How We Can Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver – Easy Steps

How We Can Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver

How We Can Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver – Easy Steps

Never knew how to use wireless mouse without a receiver? This article will guide you about this…

We live in the 21st century where we use technology daily and technology is growing fast. Daily new updates are made on every device these updates are made to ease human life. On daily basis, technology makes new miracles that help humans in many ways.

Just like every new technology update mouse have been advanced as well for the ease of humans. A new better version of a wired mouse is introduced that is known as a wireless mouse.

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If we see a normal daily use mouse with wire, the wires present their help in transmitting the data. Whereas, a wireless mouse is far better in looks this mouse is mainly powered by a battery.

A wireless mouse works the same as the typical wired mouse but it looks far classier than a wired one. The wireless mouse comes in two types one is Bluetooth radio frequency it directly connects with the computer’s Bluetooth and the radio frequency wireless connects to it that is plugged into the computer.

Sometimes the small receiver gets lost which may lead to buying of new mouse that’s why people should know that how to use the wireless mouse without a receiver.


There is a need to know what a wireless mouse is?? A wireless mouse is an input device used to combine with the system of a  computer.

The mouse requires a cord but the wireless possibility which is also known as a cordless mouse became favored at the start of the 2000s. During the time of blending the radio frequency and the Bluetooth technology.


Does a question arise that do all wireless mouse needs receiver? If not then how to use the wireless mouse without a receiver, in most cases the wireless mouse needs a receiver and connected to a computer? The receiver is plug into a USB port, which gathers the wireless signals from the mouse and sends them computer in the form of USB signals.

A wireless mouse not always needs a receiver it can work without a receiver but for this purpose, you need to know what mouse you are using.

Is it a wireless mouse to use with a USB receiver or a Logitech unifying receiver or without a receiver because a wireless mouse cannot perform its work without a Nano receiver so, if there is a need for a wireless mouse then one should not lose its receiver which comes along the mouse?

Only that mouse can work without the receiver which does not require a receiver. Such type comes with some limitations.

The laptop which supports Bluetooth does not need any Nano receiver as it contains an in-built receiver. A phone without a Sim card cannot be used to make any call. The same happens with a computer or laptop without a receiver.


There are certain steps you need to follow through which a wireless mouse can be used without a receiver.


A computer or any device with a built-in Bluetooth feature will help in how to use wireless mouse without receiver. If an old laptop is being used then this feature may not work.

Laptops and computers based on modern technology do not want any Nano receiver or external USB. The cordless mouse links directly to the internal receiver of the computer, this is the first and most difficult step.

After that turn your device on and go to the settings. All the information of the electronic device is carried by the settings app. Then select devices under the information on the settings app.


The user will be diverted to another page having the option of Bluetooth, after clicking on the devices click on Bluetooth an addition plus (+) sign will appear right below.


Knowing how to use wireless mouse without receiver Bluetooth is the most important thing. A pop-up window will appear on the screen about adding a device, it will have various options. Then click on Bluetooth. Also, make sure that the mouse must be on for pairing purposes.

Then the windows will search and it will be detected as long as the mouse is on. Go through the manual for making your mouse detectable.

There is a difference in the setup of a mouse, it depends on the manufacturer. For obtaining efficiency sufficient information is important. Now your activities can be done with a wireless Bluetooth mouse.


Following are the features of a wireless Bluetooth mouse. This type of mouse has benefits over other types of a mouse that need one or contains a receiver.

The features include:


This type of mouse is powered by batteries one has to add the cost of batteries. Also, it saves power but the power saving on electricity gets used on batteries.


Try not to keep a long-distance between a mouse and your device. A long-distance should not be upheld as it is connected through Bluetooth and there is a chance that signals can become weak with the increase of distance.

So due to this, the connection can get disturbed and one has to pair again. To escape troubles try to be as near as one can.


The wireless Bluetooth mouse device is very reliable and safe. No one can remove the Bluetooth feature from the mouse. It means one cannot lose it.

Nano receivers are vulnerable to robbery also it is susceptible to miss it. Also, Bluetooth remains authentic, unless the computer crashes down. This in-built feature is safe and it is vulnerable to destruction.


This wireless Bluetooth mouse is very easy to use as well as some of the mouse can assist more than one paired. So multiple mouse are not needed for laptops or computers.

The one which supports multiple devices should be considered while buying one. It will be more suitable. It also saves money as must not have to buy a mouse for every device.


Learning how to use wireless mouse without receiver is very easy this phenomenon can be stated as pairing two mobile phones through Bluetooth with each other.

Just keep in mind that before buying a wireless mouse ensure that the device you are having has a built-in Bluetooth option as well as your mouse should have this feature through this you can connect your mouse easily.

Having this feature saves a lot of money and fuss just in case you misplace the receiver of the mouse through the above-mentioned steps you can easily use your wireless mouse again.