How to Get Free Xbox Live 2023 – Legitimate ways

How to Get Free Xbox Live 2023

How to Get Free Xbox Live 2023 – Legitimate ways

Many of us play games on mobile, but you can’t call yourself a gamer unless you do real gaming on gaming consoles. Many gaming consoles in the market offer an excellent gaming experience, but only a few of them reach the line of player’s expectations, and Xbox is one of them. Gamers widely use Xbox all around the globe.


There are many folks all around the globe searching for How to Get Free Xbox Live, It’s been two years since Microsoft Xbox One has been released and still growing up in the market. It launches as a powerful gaming console, which includes a camera and a wide array of media features.

The Kinect camera, the bigger hard drive, makes it a good deal for the price. The Xbox One remains a burst console with the addition of many compelling cross-platform and exclusive games.


Some price reductions and yearly or monthly bundles offer to make it an even more appealing purchase. The console is smart and been an Editor’s choice since it’s released.

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox live, an online service that includes a virtual market. It is also known as Xbox live marketplace. It is a market place where users can easily buy, download, and stream games and other forms of multimedia.

The Xbox live has 40 million users around the globe. To buy games or apps from Xbox live market place, you need the Xbox Live codes.

How to Get Free Xbox Live 2023
How to Get Free Xbox Live

Xbox gift cards are a great source of fun and happiness. The gift cards contain Xbox live codes that help you to get easy access to all the highest paid apps on Xbox Live. These gift cards are available on the official website of Xbox at the prices of $10, $15, $25, $50. Y

ou can purchase these gift cards from their official website.  But don’t worry we are going to provide you legitimate ways by which you can get free Xbox Live codes.

We have often seen people searching about how to get free Xbox Live, and that’s why we have decided to written a complete guide on it for you so that you won’t have to search anymore.

Legitimate ways to get free Xbox Live 2021

Who won’t like free box live codes to have access to amazing games, movies and accessories available for the console, yes, these codes are demanding and everyone is crazy about it.


But when you start searching the solution or hack of this free Xbox live code, you will get to know that the internet is full of scams and malicious websites that are only there for rating, these websites promise you free codes but only make you complete extensive surveys.

Unfortunately, some users ended up having viruses and malware on their systems.

No, you don’t have to give up hope yet. Because there are plenty of authentic and legitimate ways by which you can get free Xbox Live codes. Don’t worry. The methods are easy to understand. You won’t have to download any code generator, fill out a long-form, or share any app.

Without any further ado, we are moving to legitimate ways by which you get free Xbox live.

  1. Join the Xbox Sub-reddit  

Xbox has its own dedicated subreddit. In this platform, different Xbox owners and enthusiast talks about ideas, share their thoughts and sometimes they even share free Xbox live codes, which can be very handy to the one who is looking for free Xbox live codes. We came to know that in the past, there have been multiple free Xbox live codes giveaways.

So if you’re a fan of Xbox Live, then you should give it a try. Maybe you can get lucky enough and get Xbox live codes for free and enjoy your access to high-end paid games.

  1. Earn free Xbox Live codes from Swagbucks

The internet is full of scam websites that promise to offer free Xbox live codes in exchange for filling surveys. What they do if they ask you to fill surveys and then they will provide you free Xbox live codes but they don’t do so.

Here comes, Swagbucks which offers the same deal but it offers the real deal. It means the website won’t fool you. A swag buck is a reputed website where you can complete small tasks like filling surveys, and in exchange for those surveys, the site will give you points.

You can use those points to get an Xbox gift card.

  1. Using “BING” as your search engine

Most of the people are unaware that Microsoft offers reward points every time you use their search engine, which is Bing. So, the first and last thing you need to do is change your default search engine to “Bing” and use the bing search engine for searching on the web.

Every single time you use that search engine or search for that, you will be rewarded points. Then you can redeem those reward points for free Xbox live codes from the Microsoft store.  It is a simple, secure, and legitimate way to earn points and get free Xbox live.

  1. Join an Xbox Live Gold membership trial for 14 days

This method isn’t like getting an Xbox live code that you can redeem, but it’s the best thing you can get because it is directly connected to the Xbox community.

Everyone who owns an Xbox Live account can easily upgrade it to a live gold subscription. Microsoft offers a free 14-days trial. You can activate your trial version of Xbox live gold membership and enjoy your free access to Xbox Live Gold. But just remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, or else you’ll have to face auto-renewal charges.

  1. Sign up with a different Email ID

You don’t need to worry if you have already used the trails version of Xbox Live Gold. Every single Xbox account is entitled to sign up for the Xbox live gold trial once only.

However, are you aware that Microsoft allows it over three accounts per console? Now, All you need to do is to sign up with two more email accounts, make sure that each email includes different credit card information (you can get it from your parents, siblings, or relatives).

By doing so, you can have access to a total of 42 (14*3) days of Xbox Live Gold utterly free of cost.

  1. Idle-empire

Firstly, you’ll have to register on idle-empire. You can sign up for their platform with your existing social media platform. Once you can log on to their web, you can start earning points by merely answering paid surveys, watching videos, play games, or test software.

They offer a Variety of earning methods, and you’ll quickly find something that suits you perfectly.

After completing surveys, you’ll have to redeem your points for your Xbox live. Idle-empire makes sure that the reward is delivered to you within 24 hours.

  1. App bounty (free gift cards)

App bounty is a popular app and has been downloaded over ten million times. This apps has an excellent rating of 4.2 of 5. The rating and number of downloads clearly show that the application is undoubtedly not a scam and worth consideration.

The best thing about App Bounty is that it offers you earn your points using multiple different items. Moreover, the app isn’t only limited to provide free codes for gift cards. It also holds many other features that might be a benefit to you.

  1. GPT sites

GPT refers to “Get Paid To” sites. These sites or portals rewards you for performing a particular task. The internet is full of GPT sites; each one of them deals with a myriad of tasks.

The task on these websites ranges from watching videos from 15 seconds to a minute, installing games, and buying specific items by affiliate links or by clicking on particular ads on these GPT sites.

Benefits of Xbox live Gold membership

How to Get Free Xbox Live 2023
How to Get Free Xbox Live

With the gold membership, you can access to AAA games for free each month, which are available for a limited time. Well, everyone loves discovering new titles. Right?

Not only that, but Xbox Live Gold also grants you access to exclusively exciting discounts up to 50 – 70% on games and DLC packs.

In short, there are a plethora of other advantages too, e.g., XBOX Home Gold grants access to everyone, and they receive their Gamer Tag, which allows you to play with your friends and family in online multiplayer games.

The ending line

In the end, we would like to say that there are a lot of black hat marketers on the internet. They’ll ask you to download an app, and when you download the app, your system will automatically be infected by a virus.

We hope that all the methods written above about How to Get Free Xbox Live will help you so that you can enjoy free Xbox codes after redeeming them.

If you have anything to ask or any doubt to clear then feel free to share your issues in the comment section, we will be happy to help you. See you in the next article.