20 Best Monitors For XBOX Series X 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Its 2023 and we are living in the era of technology and advancement. Since the last decade, we have seen tremendous progress in the graphical world. Everyone is seeking for the best to be the best. 

Hence, all the gamers are also expecting something impressive and latest that can provide them with premium gaming experience. Like Sony’s latest gaming console, Xbox has also launched its brand-new gaming console, which is known as the XBOX SERIES X. This new gaming device by Microsoft supports the fastest gaming experience to the gamers. 

Everyone wants to play the game with ultra-high-definition graphics for a crystal-clear view . There is a strong cemented bond between the gameplay and the display of the game.

It entirely depends on the features of the monitor. To enjoy a premium gaming experience on your new Xbox Series X, you must have the best monitor that can support ultra-HD graphics or 4k resolution with a quick refresh rate of 60Hz.


The purpose of you reading this article could also be the search of best monitor for Xbox Series X  and therefore in this article, we are going to help you in deciding the best monitor for Xbox Series X. We have deeply searched all the items and came up with the best for you for a perfect gaming experience.

Research Before Placing Monitors Here

We tried our all time best to provide you well researched monitors for your xbox series x that will not only saved your money but also will save your time. Our editors spent many hours on researching about products before placing in a list.

You do not have to be anxious or miserable that you have to look for the best monitor for Xbox Series X. We are providing you a detailed and honest review of the Best Monitors for Xbox Series X along with the pros and cons.


We also have a buying guide for you in this article so that you can even know about the desired characters that must be present in the Best Monitor for your latest Gaming Console by Microsoft.

1. Acer Nitro XV273

Best Monitor For XBOX Series X


Panel Type AHVA, IPS
Screen Size 27 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Weight 4.51 kg
Pixel density 163 ppi

Bright quick screen with minimal information slacks and zero ghosts, freezing synchronization ensures smooth interaction with refresh rates between 48-240 Hz, with a variety of excitation rates.

The APS board offers excellent survey points at 178 degrees with excellent image quality. The Nitro XV273 is probably a 1080p target, however, due to the HDR it offers flawless visuals and shading immersions. The Acer Nitro XV273 is an incredible screen for regular games and watching HDR movies.

The Acer Nitro XV273 is the only primary IPS screen with an integrated rate of 240 Hz which makes it a best monitor for Xbox Series X, but a response time of 0.1 mm in pairs.

This screen blends your games well with the Xbox Series X. The Nitro XV273 and Xbox Series X Comfort accelerate and limit slacking and stacking. Screen freezing and display support the HDR400, however, freezing sync is not guaranteed for the Premium Pro.

The Nitro XV273 features a straight form plan with no LED lighting or an unusually molded casing. The basic features of the Nitro XV273 are super dynamite bezel and excellent performance. This position is completely ergonomic and emphasizes changes in tilt, turn, rotation and height.

The diesel Nitro XV273 runs on IPS board with full HD PP material. Due to the IPS board, the screen offers a wide range of survey points and unparalleled image quality. The display is HDL400 with 1080 pixels-goal, which gives diesel-related contrast and high resolution.

Diesel meets many highlights to keep your attention about exceptional use. Glint Free Innovation Channels Destructive blue light to prevent eye damage from stress. The screen guarantees that you can spend more time reviewing perceptions.

Nitro XV 273 with freezing 48-240 Hz VRR represents a fast 240 Hz integrate rate. Stimulate the Xbox Series X at 120Hz as much as possible and get a smooth and liquid interaction on this freezing screen.

Wipe motion blur and demons with super-fast response times up to 0.1 mm. Regardless of the intermittent or activity-filled scenes, you will never get an irritating or haunting feeling.


Best Monitor For XBOX Series X


Panel Size 31.5 inch
Panel Type VA
Resolution 2560×1440
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Net Weight 9. 6 kg

The Asus ROG Strikes XG32VQR is the best-designed monitor for the Xbox Series X. It has quality brand name construction quality with LED lighting, which is suitable for most gaming rigs. The screen offers better shading generation and HDR installed dynamic visuals, suitable for home-diversion use, including screen gaming and high-res films.

If you want to appreciate the trendy Xbox support on the big screen, the 32-inch screen from Asus has all the necessary features. Screen freezing Premium Pro is certified, which naturally offers to upgrade HDR and LFC. The Asus ROG Strix XG32 VQR comes with antifreeze, high targets, and excellent form plan rather serious features.

The gaming screen from its origin to its implementation, Asus ROG Strikes XG32 VQR with an amazing form plan on most screens in this combination. It has thinner bezels to give more review screen space, but the 1800R bent board makes photos look bad on most edges.

A representative of the custom novel will link to the Custom Economics and Board Framework to avoid confusion in your workplace. The LED strip and Asus logo on the back provides stunning RGB lighting to brighten up your office.

Connect the LED lighting of the screen with various peripherals that enable Yura Racing for reliable illumination around your work area.

The Asus ROG Strikes XG32VQR highlights the 32-inch WQHD display for epic visuals and shading accuracy. The screen works on the VA board to increase the recovery rate than the IPS boards. The 1800R Fertilizer and 1440P put you on display for the best stunning experience. It is not just for gaming. Xbox Series X interface to appreciate clear movies with excellent image quality and proper shading execution.

The shedding spread on the ROG Strikes XG32VQR is excellent. The screen film contains 94% of the standard DCI-P3 and 125% of the SRGB. The display features HDR400 and you get compatibility with Life Visuals with reasonable variations and shading immersions.

It VQR is a freezing premium pro that supports 48-144 Hz variable revive pace via HDMI. The screen emphasizes the 120Hz excitation rates that the new Xbox Series X can absorb. Like high-quality freezing displays, this screen raises the LFC for games.

3. SCEPTRE C275B-144RN

Best Monitor For XBOX Series X


Screen Size 27 inch
Panel Type VA
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate 144Hz Refresh Rate
Weight with Stand 4.20 kg

The Scepter C275B-144RN may be modest, but it has some great features to get the best out of the Xbox Series X. The freezing screen provides excellent stimulation up to 144Hz. It has 3ms response time, which is great for simple gaming and general entertainment like Dynamic Pictures.

Integrating with a gaming console is a good screen, however, the nature of the images and the shading campaign should take the scepter. The best screens don’t need luck. The Scepter screen has a mix of amazing highlights with amazing costs. This is a freezing screen, but other tops of the line screens for the Xbox Series X need HDR support.

The Staff C275B-144RN features a 27-inch screen with an 1800R shape that gives you more immersion in the game. The curved screen brings you closer and returns to your field of view for top tier diversion. This plan highlights the thin bezels to provide an edge-to-edge viewing experience and remove obstacles.

Like most screens, the Scepter C275B-144RN supports tilt change with ergonomic position and support tilt according to the help you find. There are four spaces behind the screen, most of which are pits and stands. Mounting the screen can help when you want to save money in the workplace or limit link interruptions.

It works on VA board with 1920 x 1080 full HD content, experience excellent image quality and shading execution with 16.7 million shading depths. There are different presets on the screen to replay the screen naturally for different games, for example, RTS and FPS.

Staff C275B-144RN comes with 3ms response time, which is not the best on the market and how good it is to screen in a strict cost plan. 3MS is great for easy gaming, and now that you have mastered it again and again, not all scenarios show conflicts anywhere within the 3MS and 1MS response time limits.


Best Monitor For XBOX Series X


Screen size 27.9 inches
Panel type TN (Twisted Nematic)
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh rate 60Hz
Weight 5.7kg

Cost plan 4K screen with quick response time and HDR400. If you want to play 4K60 fps games on your Xbox Series X, the BenQ EL2870U has an incredible screen.

Freezink describes the time, money and rates outside the local excitation rate of the sensitive gaming l screen you respond to. Replacing the exceptional 4K Target and HDR TN board, it is not ideal for displaying accurate colors.

One of the powerful highlights of the Xbox Series X is the inverse comparison to end age support. One may be confused with the current confusion they have used in different consoles, for example, the Xbox One S.

With this, many people will be able to play the upgraded 4K games again for this new feature and this BenQ 4K screen stands out among the other alternative costs to provide the ideal experience.

The BenQ EL2870U highlights clear design with minimal aeronautics. Bezel can detect a handful of people who use borderless screens. BenQ figured out how to fix the four mounting gaps for Vesa mounts and stands. Overall, this is a heartfelt design that focuses on Modi.

The true intensity of the BenQ EL2870U is evident in its appearance. Screen with exceptional 4K target on TN board. This is not the best board for shading evaluation work, yet due to the 3840 × 2160 pixel-goal, the visuals are sharp and dynamic.

The BenQ EL2870U screen is very fast with 1ms response time and is one of the best monitor for Xbox Series X. The screen ensures practically no change even in complex motion-pressed scenes and interactive movements. Integrate with the amazing chip in the Xbox Series X to take consistent games and outperform your rivals.

Integrate quick response time with AMD’s freeze to eliminate screen scratches and broken edges for fluid and smooth gaming. The BenQ EL2870U has a variable revive speed from 40Hz to 60Hz via HDMI. Note that you will be torn when running above 60fps.

5.Asus VG278QR

Best Monitor For XBOX Series X


Panel Size 27.0 inch
Panel Type TN
True Resolution 1920×1080
Refresh Rate (max) 165Hz
Net Weight (Esti.) 5.6 kg

Combine high excitation rates and quick response times on the Xbox Series X, making it the best gaming rig ever. Asus VG278QR Visual Quality Bargains for better performance of compressed and uninterrupted games. Most games on the Xbox highlight screen freezing and low frame rate compensation to pay little attention to their casing rates.

This is the best monitor for Xbox Series X and for advanced gaming, especially FPS games. The best screen that guarantees Asus VG278 QR gaming‌ adds speed and smooth gaming to cutting-edge support.

The screen offers a high recovery rate of up to 165Hz, but drops to 120Hz when frozen via HDMI. Regardless, Sans will make you cry in any case when you push the Xbox Series X120fps at its best.

The Asus VG278 QR has an exceptional and gaming-led design, with a 5-way OSD root joystick on the back. The screen is completely aeronomic with tilt, turn, rotation and height changes for useful review positions. RGB lighting on this screen is exceptional, regardless, like most gaming rigs it delivers amazingly stylish in your workplace.

Locally available you get the full HD screen on the TN board. Most OEMs lean toward TN boards when perceiving a quick response time to limit movement indefinitely. You will not get great visuals on this screen, however, it will not be discouraging without winning serious and intermittent games.

The goal is to keep stimulus rates extremely intense with rapid response times.

The Asus VG278QR is the perfect combination of stimulus rates and response times. Underlines screen freezing with a 40-120 Hz contrasting frame rate scope via HDMI. The new era guaranteed line keeps up line rates up to 120fps.

This screen is an ideal choice if you are looking for smooth and fluid interaction with games that can reach up to 120fps. This applies to LFCs that block rates below 40 FPS.

The Asus game features fast input technology 0.5 m for better motion transfer. Slow down the input based on the response time. Shoot accurate and precise shots at short intervals on your enemies, even in the most epic and unusual action scenes.



Screen Size 24 inch
Panel Type IPS-Type LCD
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Dimensions 14.2 inch x 21.9 inch x 2.6 inch

Open all the highlights of the Xbox Series X with this 8K display from Dell. Leaving aside the fact that the screen requires HDMI ports, all the features are impressive, and usually, match-ups and content engineers are not yet ready for 8K.

Image quality does not match and Dell’s Premier Color Standard gives extraordinary power to your visuals.

This is an incredible screen for cutting-edge support, as it provides highlights of bleeding and future evidence and can be considered as best monitor for Xbox Series X. However, be prepared to use every last cent for this machine

The Xbox Series X’s AMD Gen 2 chip and high transfer speed allow GDDR6 RAM to support high targets up to 8K. However, 8K screens are just starting out and there is only one alternative on the market, the Dell Ultrasharp 32 8K screen. This way, you can spend on the cutting edge console.

Dell has an Ultrasharp 8K screen, which is the perfect plan to build a stunning and great workstation. The screen features an aluminum line with a silver finish and Dell’s Infinity Edge show offers a practically unlimited plan, offering an edge-to-edge viewing experience.

Spotlight your focus on the screen rather than the thick bezels like different screens. The screen is completely ergonomic to improve usability. It has a moving position that supports rotation, rotation, slope and elevation changes as it finds auxiliary review positions.

With the help of Vesa Mons, you can effectively mount the screen on the divider to save money in the workplace.

This ultrasharp screen has an incredible 7680 x 4320 pixel-goal. The 32-inch screen is packed with approximately 33 million pixels for super clear visuals and dynamic humor. It has 280PPI, so you will not lose even the smallest detail in plain sight.

The IPS board guarantees reliable image quality above the 178 degree viewing point. Depending on the high target, the Dell Ultrasharp 8K will undoubtedly have lower integration rates.

Most games on the Xbox actually have lost time with 4K60 fps, while 8K games with higher casing rates take less time.

When connected to a source via two display port (DP) locations at the same time, the Dell Ultrasharp 8K screen boosts the rate to 60Hz. The screen only reached 8k 30Hz when using a DP one.

Since this screen does not have an HDMI port, you will need an HDMI connector from the DP to interface with the Xbox Series X, which will give you 8k band at 30Hz.

7. Acer Nitro XF252Q


Screen Size 24.5 inch
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
Panel Type TN (Twisted Nematic)
Dimensions 558 mm x 330 mm x 65 mm
Weight (Approx) 3.96 kg

Diesel Nitro XF252Q could be the best monitor for Xbox Series X and is basically quick, incredible 0.3mm for the screen. The response time is, and the 48-240 Hz freezing is transmitted over a wide range of frame rate HDMI. The Nitro XF252Q is designed for the Xbox Series X, maybe, be prepared to do some trade-off. Acer used the TN board for quick response time, which adversely affects image quality.

In extreme gaming, every edge is checked every millisecond. The Nitro XF2 ensures that you know about your enemies during an unbelievably fast response and by joining at 240 Hz synchronous frame rate in HDMI.

If you are concerned about speed and smooth interoperability, do not provide this responsive screen for the Xbox Series X, with the same level board as the Samsung CHG70.

However, it has a zero-line outline plan that clears the thick bezels and entertains with a slight interruption to give your games more screen space. The 24.5-inch board may be too small for those who want to play games on the big screen.

The screen with the help of tilt is mostly aeronomic. However, it does provide useful survey positions with a 5 degree to 20 degree trend. With more hours of gaming you will no longer have trouble with any event.

Its 1920 x 1080 Full HD Goal delivers stunning and high quality images with amazing brightness. The screen reaches a lower target to help with a higher recovery rate of 240Hz. Image quality is unbelievable due to HDR.

Acer Nitro XF252Q HDR Ready Screen Fit to display high power range content. HDR Ready is an HDR level Acer screen for passage level gamers and film watchers. The Xbox configuration highlights the gloomy and gloomy HDR10 screen around the world like the X. Accordingly, the target speed and flawless visuals for clear collision.

Acer Nitro XF252Q sales target responsive board. 0.3 m. The screen comes with a TN board to help with quick response time of at least 0.3 m, the response time for intermittent and dynamic games is great because it clears the fog and allows you to clearly see the nuances when they happen.

The screen pulls out all the stops at the recovery rate, which supports speeds up to 240Hz. It is one of the freezing screens that allow a wide range of frame rates from 48 Hz to 240 Hz via HDMI.

The LFC upholstery makes the Nitro XF252Q an ideal choice for both fluid and smooth gaming. The screen supports 120 fps games on the Xbox Series X and lower FPS games like the first game at 30 fps.

8. Samsung CHG70


Screen Size 27 inch
Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels
Refresh rate 144 Hz
Dimensions 624.8 mm x 367.2 mm x 93.3 mm
Weight (Approx) 4.6 kg

Flawless at each end, The Samsung CHG70 ensures the best range experience when glued to the Xbox Series X. It is excellent with high recovery rates and support for low FPS games on the Xbox.

It has an unusually clear twisted plan and ergonomic balance to ensure that you are in the right position to ace your games. The screen reinforces the latest FreeSync 2 update, which provides smoother interaction and support for HDR content.

The Samsung QLED CHG70 accurately tests all the requirements of the best screen for the best Xbox support. Completing the Xbox Series X, it has good response times and top notch headlines.

With the Xbox Series, the X is meant for excellent diversion and the Samsung CHG70 draws you very close. The screen has an 1800R shape, which completely dampens the viewing field. The curved scheme ensures that you can see everything about the excellent resolution and shading accuracy even at the most remote points of the screen.

Intended for gamers, the CHG70 has a solid and economical dual-pivot stand that allows you to turn, bend or change position to find your sweetest survey space. An LED stripe on the back illuminates your environment, allowing you to appreciate the activity while running in natural light display.

The CHG70 screen has a 2560 1440 pixel resolution for precious stone visuals and new content. It is not equal to 4K, however, you get 1.7 times more pixels than the full HD target. Similarly, the 1440p target can be increased in the Xbox Series X by a high recovery rate of up to 120Hz.

The nature and shading multiplication of the visuals is amazing. Utilizing quantum dot upgrades, it offers a screen shading depth of 1.07 billion, which equates to a higher shading accuracy. With the help of HDR, appreciate the subtle nuances and correct differences as the blurred areas in the guide become more blurred, striking and more serious.

The fast Samsung CHG70 is compatible with the Xbox Series X’s flagship, keeping everything reasonably fast. Response time is added and its selectivity reduces novelty that provides unequal gaming implementation without motion blur and motion blur.

The screen emphasizes the newest freezing 2 standard without tears and liquid gaming. It has native 144Hz revive rates and supports variable integrated pace from 48Hz to 100Hz via HDMI.

Perhaps, with the help of LFC, you can have confidence in sensitive gaming in any situation when the casing rates are below at least 48 Hz.



Screen Size 27 inch
Panel Type IPS-Type LCD
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Refresh Rate 165 Hz
Weight 8 kg

Aoras FI27Q Gaming Monitor is an exceptional cost screen with high quality features. This is not the best screen to push the Xbox Series X as far as possible, though the financial planning is brilliant, making it worth a ton.

It emphasizes the freezing point that allows you to use VRR in the AMD Fuel Series X. Additionally, with the help of HDR and wide shading range, the Aoras FI 27Q Gaming Monitor explodes to view gaming and motion pictures.

The Aorus FI27Q is the best gaming screen from Gigabyte with crazy gaming features and great shading. This is a great function that handles freezing via display port and HDMI.

The Aorus FI27Q gaming monitor finds a kind of match between cost and performance. It’s a little cheaper but still offers great features on a 27-inch IPS board. Locally you get support for 1440p Goal, HDR, Wide Shading Range, Freezing and G-Sync.

The Aorus FI27Q Gaming Monitor has a unique and great plan that most gamers have to offer. From the front, the screen has a comfortable look with slim bezels and the Aorus logo on the base bezel.

The back of the screen connects to the rough edges and convenient RGB lighting, giving it a great gaming look. This location is perfectly suited to provide a great survey experience wherever you are. It has a +/- 20-degree turn, 90-degree rotation, – 5/21 degree tilt and 130mm stator correction. The screen works with 100 x 100 mm Vesa mounting designs.

The Aorus FI27Q Gaming Monitor has excellent image quality at its sticker price. While the 4K target for the Series X may be unusual, the 1440p actually looks exceptionally sharp. It comes with an IPS board for good review points that can be detrimental to a high review ratio.

The shedding spread is impressive. The DCI-P3 shading range has 95% screen, which ensures bright and accurate colors. It’s an IPS board, so the colors look sharp on the screen. With the display HDR400, the FI27Q400 Knights is even more impressive for clear visuals.

However, important highlights such as minimizing the full cluster near the screen are required.

The Aorus FI27Q Gaming Monitor is ideal for gamers with a 165Hz resistance rate, freezing premium and G-Sync support. However, since you are using HDMI on the Xbox Series X, it should be noted that freezing up to 144 Hz is higher than HDMI and upgrading to 48 Hz. With LFC, you can appreciate free generic interaction in games with casing rates less than 48fps.

The screen has excellent motion with 1 ms MPRT response time. Faster MPRT response time eliminates motion blur and ghost, providing a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

10. LG 27UK650


Panel Type IPS
Screen Size 27 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Response Time 5 ms

The LG 27 UK 650-W is an incredible gaming screen that allows you to increase the power of your Xbox Series X to any kind of picture quality so it is worthy enough to make it best monitor for Xbox Series X.

While it does not offer high resolution up to 120 Hz, the IPS board offers astronomical resolution, noticeable shading amplitude and smooth execution. Topped with HDR capability, you never have to wave on different screens.

The screen has a 27-inch display that emphasizes the AMD freezing upgrade. In general, this element breaks the screen to make the game look more reasonable and orderly, you should have no problem looking at images from different angles as there are wide survey points (178 degrees).

HDR display allows showing more vibrant colors and bringing a wide range of shading points for a clear visual experience.

When it is safe, we should discuss its plan. The screen has some good aeronomical upgrades that you can do: you can change the height, tilt and rotate the screen. However, this will not allow you to turn. Fortunately, since Vesa Mount is available, you may decide to mount the screen.

In terms of availability alternatives, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports, a display port 1.2 and an earphone jack. It has a display port so you can use it on your PC as well.

However, how does it work in extreme gaming? Sad, screen-free and intended for people who want to appreciate the stunning views of The Witcher III, Privacy V, Assassin’s Creed Philosophy Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption as the AAA title. If the image quality is something you respect, the following screen should be attractive.

11. Omen X 27


Panel Type IPS
Screen Size 27 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate 144 Hz
Response Time 1 ms

You can lift your upper hand because it is worth the performance rather than the quality. If that statement bothers you, feast your eyes on this screen, a gamer must constantly maintain opposition as it contains every element in it.

If you are a PC gamer, this will give you a quality gaming experience. However, the Eve distribution surpassed the Xbox Series X because of their vision to turn the spectrum into the best screen for serious gaming.

Currently, there are three access gaming screens for pre-request, including spectrum. However, what is so important about the goat head is that it has not yet hit the market.

This gaming screen supports HDMI 2.1 for the first time, meaning you can crash at 4K target at 144 Hz. At its head, it has a super quick 1 ms response time. To believe that this is an IPS board, you have nothing more to ask.

Keep in mind that this is a 27-inch screen, indicating that you need to play close to the screen for clarity and accuracy. Since this is an IPS board, looking at the points is not a problem. When you need ergonomic upgrades, you can rotate, bend, rotate and modify. If not, you can connect it to the divider as Vesa applies.

The screen is said to have AMD clotting and Nvidia G-sync similarities, indicating that it is the best screen for gaming, no matter what stage you are playing at. It comes with several display ports that allow DSC (Display Stream Compression). According to Vesa, they describe it as “externally lost” stress shown on the screen.

4K show on any event on paper, exceptional designs like the original image resolution of the Eve Spectrum, delicate interaction, heavenly shading generation and precision. We cannot say normally until Q1 is delivered in 2023.

With the new consoles coming into the market in Holiday 2023, you have the perfect opportunity to replace them anyway. Try not to stress, the Xbox Series X can elevate your current screen, however you will need to make changes to understand what the new features are.




Panel Type TN
Screen Size 28 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160 
Refresh Rate 60 Hz 
Response Time 1 ms 

In cases where you respect the implementation of image quality to extend your dominance, this screen will help you to hit frequent headshots with its 1ms response time.

The TN board guarantees that you will receive the latest reports on screen so that you can respond more quickly and appropriately. It is up to 60 Hz, but it is not disappointing. In fact, 60 Hz is the standard for most games. However, if you want to play seriously on the 144 Hz display, check it out, we have it too.

The exact form of the screen is not its basic suite. You can find many screens on the market that share similar planning components. Either way, you can be blessed with a stand. You can rotate, rotate, tilt and change the height to get a good point, which is unusual because the screen does not have good survey edges.

It should also be noted that the speakers have a 2W running screen. However, sound quality is not something you should use for gaming. OSD controls are available via the 5-way joystick button on the back of the screen. Like the thumbnail in the Comfort Regulator‌, exploring menus is natural, so it’s noticeable.

OSD gives you access to a number of things that can enhance your game perception, for example, FPS, RPG and Hustle, including overlay crosshairs, game-time and custom profiles that change colors to suit individual game types.

Also, you can make changes that will help reduce eye strain. This component is not really incredible for extended use and long distance race gaming conferences.

To top it all off, it comes with a bright free backdrop light that makes your experience smoother and more casual. Since this is a TN board, how far does it go behind the IPS board in a 4K show? Normal 4K screens have been around for a long time and it is too late to figure out how to make 4K screens intended for gaming.

This indicates that the screens are not incredible to achieve the 4K target without bargaining in the gaming implementation.

Gradually, the screen becomes useless for serious gaming without ensuring image quality. Also, since it is 4K, it looks different from the 1080p and 1440p screens, but still looks heavenly. Right now, if you need to boost your general understanding and hit the 4K target at 144 Hz, check it out.



Panel Type IPS
Screen Size 27 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate 120 Hz 
Response Time 4 ms

In cases where you need to experience the intensity of the Xbox Series X, you should focus on the best 4K gaming screen like the Acer Predator X27 PB Mix. The screen may not be as extensive as other alternatives in the market, however it is enough to make sure you get the right image quality for your screen.

The screen is intended to show the best shading campaign in clear bright light. The two “folds” you see on either side are designated as “shields” that prevent ambient lighting from interfering with your display.

The uniqueness of this screen is the exciting speed of 144 Hz, which allows you to experience the lost things if you have been gaming on a 60 Hz screen all your life. Worse, there is usually a high level of data depression due to using the IPS board.

If you need to upgrade and confirm your easy gaming in the future, the Predator X27PBMifax should be a significant improvement over the Asus MG28UQ.

Regarding its appearance, you will be greeted by a powerful “gamer” look with solid parts. The base is made of metal and should be as strong as a year ago. It also offers wide variations from height change, curve change and turn change. In cases where this is not enough, you may decide to mount it on a divider as Vesa mount is practical.

Like the LG 27 UK 650-W, this screen also has an HDR option, which greatly improves image quality and increases shading range. Since the Xbox Series X additionally supports HDR, this screen should report excellent visuals. OSD is similarly open on the back.

In short, this screen is a big bounce from what the ASUS MG28UQ can do. However, if you are looking for a 144 Hz 4K screen with a truly exceptional 1MS response time, the following item will not give you any trade-off.



Panel Type VA
Screen Size 43 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate 144 Hz
Response Time 1ms

The most important thing you see about the screen is its board type. VA boards are the most preferred board type as they are usually traded between TN and IPS boards. However, the example of the ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ is unique. .

This screen features a 43-inch 4K display with an exceptionally fast response season of 1MZ and a high recovery speed of 144 Hz. However, AMD’s coordinated support for freezing updates is one of its excellent features. This indicates that you can use the custom-sync update to fix existing interferences without tearing the screen.

Almost everything about the screen is at the top of the line, as it ensures premium HDR image quality, with a sharp resolution of over 1,000 knots. It has a unique differentiation option that works well with HDR along with backdrop lighting.

It also introduces a stream pressure highlight show that allows up to 10-bits of full-data transmission capabilities on the Display Port link. Language aside, shading range, image quality and quality are excellent in this showcase.

Since this is ROG, you can make sure that the signature “gamer” look is planned from the bottom up. It has an LED light that shows the ROG logo below when it is turned on.

With Ura Sync programming, you can change the shading and effects of the logo and change the rest of the Ura sync components, such as your motherboard and RAM.

You will admire the beautiful bezels around this screen. With a heavenly image, incredible shading range, quick response time, high excitation rate and resolution of a large screen, you get a screen that really shows the potential of the Xbox Series X.



Panel Type IPS
Screen Size 27 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160 
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Variable Refresh Rate N/A

Philips 276E8VJSB is now the most expensive 4K screen you can find on the market. That’s all. In a negative situation, this suggests that Philips needs to compromise to make this screen as reasonable as possible.

First of all, there are no synchronization innovations for this screen and we are very good at choosing the cost. However, this 27-inch 4K screen comes with an IPS board, so you can be assured of excellent shading quality and sharp image resolution which makes it one of the best monitor for Xbox Series X.

The regeneration rate of the screen is another error, as it can show up to 60 Hz. For clients who go easy, this is great. Serious players should be able to play easily at 60 Hz under any circumstances, but you should choose 144 Hz when you want to overtake your opponents.

In terms of aeronautics, there is very little you can do on screen except tilt. Since there is an IPS board, you should not have problems with its review points.

The layout of the screen is completely straightforward, however, making it ideal for viewing keypad-type OSD. Additionally, it comes with a preset for different game types, for example, FPS, RTS and racing. Here are two gamer profiles that can be repeated for your curves. By and large, it’s a great 4K screen with heavenly picture resolution and gaming implementation.



Screen size 23.8 inches
 Panel type IPS panel
 Refresh rate 60 Hz
 Weight 5 kg
Material Plastic

One f the best monitor for Xbox Series X  is IIYAMA XUB2493HS-B1 which offers undeniable benefits without undeniable penance. Of course, you can put these 24 your screens near a doubly expensive isoic, they may not help but you may wonder why they are not the same price.

Aesthetically, there are very few of them. Both use thin bezels to give an edge-to-edge look, and the main imperfection in iiyama is the rotating sticker that proclaims all its highlights.

Fortunately, this is hard to take. Also, respectfully by all means, there is a serious element show: you can rotate it into image mode, which gives you easy access to VGA, display port, HDMI works, and USB 3 ports attached on both sides.

iiyama also uses IPS board upgrades similar to ISO and there is not much understanding between the two in terms of image quality. It has a prolite of SRGB size (93.6%, 88%) with an exceptional standard Delta E 0.81, but the psychological difference ratio of 1,192: 1 is unbelievable. The results come in the screen’s preset SRGB mode, which secures you 100% resolution – and impresses at 278 cd / m2.

We found that with this setting IIYAMA focuses on the shading temperature of 6500K, however, it actually counts to 6367K – this is not a failure, yet if you are sensitive to such, you should create your own profile at that time OSD.

This is an area that has been on the Iso light display for a long time, setting touch touches on what to do before each catch is pressed, based on the respectable and deeply provocative setting of iiyama Backma mounted catches – yet no, it’s very natural for the screen to specify what everyone is doing.

Basically switching off the board intentionally with a lot of catches is extra easy, it’s a force switch.

So here are the hints of cost reduction, although the IIYAMA XUB2493HS-B1 comes out of the sack with a win-win adjustment position – it changes to a height of 130mm – and is a value that other legitimate competitors cannot coordinate.

17. AOC U2790VQ


Screen Size 27 inches
Screen Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K UHD)
Response Time 5 ms
Weight 5.15 kg
Dimension 24.2 inch x 1.7 inch x 14.3 inch

If you are looking for a 4K27mm IPS screen and have a cost plan of less than 300, this is a direct shootout between this AOC and iiyama Prolite XU 2792 UHU-B1 and undoubtedly, it is best monitor for Xbox Series X. There is motivation to choose both, and reasons not to.

It also seems to be stronger than iiyama. For example, when you press the joystick on your back (usually) enough distance to the U2790VQ, the screen will move when you press the OSD catches.

When you go into OSD interface life, you are not dealing with the flagship model. In the beginning, the word “spring” is a lot of fun – “throwing” is great. This non-standard impression joystick is further enhanced by its lightweight functionality, which makes it very easy to get out of the way.

This way, you get a better image than the default when you go to the color setting menu and select SRGB from Shading Temperature Alternatives. It ranges from a maximum of 465cd / m2 to 297cd / m2, yet qualifies for that asceticism by creating precise colors.

It covers 95.6% of the SRGB range (97.3% by volume), replacing the exceptional 0.45 normal delta. What you don’t get is punch, the biggest flaw of this board is the 869: 1 aspect ratio.

It has a limited limit on shading generation. Adjusting colors by user configuration represents 77% of the DCI-P3 range. It will never be the screen that releases the intensity of photographs or movies. For recording, there are speakers, although they are in the “mainstream for video calls” class.

However, we do not want to overdo it on the AOC U2790VQ. It worked on the cost plan, but both forms are tastier than iiyama. For everyday responsibilities, its board is excellent, and we should not ignore the fact that AOC packs 3,840 x 2,160 pixels into its 27m casing.



Screen size 31.5 inches
Panel type VA panel
Display resolution 3840×2160
Refresh rate 75 Hz
 Pixel density 139 ppi

iiyama XB3288 UHSU-B1 shares great with Philips 328E1 for all its benefits and advantages. They both use VA board, both have 4K target and both are considered strong.

The first and foremost of these is that Philips bends over when iiyama is on the level, and the second has many “extra items” in iiyama that can help despite financial planning. With these lines, you appreciate the two USB-A3 ports on one side of the screen.

At that point there is a positive residue, which varies in height from 130 mm to 90 turn turns; Turn mode does not help, however you can pivot the screen for easy access to three data sources: two HDMI and one display port.

iiyama utilizes VA’s quick response time with the help of AMD freezing. The board increases from 75Hz to 1,280 x 1,024, however, you are stuck at 60Hz. Also note the 3W sound system speakers, which are surprisingly useful for the price. However, if you need depth, connect the earphones with the rear jack at that time.

You will see many errors of VA different from IPS and some drop-offs when you look at the screen. This board is also not very consistent in terms of talent. However, it practically achieved 100% in the three ranges we examined, from the traditional SRGB (99.1%) to the DCI-P3 (95.3%).

Minor changes- Basically, you may find that the main control that confuses you is clever, this prolite goes up to 3i9cd / m2, which is not HDR for anyone to work and play. OSD is easier to control than other IAYA screens due to the back-mounted joystick instead of wrapped catches.

Since the default settings come in at 5950K, we want to provide excellent power over iiyama shading temperature, warmth and coolness are the main different presets.

However, considering the value that iiyama charges – the lack of tapas elsewhere – this is another excellent screenplay from the company. We do not think that the lack of curvature of the 32mm 4K screen is a big problem, so if you want to spend it carefully, choose Philips.



Size 34″
Panel Type VA LCD
Resolution 3440 x 1440
Refresh Rate 144 Hz
Weight 9.6 kg

One of the most recognizable screens in this lab is the MSI optics MPG341CQR. It uses a 34 m 1440 PVA board with a pixel thickness of leopard, which looks sharper than regular review partitions. 31 is fully respected. Unfortunately MSI offers its closest rival Asus ROG Strikes XG32 VQR.

All taken into consideration, the Samsung LC34J791WTUXXU also uses a 34m curved VA board, but they are not uncommon: Samsung makes it sleek in office-white, while MSI’s room is dimmer and has a section of programmable RGB LEDs on the front.

MSI packs this screen with hardware to upgrade the board’s general gaming capabilities. It has a darker and dull response time, upholstery for AMD Freezing 2 and plenty of alternatives to give you a gaming edge (zero idle, motion blur, visual record).

The optimal position of the optics is higher than the ROG streaks: virtually all games are saved in a 21: 9 aspect ratio, and the inclination of the current screen finds you in the game, meaning level 16: 9 screens cannot be synced.

Go to OSD’s gaming submenu and you’ll find presets for FPS, Racing, RTS and RPG and you’ll be missing out on the shading accuracy you’ll get: for example, FPS mode 433 CD / M2 is better installed. There are also professional presets, and after changing the user settings we added 0.9.6% Delta E with 99.6% SRGB size.

OSD is a difficult thing to explore, and has a responsive joystick on the back, but you can use MSI component-pressed gaming OSD programming whenever you connect via USB-B. It’s weird that it doesn’t work on USB-C, though MSI shocks this incredible attachment – perhaps based on the fact that it offers 15W of intensity.

USB-B also allows webcam, however, which really helps to implement MSI’s Smart Profile Highlight. Changes in faces and profile look appropriate. You have to think of a reason why this screen can be so expensive and in this case it is humiliating. Value prevents winning the MSI Award: This is an incredible gaming screen.



Size  34″
Panel Type VA, LCD
Resolution 3440 x 1440
Weight 7.67 kg
Refresh Rate 100 Hz

Samsung sells a variety of expert screens, While it may not help to incorporate customer spirit, it is clearly visible in white on the back of the screen, this 34-inch curved screen resembles a secretary’s invitation home in a workspace, a headquarters.

The Thunderbolt Association says superiors can limit link messes because there are two USB-A ports to join peripherals. Second Thunderbolt 3 connector you can do beautifully up to 15W modes with a powerful docking station.

Samsung follows an alternative strategy to the stand by selecting the “Swing and Tilt” system. When you lift the board by 100mm height change, it moves in a smooth curve. The curve can be adjusted independently with the goal of effectively confronting you.

No turn, yet this is not a big issue, as it has a moderately light 34 m screen at 7.6 kg. There is nothing particularly unusual on board. This VA upgrade is suitable for games with its naturally excellent response time and variety; You can increase it to 100Hz at the local 3,440 x 1,440 target. It also increases AMD clotting.

The board performed a strong entertainer in our tests, with a standard Delta E of 0.69 and 99.9% and SRGB by volume 131.8% in its standard configuration. This applies to practically all DCI-P3 sizes.

It has an excellent consistency that shows some abnormality, however, the surprising review points are rewarded for speaking in practice – it doesn’t look very pretty.

Jumping between shading profiles, straightforward – small site, and – it’s definitely not a good choice for people who offer moderate presets from OSD.

You will find a decision of five shading temperatures (for example, we assumed Cool 2 to be 8825K, for example, a typical 6360K hit), although this is not a screen built in the light of shading obsessive’s. With a good pair of 7W speakers, this boxy screen offers something different than regular office screens.


We know that it is hard for you to decide the most suitable product among the best products. It is like an MCQ that is having all the correct options, but you have to choose the most appropriate one.

Like the MCQ, it will be quite difficult for you to choose the best Monitor for Xbox Series X from the reviewed Monitors. But do not worry because we are here with a solution only for you. We have listed the top Best Monitors for Xbox series X.

The products that we are going to recommend you will contain all the premium features that the best Monitor must have in it. The recommended products are having the highest rating on Amazon and are world-wide acknowledged.

So, following are the best products among the best monitors for Xbox Series X:

  • LG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-WLG 27UK650-W (4.5 STARS)

So, in the light of facts and ratings, these are the top 5 best gaming monitors for your Xbox series X among the best monitors for Xbox series X. All the above products have the features that a game requires for a perfect gaming experience. We have done the task from our side to ease you as much as we can. Now it is entirely up to you to select your desired product.

Buying Guide

If you wish to look for the best monitor for Xbox Series X by yourself, but do not even know that what are the features that you need to look in deciding the best monitor for your new gaming console.

Do not worry at all because we are here to guide you to the right path and in the right direction. We are providing you with a complete guideline about the necessary factors which must be present in the Best Monitor for Xbox Series X.

So, following are the factors which you must keep in mind while choosing your best monitor for Xbox Series X


If you are already a gamer, then we are sure that you are familiar with this term. But those who are unfamiliar with the resolution, it is the clarity of the image. How much an image is distinguishable at maximum or minimum distance from the viewer’s eye depends upon the resolution of the display screen.

Xbox Series X is supporting 4k display. 4k display is Ultra-HD which means you can see the minute details while playing your video game on your gaming console.

But we would like to bring it into your notice that at 4k resolution, the gameplay that will be supported by Xbox is 60Hz. If you want high-speed gameplay, then you should choose the resolution at 1080p. 

HDMI 2.1:

Xbox has made positive changes for its users in their gaming console. Microsoft developed its new series of Xbox X with all the new features to bring smoothness and fluidity in the gameplay. It is not like the previous Xbox 360 or Xbox One which provide the frame rate of 30fps to its users.

You can enjoy a highly smooth and hindrance free gameplay on your new Xbox series X if your monitor supports the HDMI 2.1. We all know that HDMI 2.1 is the latest technology used for the transfer of data from the SSD of the console to the display with a high transfer rate.

You can enjoy a 60fps frame rate if your monitor supports it. Otherwise, you can choose a monitor with HDMI 2.0 support as the monitors with HDMI 2.1 are expensive

Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is also a significant factor while playing video games. The smoothness of the game depends upon the refresh rate. It is the time in which the screen loads the new display.

For the best gameplay, you should have the best monitor which supports AMD FreeSync. It is the latest technology which is developed by AMD to provide smooth and tearing free gameplay.

The shuttering or tearing of the display while playing the game irritates very much. AMD has provided you with the solution of hindrance and shutters so you can enjoy smooth gameplay.

Response Time:

It is the time taken interval in which your performed action appears on the screen. It entirely depends on the transfer rate of the gaming console to the monitor. If your monitor supports HDMI 2.1 or compatible with AMD Free-sync then it has a transfer rate of data from the Xbox series X.

Usually, we have seen that the gamers claimed the response time around 1ms if the rate of data transfer is about 16-18GBPs. Usually, HDMI 2.1 monitors show that high data transfer rate.



It could not be wrong to say that the best gaming monitor for Xbox One is the Acer Nitro XV273X. It’s decent in the general screen with brilliant gaming execution, and despite the fact that the 1080p goal is restricting for different utilizations, it’s ideal for Xbox One gaming. It has a 240Hz revive rate, and it has local FreeSync uphold.

Microsoft has affirmed 120Hz yield for Xbox Series X, with a developing rundown of “Xbox Series X Optimized” games vowing 120Hz help. You additionally need a high refresh rate display, accomplishing in any event 120Hz. The blend of Xbox Series X and a viable 120Hz (or higher) show will empower higher refresh rates.

The Xbox Series X will uphold 8K gaming and casing paces of up to 120fps, in addition to beam following for reasonable lighting, reflections and shadows. We additionally realize it will uphold variable refresh rates (VRR), which should help with perfection and movement taking care of.


So, we are going to end up here. We have tried to lower your burden.  We looked for the Best Monitors for Xbox Series X with our full zest and zeal. We have tried to gather all the plus points and negative aspects of each product that we are reviewing in this article.

We hope that this article has proved itself much helpful and supportive for you in deciding Best Monitor for your Xbox Series. But if you still want to ask any question or have queries about any product, do not feel shy or hesitant and reach us through a comment box.

It will surely be an honour for us to help you. Go to the provided links and get the best monitor for Xbox Series X.

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