7 Best Canon 70d Gimbals 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

It’s no surprise that many people are looking for Canon 70d gimbal. This is why they have been investing their time and energy in finding out about the best gimbal for their camera.

Despite several products in the market, the confusion still lives.

And to make it worse, the opinions of random people are making the purchase gimbals worst as their recommendations are not best for the type of body the 70d has.

So! Wrong advice and lack of research bring nothing but disappointment after purchasing the product. This is why it is important to make sure you get the authentic one for your camera.

Canon 70d – The Brute Camera

Best Canon 70d Gimbals for Perfect Shots

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So if you are thinking to use any ordinary gimbal or any other supportive accessory with this model, then you must think twice.

Do you know even if you use an entry-level kit for video creation, it can add 4 to 5 extra pounds to your 70d? For sure, this would be uncomfortable because it can bring a lot of uncomfortable feelings to the overall filming, as well as, the quality.

The Best Canon 70d Gimbals to Save Your Life

Why do you even want to have a gimbal? Ever thought about it? If not, then pay attention to your reasons. The majority of the people want this equipment to make sure they don’t miss any angle while filming through the DSLR.

So, if your concerns are the same (which should be as a gimbal desirer), then here are the top recommendations.

  1. Zhiyun Crane 3Zhiyun Crane 3Zhiyun Crane 3Zhiyun Crane 3Zhiyun Crane 310 Best Gimbal For Canon 80D [Latest Buyer’s Guide]
  2. Moza Air 3Moza Air 3Moza Air 3Moza Air 3Moza Air 3
  3. DJI Ronin SDJI Ronin SDJI Ronin SDJI Ronin SDJI Ronin S

These three gimbals are highly recommended if you want something great for your 70d. So, let’s begin to gain knowledge about each of them.

1. Zhiyun Crane 3 – Best Camera Stabilizer

To our list, the first name to mention is the Crane 3 by Zhiyun. It works fine as Canon 70d gimbal and has good results. One of the remarkable things about this product is the payload.

Yes! It can survive a load of more than 8 pounds, as compared to any other gimbals in the market. Now many people think how 70d camera can be more in weight.

Well! Take it this way. Suppose, you are adding a microphone, heavy lenses, camera cages, and many other accessories. So don’t you think that the weight will increase? Of course, it will, and this is why Crane 3 is a good gimbal if your video recording rig includes multiple accessories.

Crane 3 has gained a respectable reputation in the market due to its heavy-duty performance. And over time, the demand for this gimbal is found to be increased. So here’s what you can expect after buying this gimbal.

Efficiency and Usefulness

Buying Crane 3 is like assuring your camera body can bear a lot of weight while shooting. And undoubtedly, this gimbal has the capacity to bear load more than the two of the recommendations in this article.

Battery Time

The battery life of Crane 3 is a bit low. So you can expect a video recording on its battery for about 7.5 hours and not more than that. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the general purpose of any gimbal is not the battery time.

Therefore, if you think you can compromise with the battery time, then you can go for it. But on the contrary, if you want to know the reason for such battery life, then it is because Crane 3 is designed to handle heavy camera setups with great image stability. This is why it consumes more power.

The Power Bank Option

The good news is that you can use a power bank with Crane 3 to make sure you keep on recording. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the bank is of high-capacity. So whether you use a power bank or you prefer charging the gimbal from the main port, you can find this gimbal completely charged within 4 hours.

Image Stability

As you have been through the efficiency and usefulness of Crane 3, then it is not hard for you to guess the image stability. Yes! With Canon 70d, you can expect great results, as the image stability is marvelous. It is one of the best-handled gimbals you can use with 70d, as it can bear a lot of loads, and produces a great quality of video that can provide satisfaction to you and your clients.

Also, there are many levels for of image stabilization to make sure that you get the smoothest video with the best image quality.


Crane 3 has come with all the new modes with the latest algorithms to help enhance the entire gimbal’s performance.

Control System and User Interface

The user interface of Crane 3 is different as compared to the old versions of this company. The users can interact to control the entire system with ease, and customize things according to their preference.

To control the direction, the joystick is already present to assure a tight grip when the user is in the manual mode or consuming other features. And the best thing is that Crane 3 can be split between both hands to confirm maximum grip.

Smartphone App Feature

In the previous versions of Crane gimbals, it is found that the smartphone app was quite complex. However, in Crane 3, the application has come with several fixes, such as once the connection is maintained it is not lost. Also, the hanging issues are corrected. The application is a little difficult, but you can get used to it over time.

Design and Build Quality

The design of Crane 3 is different from the previous models. It includes two handles for perfect grip and also because it is manufactured to bear heavyweights. Also, the gimbal handles are comfortable and very simple to hold for even longer hours.

Yes! You can expect the gimbal to be a little heavier as compared to the others. However, it has a perfect design and builds quality for your 70d canon.

2. Moza Air 3

The second Canon 70d gimbal in the list is Air 3 by Moza. It is one of the budget-friendly gimbals you can have for your DSLR. It is a recommended gimbal if you are new to video recordings, or you just want it for a hobby. Also, if you are planning for Vlog, then it is a must-buy product for normal capacity projects.

Efficiency and Usefulness

If you think your camera equipment is not more than 7.1 pounds, then Moza Air 3 can be a great gimbal for you. However, if you want the best performance from it, then it is recommended not to increase the load on this gimbal for more than 5.68lbs.

Battery Time

The battery time is great, especially if you are looking for good battery life in a budget-friendly gimbal. You can work for up to 12 hours on this gimbal without any distraction due to battery. However, the more load you will put on the gimbal, the more battery would be consumed.

Control System and User Interface

Air 3 has a great control system and user interface as compared to the previous versions. If your sole purpose of buying a gimbal is to fast your Canon 7d fast while filming, then this gimbal is beneficial for you.

Smartphone App Feature

Moza Air 3 has a normal smartphone application, although it is not magnificent as compared to Ronin S. However when it comes to writing, Air 3 application is better than Zhiyun because it does not irritate with a plethora of updates.

The app is easy and quick to sync the gimbal with the smartphone. And also, making any amendments in the settings of the gimbal is simple.

Design and Build Quality

The gimbal Air 3 is comprised of almost the same design as the Ronin S. But Air 3 is available in a fewer price, as compared to Ronin.

But as the price is budget-friendly; therefore, the quality of the design and build is only fair. However, the build quality seems lightweight but strong enough to carry a loaded 70d.

3. DJI Ronin S – Best 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Above two, the DJI Ronin S is highly recommended if you are looking for Canon 70d gimbal. This is not any ordinary gimbal; in fact, since its launch, it has taken the market by storm. Also, the Ronin S has fairly beaten all its competitors who have tried to bring it down. The gimbal is in the limelight and there is no other way to get satisfaction for you.

The performance of Ronin S has quickly made a home in the hearts of the users and has gained away too fast reputation. Also, it is very versatile with a great build quality that provides ease of usage and excellent results.

Moreover, one of the best things about the gimbal is numerous firmware updates. These updates are for the reason of adding multiple camera units, which makes the product more valuable.

Efficiency and Usefulness

One of the primary reasons for Ronin to become a dominant gimbal for several DSLRs, especially the 70d is because it has an outstanding performance. Such efficiency is unable to find in any other gimbals. DJI has surely produced a masterpiece that sounds perfect for Canon 70d in all the ways.

For instance, even if you are planning to use additional equipment with your DSLR, then this gimbal can easily handle the weight. But do you know how? Well! The manufacturers have assured that the gimbal can bear a load of 7.94 pounds without any major problem.

This has enabled the users of 70d to add as much as external devices with the camera up to almost 8 pounds.

Battery Time

The next great thing about this gimbal is battery time. So, to make Ronin S more suitable, the creators have made the battery time up to 12 hours. However, on using any heavy equipment, you can expect the battery life to be 10 hours. So, isn’t that amazing? Like, you can work easily for at least 10 hours without worrying about the batteries.

As a matter of fact, within the duration, you can also charge the gimbal again to make the battery full. For example, whenever you are on the break, you can simply do the charging to enhance the battery life again.

The Power Bank Option

And if, for instance, you are out and shooting for several hours, and you are unable to charge the gimbal, then there are certain ways you can do it. The best one is to have a decent power bank. Yes! Power banks can easily charge the gimbal, and you are all set to continue with your filming.

However, it is recommended to have a power bank that has a higher capacity and can be used with laptops. This is to assure that the power bank has enough juice to fully charge the batteries. But, in case, you plan to use a normal power bank, then you can expect the batteries to be charged within 2 hours.

Image Stability

One of the major problems in using a gimbal is the image stabilization. Do you know that most of the gimbals are unable to give excellent video recording results, which negatively affects the quality of the videos?  But when it comes to Ronin S, then the image stability is magnificent because it has 3-axis that ensures zero efforts when it is about balancing the camera.


You can also enhance the entire gimbal’s performance through your 70d by taking advantage of several gimbal modes present in Ronin S. For example, the manual control mode and point-of-view mode can both be used to record natural footages.

Control System and User Interface

Despite having a basic control system, Ronin S permits you to capture every kind of video, regardless of time and environment, with super ease. The reason behind a simple control system is to make sure that whether the camera is used by a professional videographer or by an entry-level individual, it can be useful for both.

The user interface of this gimbal is great for the professional videographer. So, if you are a pro, then there are many options, which you can find related to customization of the gimbal and advanced controls to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Smartphone App Feature

Now you can use the Ronin S through your smartphone. The gimbal has one of the best smartphone apps as compared to the others, which are available in the market. All you need is to download the application and uncover all the great things you can do with the help of this app.

It is also seen that many similar applications are very tough to handle due to complexity. But this app is easy to use and it works flawlessly. In addition, you can effortlessly sync the app with your gimbal without worrying about disconnects and hangings.

Also, you can adjust settings of your gimbal through the application. This is a great relaxation for videographers like you.

Design and Build Quality

Despite being a large gimbal, the Ronin S can be separated into two parts to help you carry it anywhere while traveling. And with all those great characteristics mentioned above, the design and the quality of the build is lightweight. And in spite of the lightweight, this gimbal can perform heavy tasks, and support heavy 70d accessories.

The Solution is Here

It is not always possible to make the right decision when it comes to supportive accessories for DSLR, such as the 70d. You need to be well-experienced, or too tech-savvy to get the right thing. The same is the case when it comes to gimbals.

Remember! The heavier the camera and equipment, the fewer are chances of getting your desired results. Of course! That would be a pain in the hand, right?


This is why the reason for this article is to ensure you get the best Canon 70d gimbal that could bring ease to your entire camera experience. The market is full of gimbals, although you need to look for the right equipment.


Best Canon 70d Gimbals

As you have been given knowledge about the three awesome Canon 70d gimbals, so hopefully, you can now understand the best one to be bought. While buying any gimbal out of the three mentioned above, it is vital for you to understand your needs.

If you think your work is professional, and you cannot compromise on the quality, then Ronin S is in your best interest. It has all the great qualities and features, which can be suitable for your day-to-day projects.

The majority of the videographers prefer going for the Ronin S because it is strong and can carry a load up to 7.94lbs.

Such capability is sufficient for 70d users, who wish to attach limited accessories.

If you like attaching multiple accessories with your 70d, then you can buy this gimbal because it can carry more load than Ronin. This allows you to use maximum things, such as light, camera cage, etc, without worry about the breaking of the gimbal.

The feature that is of concern is battery life. Crane 3’s battery time is only 7.5 hours. So, you might need to charge it a lot if your work is on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, both Ronin S and Crane 3 can be used with power banks for battery charging.

The third and final recommendation is Air 3 by Moza. You can already see that it has fewer features as compared to the remaining two gimbals.

But if you are a film student, Vlogger or videography is just a hobby for you, then you can count on this gimbal. It is inexpensive as compared to the remaining gimbals.

Comparison Chart

Product Moza Air 3 Zhiyun Crane 3 DJI Ronin S
Load Capacity (Max) 7.1lbs Up to 10.14lbs 7.94lbs
Battery Time (Hours) 12 7.5 12
Charging Time (Hours) 4 4 2hrs 15mins
Smartphone Application Available Available Available
Stars 3 out of 5 4 out of 5 4.5 out of 5


Q1: Which is the best gimbal for DSLR?

The best gimbal for DSLR is DJI Ronin S. It is recommended due to multiple and latest features, which are necessary for a professional videographer. One of the reasons for such popularity is the charging time and battery life. In addition, it can carry the load of all the essential DSLR accessories.

Q2: What does a gimbal do?

A gimbal can be explained as a swiveled point that permits a user to rotate an object (a DSLR camera) on a single axis. It allows the user to capture incredible still images and videos from different angles. However, it is widely used by videographers for recording amazing videos.

Q3: How do you set gimbal?

The gimbal setup is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to wear the gimbal or hold it with a comfortable grip and make sure to fix the camera accurately on the given spots.

Now, it depends on your practice and experience, which would allow you to capture remarkable videos. So, make sure you spend a good time with your gimbal.

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