How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB- Easy to Follow

How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB- Easy to Follow

How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB

Right now, we are living in a technological and digital world. A world where a small chip is able is carrying information of millions of dollars or more than that. In this era, smartphones and computers play an essential role in our life. Nearly every person owns a smartphone. Talking about the smartphone, it is just a myth that android always dominates the iPhone well it’s completely false.

The new iPhones come with amazing features that make the iPhone stand out from the competition. Apart from android, your iPhone can be your all-time-best companion. The iPhone is famous from the start because of the camera it offers. Both rear and front camera results are excellent.


You know due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, everyone is affected. A lot of people have to work from home, so if you are one of them and don’t have a setup for the home office, then don’t worry. You don’t need to buy an expensive webcam, and there is a workaround that will not cost you anything.

Yes, you can use your iPhone as a webcam with USB and save a lot of money. Not only office purpose, but if you want to keep an eye on your home without installing expensive webcam or security cameras, your iPhone can do it too.

This can be a great help to you; for instance, you can look over your pet chat with your family, steam games with your friends. Yes, we are talking about the same camera from which you take selfies, photos and portraits, the same camera can be a productive tool for you when you are working from home.


There are a few ways in which you can bring your office home. We are listing a few ways which will save your money and help you set up your office at home without any cost, whether you own an android phone or an iPhone. And the best and most exciting thing is many options are free.

Using the iPhone as a webcam with USB step-by-step guide.

For starters, the smooth and most convenient ways are to download any best video chat app from Appstore of iPhone like zoom, Google Duo, Skype, and Discord all these applications are free to install and use. At the same time, the android users can also have access to these apps, and they can download it from Play Store.


If you want to use your iPhone or Android device as your computer’s webcam, then you’ll have to do something little different. You will have to download the app from Appstore or Playstore once you download the app, and then the app will broadcast a signal via Wi-Fi to an app on your computer.

The desktop apps of your choice will tell for the video conferencing service of your choice among Skype, Google Duo, and Zoom etc. And the desktop app will notify you that your phone is working as a webcam.

Note that if you’re going to attend a long meeting, then we suggest you keep your webcam plugged in with the power source. Streaming video from your phone or using it as a webcam drains the battery very quickly.

To avoid any kind of problems and angles issues we recommend you pick up some tripod stands for iPhone so that you won’t face trouble in setting up the camera. Android users don’t have to worry at all because this tripod stands works will all smartphones.

So finally, the wait is over and we are revealing our best picks to convert your smartphone into a video conferencing camera. So let’s dive in.

How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB


How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB

EpoCam can turn your iOS device, whether it is an iPhone or IPad, EpoCam can turn your device into a webcam for both windows and Mac operating systems. There is an android version of this application that offers the same functionality for android devices.  

The developer claims that this application can eliminate the need for USB webcams and integrated webcams. It is one of the most popular webcam apps which allows you to use both cameras front-facing and rear-facing cameras on your iPhone.

The app is readily available on Appstore and play store, and there is also a paid version of this app that lets you use your phone as a webcam and microphone too.

Your iOS or Android device or PC should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Wi-Fi act as a between these two devices. The app doesn’t come with selections or options. You just need to download the drivers from the EpoCam official website.

After installation of drivers, open the app and Kinoni software on your PC. The app will find itself open the broadcast the rear camera and the PC drivers that you have just installed will automatically install integration for Skype, zoom, live messenger etc.

it doesn’t matter, whether you want to chat with your family or attend conferences, or even play games with your friends with live broadcasting of the game. The EpoCam is always ready for any task.

EpoCam free vs. EpoCam Pro

There EpoCam comes in two versions, one is free, and the other is paid, which is dubbed as “pro.” The pro version lets you upgrade the video resolution from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. As we mentioned-above the EpoCam pro lets, you use a microphone to send audio. You can connect your iPhone or Android device with the help of USB cable, which allows you for more stable streaming.

Plus point

Works with both Android and iPhones

Negative point

It only works with PC.


How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB

Unlike other apps that offer a free trial version of the premium app so that you can have a better idea of the app, but this app provides a premium version straight without any trial version. It cost you $5 upfront and offer all the features at once including the usage of both front and rear camera and full-resolution.

The iCam is readily available for both platforms android and iOS. It can be your good gaming buddy and can stream your game. But note that your phone and PC both must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can easily keep an eye on your house and make sure that no one’s breaking into the house with this app.

Once you have downloaded the app from the play store or app store, you will have to download the required software to you Pc or Mac.

The app iCam covers a wide area and lets you attend conferences, family chat and gaming through different apps like Skype, Zoom, Google Duo and all other apps that are recognized as a camera source for the phone.

The iCam is a little old but now it comes in the form of its sibling named iCam pro which offers a free version but after some time, it likely to be purchased. The pro version of this app adds a lot of features like frame rate, improved quality, full aspect ratios cameras, recording and sound detection. Besides, it also offers auto network detection for setting up the app.

As the name describes, the pro version of this app is really pro you can automatically start recording by the detection of sound and motion or you can also start the recording manually. With the original iCam, you need to have software running in the background on your Mac and Windows-based Operating system and that software is iCamSourcePro which is free.

In short, the pro version of this app is more stable and fully-featured, it requires iOS 7 or newer versions to run, the iCamSourcePro requires Windows 7 or later version or Mac OS X 10.7 or later version to run.

Plus point

  • Compatible with Android and iOS and Mac and windows.

Negative point

  • No free version of iCam.

IVCam webcam

How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB

A software that is completely reliable and free, but with this free version, you are only limited to only a maximum resolution of 640 x 480, which works in some cases while not in others. It works wirelessly or wired and offers a smooth interface.

As you know, every free version of the app contains ads so sometimes you’ll get to see a short video. When you finish the ad, you will have to wait for 3 seconds more. IVCam webcam is considered one of the best choices for among webcam apps for Windows-based operating systems.

The mobile app of IVCam webcam is available is both platform android and iOS but unfortunately, the desktop version is only available in windows.

The paid version of this app removes the company watermark and annoying ads. The paid version of this app delivers even more HD results with low latency rates. It supports standard video sizes like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p. It depends on you which sizes seem good to you.

You will have an option to configure the video/audio quality and frame rate. Besides, it also supports landscape and portrait modes. The surprisingly beautiful things are that it supports face beautifier, flash, video flip i.e. mirror.

Plus point

  • Compatible with Android and iOS.

Negative point

  • Only work on windows PC.

Droid Cam

How to use iPhone as a webcam with USB- Easy to Follow

In the competition, the droid Cam offers the same features as other apps do in a free version and paid versions. The free version is old and but the paid version of this app comes with a premium $5 upfront, the paid version removes the ads, and boost the resolution to 720p and gives you a lot of more camera features like camera flip i.e. mirror, adjusting brightening and contrast, rotate video.

It also lets you turn your smartphone’s LED light into a flashlight. Dev47apps develop the app, the app is available for both platforms android and iPhones. But unfortunately, the desktop version of this app is only available on Windows and Linux.

If you are using windows 10 then make sure the windows are running on 64 bit because this app works on 64 bit only, but if you are using windows 7 or 8, then this app can easily support 32 and 64-bit version of windows.

You can connect your app with Wi-Fi or USB, and it works well in both conditions. You can also use this app as a background. If you are using android, then you can use droid cam in the background and use the app as an IP webcam also. You can also pinch in to zoom the display. In Short, the app is ideal for those who want to use the iPhone as a webcam.

Plus point

  • Let’s you run the app in the background

Negative point

  • Max resolutions in 720P.

The bottom line

We deny the fact that our iPhone and android camera are so helpful for us. You don’t need to step outside during this COVID-19 pandemic to buy an expensive webcam because you already have your iPhone and android and with a suitable app, your iPhone can be your great companion.

The apps we listed above provide similar features so make sure before buying their subscription, you check them out. Some standard features to look on apps are video resolution, camera options, background bundles, camera quality etc.

In case you have already tried using your android or iPhone as a webcam, be our guest and share your experience with us. Kindly let us know about your experiences with the apps you use for a webcam.

Let us know about the video quality and which app is your all-time favorite. If you face any problem or any issue with any of these forehead mentioned apps, share your question in the comments section and we will be happy to solve your problems.

Thank you.