15 Best Laptops Under 400 2023 – Complete Review

The human being always looks for amenities at an affordable price. Before purchasing everything, you have to think that if the particular thing matches your tastes or pocket or not.

The expenses of anything are essential as it determines the reliability of that product, but, sometimes, you select the best product at affordable prices.

Laptops with budget under 400 is the best and reliable option while looking for long-lasting laptops. The cheap laptops also contain all the useful features, and you can use these laptops for all the purposes.


Although something is limited in it, overall, these laptops have many things for the customers. The affordable and attractive prices of the laptops compel the people to buy them.

All the brands have launched reliable and particular discounted and cheap laptops in the market. All these laptops are more than enough for light work. You can use them daily, or although their size is a little large than the optimum laptops, still, these laptops can become your priority.

The cheap laptops are tough to search for because besides providing the best quality, some companies import local rates to the customers. Always choose the laptops by reading all the specifications keenly. You can choose this laptop on your priority of brand or usage. Almost all the companies have provided reliable laptops in the range of 400 dollars.

The era has changed itself, and the perfect blend of technology and budget can provide survival for you. The best laptops are those which are available at the minimum price with the best qualities. If you want the best grades and your research is getting confusing, we have created the best list of laptops for you.

The fascinating features and all the requirements will make the best combination for buying these laptops. Choose these laptops today!

You will get the specification, reviews, pros, cons, an ultimate buying guide, and the frequently asked question in this guide. so let’s start with the list of top laptops .

List of Top 15 Laptops under 400

After spending more than 40 hours on finding list of laptops that you can afford under budget of 400 dollars. All the products mentioned below are placed here after analyzing it’s pros and cons. We hope you will like our detailed review.

Let’s start by reading the review of each product!

1: Acer Aspire 1 – Editor’s Pick


Acer has introduced the most reliable and affordable technology to the world. All the laptops of this company are always reliable for the users.

This is the biggest reason that while choosing the best laptop in a budget, people still prefer these laptops.

The long-lasting battery life can depict the worth of these laptops. Once you start doing work on this laptop, you will find a smooth working system.

Another best thing is the lovely and decent screen of the laptops. The display of the computer is HD enough to serve you with the best videos and screen displays.

If you want best laptop, then this model can provide the best laptop, from the daily routine to the professional working. The reliability of the brand is depicted from all the models.

2: Lenovo IdeaPad – Best Quality


Lenovo has introduced the ultra-fast and HD technology to the world at the most affordable rates. Those who are looking for the average laptops yet having the best qualities, the Lenovo is here to help you. You can get a variety of laptops, and all of them have fulfilled the modern requirements equally.

The IdeaPad is the best laptop that contains all the useful features. This brand has changed the mentality, and all the affordable laptops are the competitors of the big brands.

The HD display and the quality screen of the laptops attract the heart of the viewers. If your pocket is not supporting you to buy an expensive laptop, switch to IdeaPad now. You will find this technology better than many other brands.

The string process will work efficiently under all conditions. Purchase this laptop to enjoy working on your laptop.

3. Newest HP 14″


Always keep an eye on the best product that meets your budget. There are many brands which are providing the best results and are capturing healthy reviews of the customers and users.

The perfection from the body to the working and the strong processing unit is the blessing given by the HP laptops.

You can manage your everyday work by buying these laptops. The best screen display and the immense size of the screen display help you to work efficiently.

Besides all these factors, HP laptops generally contain long battery life. This is a preferable tool for buying the best laptop.

If you have an option to purchase these kinds of laptops with substantial storage capacity, reliable RAM, and fast processor, don’t lose the chance. It is the best opportunity to buy these laptops as they are more reliable than any other laptop brand.

4.HP 15.6in Laptop


 We are living in an era of revolutions. The price of every product is touching the sky heights. At this time, if you have an opportunity to grab the best thing at the lowest price. Don’t miss the one-time offer.

The prominent display of the laptop is enough to capture the heart of the person. Besides all these factors, the windows 10operating system is depicting the advancement in the model.

The person can take advantage of the big screen as it provides the proper coverage to the whole working medium. A laptop should always be available in neat conditions, and the multi-colors of this item are enough to take the heart of the users.

Some other additional features have also been introduced into the laptop for better working and satisfactory customer rates. Bring this spectacular product and enjoy the best work.

5. HP 14in – High Performance Laptop


Every product should contain some reliable features that can satisfy the customers. The happy customer rate of the HP has always provided them with a particular rank in the laptop and electronic industry.

HP launches the highly efficient, large screen display laptops in the market. The most reliable thing is that the price of these items is always faithful. Anyone can choose this product and take the benefit of it.

Most of all, the high performance laptops contain the best features and a quality processor. You will always depend upon an efficient laptop for your work, so if you have the chance to grab this item. Search it and buy it as soon as possible.

The decent design and the look of these laptops satisfy the customers more than anything. The strong storage capacity is enough to secure your working documents and pictures. For high quality and design, you can trust this product.

6. Dell Inspiron 11 – Best 2-in-1 Laptop


The convertible laptops are often marked as a priority of the customers while making any purchase. You can choose these due to their multiple features.

The convertible quality is the priority if your budget is low, but still, you want the best price. Besides all these features, the Dell Inspiron contains an attractive and lovely body that makes you work quickly.

Always choose the one which has all the qualities in the reliable price, and Dell is the trustworthy company for buying the best laptops for yourself.

The 7th generation of the laptop and the optimum windows with all the advanced features is enough to capture your attention.

Most of all, the strong graphic hold of these laptops can give you a satisfactory working response. The strong RAM of the laptop can facilitate you to work efficiently. The AMD has increased the market demand of this laptop, that’s why the customers always choose it on others.

7. ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop – Great Basic Performance


 From gaming laptops to the ordinary-looking laptops, Asus always has brought the best product in the market. The company has provided a variety of laptops and a variety of price limits and range for the laptops.

You can buy these laptops if you have a minimal budget, but still, you want the best laptop for yourself. The laptop can do your work best when you have the best partner as ASUS.

The mini screen display is HD, and it is best for those who love to handle the laptop for the work. The small screen of the laptop is enough to provide you with every best thing.

The laptop is also fulfilling modern requirements as it contains windows 10, which is enough for the healthy functioning of the laptop. If you want a premium product is an affordable range, you can choose the ASUS VivoBook as it has everything for you.

8. Acer Chromebook Spin 11 – Best Portable Laptop


 Technology has made the man capable of choosing the best. Everyone will choose the option of less price and high quality. The strong processor of the system and the reliable features of every model are enough to give a traditional working medium. 

You can choose the best working laptop for yourself. If your pocket is not allowing you to buy a massive and expensive laptop, you can still go for a cheap but reliable laptop.

The Acer Chromebook spin 11 is a convertible two in one laptop, which contains all the healthy and reliable features of a computer.

You can trust this product for its fast processor and support of google play store. The small, handy gadget has a touch screen that can provide you everything for the work.

You will always need this laptop for a professional result. Start your work by buying the best cheap laptop with all the reliable features. Buy Acer Chromebook Spin 11 today.

9. Acer High Performance Spin 11


The HD screen display and the best touch system of this laptop have made the working more effective and comfortable.

The stylus and the laptop case are also available with the laptop, which is a blessing in the average price. The processor of the laptop helps carry all your functions smoothly. You can trust this laptop for doing multiple tasks.

The storage of 64GB is, although not so high, it is enough to secure your documents. The screen display is not so large, which means that you can use this laptop for your regular work. The healthy operating system of the computer is making your work more efficient and reliable.

If you have a low investment and you want a convertible two in one laptop, then buy this laptop and enjoy the multi-screen touch with Acer. You will find this product equally helpful and reliable under all circumstances.

10. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop


 The choice of a good laptop always depicts the reliability of the product. It shows your taste and tells others about your nature and sincerity with your work. The usage of notebooks has been increased.

The increase in the demand of the laptop and the increasing relationship of the laptops with professionalism has changes the choice of many people.

If you want the best laptop and you are looking for a reliable product that meets your budget as well, then it’s better to go with the Acer. It is included among those electronics brands that are providing the key features in all their items, though expensive or cheap.

The Acer has provided remarkable features in all their products, that’s why it is the brand of the quality. It has provided the privilege to the community that now you can select the best product at the cheapest rate.

The reliable storage, healthy operating system, and the strong processor, all the critical features of a reliable laptop.

11. 2019 New Lenovo 300e Flagship 2-in-1 Business Laptop/Tablet


The intense graphics and the best storage capacity of the laptop with a fast processor are the key features for buying any laptop. If you are a businessman and professional and you are looking for a laptop that is according to your business requirements, and you can do all the official and professional chores in it efficiently, the business Lenovo laptop should be your priority.

This laptop is reliable to take the perfect start of your business. You can choose this laptop due to many reliable features provided by it to the customers.

The Intel processor is the best, and it gives the ultra-fast performance to the laptop. So if you are looking for the product which contains all the features, you should go for the Celeron processor and Lenovo 300e.

As it indicated that the laptop works in both conditions, it can use as a tablet, and at the same time, it is providing services as a business laptop. This handy laptop can yours, and it should be.

12.ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop


The strong processor and the operating system of the laptop capture the heart of the person. But the design and the HD display is the bonus point for finding the best laptop.

The ASUS Chromebook contains the 180-degree hinge, and it provides the best to the customers. The working has become comfortable with this brand now.

All the reliable features and the model as a chrome book with a beautiful screen and HD display are enough to buy the best laptop. You can find this laptop as the best for working regularly.

The affordable price with all the essential features has made this laptop unique and best in one way or another. the best quality of the processor and the best display are enough to give you goosebumps. If you want something unusual on a low budget, go for the ASUS Chromebook today.

13. CHUWI HeroBook Pro 14.1 inch


There are many new brands, which are successfully making their way into the market. For the promotion and other purposes, these brands are introducing low quality best products in the market.

The CHUWI is the same brand that is taking a step ahead towards the technology. This brand is providing all the best features in its laptops.

If you are initial and you want to take the start with the cheap yet a good laptop. Always choose a new brand. It will increase your trust and their sale and, ultimately, a reliable customer and server relationship. The storage of the laptop is fascinating, as you can choose it for many purposes.

The processor is fast, and most of all, the price of the product is reliable and affordable. What do you want if you have the best laptop like this? Nothing will make the best choice as CHUWI for buying machine within the budget.

14. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e laptop – Budget Friendly


If you are making your mind of buying the best laptop, why are you not thinking about the ThinkPad by Lenovo? The affordable price and the powerful working system of the laptop are enough to give you a reason for making a purchase.

You can select this laptop y reviewing all the qualities of the good laptop. This laptop is a trustworthy model of Lenovo. The Intel quad core processor and the windows ten will make the best features combine. Build your trust level by purchasing the best laptop. You can choose it by keeping in view many features.

The storage of the laptop is also reliable. Your data security will e best, and you can also find this laptop as best for the whole professional working.

If you are arranging the best low budget laptop for your family or children, then choose the best laptop which contains all the demanding features. Choose the best among the list of many laptops.

15. Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop 


Select the inspiration and the professional laptop as it also depicts your choice and working style. The dell is the best laptop company, and it has kept the tradition of high quality alive. All the laptop from this category contains some additional features which are enough to kick you in purchasing kick.

The lovely reviews of the customers and their trust in these services have made dell as the best brand for launching technology.

The core i5 is available in such a comfortable and adorable price that s a dream for many people. The fast processor of the laptop makes working easy. Suppose you are taking the start of your work by purchasing this laptop. You will not regret your choice.

The best technology and the fast speed with your keen observation for the work have made this brand one of the fascinating brands. You can choose it by checking your requirements properly.

An Ultimate Buying Guide:

A reliable buying guide always helps you to choose the best for yourself. The budget is necessary for buying the best product. If you have the account, then there is no need to think, but if your account is not reliable then, go through this easy and reliable guide and choose the best laptop for yourself.


The processor determines the speed of your working system and the reliability of the laptop. It has played a vital role in buying any laptop. It doesn’t matter that if you are choosing a cheap laptop or an expensive one.

If your laptops contain a string processor and the computer is lying under the category of budget laptops, you should make a purchase. It is also reliable for the long-lasting life of the laptop.

Operating system

Computer Basics Understanding Operating Systems

The laptop works wholly on the operating system. The latest operating system in windows 10 and other laptops also contains different operating systems as chrome, MacOS too.

The operating system should be strong to help the processor in keeping the actual function of the laptop. If the operating system of the laptop is not suitable or it is too old, the speed of the laptop becomes slow. Always choose the best working system for your work.

Screen Display

The screen display of the laptop should be very satisfying. The screen should not diverge colors, and they should not irritate your eyes.

Although you can use eye protection, this feature should be given priority while choosing the best laptop for yourself. If your laptop is containing the best screen display, select it with features as mentioned above.

Range of the laptop

If you have a low budget, then the range of the laptop is the most important. The question of the laptop selection arises when you make yourself confused, don’t confuse yourself.

You can check the features on any laptop by simple and easy tricks. You should always see that if the laptop is meeting with all the reliable parts and it is compatible with the prie. If it’s not, you can choose any other by skipping it.


The random access memory of any laptop works with the collaboration of the processing unit—the compatibility of both guarantees the best working system. If you want the laptop within the range of 400 dollars, you should always watch that the RAM of the laptop should be at least 4GB.

The RAM below 4GB should not be adequate for making a purchase. If you are facing such a condition, you can skip that particular laptop and then choose the optimum.

Storage capacity

Check Laptop Storage

The storage capacity of any laptop in 400 dollars should be satisfying. All the points of a buying guide are reliable. The strong storage capacity supports the excellent working of your laptop.

You can save and secure more data if your laptop has a high storage capacity. That’s why always choose that laptop, which contains a reliable storage capacity.

Brand Tag

All the search for buying the best laptop should start from brands as the brands are the markers of the quality. Besides purchasing the best laptop from any local dealer, one should always check the brand tag.

You should also try the features of any new brand if it is meeting your requirements.

If any laptop is not fulfilling the general conditions, you can skip it. Generally, ASUS, Lenovo, and Acer have the privilege of introducing the best laptops in the market.

A proper guide always helps you to choose the best product for yourself. By reading this guide and the specification mentioned above, and reviews, your purchase will become easy.

You can buy the quality by checking a particular product on the internet first. That’s why always check whether the product is available at the best price.

The buying guide is necessary for guiding people. Every person does not have a good knowledge of technology and electronics and if someone wast to buy the best machine, they will find this guide very helpful and satisfying as it has covered all the features of a reliable laptop. Check all the requirements on a laptop and select the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The best laptops under 400

Ans: a cheap laptop should always meet your demands. It should have a strong processor to keep efficiency or to work still. It should have a reliable RAM and operating system to cope with your daily workload. If you are fiding these features in the laptop under 400 dollars, go for this.

Ans: your pocket plays a prominent role while choosing the best laptop. Typically, you can get the best laptop starting from $350 to $400. The price can go high, but it should not be less than $300, where you have to compromise on many other things. There are only selected companies that are launching laptops below this budget.

Ans: the sales are thought to be the most optimum time for making any purchase. You can select the best laptop from any sale too. There is no scam in buying a reliable laptop from a sale. The discounted price always fascinated the customers.

Ans: Although many brands are introducing cheap and reliable laptops to the community. But if you want a computer with all the qualities, then Acer, Lenovo, and ASUS are the best companies for making a purchase. These companies have provided a successful client rate for cheap laptops. You can trust them.

Ans: A cheap laptop is equally worthy of an expensive laptop. Ther could be some features absent, and these features are minor besides all this; the cheap laptop should always belong to the brand. If you are buying a laptop from a brand, then there is no question on quality. The threat arises when you trust the scammers and local dealers.

Ans: It depends upon your working on that particular laptop. Overall, the 3 to 4 years reliability of the laptop is seen every day on such laptops. That’s why to choose the laptop with reliable features and use them carefully.

Yes, you can get a decent laptop for 400 which will be a good machine to do your daily work as well with provide you entertainment.


There is nothing wrong is buying the best but cheap laptop—in the range of 400 dollars in considered as the best if you are taking a start. If you have gone through all the features of a computer and now you want a reliable purchase, then the above reviews of the top-rated amazon laptops and their reviews will help you in choosing the best laptop of your choice.

If we talk about the best pick and the top-rated product, then ASUS Spin 11 and the CHUWI hero book will make the perfect choice of purchasing any laptop.

The instruction for buying any laptop matters a lot; if you are choosing any product blindly, you will have to the consequence in the form of pooer performance and loss of money. In the same way, you can select the best laptop under 400 dollars quickly.

Go through well, and choose a laptop for yourself accordingly. Make things easy for yourself!