How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously

How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously – Easy Steps to Follow

PS4, no doubt an exceptional change in the field of gaming, from PS3 to PS4 we have seen a lot of great changes in terms of everything designs, controls, aesthetics, and controller.

The new changes that we get to see in the newer PS4 controllers are excellent enough to make the controllers much superior to other gaming consoles.

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Wondering that what are the best qualities that a PS4 can have to make it best for you? Well, the qualities vary from person to person, everyone has their choice.

As you know that Sony manufactures it and the classic controller comes with a stunning console that is easy to hold and perfect in terms of aesthetics, also it’s well rounded as it can get.

How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously

The perfect balance of price, quality, looks, and perfect compatibility with PS4 games makes one of the best choices for a winner. But we aren’t saying that these original controllers are the best out there.

There are other controllers too that can offer you better performance in some specific games.

As we told you, different people have different thoughts on the best controllers, some like it to be fully transparent, some go for a themed controller, or some likes the controller to be fully colourful, and also some want the controller to be vibrating continuously.

But we often see people asking “How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously.” This question brings us a thought to write an article for you on How to make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously.

So here is a full guide on How to make a PS4 controller vibrate continuously.

How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously

Unfortunately, there is no proper functionality in the PS4 controllers that allows your controller to vibrate continuously. But as always, we have done the research and find out a way by which you can make your controller vibrate continuously.

Here is you can make you vibrate continuously.

  1. iVibrate

iVibrate is a downloadable cross-platform app that is easily available in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

iVibrate is a free app that turns your PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 controllers, or any other gamepad controller to vibrate continuously.

To make your ps4 controller vibrate continuously, you’ll have to connect your PS4 device to your PC and then you’ll have to download the driver app.

  • After you download the iVibrate driver app on your PC.
  • Now, you have to install the iVibrate app into your computer
  • Then install or move the app into your gaming console.
  • After that, you will be able to run the iVibrate driver app to make your controller vibrate continuously.
  • You can set the intensity of the vibration level of your controller and set different vibration patterns.

How to enable vibration in PS4 controllers

Here is how you can enable vibration in your PS4 controller.

  • From your home screen go to settings.
  • Then go to Device
  • Then check the “Enable Vibration.”

How to disable vibration in PS4 controllers

Here is how you can disable vibration in your PS4 controller.

  • From your home screen go to settings.
  • Then go to Device
  • Then uncheck the “Enable Vibration.”

Features of iVibrate Ultimate edition

  • Free

iVibrate ultimate edition is available for free on Steam. After you make the purchase, you’ll receive a steam key for iVibrate Ultimate edition.

  • True Always on Vibration

Pattern 1 always allows you to have “on” vibrations, you’ll no have more vibration gaps while gaming.

  • Full Gamepad Support new feature

You can control iVibrate through your gamepad. With it, you don’t even need to take your hands off the controllers again. You can use a virtual cursor through your console to customize and control all the options this app has to offer. Moreover, you can also use a Virtual cursor on Multiple gamepads.

(The Full gamepad support is also included in the demo edition of iVibrate)

  • Steering wheel support New feature

Now get the vibrating feels while drifting your car in the middle of your race. This new steering wheel update allows you to vibrate your steering wheel right at command.

You are allowed to set different vibration patterns and all strength will works smoothly with your steering wheel, giving you ultimate control while riding.

(The Steering wheel support is also included in the demo edition of iVibrate)

  • More accessibility options new feature

The app comes with all-new visual options that allow the console or gamepad to have new visual impairments so that you have an easier time while using the iVibrate app. Now you are allowed to change the text, background, and button colors.

You can make any color combination with this update. This is helpful for those who find it difficult to read the look of iVibrate, now they can customize the look of the app and make it more accessible.

If you don’t like the way how the app looks like you can reset the settings, it’ll reset the settings to default settings.

Those who have dyslexia can change the font size and font style from settings.

(The more accessibility options are also included in the demo edition of iVibrate)

  • Vibration patterns New

There are newer vibration patterns, you can choose any random vibration pattern.

After every new round of vibration, the app will randomize the vibration patterns giving you a new pattern all while you are gaming.

You no longer have the boundaries to set the predefined patterns. The app also allows you to take full control of the vibration algorithm of iVibrate and also allows you to make custom vibration patterns that match your gaming vibes and taste. You are free to make creative vibrations flow.

  • New Input System

With the new update, the inner working of the iVibrate app has been updated and redesigned with a new input system that allows you to have a wide array of new features, and also the new update comes with fixed issues.

  • Wireless Gamepad support

You no longer need cords and the tangling of cords. The falling out of USB cords while gaming is nothing but annoying. This app offers you wireless support gamepad support via Bluetooth.

  • On-Screen controls

Now you can easily control your console and gamepads on the screen. You no longer need to use the console or gamepad to change strengths, mode, and vibration patterns, everything can be done from the screen.

  • Extended gameplay compatibility

Now, the iVibrate app hosts a lot of new gamepads. You can check the gamepad compatibility here.

  • Simple display

The simple display of the app is easy to understand and use. You will no longer get confused about which gamepad you will control. You can click any button and your gamepad will show you everything that you need to see.

  • PS4 battery indicator

You don’t have to worry about your gamepad’s battery while you are gaming. The app displays the battery level on the screen and also displays a red flash of PS4 gamepads light bar that indicates that the controller is on a low battery.

  • Gamepad Name recognition

No need to worry and get confused if you have more than one controller or gamepad of the same type. iVibrate lets you know which controller is in use.

  • 10 vibration strengths level

Wide range of vibration strengths.

  • Supports Linux

Now, the iVibrate app supports Linux OS.

  • 23 of total vibration patterns

The pro version comes with 20 vibration patterns.

  • 3 vibrating modes

Vibrate, rumble, and both, allow you to customize any type of vibration pattern you like.

  • One-handed mode
  • Easy to control

The controls are easy to learn.

  • Dual locking system

You can also lock the controller or gamepads by pressing the buttons or by the screen lock.

  • Hot-swap controllers

Now, you don’t need to restart that application if your controller is disconnected or whenever you have to switch between two or more controllers.

Note: The vibrating strengths and functions of iVibrate app vary depending upon the controller you are using.

Wrapping up

So, here is a full guide on “How to make PS4 vibrate continuously.” iVibrate is a useful driver app that comes with tons of features and functionalities.

It has different modes to make your controller vibrate continuously. Moreover, 23 vibrating patterns are unique and also you can set create your custom mode.

We hope this article would help you. our comments section is always open for you. Let us know any of your problems regarding this article, we would help you out.

Thank you


you are allowed to take some comfort here. Sony has confirmed that the PS4 controllers will work on PS5. But they’ll only work with the PS4 games and if you want to play PlayStation 5 games, you’ll need to buy new controllers.

Yes, the PS4 controllers are great options when it comes to gaming on a Personal computer.