How to Choose Best Monitor For Xbox Series X

How to Choose best Monitor For Xbox Series X

How to Choose Best Monitor For Xbox Series X

With a world full of advancement and rapid progress in the graphical world, it encourages the race to get the best gadgets and devices.

Being a gamer, you might also desire something unique and impressive to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Like Sony launches its latest gaming console, “PS5“, Xbox also releases its updated version of gaming console named Xbox series X. It is launched by Microsoft to provide the ever-fastest gaming experience.

Playing the latest gaming console on an old screen could be a bad idea as you won’t be able to reach the potential settings and ultra high definition graphics. It requires a compatible monitor for a premium gaming experience.

Every angle of a screen needs to be viewed clearly with good colors for playing the game smoothly. In order to make the most from your Xbox series X, get the best monitor offering all necessary features.

It should have a minimum refresh rate of 60 Hz and ultra HD graphics or 4k resolution.

Are you looking for the best monitor for the Xbox series X but unknown with the features to consider, then you are at the right spot.

How to choose the best monitor for Xbox series X could be a cause of concern for you, so we are here with a guide to assist you in the process. Read all the features listed down below for getting the best compatible monitor.


How to Choose Best Monitor For Xbox Series X


At the 4K resolution, the supported gameplay by Xbox would be at 60 Hz. However, in case you are looking for more fast-gameplay, then better to opt for1080 p resolution.

Resolution is how clear the image or video looks like. You might be familiar with it if you are so passionate about games and for long.

High resolution is always better for games as it allows you to view games clearly from every aspect. It is also healthy for your eyes as you could easily play games smoothly from a distance.

4k screens are supported by Xbox Series X. It is an ultra HD display allowing you to focus on every minute detail available in the picture and play games accordingly.

Response time:

Response time is the period in which commanded action is executed on the screen. It depends entirely on the transfer speed of the gaming console to the screen connected.

Suppose your screen has HDMI 2.1 or AMD Free-Sync, then it has a transfer rate of data from the Xbox series X. If the data transfer rate is somehow around 16-18 GBPs, then the response time could be 1 ms as per gamers point of view. . In general, HDMI 2.1 screens show higher data transfer rates.

Refresh Rate

One of the important features to consider while playing a video game could be the refresh rate. It represents the time taken by a game to execute the new display. It plays a significant role in determining the smoothness of the games while playing them.

We recommend opting for a monitor for Xbox series X that supports AMD FreeSync. AMD recently launched this updated technology for providing smooth and fantastic gameplay.

Closing or tearing the screen while playing the game is definitely annoying. AMD has helped you by offering AMD FreeSync, which offers smooth gameplay and relief from this problem.

HDMI 2.1:

For assisting its user, Xbox made some tremendous changes in its consoles to provide a premium gaming experience. Some great features are added by Microsoft in its updated launched series known as Xbox X, just to provide untroubled gameplay and ultra-high-definition graphics.

Unlike the previous Xbox versions, such as Xbox One and Xbox 360, it provides a frame rate of 30fps for its users.

Monitor supporting HDMI 2.1 allows you to have smooth and high-end gameplay on Xbox series X. The updated technology of HDMI 2.1 allows you to transfer the data from the SSD of the console to the monitor with a high transfer rate.

Another great option you can choose could be of 60fps frame rate, but it can only be availed if your monitor can support it, so choose accordingly. However, this is a little expensive, so if you cant afford it, opt for HDMI 2.0, which is also a suitable option.


Choose a monitor for your Xbox series X that is pocket-friendly. You might be having a limited budget for getting a new monitor, so make sure the one you choose suits your budget.

However, make sure it offers all the essential features that are required to provide you best and smooth gameplay.

These are the features you must look into before choosing the best monitor for your Xbox series X. For more information, you can also read reviews about Monitors for Xbox Series X.


Choosing the best monitor for your Xbox series X could be tricky, so here we are providing a list of monitors offering all premium features and are most suitable for you. They have the highest ratings on amazon and are recognized on an international level.

Here is a list of the top best monitors for your Xbox series X. Let’s have a look at it.


You can choose any of the above-listed monitors without any worries as they all are good at providing smooth gameplay.

Final words:

We tried to provide you with every possible and essential information related to the best monitor for Xbox series X; however, if you are still unclear about something, let us know.

You are welcomed for any query you have in your mind, and we will try to help you out in every possible means. You can get the best monitor for Xbox series X by considering all the above-listed features.

The best for you is what you are aiming at and the level of gaming experience you want.

Most significantly, what suits your pocket. Choose wisely and opt for the best monitor for your Xbox series X.