How to use single jack Headset on Pc without Splitter

How to use single jack Headset on Pc without Splitter

How to use single jack Headset on Pc without Splitter

 When buying headphones, the very first and vital concern is a good sound. However, the market is full of headphones with premium sound in premium prices. Consider yourself lucky if you find any headphones with excellent sound quality in low-budget.

We have already written an article on the best headphones in the market. Today, we are here to solve the problem or issue most people face, and that is how to use a single jack headset without a splitter. You will hardly find headphones with two jacks nowadays, but a few years ago quality headphones come with two jacks or splitter.


Among them, one is for sound output while the other one is for audio input that is Microphone. Although single jack headphones replace these two jacks headphones, those people who have headphones with splitter might face problem in using them.

Most of the PC also has two ports, so what do the users do who own a single jack headphone, one straightforward solution is to use a splitter. Connect headphones to the splitter and then connect the splitter’s two jacks to the CPU and here you are done. But what to when the case is the opposite? , when you want to use single jack headphone without splitter?

What is a splitter, and does it affect the quality?

The splitter is a device that usually distributes the single jack functionality into two so that the user can easily connect it to the PC. In other words, it is a simple parallel that connects two outputs from one.


There won’t be a volume loss when using a splitter, but low audio quality is experienced. The volume is dependent on the voltage, so splitter splits the current not voltage. This is why volume isn’t affected by splitter but audio quality does.

Using a single jack headphone without splitter

How to use single jack Headset on Pc without Splitter

There is an unforeseen change in the usage of Bluetooth or wireless headphones. They gained so much demand since 2019. But some people or gamers still use wired headphones because they find it more comfortable.

The splitter is a device that usually distributes the single jack functionality into two so that the user can easily connect it to the PC.

To understand the method to use single jack headphone without splitter, it’s better if you first understand the functionality of input and output jacks of headphones. So let’s dive in.

The functionality of input and output jack

How to use single jack Headset on Pc without Splitter

First, have a look at the basic structure of headphone jack. Look at the some recently released high-end headphone, and you will see three rings that separate the golden contacts. Remote/Old headphones have one ring; this indicates the headphones in mono. The remaining two rings are for stereo. This the reason old headphones doesn’t come with input/microphone capabilities.

PC comes with two jacks support both output audio and input audio separately. You’ll notice two jacks (one is green, and the other is pink) have two rings in each. There is light marking below the jack to differentiate that which jack is for output audio and which one is for input audio that is microphone through which you communicate.

 New Advanced PC’s

Almost all new PC’s comes with two jacks, and if you look carefully around the ports, you will see icons which indicate which ports is dedicated for output and which is dedicated for input. Here what you have to do is connect your single jack headphones to the second port by which not only you will be able to hear the audio, but you can also use a microphone. The second port can support both.

Laptops and MacBook usually come with a single port that is a dual-purpose port, and it means they can support both audio input and output with a single port easily. Those who own an old PC we have got a solution for them too. So you don’t need to worry if you have an old PC or laptop here is a way by which you can use single jack headphone without a splitter.

Old PC’s

For older PC, you might need to play with some settings. Follow these steps correctly, as, by these, you’ll be able to use single jack headphones without headphones.

For Windows OS

  1. Click on the start button on the left bottom of the screen.
  2. Go to control panel.
  3. There you will find multiple settings, select sound from them.
  4. A pop-up tray will open having different sound options. Click on recording section from them.
  5. You will find the list of devices there. Find the device you are using currently and make it default.
  6. If you can’t find it, click the Set Up Microphone button. Windows will automatically search and detect the device is inserted.
  7. Done, don’t forget to apply the changes and then test your device.

For Mac OS

  1. Click on the Volume icon, or you can also search for sounds setting in the finder.
  2. Open the sound preferences.
  3. Make yourself to the Input tab in the pop-ups that appears.
  4. Repeat the same process, and you will find your devices if connected or else find your device there and make it default.
  5. Done.

Mostly this method works, but if steps, as mentioned above, didn’t work out then your jack might be damaged, try replacing or repairing the jack or else invest in a splitter.

Wrapping up

There are no doubts that using single jack headphones without splitter is a lengthy procedure to follow sometimes. You might need to replace the whole jack system, which might be a more costly procedure, but after that, you will get to use a single jack headphone without a splitter.

Splitter usually cost between $1 and $5 depends on the quality of splitter. Some splitter might perform well while very few don’t. This is the easiest method to connect the single jack headphone to the PC without a splitter. If you find any trouble while following the procedure, let us know we will be happy to help you.