How to Remove a Stripped Screw From a Laptop – Easy Steps

How to Remove a Stripped Screw From a Laptop

How to Remove a Stripped Screw From a Laptop – Easy Steps

We hope that you never get to the situation when you’ll be searching “How to remove a stripped screw from a laptop.” But, whenever, you are repairing or just having a look at the inside view of the laptop, chances are many that you might encounter a problem with screws.

You are a lot of problems that you that a lot of people usually face like the damaging of the screw or any screw getting striped.


The screw used in the laptop is small in size and works with only a specific size of screwdriver. And if unfortunately, any screw is overtightened or if the screwdriver is of the wrong size, the head of the screw can strip or can damage, and you’ll have no way to control it and turn the screw.

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It’s a serious issue, removing the screw is not an easy-to-do thing because if once the screw is damaged or stripped there are fewer chances to fix it.

But with us at your backup, you don’t have to worry about it because we have solutions for how to remove a stripped screw from a laptop.

In this article, we are going to list some ways by which you can remove a stripped screw from a laptoplaptoplaptoplaptoplaptop.

With that said, let me just assume a situation when your screw head is already stripped and the screwdriver you are using isn’t getting the right grip to extract the screw. Now, what to do? Just follow this article from start to below and you will get there easily.

Before starting the article let me tell you that if you are a Mac user, you need to note that Apple uses a fairly specific screw that is rare and difficult to find in the marketplace.

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So whenever stuck in such kind of situation, the best option you have is to get the right size of a screwdriver to unscrew it. Or otherwise, you will risk the motherboard completely if you do anything with the wrong size of screw.

How to Remove a stripped screw from a laptop

Removing a damaged or screw that is stripped takes a much concentration but it’s pretty simple in the end. In this article we are going to list different methods by which you can remove a stripped screw from a laptop, you choose any methods that look better to you (All of these methods work fine).

Method 1: Using an Elastic band

Using an elastic band can be a good way to remove the stripped screw from a laptop, in this method we need to eliminate a little bit of focus. An elastic belt surface will help you to hold the screwdriver in place inside the broken area.

It can be done by using any kind of rubber band or elastic such as a car tube of a piece of a cycle will do that job easily, as long the rubber band or elastic allows you to get the maximum power to hold the screw head and screwdriver.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Place the elastic end at the end of the screwdriver.
  • Make sure you press it enough so that pressure is produced to make the rubber of the elastic stick tightly to the screw.
  • If the screw is only half or partially damaged, this rubber band will help you in fixing the damaged areas.

Method 2: Using a Screwdriver

Firstly, maximize the grip of your screwdriver, if you are still able to grip by using the screwdriver, try one final time and this time tries to remove the screw with your hand with the help of these instructions of your mind.

  1. If the screw is fastened with the spray-on oil, metal-like WD40, and let it sit for 15 mins.
  2. Now, use the most compatible screw size that fixes your screw.
  3. If possible, you can additionally grip the screw handle with a wrench to get extra grip.
  4. Or you also use a cloth or any other material to add an extra grip. If the screwdriver is not picking up the right grip then you can cover it up with a cloth and then press the screwdriver into the spot.
  5. You can also use a hammer to get the screwdriver into the place. Tap the screwdriver gently, and make sure you don’t break the screw head. If it worked it’ll work to create a new grove or place where the screwdriver the be placed. (it’s a good option if the screw is stipped)
  6. Or you can also do the square #1 drill and then hammer it into the screw head, do this until you see the screw head getting moved.
  7. Now push harder and harder in against direction. Place your palm against the end of the screwdriver and rotate the screwdriver with the help of your forearm.

Note: If the screwdriver you are using is slippering then don’t try it because the slippering of the screwdriver will continue to wear down the head of the screw and will make it harder to remove it.

  • Or you can also heat the area, but make sure that the area doesn’t get damaged or the object that is attached to it. This might lead to the loosening of the threads. Once it got loosen you can easily remove the stripped screw out of your motherboard.
  • Or you can also cut out the flat-head top-notch with a hacksaw or Dremel. Fit the Dremel or flat-head top-notch into the screwhead and then try to turn it.

Method 3: Use an Impact Driver

With the help of an impact driver that drives a screwdriver a bit further into the screw by using the weight and spring. These tools are commonly used on construction sites. Don’t go for cheap models that come with a stiff spring, go for the one that has a forceful hammer that blows to work.

  • Some of the models come with a switch to loosen the grip of screws. While on the other you’ll have to set the direction by twisting the handle.
  • Then fill the tool with the right size screwdriver to extract the screw and then place it to the wall at a 90-degree angle and remember to grip the driver at its midpoint.
  • Now, strike the end of it with a mallet. (some of the drivers got back to the opposite position so make sure you check the direction of the screw and you can also set them back to the “loosen” state.)
  • Repeat the procedure until the screw gets loosen.

Additional methods

You can also use a nut, screw it with epoxy and then drill the screw head to turn it out. If still it’s not working then choose a drill that is more than and larger than a shaft.

If still you the screw is in the same position as it were before, we’d recommend you to hire a professional. This may be the best option for you to make things work out.

Wrapping up

So in this article, we have listed different ways by which You can remove a stripped screw from a laptop.

Good luck