How to Play IPhone IOS Games On PC- Easy to Follow

How to Play IPhone IOS Games On PC

How to Play iPhone IOS Games On PC- Easy to Follow

Day to day, the number of gamers is increasing exponentially. Some of the players like to play on native platforms while others prefer cross-platform compatibility. Many people rely on and prefer their smartphones for games.

A lot of popular games like Mine craft, PUBG, Fortnite, clash of clans, call of duty have both mobile and PC versions. No matter how much you love them, after some time you’ll be bored or tired from the five-inch screen of your smartphone.

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Smartphone can’t provide the feel of a desktop. In other words, if you are looking for an alternative way to play IOS games on desktop and get the fullest of the game in the larger screen of PC, then there are several ways to for you.

The first method is to connect you iPhone to the projector and play through it (more practical method). The other method is to use an Emulate iOS system on PC.

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Some of you will be hearing the word “emulate/emulator” first time so first thing first, we will let you know about all the things you need to know for before emulator. So let’s dive in.

What is an IOS EMULATOR?

How to Play IPhone IOS Games On PC

IOs Emulator is a software or hardware that allows exhibiting properties of another machine. It enables one computer system to behave or perform a task like another computer system or another device.

An iOS emulator is a software that runs on windows and allows to adapt the properties of smartphones, and it will enable users to create a virtual iOS mobile OS.

How will the iOS apps run on pc?

Well, playing iOS games on PC isn’t a hard and fast thing to do, but it’s a bit tricky procedure to follow, but with us, you got it all bright. This article will you with your concern about playing iOS games on PC.

We have listed the best and easy to use an emulator to run iPhone apps on pc.

Firstly, you have to download any of below-mentioned emulator, and then you will have to download the iOS app or game you want to play and then open it through the emulator to play.

Why is iOS essential?

If you are game developer, then you will surely be aware that you can use an emulator to properly scale, test and run your game or any other application. Besides, with the help of an emulator, even a normal person can play games on the desktop that are exclusively available on iOS.

How is an emulator different from simulator?

An emulator is actually a replacement for an original device. Emulator allows you to run the same application or software of the same device on different screen without modifying it.

They are mostly used by non-iOS users who wants to experience the iPhones OS in another device without having an original one.

Application and game developers mostly use an emulator to test the apps, and they prefer it because of its user-friendly features and flexibility.

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While on the other side, what simulator does is that it setups the same environment as the first device, but it doesn’t replicate its hardware. This is the reason, some of the simulators didn’t work on simulators or if it runs, they might behave differently.

The plus point of a simulator is that it runs the code faster, smoother and launches the code within seconds.

How to play iPhone games on pc

There are two methods by which you can play iOS games on the desktop:

Method 1: mirror your iPhone or iPad to PC.

For this method, you will need a tool named “FonePaw ScreenMo” which is a reliable, easy-to-use, and a convenient way to mirror your iPhone/iPad to your PC. You can see your screen iPhone/iPad screen on a big screen with the help of the recorder.

Follow these six steps to achieve it.

  • Firstly download the FonePaw ScreenMo app from the internet, as it is readily available on their official website and other multiple sites as well.
  • Connect both your PC and your iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi connection, or else it won’t work at all.
  •  Launch the recorder on your PC you have already downloaded.
  •  Open the game or application you want to play or host from your iPhone or iPad.
  •  On your iPhone or iPad screen, make your way to the control centre by swiping up on the menu, you’ll see an Airplay icon, click on it. Then choose the airplay name of the program. The airplay feature is available on iOS 4.2 or above.
  •  You’ll see a notification immediately displayed on the screen, notifying that you iPhone is connected to PC. Now you can play your games while viewing the game on a PC’s screen.

If you want to record your gameplay, then you can click the red button on the right side of this program to start recording and to stop it you the same button. The green number will show you how long you have been recorded.

Method 2: using an emulator for PC 

There are a lot of options available which can turn your PC to behave like an iOS device. These popular ones and reliable emulators.


SmartFace is considered as one of the best emulators for PC and tester that helps you to develop cross-platform native iOS apps seamlessly. It is recognised as a full-featured mobility management platform that cuts the costing, eliminate dependence, upturns output and provides strategic mobility solution in less time.

The good thing is that the SmartFace doesn’t require the Mac operating system to run the game or test it from the developer’s view.

This emulator can provide full debugging options for iOS apps that always helps the developer flexibility so that developer can efficiently operate it and develop new apps.

The well-known features of iOS are that it provides plugins support for apps that contains the library of javascript and have a codebase of solitary javascript.

The SmartFace is a most excellent option for you if you are looking to have experienced an iPad, iPod, and iPhone and their apps directly in your PC screen.


iPadian is an emulator that has a similar Graphical User interface like an iPad. While using this emulator, you will get to experience the same experience through your computer, you get when you are using an iPad.

With the help of this emulator, you can have full access to the app store as well; you can easily download any apps from there. Luckily, if the apps you are willing to use though emulator are pre-installed then you will get many benefits from them on you Windows PC too.

The plus point is that the iPadian is accessible in both paid and free versions. On the usage of a free version we came to know that the free version is way too good and offers many features that other free emulators, the free version is excellent software to implement on any iOS game or application.

This iOS emulator is popular because of its incredible GUI, rich display, app compatibility and the selection of apps to download from the app store is quite fantastic and makes it one of the most recommended and free to access iOS emulator’s app among all. By simply clicking on the screen, you can get access to the touchscreen instantly.

The app owns positive user ratings with much download rate. In short, it is the finest option for both developer and gamer who wants to play on a big screen.

3.Mobione Studio

Here comes the multi-featured app means it can work as iPhone simulator for a windows PC as well as an emulator for iOS which operates for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iPhone system on windows.

The apps it uses are developed in HTML 5 hybrid app model with the assistance of PhoneGap/Cordova open-source framework. It is considered as best option to build native iOS application as well as you can use it from anywhere you want.

As it is an iOS emulator, you can use it to form status notification on desktop, web app and share app link through emails, app imprinting with customised icons.

Organise your app to run iPhone, iPad or to check the status of your iOS app with the help of App centre progressive view. This emulator enables you to learn how to play iPhones or iPad games on Windows PC so that you’ll be able to run all iOS apps on windows flawlessly.

The Mobione Studio is dependent on the concept of cross-platform to execute the iOS app directly on windows. It also serves as a windows-based tool used for making a cross-platform mobile application which is meant to run on both iOS and android platform.

4.Air iPhone emulator

Air iPhone emulator is considered as one of the best iOS emulator available for Windows PC to play iPhone games. Air iPhone emulator is basically an Adobe Air application that offers iPhone’s GUI with amazing features and offers you to run the iOS app directly on PC.

It is known as the best emulator for PC developed to intimate GUI of mobile. You would be required to have Air framework to run any application in the program. The emulator is not a completely smooth and functional application, and you will notice a change in running of apps as compared to a real device and other emulators.

This emulator is freely available and works well with Windows PC, iPhone and android Mac. Time to time, it is becoming everyone favourite emulators because of the simplicity it offers and user-friendly interface. To run this emulator, you only require to have Air framework.

5.Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight is known to be another useful tool to play iOS games on windows PC that great features with smooth user-interface and advanced support to run the iOS apps efficiently.

Using an emulator isn’t a hard and fast thing to do, all you need to do is download the emulator as it is readily available on their official website and other sites.

Once, it is downloaded you have to install it on your Windows OS, then you are good to play any game or application through Xamarin TestFlight.

Users didn’t notice any difference in using the app on the phone and using it on an emulator in your PC. You can seamlessly operate it from anywhere, and it offers you wide access to many applications without any intermission.

The Xamarin TestFlight is the first approach to the beta version to test Xamarin.iOS apps and it’s accessible to users only through the iTunes connect. It is well-suited and easily compatible with windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac etc.

Advantages of using emulators

Don’t worry if you have Linux, Mac or windows based OS, these emulators’ works perfectly with all of them.

Many of you have heard about BlueStacks, well it is a popular and so far best android emulator by which you can play android games and run android applications in windows PC.

There are many other emulators also available. Fortunately, some emulators are free to use and have remarkable features; they are pretty straightforward to use and are easily upgradable time to time with suitable SDK.

Hence it is an excellent option for those who want to play iPhones games on Windows PC. It can also be a better option to consider against online emulator.

Final Thoughts

The emulator software is considered as a virtual program. It can create a separate virtual operating system environment similar to the native OS but apart from it.

As the number of emulators, download is increasing day by day. Because of its positive reviews, we came to know that almost all type of applications and iOS games are easily playable on these emulators.

Emulators is not an only an effort-saver tool for gaming but the developer can also test their applications in emulators. Hope the information will be helpful to iPhones user who is looking for a convenient way to play iOS games on a big screen.