15 Best Gaming Keypads 2023 – Reviewed

Best Gaming Keypads

15 Best Gaming Keypads 2023 – Reviewed

This article will go over the gaming keypad that will work best for you in 2023. Convenience, precision, and reliability are the primary reasons that a high-end gamer needs the best gaming keypad.

As a result, a sleek and sensitive premium gaming keypad is a must-have for any player. A keypad that will help a gamer outperforms and distinguishes himself from his competitors.

15 Best Gaming Keypads

1.Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming KeypadRazer Tartarus v2 Gaming KeypadRazer Tartarus v2 Gaming KeypadRazer Tartarus v2 Gaming KeypadRazer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads

The best keypad for gaming check all boxes, and Tartarus is the first one which must included in our list.

Despite being relatively small in size, it has 32 programmable keys with matte black plastic finishing. Like the previous Nostromo keypad, the Tartarus also consists of an adjustable palm rest with faux leather padding.

Additionally, there is also an 8-way directional thumb pad which allows for more neutral controls for navigation. Of course, Razer being Razer has thrown in that extra RGB flair as well.

Instead of basic mechanical switches, Razer has fitted the Tartarus V2 with Razer’s Mecha-Membrane Technology. That is, in all honesty, the only area where the Tartarus V2 can fall short for others.

The feel of Mecha-Mechanical switches is similar to that of clicky mechanical switches, but it’s not the same. The 32 keys are entirely programmable, and a function called “Hypershift” adds to the fun.

Razer’s Synapse app controls the Tartarus V2, as it does all of Razer’s products and peripherals. You can modify the various programmable keys using the Synapse software by assigning macros, remapping and rebinding, and many more. Specific RGB LEDs are placed underneath the keys of the Tartarus V2, as are most Razer items.

With 16.8 million colors at your disposal, you can adjust the RGB effects. The 32 keys are switched into a different set in the Hypershift mode, which you can program to your taste.

In 2023, the Tartarus V2 is the best “one-handed keyboard” available. The Tartarus is a significant upgrade over Razer’s previous keypads, and it almost gets it right. For all of these benefits, the cost is very reasonable.

2.Logitech G13Logitech G13Logitech G13Logitech G13Logitech G13

Best Gaming Keypads

The G13 is a very customizable choice for one-handed gaming, with 25 programmable keys. The keys have been shaped into a gently curved shape to make them easy to click and reach.

The G13 has a rubber palm and wrist rest, but they aren’t too cushioned. A joystick and two reprogrammable buttons are located on the side.

The LCD panel is, of course, the G13’s most significant selling point. The panel can be used to show CPU statistics, change macros on the fly, and more.

The G13 from Logitech has 25 programmable keys and three individual vital profiles. The contoured keys help complement the G13 keypad’s curvature.

When gaming, you need to hit the keys quickly, which the curvature aids in. It’s an excellent gaming keypad for games like Fortnite because of this. For example, the four center keys are mapped to WASD, but this can be modified.

Although there are a few flaws here and there, the G13 is a well-built and well-performing keypad. Since there is no plug-and-play functionality, the G13 will come with an activation disc containing the program you need to use.

While it has onboard memory for saving profiles, the software is also needed. All relevant stats that you might like to keep track of will be displayed on the LCD panel without the need to turn tabs.

The Logitech G13 has a few flaws, but they’re small compared to what it does well. The G13 is not only good for handheld gaming on a notebook, but it can also be found on a desktop. It can, though, set you back because it is much more expensive than the Tartarus.

3.Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming KeypadRazer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming KeypadRazer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming KeypadRazer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming KeypadRazer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads

The Orbweaver Chroma offers a wide range of customization choices without sacrificing convenience or ergonomics. All about the Orbweaver Chroma has been designed to be simple to use. It does, though, have a higher palm rest than the rest.

Both of the bits of the palm rest, keypad, and thumb section of the joystick can be adjusted. Its form allows you to play for hours without getting tired.

You have 20 programmable buttons in your hand, and all of the keys have backlighting with Synapse customization options.

The Orbweaver Chroma from Razer goes all out, with magnetic switches for the controls. The actuating and reset points of the switches have been carefully optimized.

Many of the keys are backlit, and Synapse allows you to program 20 of them. A joystick and two extra buttons make up the thumb levers. The thumb buttons are firm enough to avoid unintended pressing.

The Nostromo had a two-part palm rest, but the Orbweaver expands on it by including some more interchangeable sections. The thumb keys can also be moved individually.

All of this adds up to an excellent degree of usability. The Orbweaver’s Chroma version allows you to customize the RGB lighting on your keypad. You can also coordinate it with other Razer peripherals using the Synapse.

Razer has made several upgrades over the previous Nostromo for the Orbweaver. You can change the locations of the pieces to allow for a more enjoyable gameplay environment, which is not limited to device customization.

4.Delux T9 46-Key PadDelux T9 46-Key PadDelux T9 46-Key PadDelux T9 46-Key PadDelux T9 46-Key Pad

Best Gaming Keypads

The Delux T9 46-Key Pad differs from the previous keypads in that it lacks a joystick. The Delux T9 is a cutout variant of the keyboard’s left hand. It has a few additional controls, so that’s all it is.

The Delux T9 is a tiny keypad with all of the features you’ll need. When you use it, the padding is adequate to prevent pressure on your wrist. With that style, it is also really comfortable for the price.

The Delux T9, as the name implies, has 46 keys with different functions such as Escape, Volume Up and Down, Function Keys, and so on. The keys are recess-style keys, so they’re easy to use.

The Delux T9 has a low price, but it comes at the cost of missing out on extra features. Since the keys have specific features, they can’t be used to delegate macros. For gaming purposes, consider the Delux T9 to be something of a half keyboard.

The Delux T9’s ease of use and versatility are at the heart of all it has to do. Since the keys have predefined functions, you can’t use them to create macros or remap them. It’s a gaming keypad that you can “plug and play.” Perhaps a half-keyboard would be more fitting.

The Delux T9 46-Key gaming keypad is an inexpensive and budget-friendly gaming keypad alternative. You can find better ones if you increase the price tag, but for a cheap price, you get a keypad that will last you a long time.

5.Razer Nostromo PC Gaming KeypadRazer Nostromo PC Gaming KeypadRazer Nostromo PC Gaming KeypadRazer Nostromo PC Gaming KeypadRazer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads

The Razer Nostromo gaming keypad was the one that made a name for itself in the keypad industry. The wrist rest, keypad, and side thumb controls are the three distinct parts of the Nostromo.

And each of these elements exudes a sense of coziness. The wrist rest may be modified, but doing so necessitates first removing the wrist rest and then adjusting it.

Fortunately, the Nostromo is made to last, but as long as you treat it carefully, it won’t be damaged. The joystick is positioned so that the Nostromo can feel secure in your hands regardless of hand size.

The keys are made of thin, shiny plastic and are extremely simple to use. If you want to play with a keypad, you’re still constrained by a small room.

The Nostromo, on the other hand, demonstrates that it can be achieved with simplicity thanks to ergonomics. The keys do not take a great deal of force to register, and they simply sound right. The 16 keys are fully programmable and have a blue LED backlight underneath them.

The Razer Nostromo is an older keypad, and the game keypad industry has grown significantly since then. The Nostromo, on the other hand, continues to keep its own for what it has to say.

The 16 Hyperesponse keys are entirely programmable, and Razer’s app can be used to do so. You can change between 8 different key mappings and 20 different profiles on the fly.

The Razer Nostromo has long been a familiar gaming keypad, and many people still like it. The newest keypads fill in some of the holes left by the Nostromo, but you can’t go wrong with this. It is pricey, but you will not be disappointed.


Best Gaming Keypads

The ACEPHA T9 is a cutout of the left half of a keyboard, similar to the previous Delux T9 keypad. It has numeric keys as well as up to six other simple keys used on a keyboard.

The ACEPHA T9 is small enough to be taken around without difficulty. The wrist pad is very soft, but due to its height, your hand will still sit on top of it. A large button in the right corner serves as a replacement for the space key.

There are 29 keys available to you, and 16 key rollover ensures that all of the button presses are recorded at all times.

Although the keys available make it ideal for MOBA play, the spacing of the keys and ergonomics makes it perfect as a gaming keypad for Fortnite. The ACEPHA T9 may not be as flashy as some of its competitors, but it will undoubtedly get the job done.

Since the ACEPHA T9 gaming keypad has a standard keyboard configuration, the keys are entirely programmable. There are also seven different backlighting colors available for the buttons. While it is not RGB, it is still imposing for the price.

Since the ACEPHA T9 game keypad lacks a joystick, it isn’t the best option for pure one-handed gaming. However, gamers who only need a few select keys will find this to be an excellent piece of hardware.

7.SADES Mechanical KeyboardSADES Mechanical KeyboardSADES Mechanical KeyboardSADES Mechanical KeyboardSADES Mechanical Keyboard

Best Gaming Keypads

Despite their growing success, not everyone is familiar with half keyboards. A half keyboard may seem to be a step down for those who have been using a full keyboard.

The SADES electronic half keyboard, on the other hand, allows people to dip their toes into the sea.

It’s built similarly to a full keyboard, with the exception that it just has the left half. The construction standard is sufficient to alleviate any doubts. It does, unfortunately, slip around through long gaming sessions. However, there is still something that can be played through.

The SADES Half Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, as its name suggests. Underneath the keys are Black Switches. The Black Switches are fast to activate, with no debouncing and a short pause. This switch makes very little noise, which is also a plus.

The keys are well-made and, like electronic keys, are slightly elevated above the table. Although the keys cannot be reprogrammed, it is a safe place to begin for those unfamiliar with half keyboards.

The keys on the SADES half keyboard are not reprogrammable, as previously said. Nonetheless, it’s a good option. Furthermore, this keyboard is plug-and-play compatible.

This, along with its compact scale, makes it an ideal partner for just about everyone. It has an RGB flair to it, so it isn’t wholly uninteresting. On the other hand, the RGB lamps cannot be adjusted and remain in their current state.

8.K50 RGB One-Handed Mechanical KeyboardK50 RGB One-Handed Mechanical KeyboardK50 RGB One-Handed Mechanical KeyboardK50 RGB One-Handed Mechanical KeyboardK50 RGB One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard

Best Gaming Keypads

This keyboard isn’t as flashy as the others, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with. The K50 RGB, like half keyboards, effectively duplicates the left side of a standard keyboard. An ample wrist rest is located at the bottom of the console, allowing you to play for extended periods without being fatigued.

The wrist pad is shaped like a hexagon, and the space key is right next to it. Since it is raised above the surface level, the space key is in an uncomfortable position. Depending on how you hold your hands, your thumb can become tired.

Despite its low price, the keyboard has mechanical keys. It’s still a plus. Blue hardware keys make up the 35 keys.

They aren’t as good as Cherry MX keys, but they are more than adequate for what the keyboard does and the price. Aside from the primary keys, there are six macro keys called G1 through G6.

The K50 RGB half keyboard doesn’t have a lot going for it, but it’s adequate. For certain people, the placement and positioning of the keys may be inconvenient.

However, you can’t complain about a cheap gaming keypad. Instructions on how to add and identify macro keys can be found in the manual.

9.GameSir GK100GameSir GK100GameSir GK100GameSir GK100GameSir GK100

Best Gaming Keypads

The GameSir GK100 is designed especially for games such as Fortnite and PUBG. Since the keys are so close together, it becomes a double-edged sword.

While the keys may help you respond quicker, you can accidentally click another key. It’s also a lightweight keyboard so that you won’t have any problems dragging it around. The wrist rest can be removed by slipping it off, increasing the portability of the device.

We have another keyboard with Blue mechanical switches for those on a budget. You have four additional keys on the hand that can be remapped in addition to the primary keys.

You can also use the secondary keys, which are called on top if you use the Arrow Key mode. It isn’t the best or most dependable, nor can it get the job done? Yes, if you want something easy but yet clicky and tactile.

The GameSir GK100 keyboard supports plug-and-play. All you have to do now is add the wire, and you’re ready to go. However, you’ll need to use the software to delegate macros or make any other changes to the keyboard. The keys can be loud at times, which irritates certain people.

The GameSir GK100, like the others listed before it, is a simple keyboard. It is a bit more expensive than others, but it does not have any other benefits. It’s a simple one, but it’s one that certain people might find helpful.

10.Jacal RGB 35 KeypadJacal RGB 35 KeypadJacal RGB 35 KeypadJacal RGB 35 KeypadJacal RGB 35 Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads

The Jacal keyboard, or half-keyboard, is just as you’d imagine. It’s a cutout of a standard keyboard’s left hand. You have a considerable wrist pad at your disposal, which ensures that your hand is completely resting on it.

The wrist pad, on the other hand, is not very convenient. It’s just a large block of plastic with a slanted shape. Furthermore, the keys are a bit too far apart. It could be a little difficult for those with small hands.

There are a total of 35 keys on this Jancal keyboard. It isn’t any different from a standard keyboard except for the inclusion of an Fn key instead of a Windows key.

The Fn key helps you to use the top-most Function keys for a variety of functions. The keys are relatively primary, so if you’re just a casual gamer with few requirements, you shouldn’t have any problems with them.

There is no way to redefine macros on this Jancal 35-key keypad. Instead, you can use the Fn key to access pre-programmed macro keys on the left. This keyboard also has RGB lamps, as the name implies. This keyboard is highly compact so that it won’t take up much room on your desk.

This is a very basic keypad with minimal flair. It’ll get the job done and seems to be a cost-effective option. It can also be used for your PS4, making it an excellent game keypad for Fortnite.

11.Aula ExcaliburAula ExcaliburAula ExcaliburAula ExcaliburAula Excalibur

Best Gaming Keypads

The Excalibur gaming keypad from Aula is the next item on the list. This keypad is more extensive and features an assortment of function keys and programmable macro keys, as well as a detailed interface and an LED backlight.

As you can see, the sheer number of keys makes this keypad a realistic alternative to a full-fledged keyboard for games, although the feature keys lend it some value even for laptop use. The clicky blue switches are used on the buttons, which are mechanical as well.

When it comes to style, this keypad is far too flashy for its sound. It’s incredibly comprehensive and features several outrageous fonts, as well as an LED backlight with five presets.

It’s worth noting that the retailer advertises Excalibur as providing RGB lighting, which it doesn’t.

The keypad is pretty comfortable to use, but the detachable wrist rest ends up being a bit of a gimmick because the keypad’s sheer size forces you to move your hand around a tonne.

12.Redragon K585 DITIRedragon K585 DITIRedragon K585 DITIRedragon K585 DITIRedragon K585 DITI

Best Gaming Keypads

In the field of gaming keyboards, Redragon is a common brand name. The company’s name and prestige in the field of computer games have been preserved.

The Redragon K585 DITI uses premium features at the lowest price possible, as opposed to other keypads. This is the aspect that we have added to our high-end video game keypads list.

In addition to its attractive appearance, the Redragon K585 DITI also offers more excellent convenience than its ergonomic form. There are 43 huge keys, seven of which can be programmed. While not every secret is programmable, it is worth buying a keyboard to include seven such secrets.

The Redragon K585 DITI is a nice keypad equipped with a plastic product and with Outemu Blue modifications. As already passed, the blue switches are noisy but very powerful. For greater accuracy, you must surrender the silence feature.

The detachable magnetic wrist rest, USB passport on this keyboard is more than welcome in our view. The remainder of the handle is well built and ergonomically fit for better comfort.

Five flexible modes of RGB retrofitting are included in this low-price keyboard. The effect of RGB lighting was very close to that of Razer.

The greater awareness of the secrets is worth finding. We did not predict such optimum input from secrets in this rate variation.

13.XFuny T9X Gaming KeypadXFuny T9X Gaming KeypadXFuny T9X Gaming KeypadXFuny T9X Gaming KeypadXFuny T9X Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads

With the T9X keypad, the Xfuny has effectively succeeded in becoming the best kind of gaming keyboards in comparatively undisclosed business in the world of videogaming than most famous brands. It is highly commendable to introduce a cheap Xfuny keyboard, which offers quality building and impressive results.

Even if the company is not as successful with gamers, it doesn’t matter if you have the best keyboard as a respectable company. The two points of interest on this keyboard are priced for less than $50 with a six-month reimbursement guarantee.

If this is not enough, you have in your possession an ideal imitation of a timeless keyboard that is more ergonomic and efficiently single-handed.

Like other great critical pads, this also has the RGB feature, which prevents you from reaching the wrong secret and illuminates your room beautifully in the dark. Another post on the best gaming laptop for under $1000 can also be read.

14.Razer Tartarus ProRazer Tartarus ProRazer Tartarus ProRazer Tartarus ProRazer Tartarus Pro

Best Gaming Keypads

Razer is the most needed brand name when it comes to excellent gaming keypads. We then use Razer’s third keypad. The Razer Tartarus Pro is yet another custom keypad that provides the best gaming experience.

The Tartarus Pro provides a greater degree of adaptation, accuracy, and speed than 32 programmable, pressure-sensitive secrets built with analog optical critical switches.

The Tartarus provides programmable macros like most game keypads and defines them by game specifications. One thing about macros is simple, and it will improve your experience in video games.

The wrist rest is adaptable and close to the Tartarus V2. And after several hours of video games, you don’t feel drained because of its correct location. There is also an option to maintain customized profiles, which enable you to obtain ready-made profiles for various video games.

Interestingly enough, Razer’s appeal was due to the inclusion of stunning RGB illumination. Razer is outstanding in the RGB accessories sector regardless of its gambling or computer game keyboards. This is given in every way by Razer’s Tartarus Pro.

15.Razer NostromoRazer NostromoRazer NostromoRazer NostromoRazer Nostromo

Best Gaming Keypads

Razer is recognized for his improved gaming experience in the outskirts. With its high-end game efficiency, the Razer Nostromo keyboard is one of the best choices.

It’s one of the most luxurious keypads of all time, of course. Naturally, this is one of the older versions and will offer you some advanced features.

Another prime choice for the best possible gameplay experience is the analog stick which is part of the box. There is also a scrolling wheel for the game stick.

The mix can be an excellent choice to ensure a satisfying gameplay experience. Additional thoughtful integration is the ergonomic wrist rest that helps you efficiently use both the scroll wheel and the analog stick.

There is no complete RGB backlight, but some simple backlighting does come with that. To subtly change light results, you can use the razor app. Up to 8 profiles and the keyboard are included.

The 20 game profiles you select can also be viewed.

Buyers Guide

You want to make the most of what you have without compromise. But when they enter this niche market, not everyone knows what to look for. Let’s look at the stuff you can remember when you purchase a game keyboard.

Types of Switch:

Whether it’s a game keyboard or a complete keyboard, the switch style is significant and one of the first things you can look for.

With low actuation power, mechanical switches deliver very tactile feedback.


Single-handled gaming is a tricky thing.

It would help if you had a joystick for that, and without it, you don’t play ultimately.

Half-keyboards, on the other hand, are just cutouts of the entire keys.

So, it also depends largely on whether you need a joystick to decide which keypad to go with.

Wired or Wireless

This is always unnoticed because if you don’t choose it, people regret their decision. Some people like to chill when they’re playing. Others prefer to rest and maybe use a table in a set location.

It is important to choose whether or not you want the wireless alternative. Not just this, but also the cable duration, may be a deceptive consideration since the cable length is misjudged.

Profiles and macros

A dealbreaker is capable of adapting and setting up various macros. You want an easy setup for a keybinding for specific games, and that is quite a lot. For certain people, it stays stagnant. Others, however, want the tool at their disposal that allows them to adapt their keypad to various requirements.

Tell me that you have just completed your round to Fortnite, which has a very particular set of macros. And now you’re jumping into Warcraft World and want something completely new.

The ability to store and swap various profiles between them is beneficial here. You can switch to another profile for a given game by clicking on a button if it is present.

Effects of Lighting

It is accepted that the RGB allowed raises your FPS and boosts gameplay in the gaming community. The truth is so. There are as many light effects as possible on the whole PC industry.

Mainboards from pads to mouse, even monitoring devices. It is a matter of personal preference to be able to select various degrees of lighting methods.


In the end, the price tag next to the keyboard you like is significantly down. Not all have the luxury of having a budget open and flexible.

You should then think about all these things, but do them so that the budget does not surpass. If you do, cheap playback keypads that we listed in the list are available.

As some of the more well-known, they will not guarantee consistency and results, but they will get through you all day long.


What’s a game keyboard?

Another gadget you can use for games is a game keypad. Various types of game keypads are available, and we have covered them in this list. Any keyboards attempt to make one-handed play choices. They have buttons and a joystick, so you have all the controls on one side.

How can I profit from a game keyboard?

The advantages of a gaming keyboard depend entirely on the needs. It is impossible to go from double-handed to one-handed. But all of you made your name known and did so on one-handed game keypads.


The Buyer’s Guide should help you decide what suits your needs. Go ahead to choose the right one for you. Let us know what you liked the most in the comments below.