11 Best Mouse For Photoshop 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

You clicked a photo, but what to do after that? You will probably move to the editing software, i.e., Photoshop for all levels of photographers. The after-photo click stage has become a vital and a must level of digital photography.

For professionals, even for beginners and intermediate level photographers, photo editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom is an essential go-to tool.

One can’t continue professional photography without Photoshop. It doesn’t matter how good you are at clicking photos; at some point, you will feel a need to use a photo editing software. If you are a professional, you can’t stop Mr Perfectionist in you to use Photoshop software and take your photographs to another level.

The use of Photoshop?

It often happens that some pictures just don’t turn out to be the perfect or the way you want them to be, some will need correction with exposure, or with some, you might need more definition of details, sharpness, lightning well that’s just a matter of preferences.

So, Photoshop is a great tool that gives you a wide array of options so you can blend the photo the way you want it to be. In case you are doing a job, you will have to work according to the client specifications and specific aesthetic goals that could use a little help from your editing skills.

If you are serious with your work or got to edit tons of photos, and as so photo editing is a very consuming task, you will have to create tons of new layers of one picture and then make one the best of all.

So, to be a pro at Photoshop, you will need high-quality tools, talking specifically, you need the best mouse for Adobe Photoshop to make the most of your creativity in less time with lesser effort.

List of Best Mouse for Photoshop in 2023

Buying the best mouse for Adobe Photoshop is one of the most important purchases you will ever make when you are fond of editing pictures.

Another primary reason to pick up the best mouse for editing pictures is essential is that you will be interacting with your PC most of the time (that’s what editor’s do.), so you need comfortable equipment on your table that helps you in working more in less time.

Theirs is an uncountable choice out there when it comes to mice, and that’s where our guide for the best mouse for Photoshop comes in handy.

Each mouse in this guide is picked carefully with keen observations of little details. So, all you have to do is just pick up the right mouse for you and buy it. So let’s get started with the best mouse of 2023.

1. Logitech MX Master 3


  • Buttons: 7 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 4000DPI.
  • Connection: Wireless(Bluetooth with 2.4 GHz.)
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Extra features: Easy switch to connect to different devices, USB-C quick charging, gesture button.

We don’t feel the need to say why Logitech MX Master is at the top of the list. The mouse speaks for itself. Many users have voted Logitech MS master as the best mouse.

Logitech MX Master is a flagship of the Logitech collection of a mouse for office range. The highly sculpted ergonomic shape of the mouse beautifully fits in the right hand (yeah, right hand only, hard luck for lefties.)

The extended thumb rest adds an impressive amount of comfort when holding the mice. The controls and touches of the mouse are extensive and very responsive, with twin button placed directly beneath a secondary thumb-operated scroll wheel.

The primary scroll uses the MagSpeed Electromagnetic scroll to allow precision when rotated slowly or at the event of hyper-fast scrolling when flicked at speed.

The mouse has a preset of shortcuts for the extra mouse buttons are available for Photoshop, premier and other popular programs. Moreover, there is also a gesture control. 

The 4000DPI laser sensor provides supreme pointer precision. The wireless battery life of the mouse is up to 70 days. That’s pretty huge. In short, Logitech MX Master 3 is simply the best mouse you can get for photo and video editing.

2. Logitech G604


  • Buttons: 15 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 16000DPI.
  • Connection: Wireless(Bluetooth & lightspeed.)
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Extra features: onboard memory, dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel and mechanical Button tensioning system.

Again, a piece of art from the Logitech collection. Logitech needs no introduction; it is a famous mouse brand that produces a mouse from average to a hyper mouse. Logitech G604 is a symbiosis of the most popular G-series gaming controllers.

This mouse is designed for gaming, but when it comes to photo or video editing, it comes up with more surprises. Talking about looks, where most of the mouse looks frankly ridiculous, the G604 has more stylish and subtle that makes it creative for both gamers and photo editors.

The advantage you usually get when picking a gaming mouse over a conventional rodent is that they are built to withstand severe abuse, and in the case of Logitech G604, you get to see more buttons compared to a 1980’s Hi-Fi. In total, there are 15 buttons with six operated by the thumb alone.

This gives you a scope to assign tons of loads to Photoshop or Final cut shortcuts to each button. So once you fully remember that what button does what, then you can seriously speed up the process of your photo-editing.

The mouse has a 16000DPI tracking sensor which is precise and responsive than you’ll ever need, yes it a lot more than you require for image editing and video editing. Moreover, it has a “Lightspeed” wireless connection with a response time of 1ms.

3. Logitech G700S


  • Buttons: 13 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 200-8200 DPI.
  • Connection: WirelessUSB receiver/ Wired USB.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Battery life: 40 hours.

Logitech holds the market when it comes to mouse whether it is a gaming mouse or an office mouse, Logitech covers it all. Logitech G700S is widely considered the best mouse for image-editing purposes, particularly Photoshop users. Not only that gamers also think it as the best macro mouse ever.

This mouse can be used in both ways, i.e., it wireless and in a wired manner, and there is no difference in both forms. It requires a single hybrid AA size battery. Suppose you need to work all night long, and the mouse needs to recharge then no need to worry because you can use it as a wired mouse without interrupting the operation.

In work, Logitech is considered as a perfect tool for image editing tasks and video editing too. It comes with a good ergonomics, and a low rate of the coefficient of friction, the comfort of this mouse makes it to use the mouse for prolonged sessions.

The mouse pad isn’t essential with Logitech G700s. You can simply drive the manipulator along with the table surface. The mouse also works smooth with fabric surfaces, on terry ones. But it won’t work on transparent plastic and glass.

The maximum DPI this mouse has is 8,200, which makes it the right choice for Photoshop. The buttons are well-placed and don’t feel clustered or uncomfortable to use. The mouse comes with a comfortable grip to hold.

4. Apple Magic Mouse 2


  • Buttons: 0 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 1300 DPI.
  • Connection: Bluetooth.
  • Ergonomics: Ambidextrous.
  • Extra features: Multi-touch.

Unfortunately, Apple was busy producing some high-tech-based Apple devices, or maybe was late to join the legacy of the best mouse for Photoshop. Apple joins the mouse party with the creation of the Magic mouse.

Magic mouse 2 is a replacement, or we can say an updated version of a magic mouse that comes with super light design and excellent laser tracking capabilities that makes it easy to flick between the InDesign CC pages.

Making small little changes on practically any surface has never been comfortable with Apple magic mouse 2 it is.

The downside of the mouse is perhaps a little over-sensitive at times. The multi-touch area placed at the top of the mouse makes it easy to scroll in any direction. Sometimes, it may become frustrating when you want to keep your fingers in the same order for long sessions.

The main highlights of this mouse are Multi-touch commands. Each of it is easy to execute including switching between browser pages with just a single swap.

Scrolling down and up through pages in the full-screen mode and even bringing up the control panel to configure your Apple magic mouse 2 with just a double-tap of two fingers.

If you are an Apple device owner running OS X v10.11 or later, then the idea of buying Apple Magic Mouse 2 is excellent. Even the users of magic mouse don’t want to fork out for the better. In short, it is a perfect mouse with unique gestures and visual appeal.

5. Razer DeathAdder Elite


  • Buttons: 7 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 16,000 DPI.
  • Connection: Wired USB.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Extra features: 16.8 million RGB lightening colours.

Razer is one of the most trusted and famous names in computer and gaming accessories because of its outclass gaming products. In terms of high-performance hardware, Razer has been winning the hearts of its fans.

And that’s how come Razer DeathAdder Elite joins the legacy of the best mouse for photo editing and gaming. It is specifically a gaming mouse that features excellent looks, performance, and durability that is perfect for Photoshop professionals, CAD artists, and Excel Wizards. 

In our list, Numbers never mattered, and this mouse is proof of this myth. The DeathAdder Elite is one of the most comfortable mice available from Razer’s side.

The buttons of the mouse fit the finger easily. It comes with seven programmable keys, of which two are situated near to your thumbs. The build and layout of the mouse work very well. It handles the random, sudden, and fast flicks with ease. Razer Software is available, which lets you configure the mouse in many ways.

The DPI settings are fully adjustable, and its range end to 16,000, all thanks to its optical sensor. The optical sensor is rated at 450 IPS with 99.4% resolution accuracy and tracking, which makes this mouse a perfect work partner for designers, photo-editors and gamers too.

It can save up to five different profiles. In fantastic short finishing, non-slip matte touch responsive and smooth performance are the highlights of this mouse.

6. Razer Naga Epic Chroma


  • Buttons: 19 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 8200 DPI.
  • Connection: WirelessUSB receiver/ Wired USB.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Extra features:With refined ergonomics, Chroma customisable lighting, and intuitive in-game overlay support.

Well, the computer gaming industry of mouse isn’t all about Logitech and Apple. Razer contributes a lot too. Razer Naga Epic Chroma is an ideal product for those who are looking for advanced mouse capabilities and a mouse that also fits under their palm.

There are chances that it might feel a little weird at the start, but once you set your sights on this mouse, you won’t be leaving this mouse.

The Razer developers realized that multi-button manipulators are very few for very few narrow segments, and most gamers play with specific usage of buttons. They thought that replaceable magnetic side panels with a different number and arrangements of buttons are the best way out according to the current situation.

Razer Naga Epic Chroma holds some unique features and exciting capabilities that make it worth the best mouse of Photoshop. It is comfortable to use and has a lot of customizable buttons. It is just one less than the G600, in fact, still more than enough of any professionals requirement.

The DPI of this mouse ends at 8,200, which is quite handy and sufficient on all the screen resolutions. The tilt-click scroll function is another useful feature of this mouse. The buttons feel comfy and chunky. The battery of the mouse lasts for 20 hours on a single charge.

7. MSI Clutch GM60


  • Buttons: 8 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 200-7200 DPI.
  • Connection: Wired USB.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed and left-handed.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous.
  • Extra features:Extra panels.

Side buttons are very convenient for gaming, and the same goes for photo editing. These buttons can be set as shortcuts to access quick tools, and presets.MSI Clutch GM60  is handy for both right and left-handed users. The extra panels of this mouse are worth appreciating. And makes it one of the best computer mouse for Photoshop.

The mouse kit includes 4 sides and two palm panels. These side panels are needed to install a large or small platform right under two fingers. You have an option to combine the boards as the way you want them to and transform the mouse from ergonomic to symmetrical and vice versa.

This mouse is an excellent deal for left-handed people. The panels placed in this mouse are held securely with the magnets. Palm panels have varying degrees of convexity. One of the palm panels is a little shorter while the other one is more voluminous and is suitable for those people who have large hands.

The DPI ranges from 200-7200 and doesn’t seem very convenient as compared to the other mouse, but it’s acceptable because of the price range this mouse stand within.

The DPI switch is a single key which cycles through presets. A plus-minus button would add a greater convenience. MSI clutch comes with interchangeable cables. There is one short (1m), rubberised core, and the other one is long (2) in a fabric braid.

8. Steel Series Rival 100


  • Buttons: 6 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 4000 DPI.
  • Connection: Wired USB.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Extra features: 16.8 million RGB lightening colours.

The Steel series Rival 100 is an entry-level gaming mouse which is a well-suited device for all uses i.e. to design, gaming, office work and general use. The Steel series Rival 100 is lightweight, quite comfortable and the good part is it is exceptionally well priced and affordable. The Steel Series Rival 100 which offers a range of exciting features.

Steel series rival 100 is a mouse that you can use for long sessions without causing any type of wrist pain. This mouse has CPI being configurable up to 4000. Moreover, the responsive tracking and sensitivity of this mouse are excellent; on the other side zero hardware ensures that the sensor keeps up all the movements under control all the time.

There are six programmable buttons placed in the mouse and the click functionality works smoothly.

The wheeler of the mouse works well, but it has no special features. Many buyers report that the build quality is lacking, the side grip of the mouse is made up of plastic, not even rubber.

Another common complaint is that the lift-off distance is much higher than other competing mouse in the same price range. But, all these flaws are barely noticeable for anyone who do casual gaming or any designer who do image and video editing.

9. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical ergonomic optical mouse


  • Buttons: 5 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 800/ 200 DPI.
  • Connection: Wireless.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Extra features: next/previous buttons provide convenience

This bad boy comes equipped with some looks and specifications. The look it offers is unique and sets this mouse apart from the standard looking mouse.

The shell (upper part) of this mouse is made up of rubbery plastic material which isn’t a non-stick and comfortable to hold. Unfortunately, the mouse is not ergonomic, but being in the vertical shape of this mouse is unexpectedly good.

 The vertical shape of this mouse with all surfaces being tilted, which keep the arm in a comfortable position and resist the wrist tension. The mouse is leaned at the right side, while the left side is concave with room to rest the thumb. The dimensions of this mouse are 120 x 62.8 x 74.8 mm and it weighs 3.4 ounces.

Both left and right clicks are highly efficient, and responses in real quick time. Because Anker vertical ergonomic optical mouse comes with a new and unique shape, there are chances that you might face difficulty in the start but once you get to know how this works, you are all good to go.

The DPI of this mouse ranges from 800:1200 to 1600. It offers smooth and accurate cursor tracking on most of the surfaces.

On the left side, where your thumb will be resting, you will get to see two buttons that are used to jump to next and previous page. They are when it comes to browsing webpages. This mouse comes with an auto-shutdown feature.

10. Logitech G pro


  • Buttons: 6 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 200-1200 DPI.
  • Connection: Wired mouse.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Weight: 3 ounces.
  • Extra features: 16.8 million RGB lightening colours.

This mouse is considered as one of the best mice with an excellent optical sensor and a striking ambidextrous design, a lightweight composition which isn’t beatable.

This mouse is not only best for gamers but also developers, editors and anyone who uses their mouse for prolonged sessions frequently.  Let’s review the major highlights of this Logitech G pro.

The design and build of Logitech G pro make it the best mouse for small hands. The Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS mouse comes with a classic claw-grip ambidextrous design with 3 programmable buttons along with the software that lets you set up a host for macro functions. At the same time, it also allows you to control the color and alteration of the light.

This mouse may not have a plethora of buttons which other competitors have. The tracking of this mouse is flawless that 3366 DPI optical sensor.

The wheeler of this mouse comes with a tactile stepped design. However, the smooth scrolling is always there for you to provide convenience; it is another practical factor which makes this mouse an excellent choice for Photoshop.

The small design of this highly responsive and high precision mouse gives a comfortable grip and makes it easy to hold the mouse for claw grip.

This mouse responsive interface and customisable lightning with multiple profiles. In short, it is an excellent option for those who are looking for a classic design without countless extra buttons and wheel.

11. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600


  • Buttons: 2 programmable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 1000 DPI.
  • Connection: Bluetooth.
  • Ergonomics: Ambidextrous.
  • Extra features: No.

If you are one of them who loves to use a small mouse, then you won’t go wrong with this mouse. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is a comfortable easy to hold on a mouse that offers excellent features and performance within a reasonable price tag.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is a brilliant choice if you work as a freelancer because as a freelancer you continuously keep moving from one place to another and this mouse is small in size so you won’t be troubling in carrying it from one place to another.

Most importantly, the mouse is comfortable to use, easy and straightforward to set up. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is wireless and has a strong battery backup that can last up to six months on a single charge. It comes with a decent design in black and grey colour.

The main highlights of this mouse are the low price, long battery life and compact design and make this one of the best mice out there. Again, If you travel a lot, this mouse is excellent to deal for you. After adding this mouse to your collection, you won’t be leaving without a trusted pointing device that is simple to understand and comfortable to use.

Buying Guide

If you are a photo editor and took your work very seriously, then you need quality tools, starting with the excellent mouse as it is an essential tool for photo editing to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Cheap VS Expensive

If money were not a problem, the most expensive mouse for Photoshop would always be the better option? Well, that’s necessary, computer mouse can cost anywhere from 20 dollars to more than 100 dollars as it’s upon your needs that which mouse is best for you.

Wired or wireless?

In comparison, the wireless mouse seems to be more attractive in the advanced technology era where everything is just transforming to wireless. The presence of wire isn’t mere nuisance considering but it’s only that wired mouse becomes annoying sometimes with the wire.

Wireless is outstanding for you if you travel a lot as it is easy to carry. This can be supported either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; the latter offers a faster response and efficient performance.

Sensitivity rate

Does it ever happen that you hit a rut with your cursor, but it doesn’t budge even with the multiple numbers of mouse motions? This may occur because of the low sensitivity of your mouse. It causes you to have jerky mouse motions.

The sensitivity of the mouse refers to the slightest movements of the device and the tracking of the cursor. The hardware capability of the mouse has represented in terms of dots per inch i.e. DPI.

So it’s simple, the more DPI the better and higher sensitivity of the mouse. For Photoshop user, a mouse of 1200 DPI or more would be more than perfect. This enables the cursor to pick up the right movement of the mouse smoothly and accurately.


A right mouse for Photoshop helps you in achieving your desired outcomes. It contributes a lot in making strenuous photo editing task and gratifying in the end.

Usually, the optical sensor is the best choice as they offer good cursor accuracy. Besides, they can work on any kind of surface. You can select a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi wireless mouse (Wireless mouse have a better response rate and consumes less energy).

So these are all the options you have for the best mouse for Photoshop. If you still have confusion no need to worry just comment in the comment section and we will help you out.

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