8 Best Vertical Monitor in 2023 – Buyer Guide

Best Vertical Monitor

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Tired of viewing the same old placement of your monitor screen? How about bringing some extensive changes to display? If you are interested to play with the angles of your computer monitor, then here’s the good news.

HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

Well, now you can select the best vertical monitor to enjoy a whole new output while you work on your PC.


For sure, vertical monitors are in trend as they come with new technology that appears to be better than the old horizontal monitors. However, with so many choices it is hard to pick the most suitable one.

But don’t worry because here you will find the most adored vertical monitors. So wear your seatbelts for the roller coaster ride.

Best Vertical Monitor in 2023 – Buyer Guide

1.HP VH240aHP VH240aHP VH240aHP VH240aHP VH240a

HP is known for being the best in town when it comes to computers. But did you know this company is now targeting the audience who prefers best vertical monitors? The reason is simple because the latest trends demand new models of the monitor for various reasons.

Now the old days are over and users really want something great, and perhaps, new for their computing experience. This is why HP has launched its VH240a vertical monitor to make sure the users have a new and improved display. The new monitor comes with several amazing attributes.

For instance, the panel and resolution are great. The screen size of the monitor is approximately 23.8 inches. This ensures a flexible display.

So in this way, you can enjoy the vertical display as well.

It has 1920 x 1080p display with 60Hz (refresh rate). Also, it has an aspect ratio of 16:9, as well as, anti-glare matte. The panel is an IPS LED panel with backlit. Moreover, the panel has 2 million pixels and 16.7 million beautiful colors display.

 It has a response time of 5ms, which means that the gaming experience is not as excellent as you would expect it to be. However, using this monitor for a general-purpose is more preferable.

And despite a low refresh rate, everything runs very smoothly on this monitor and without any motion blur, trailing, or visual artifacts.

It has 11 ms input performance that eliminates delays. So if you were to combine all these facts together, you can expect good image quality and moderate gaming experience.

On the other hand, this HP monitor does not apply to AMD FreshSynch. So you can assume stuttering and screen tearing every now and then.

Moreover, the monitor comes with a light filter (low-blue) and regulates brightness with the help of Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM).


This model by ASUS is surely a little feathery if you are going to judge it by its input variety. Although this monitor has all the vital features, such as D-Sub, Display Port, and HDMI, it does lack an essential DVI connection.

Despite this feature is not in demand by most of the users, still, some fans are disappointed because of this feature’s absence. This monitor is sleek in its size, weight around 13 pounds overall.

This is something cool for the audience because people love to have lightweight monitors these days. And most importantly, the VN279QL allows you to keep it vertically, which means you can enjoy the portrait mode now.

It has 27 inches screen display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Yup! It’s a heavy-duty HD monitor to bring home. And with an aspect ratio of 16:9, it is suitable for watching movies and playing games.

So no extraordinary aspect ratio in this monitor, also, the response time is 5 ms, which is something common in most of the monitors of its kind. However, the response time goes with a non-TN panel. And the refresh rate is also 60Hz. So you can expect some screen tearing issues as well.

Looking at the buttons of this monitor, our team was a little confused as we couldn’t find any buttons below the panel. But finally, we figured out that they are placed behind the panel. So, you have to make a little effort to use the buttons.

Also, the color output is great when it comes to gaming, in fact, it is a perfect way to enjoy games in a portrait mode. The viewing angles are not brilliant, so you might need to switch to different positions until you find the best spot. Also, it comes with 16.7 million display colors.

3.Dell P2417HDell P2417HDell P2417HDell P2417HDell P2417H

If you are looking for some average kind of vertical monitor with a 1080p HD display, then here’s another gear. The P2417H by Dell comes with an IPS LCD type, which allows you to view a wide-angle display.

Now you can enjoy a wide variety of ergonomic adjustments along with low input lag that makes it more responsive. And as most of the vertical monitors include a refresh rate of 60Hz, well this piece has something similar in it. So you can assume average gaming results but not a complete disappointment though.

However, for the sake of portrait mode, this could be a real source of entertainment.

Many users fall for its beautiful and attractive design, as well as, a 24-inches display, which offers a professional look. So if you looking for the best vertical monitor for your office, then this model can be a good way to attract some clients.

 Also, as mentioned about the adjustment in the above part, so here’s the deal. You can keep it on your desk, or mount it to the wall without worrying about the structure trashing on the ground. The build quality of this model is better than most of the Dell monitors.

Everything seems very compact. Even the plastic parts on the build are well constructed. Likewise, the stand movement is very flexible.

The Dell P2417H comes with a great contrast ratio. But due to the missing IPS panel, you might not enjoy watching movies or playing games in the dark. However, this monitor works perfectly fine when kept in a brighter area.

In other words, it is best suitable to be used in an office setting, or a place where the light is more than enough to illuminate the entire room.

This Dell portrait monitor has great viewing angles, especially when the screen is adjusted vertically.

The blacks have the same and constant results as to be seen when the monitor is kept horizontally. This allows you to see a clean display from every angle. 

4.Samsung SR650Samsung SR650Samsung SR650Samsung SR650Samsung SR650

Undoubtedly, Samsung is known for its remarkable electronic products in the entire world. And apart from smartphones, the company is also prominent for manufacture ‘A’ class monitors for personal and professional use.

But in recent times and due to moderation in users’ preference, Samsung has launched the SR650 vertical monitor which is surely making its mark in the market. This model is typically a business monitor which includes a new IPS panel technology to ensure color vividness, and clear picture every inch.

The 24-inch screen is bezel-less that permits you to view better quality display. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable stand and portrait adjustment at a very economical cost.

So if you are thinking what is the bezel-less feature? Well, it is something that helps you to concentrate moreover your work.

It permits you to see the full picture without producing any gap. This means that there is no need of buying dual monitors to get a bigger display. And with this monitor in your office, your entire team can perfectly view the project.

With this monitor you can work for long hours it can to boost productivity. Also, it includes tone accuracy features and shows all true color share to almost every 178 degrees. Yes! There is no color washing problem.

Samsung SR650 is a vertical monitor that is quick when it comes to connectivity. For instance, there are 4 USB ports along with VGA, Display Port, and HDMI.

So it doesn’t really matter what your employees or you are willing to connect with this monitor because it gives you a free-hand to connect with several devices at one time.

And if you are concerned with your eye protection, then there is an enhanced ‘eye comfort technology’ included in this monitor that reduces eye discomfort.

Another great thing in this monitor is the ‘Flicker-Free Technology’ that ceases all the flickering issues, whereas, the ‘Eye Saver Mode’ stops all the dangerous blue light emissions.

Although this monitor is famous for a vertical screen display, you can adjust it to several other positions as well. For instance, you can work in a HAS mode, or you can TILT it as per your needs.

Also, it has an easy Swivel feature which gives great flexibility at work.

You can grab this monitor for gaming purposes as well because the results are extraordinary. But you have to make sure that the gaming should be done in a room where there is average light to get perfect results.

5.Sceptre E248W-19203RSceptre E248W-19203RSceptre E248W-19203RSceptre E248W-19203RSceptre E248W-19203R

If you are looking for something extraordinary in design, something more sleek and slim, then your search for finding a best vertical monitor can end here. Why?

Because the Sceptre E248W-19203R is a perfect combination of beauty and the latest technology along with a 24 inches screen display. Since its launch, users are finding this monitor much more attractive at such a reasonable price.

Of course, the company is working hard to gain a great market share, and this model is the prime example of its effort.

Although it is made for official purposes, you can use it for personal use as well, such as gaming, watching movies over Netflix, or simply doing your work or school projects.

Most of the vertical monitors in this price range are found to be limited when it comes to contrast. And yet contrast being one of the most important factors for having a true color display, many users couldn’t enjoy the view to the fullest.

Similarly, there is a long debate about what is better? An LCD or an LED? Well, surely both have their own benefits, but LED is more adored because it takes you one step ahead. And fortunately, this model by Sceptre comes with an LED display that includes sharp contrasts of whites and blacks.

Moreover, the LED feature also delivers rich colors, which make any moving image pleasing to the viewer.

Now the most important part is the refresh rate, which is commonly 60Hz in most of the vertical monitors. But as lucky as you can get, this model adds 15Hz more to its features.

This means you get a 75Hz refresh rate, which eliminates screen tearing issues to its maximum and offers smoother and faster image changes.

Now as we told you above that this monitor is made for official work. Well, the manufacturers have also given a hint about the gaming experience on this monitor.

One of the key features of this monitor is that it has a quick response time. This means that you can play any highly loaded games without worrying much about the pixels.

Also, with this characteristic, as a user, you are free from encountering any blurring or ghosting issue. Plus, clear image quality is guaranteed.

Now, most of the vertical monitors do have a built-in sound system, but many users complain about its average results.

But through our inspection, we found that the built-in speakers of Sceptre are marvelous, and we surely mean it. Why? It is because these speakers have high audio levels without bursting sound quality.

And another big fact is that these monitors are actively being used for day-to-day online meetings and conference calls. So whether you want to watch movies, play games, or start an internet workshop, you won’t need any external speakers to listen loud and clear.

Lastly, the monitor is mountable in several adjustments, but the most predefined position is the portrait mode which most of the users enjoy.

So if you want something great for your office and personal use, then this monitor can help you overcome many difficulties along with the provision of new features.


Made for gaming, the ASUS VE228H is a famous 21.5 inches monitor with multiple adjustments. And this flexibility has made the viewers use this monitor in portrait mode.

Indeed, you can play with the adjustments to make this monitor all vertical as per your requirements. Nevertheless, this model is created by keeping in mind all the gamers.

So, if your sole purpose of buying a vertical monitor is to have an awesome gaming experience, then this is a great pick. You can also use the adjustments to tit the monitor head up or down so that you get a perfect angle.

In a vertical dimension, it has average height but this is what most people love because it allows maneuverability.

Similarly, the width of this monitor is also moderate, which offers the same benefit. Now if you are thinking why an average height is preferred? Well, then think about it in this way. Imagine, you are playing your favorite game and you want to comfortable to pass a particular mission.

So do you think, raising your neck can give you that level of comfort? Of course no and this is why most of the gamers are fine with average height vertical monitors because they don’t give much pain in the neck or to the eyes.

The response time is 5ms which is usually like most of the monitors. So you can expect a normal speed of changing images.

On the contrary, the resolution is 1920 x 1080p that sounds great when it comes to providing good quality results while you play games or watch movies.

Another attractive feature of this model is the LED backlighting display to make sure you get richer blacks and vibrant colors every time you switch on the monitor.

Also, the luminance of this monitor is around 250 cd/m2 which assures that all the light emitted by this monitor is safe for the eyes.

7.Acer SB220QAcer SB220QAcer SB220QAcer SB220QAcer SB220Q

The SB220Q by Acer is a top-selling and the best vertical monitor on Amazon. So how we found that? While looking for some of the best display gears, we saw users being mad about this monitor on Amazon.

And we were amazed to see that this product has 4000 user reviews with 4.6 average stars. So how could we not mention this monitor? The SB220Q is made for gaming and surprisingly, the price is so economical that you won’t avoid buying it.

And one of the good things about this monitor is that you can use it for any purpose. So whether you are a hardcore gamer, a mad researcher, a diehard worker, you can do all the work without any hassle.

This monitor comes with an IPS panel and doesn’t support TN, but still, it is way cheaper than the rest of the monitors. As the majority of TN monitors are inexpensive, so finding an IPS panel in a price of

TN is something mind-boggling. And above that, the monitor has a frame rate from 60Hz to 75Hz, which defends the monitor from being attacked by screen tearing problems.

And the display screen is of 21.5 inches, so don’t get confused if you see someone claiming it 22 inches because we have measured everything on our own to make sure you get a flawless estimation.

Acer SB220Q supports adaptive sync through its HDMI port that is just adjacent to the VGA. This allows you to use AMD sync by NVIDIA.

So this means more power to your gaming, visual edits, and many more. And if you look at the build quality, you will find it very basic. The stand is made plastic, but it’s a strong one to handle the adjustments.

Furthermore, this monitor has a 16.4 ms response time and several overdrive modes to make sure you get faster results.

8.Dell P2217HDell P2217HDell P2217HDell P2217HDell P2217H

The Dell P2217H is another piece of perfection that provides a good gaming experience at a suitable price. Now, most of the vertical monitors, which are cheap, are found with lagging issues, but this model assures the elimination of such errors.

The responsive time of this model is 9.8 ms which means it is, if not even faster from all, but still better than most of the monitors in the market.

You can say that the fundamental designing and development of this monitor is done perfectly to assure the company takes over its competitors.

Because finding a monitor at this price range becomes very interesting, yet a big headache for the buyers.

The display is 21.5 inches where you will find no flickering. Or in other words, your visual content is played smoothly that assures the fine quality of the image.

Another concern that we have observed is that buyers need something huge in the price of peanuts.

For instance, they look for great colors with balanced blacks and whites during the display. And unfortunately, they couldn’t find such stuff within their price range.

But as luck can come from anywhere, this monitor is capable to change the colors within 6 milliseconds, and also it is the best when it comes to removing motion blur.

Now if your mum, dad, spouse, or friend asks you to have control over your gaming because it can hurt your eyes, then you have got the answer now.

How? See, this Dell model doesn’t allow any increased stress over your eyes. And that’s to the backlight feature that stops all the flickering. So, no eye fatigue from now.

Finally, you can use this monitor for hours without thinking about damaging the pixels. Also, you get great picture quality, several ports, and excellent ergonomics.

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming vertical monitor, then here’s your product.

Few Tips for Buying the Best Vertical Monitor

It’s great to be excited for the new vertical monitor. But before you proceed, you must know what to look for to get the best vertical monitor. So here are a few but essential things you must look for in a vertical monitor before paying the price.

Screen Size

Vertical monitors are available in different sizes. However, not every size could benefit you.

Sometimes, you think a bigger screen will help you get most of out your monitor, but the idea fails terribly. Why? Because the size gets so huge that it doesn’t match your room.

The best size to consider when buying a vertical monitor is between 19 inches to 27 inches. So any monitor between these ranges is good to go.

Aspect Ratio and Resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels which are displayed horizontally and vertically. A vertical monitor with minum 1920 x 1080p resolution is awesome.

On the other hand,  an aspect ratio defines the relative number of pixels (vertical and horizontal) present in a display. The best aspect ratio is 16:9, as it is best for wide and HD display.

Remember resolution and aspect ratio are two different things. So don’t mix them up.

Frame Rate

If you want fast scenes to look smooth on your monitor, then go for a 60Hz frame rate at least. And the higher you go, the best outcome you’ll get.

Other Considerations

  • Contrast ratio and brightness – The higher the better
  • Viewing Angles – Multiple angles ensure watching the screen from different distances and positions
  • Ports – HDMI and USB ports are mandatory nowadays

These 8 are no ordinary monitors. They are the super and best vertical monitors you can get for your gaming habit, official use, or just to watch movies with your loved ones.

So make sure you pick the right one that covers all your needs.