How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch – Easy Steps

How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch

How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch – Easy Steps

Netflix, a popular app that allows its users to watch a wide variety of movies, web series, TV shows, episodes, and documentaries. Netflix has an extensive catalogue of video content, and the good thing is the number keeps on increasing every week.

Shows available on Netflix may be gone tomorrow. It’s very difficult to say what on Netflix catalogue at any moment but that’s all the fun. You can download any shows at any time to watch them offline


You just have to make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Then you can enjoy unlimited entertainment by streaming an extensive amount of award-winning movies, TV shows, anime on your internet-connected device.

Netflix is a subscription-based service that offers on-demand streaming of contents and ad-free streaming whenever, wherever you want. 

The good thing is there are no restrictions on any movies or any shows by terms of subscription fees. It means you can get access to all exhibits and movies with the lowest subscription fess they are offering.


Netflix is available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, windows, and various other streaming devices like Chrome cast, Roku, Firestick, Nintendo Switch, smart cast, and much more.

Coming to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch is a console that does a lot of things and is a real gaming hit. With motion controls of the Wii, experimental second screen of the Wii U or the glasses-free of 3D of Nintendo 3DS.

The innovative and hybrid design of switch has helped Nintendo to continue the follow its trails and came up with something new and different. In Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy limitless HD gaming.


Moreover, you enjoy various types of streaming apps to watch movies, TV shows, live TV channels, shows, programs, documentaries, and plenty of media content available on the internet.

Netflix and Nintendo switch

The popular streaming service is painfully not available on the platform, although both YouTube and Hulu can be easily found on the e-shop. But his doesn’t mean that we can’t stream Netflix in the Nintendo switch.

In an interview on Fox News, the company said that they wanted to keep the focus on the games on the platform and that’s the question about availability should be directed to Netflix.

The interview held in June 2018. Since then, there is no official confirmation that if Netflix will appear on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon or not but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill from turning.

Can Nintendo Switch run Netflix?

The console is designed for gaming and holds the capability of handling the resolution of up to 720p resolution at 60 frames per second depending upon the game.

While the Nintendo switch can reach 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second. So there is a possibility that the Nintendo Switch can run Netflix. With Hulu and YouTube already on the platform, there are many chances that Netflix will officially join them in the coming days.

But what about now? Don’t worry. We have a hack to run Netflix on the Nintendo switch.

How to watch Netflix in Nintendo Switch?

How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch

Firstly, you have to set up the Nintendo switch on your TV. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, open the back cover of your Nintendo Switch Dock
  2. Now, connect the USB doc from the Nintendo Switch to the AC adaptor, and then you’ll have to join another end of the AC adaptor to a wall socket.
  3. Connect the one end of the HDMI to the terminal of HDMI out and then connect the other end into an HDMI port on your TV.
  4. Now, it’s time to turn your TV on and select the correct HDMI input.
  5. After selecting the correct HDMI input, you’ll see Nintendo switch in the options to launch. Launch it on your TV and then open the home menu option.

Installing the Netflix app on your Nintendo switch

  1. Once you successfully launch the Nintendo Switch on your TV, open it with its login credentials.
  2. Find and get to the Home screen and select the e-shop icon.
  3. Once the e-shop is opened, tap on the search bar an on-screen keyboard will pop-up.
  4. Search Netflix on it and then click on the “OK” button.
  5. In results, you will get the Netflix App.
  6. Tap on the install button to install the app.
  7. Once the app is downloaded, the only last thing you need to do is enter your Netflix id and then enjoy the limitless and endless streaming.

An alternative method to install Netflix on the Nintendo switch.

  1. Make your way to the Nintendo Switch Home screen and then select an e-shop icon.
  2. At the top right of the touch screen, you’ll see a menu button select it.
  3. Select the search option from it.
  4. At one side, you’ll see a search filter option, select the Add Search filter andthen choose the criteria like genre, platform, publisher and price.
  5. Select any specific filter and then click Apply filter.
  6. On pressing the search button, it will display a list of content related to your search filter.
  7. Select Netflix from the search filter and then install it on Nintendo Switch to start your unlimited streaming.

Another method (risky and long method comparatively)

Another way to download Netflix app to your Nintendo switch is:

First, installing the Android OS on the Nintendo switch.

How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch
How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch

If you want Netflix app on your Nintendo Switch and none of the above methods works, then you’ll have to choose the difficult way and put your modding hat on and install the Android Operating system on your Nintendo Switch.

With this kind of method or idea, we don’t recommend you this, and we can’t even promise that this method won’t mess up your console because installing a whole new and different operating system isn’t an easy task.

So we aren’t the one who is advising you to follow this method, we are just letting you know that it’s just something that can be done.

If you are still curious about the method then, there are few excellent guides on the XDA Developers forum.

The very first thing you need to know is how to install the Android OS to the console. Only this particular thread has a lot of notes on how to install the Android OS or on the things that it can do to affect your Nintendo switch.

So make sure that you read the instruction and notes carefully and act carefully upon them.

Once getting done with it, you’ll need to hop over to a different XDA Developers thread, where they tell you how to install Android OS on to your desired console. Once again, we are telling you to pay attention to every step you are making or you’ll end up yourself ruining up the console.

How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch

How to Get Netflix on Nintendo switch

Once getting done with installing an Android OS on your Nintendo Switch, now Nintendo Switch will start to work as an android device or tablet, and it means that now you have an android device in your hand in the form of Nintendo Switch.

Now you can easily download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store.

After download, the Netflix app onto your Nintendo switch, log into the iconic streaming app by entering your credentials and then take the most of this app and enjoy the endless streaming life.

As we told you that this method is both long and risky; there are many warnings in this piece. Still, we really can’t take a risk to recommend this method however, if you are a risk-taker and want to try this then good luck and make sure to follow all the advices given in the threads carefully.

When will be the Netflix available on Nintendo Switch officially?

Since the launching of the console, switch owners are asking for the Netflix app for the device. While other streaming services named Hulu and YouTube is officially released and running on the platform.

So why not Netflix and other worth notable apps like Amazon Prime are nowhere to find in this platform.

As we can see how eagerly, Nintendo users are waiting for Netflix to be on the platform, but there aren’t any definitive plans from Netflix yet.

Wrapping up

Although The Netflix app isn’t officially released on Nintendo Switch luckily, we have listed some methods by which you can stream Netflix in your Nintendo Switch.

In the end, we can’t blame anyone of both platforms because we don’t know if this is Netflix who should be responsible for developing an app for Nintendo or if it is Nintendo who is being restrictive with their policies about who can and cannot pull apps on the Nintendo Switch. It’s more likely to be a combined decision of both companies.

We hope that both companies open up to each other about the situation and fetch a solution to this debate.