need to associate or interface and you’re prepared), we’ll experience the Wi-Fi arrangement, as it applies to the two Windows and Mac.
  • Open Megaphone on your Android gadget and enter the settings, select Transfer, at that point select ‘Wifi’ from the alternatives (except if you are utilizing Bluetooth or USB). Contingent upon the utilization of your microphone, select the fitting sound source. Extra parameters permit you to change the media and control port, however, you don’t need to modify these parameters.
  • You may need to set your Mac security inclinations to open the bundle. Then again, you can basically check by clicking (or right tapping) on ​​the document and choosing ‘Open.’

This virtual microphone can be utilized with any sound chronicle application or some other action including the microphone. You can likewise initiate the microphone input legitimately on the speakers utilizing the inherent capacity of the Megaphone customer.


And there you are! You just found a cheap alternative to buying a professional mic!


Megaphone is an incredible free instrument for Windows and your cell phones. Permits you to utilize a great microphone with your cellphone on a Windows PC. This application is valuable for sound/video experts searching for a top-notch microphone accessible in a hurry. You can download it from its landing page.

How do I use an iPhone mic on a PC? We hope that question is now clear to you all and will not trouble you anymore. It’s an extraordinary method to tell recordings, record notes, or make calls. Tell us what you think by posting a remark underneath.

If this guide worked for you, do let us know in the comments.