How to Get Big Mouth SnapChat Filter – Easy To Follow

How to Get Big Mouth Snap Chat Filter

How to Get Big Mouth Snapchat – Easy To Follow

Snapchat the app most of you are familiar with. From an instant photo-sharing app, it has now turned to much more than that. It offers fascinating services of sharing photos and videos around the globe with your friend. The app started with the classic filter and from time to time new and best snap filters and snap lenses keep adding every day.


Snapchat uses some incredible built-in technology which helps you create the best masterpieces for your friends and followers.  The dog filter which is so famous, that filter is also the part of Snapchat from the beginning of the app. Snapchat offers some geo filters which are based on your location and context-based filters which include time and temperature widgets.

Besides, the AR or augmented reality filters, also called “lenses,” have also become a part of snapchat lately. These lenses help to capture the world and enhances it by adding animated life forms and fun design to your snap masterpiece.

Snapchat’s collection of lenses, filters, geo-filters changes every day. It can be both exciting and disappointing to you, and you might lose your favorite filter or might get to see the new filter which you might love. No doubt, these filter and lenses are great sources of adding variations to your selfie game.


If you’re familiar with snap chat, you might know its tips and tricks, and how snapchat works, this guide is basically for those who are new to snap chat and find snapchat challenging to use. In this guide, new and advanced features are discussed.

Once you get to know how snapchat and what you will do inside the app, it’ll become easier for you to take advantage of its filters, lenses, snap maps, features and everything else the app offers. If you want to pick the best lenses and filters to save your time, we have got it covered for you

Getting the best filters and lenses

Enabling filters

Firstly, what you need to do is to enable filters in case they aren’t already enabled. Enabling filter isn’t a hard and fast rule to apply. Instead, it’s a simple task, whether you are using Android and iOS.

Open the app’s setting by sliding down from the top of the camera interface, or if you have a newer version of snapchat, you have to tap on your Bitmoji icon placed at the top-left corner. Once you get there, you’ll see a settings icon on the top right corner. Tap it.

Inside the “settings” menu, you’ll see an “additional services” column. Tap on “manage preferences” to open your snap preferences. There’s a lot of stuff there but we are looking for filters or lenses. Make sure it’s checked.

In case you don’t see a filters option there, it means that filters are already enabled and can’t be disabled in any way. The newer and fully-automated version of snapchat comes with all the filters enabled.

Big mouth filter

There are two ways by which you can add new lenses or filters to your collection.

  1. Open Snapchat from your phone. When Snapchat’s camera is opened, view the snapcode image below and hold your finger on the screen till you feel a vibration. Once you feel a vibration, it means that the lens is added and activated to your Snapchat.
  1. The other way is to open the official website of Snapchat through the mobile device in which the Snapchat is already installed, and you can click on the link given below to download the big mouth filter to your Snapchat.

Click Here To Download the Lens

Hack to rescue your favorite filter

As you know, that snapchat adds new filters and removes old filters every day, but you don’t need to be afraid because we have a way to rescue your favorite snapchat filters.

You just simply need to go to the app’s ‘setting’ and then go to the ‘general’ tab. Find the ‘date and time’ button, tap on it and switch the ‘Set Automatically’ button off.

Now you can manually enter the date, here comes a hack, if you have noticed that your favorite lens or filter has disappeared since then just enter a date of week or two before and then the removed filter will be restored in your snap chat filter collection.

In case you are tired of these filters or lenses, go to setting and switch the phone’s date back to ‘Set Automatically’ option to on.

So, there is no need for a time machine to get back your favorite filter. 😀

How do the filters work?

For those who are new to snapchat, here is a short and quick rundown about the working of Snapchat filters. For regular pictures, you just simply need to take the picture and swipe across the photo for filter or change the color tones.

You can also add the location or show the time and temperature of the current place you are at. To use the lenses you need to press and hold your finger on the face before taking a photo. When Snapchat recognizes your face, it will give you several animated options at the bottom of the screen.

These listed filters are commonly used lenses, but these lenses aren’t the most popular because, as you know, Snapchat changes the filter and lenses every day, so some filters are constant. Some appear and disappear after a day. Other filters like time, the speedometer will never ditch us.

Commonly used Snapchat filters

  • Face swap.
  • Location filter.
  • Big mouth filter.
  • Special Day filter.
  • Puppy filter.
  • Cat filter.


Snapchat without lenses or filters isn’t fun. If the filters or lenses aren’t enabled, you can enable them easily. Plus you can also rescue your favorite lens by the hack we have written above. Apart from a big mouth, there are tons of unique lenses available, all you need to know their name and then search the lens by their name and add them to your creation.