12 Best Mouse Bungee 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Mouse, one of the essential elements of your PC or gaming Setup. From all the PC accessories which have a more or less important role in computer usage. Some of them are popular, while some of the others are just started to be trendy and the same is the case between mouse bungee devices.

They are already pretty famous in the world of gaming, but they are still exotic when it comes to mainstream usage. No doubt, the situation is changing day by day, no surprise if you find an ordinary device to be on-trend the next day. It is a matter of time.


If you are one of them who is not familiar with the best bungee gaming mouse and their functionality, then don’t worry. These following lines below will make the situation better and clear.

Top Picks of This Year

There is an array of a best bungee gaming mouse, and a lot of bungee mouse in the market makes it difficult for you to make a decision. To save your time and effort, we have curated the list of best bungee gaming mouse available in the market. So, without waiting for any further ado, let’s go ahead.

1. Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Razer mouse bungee V2 Review

Razer is an esteemed and famous name in producing gaming components. Razer has been producing some best bungee mouse and other gaming accessories for decades and here we have Razer Mouse bungee V2 at our top of the list.

Being a well-known brand in the market the company has set premium prices for its products and this is why Razer Mouse Bungee V2 is pretty expensive. It’s not like that; it is the most costly best bungee mouse. There are some best bungee gaming mice that are expensive on the list. If you have previously used or already have Razer products, this can be a great addition in the Razer family.

Talking about the design and build of this one of the best bungee mouse, the stand is quite simple. The base of the mouse is weighted and doesn’t move easily on sudden flicks. another good thing is spring is rust resistance and is reliable enough to work for long terms.

The mouse cord stays in the air which reduces drag and resists movements and improves the flow of the mouse. The design of the stand is pretty good and will suit your setup. You can also use bungee at the office or at home, as it works well in both places.

2. Zowie Camade/ Camade II

Zowie Camade Review

Zowie is no less than a pro-choice. Zowie is known for its no-frills approach to gaming peripherals in the gaming world and Camade uses the same method. The design of another best bungee mouse Zowie Camade/ Camade II, is quite attractive. It got a minimal design and retractable arm so that you can adjust the arm as long or short as you are comfortable with.

The base of this gaming bungee mouse is weighted and robust enough not to move, it can easily handle sudden pushes. The weighted base has four-sided rubber feet that help the Camade to stay in one place, the place in which you fixed it at the start of your gaming session, no matter how sudden and violent your swipes are.

The arm of Camade is very flexible so that you will get an end of cable warning feeling without coming to sudden feeling.

Thanks to its retractable arm which makes a stand a very portable choice. The rubber at the end can fit any type of cable you throw at it comfortably. This is the reason why you’ll see this best bungee gaming mouse on tournaments desks.

3. Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee

Enhance pro gaming mouse Bungee Review

Enhance is brand popular for its trailblazing excellence. This isn’t a surprise that this enhanced model is one of the best bungee gaming mouse and also a runaway winner of the best mouse bungee in the market today. This gaming bungee also passes all the criteria for the best mouse bungee, from fluidity to sturdiness, aesthetics and convenience.

There is more weight at the base, which makes this model stands solidly on a desk without sliding or jerking even a little bit, even during the high-octane gaming sessions.

The spring-loaded arm provides a fixed and strong point of reference. Moreover, the spring-loaded appendage prevents your wires tangled up and mixes up and creates trouble in the middle of your game when emotions go running high. If your mouse has a thin cable, there is an elastic cable holder that also plays the role of guardian to promote neatness further.

Not that only, coming to extras, this model of Enhance is quite generous. There are 4 USB hubs placed at the bottom of bungee, and the top of all, it gives an ambient light. The bungee offers 6 different color styles to make the device blend perfectly with other of your gaming components.

4. CougaCougaCougaCougaCougaCougaCougaCougar Bunker Bungee

Cougar Bunker Bungee Review

It looks like Cougar gaming took the standard mouse bungee to another level by adding their unique twist to it. The arm is flexible and secures the mouse cable which is constructed by rubber.

It offers a great balance between flexibility and durability. This is the best option for those who are looking for a best bungee gaming mouse, as the mouse can easily handle extraordinarily sudden and aggressive flicks and like a little leftover cable on their pads as possible, but indeed it is one of the best bungee mice.

One of the outstanding features of this Cougar bunker bungee is the vacuum suction pad on the basses of the bungee. Once you plop it down, apply a little pressure and the bunker will stay put secure and will bear heavy bursts of the table-flipping gamer rage. The rubber arm is quite flexible and holds a wide variety of cables without any hassle.

As most of the gamers prefer the arm to be angled upwards, so does the Cougar Bunker bungee offers. The vacuum seals prevent the bungee from the heat of battle. If you are an FPS player and flick your mouse left and right with sudden moments then this one should be on your list.

5. KLIM RGB Extension for mouse

KLIM RGB Extension for mouse Review

It is specially made for those who become aggressive while playing. Those who are keen on eliminating disruptions, friction and clutters during the game time should consider KLIM RGB Extension for a mouse.

Thanks to both sturdiness and fluidity which makes it one of the best bungee gaming mouse in the market. The bungee offers a highly flexible rubber arm which ensures the remaining firmly fixated on a table when you use it.

To make sure your gaming session goes smoothly and seamlessly, KLIM sports come with 3 x USB 3.0 ports which are capable of running a 6GB data-transfer rate. Moreover, the bungee gaming mouse comes with a micro SD card reader and you also have an option to expand the number of USB ports in the device.

Not that only, here is to the most eye-catching features and demanding features for top-notch gamers, the device comes with an RGB backlit functionality which alternately changes colors automatically to enhance the thrills of gaming further.

6. Tt Esports Galeru

ttesports Galeru front

Tt esports Galeru Review

The Galeru is perfect for those people who become quite aggressive and lost while gaming. The arm of bungee is reliable and robust; it can easily handle sudden and powerful pushes. The rubber arm of this one of the best bungee mouse offers you an option to detached and reattach the arm through the help of magnets.

The magnets allow your mouse cable to the arm freely; then, the arm gets backs to its base via magnets. The Galeru is undoubtedly the best and easiest bungee mouse to set up the G502 with.

Coming to is a design and build, the Galeru is rock-like solid. It’s super full with thick rubber strips and pretty decent weight to make the base stay put and secure. The base of the Galeru Bungee mouse is massive and pretty good for you if you have a larger space. If you have a smaller desk or small area setup, then the Galeru might not be the right choice for you.

The arm of Galeru is entirely made up of rubber and the slop of the arm is directional downward so the height of cable doesn’t go high as other top picks.  

7. BenQ Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee

BenQ Zowie Camade mouse Bungee Review

BenQ was used to make scanners back in the past, but since they have also started making gaming gear. Another best choice for gaming bungee mouse that is built with the idea of gaming.

This bungee mouse is built with decentness at the heart of its design which allows you to enable hassle-free mouse cable management. The design is simple but it does the job just entirely.

The cord won’t disturb your gaming sessions with the help of its secure bungee. The spring arm is adjustable and you can change the height according to your preference. The clip is smooth and compatible with every kind of mouse. The clip stands at adjusted height and holds the cord in place and with the tight clip. The rubber feet of the desk stays affixed on a desk.

The BenQ Zowie Camade mouse bungee offers neat, clutter-free mouse management and in this price range with such offerings, it looks like a steal with the price. The bungee mouse is one of the best bungee mouse that you can but in 2023. If you love a cleaner and tidy environment while gaming then this mouse can be a great management solution for you.

8. Razer Anti-slip Mouse Bungee

Razer Anti-slip mouse bungee Review

The model that is considered as one of the best gaming bungee mouse because of its amazing offerings like sturdiest setups and this commands a high-end price for that.

The fact that the Razer Anti-slip mouse bungee is expensive can also be justified by the aesthetic and attractive looks it delivers. The model provides impressive comeliness and the design is elegant and spacious and straightforward enough with easy cord management.

The base of this bungee mouse holds the right amount of weight. Moreover, Razer Anti-slip mouse bungee comes with anti-slip feet which are designed to enhance its sturdiness and ensure that bungee stand stays in place no matter how sudden and violent your flicks are. The bungee mouse saves space and keeps the area clean. So not only in terms of functionality, it is good, but it looks good too.

Razer is famous for its known quality gaming products and that’s what you are getting here.

9. Thermaltake Bungee

Thermaltake Bungee Review

A mouse bungee with an excellent combination of affordability and innovation. Finding an affordable, practical, and innovative device is not an easy task and luckily, that’s precisely what Thermaltake bungee offers. The design is clean, sophisticated, and almost a scorpion-like form. That’s what Thermaltake bungee is at a glance.

The mouse bungee comes with an equipped strong magnetic detachable arm that promises and delivers better stability and a non-slip base, fitting with rubber coating for more support. It also offers excellent movability and flexibility which adds together to its usability.

Overall, the mouse bungee offers a non-slip grip and super flexibility and is one of the best bungee mouse in the market.

10. NPET H01 Gaming mouse Bungee

NPET H01 Gaming mouse Bungee Review

The NPET H01 Gaming mouse bungee takes a different approach to the whole stability problem by having a much broader base supported by three feet for maximum stability. For the stand, the weighted base has an excellent standing power. The bungee has a unique feature and comes with LED lighting and also offers a couple of USB ports as well.

The LED colors can be changed from the software. The bungee has a durable braided cable.

11. Roccat Apuri Raw

Roccat Apuri Raw Review

A black and dull-looking mouse bungee for those who like to keep their gaming setup clean and needs a lot of space in the table while gaming sessions. The base of this model is supported by three feet which ensures maximum stability. The weighted base has triangular three-sided rubber feet so that you won’t have to face any slippage issue.

The bungee also offers USB ports.

This look won’t surprise and suit everyone, but it does what it has to do and might not be too friendly to your pocket.

12. Xtrfy B1

Xtrfy B1 Review

Last but not least, Xtrfy is a bit of a head-turner with its yellow-colored silicon arm and ditto RBG lighting. The bungee part works quite beautifully and offers high flexibility. The bungee also has USB ports which could be useful for those who have several USB powered stuff lying around on the table.

USB ports + excellent stability seems like an ideal combination a gamer would go for.

What is Bungee Mouse?

Best Bungee mouse allows you to move the mouse freely without worrying about an interruption of cables or without any kind of friction or any type of interference. Best bungee mouse also enables the mouse to run consistently and it also promotes the accuracy of your mouse’s output.

Mouse bungees include a rubber guiding arm that secures and holds the cord/ cables of the mouse neatly and cleanly. The best mouse bungee also eliminates clutter and promote consistent mouse movements.


The saying Devil hides in the detail, and if you are talking about gaming, then it only takes one little accidental slip of the mouse and boom you’ll lose the match even if the game was all yours to win. This little slip might cause anything which includes cables interruption, rough mouse pad etc.

Well, if you think that wireless mouse can be a good alternative in this situation, hold up let me tell you that wireless accessories come with their problems such as lagging which might be a cause of your death in-game.


A wired mouse can solve this problem and with the best bungee gaming mouse, the rate of lag drops to zero. Thanks to bungee mouse that clear outs the obstruction caused by clutter or bunch of wires on your desk. Another con of wireless mouse is that it needs to be charged after some time. Sometimes you need to charge its battery.

Buying guide

Here are some features you should look for when buying a Mouse Bungee. Don’t mistaken yourself by thinking that all of the mouse bungees are the same. We have listed some of the best mouse bungees that would help you to make a final decision.

Here are some top considerations.

Support Mechanism

Most of the best mouse bungees offer different types of materials and mechanism to secure the mouse cord. The most common are spring-loaded, rubber, or plastic arms that grip the cable and release tension. Talking about basses, today’s most essential features are heavily weighted basses with both suction cups and non-slip grips to ensure a steady grasp on the desktop.


best mouse bungee

It doesn’t feel good that you play games on excellent computer setup and use old fashioned accessories and best mouse bungees include in the gaming setup. So go for the mouse bungee that goes with your gaming setup. Add a little flashiness to your gaming setup by choosing anyone from the forehead mentioned list.

Bonus features

When introduced in 1994, mouse bungees were designed to do just one task, and that was to make your setup clean, tidy and easy to use. But since the gaming industry break-in, in 2010, mouse bungees becomes an essential element for gaming purposes too. Now you can also find USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports in some of the best bungee mouse. USB ports make connecting easy and more straightforward than ever.

Final Words

A mouse bungee is one of those things that seems normal at first but when you start doing hardcore gaming, there is no going back from it. In this guide, we have listed the best bungee mouse of 2023. so that you will be only some clicks away to add the best bungee mouse to your gaming setup.

There are many advantages of a bungee mouse like it improves your aiming. Moreover, it also protects the cord of your mouse so that you don’t get worried about the cable of your mouse.

The standard generic mouse bungee is going to do the job correctly, and a more expensive bungee mouse will ensure better quality and longevity. This is something you should keep in mind when getting a new bungee mouse.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like: