12 Best Laptops For Day Trading 2023 – Reviewed By Expert

Day trading refers to buying and selling of stock shares in a company during ups and downs and earning profits through those trading, well sometimes you can have loss too.

Most of the people think that the best laptops for day trading are those laptops which are worth thousands of dollars, but that’s not the reality. You can be a successful trader with an average business laptop too.


A day trader exactly knows how effort-consuming trading is. The amount of hard work requires you to keep a keen eye on stocks where every minute matter. A lot of research, understanding of the market condition and proper knowledge of trading is required to be a successful day trader.

In day trading, you can earn a lot of money if you are doing it right and do trading right you need the right tools. Among them is a laptop. Using the wrong software and tools for day trading can be one major mistake for your stock trading business.

Stock shares are not an accessible business, but once you are into it, you’ll have to make sure that you are working with the right and necessary tools.

All of your knowledge of stock and shares is useless if you can’t use it digitally in a way that is appropriate and stable to work in today’s society.

Those days are gone when traders looked too busy with their calculations sitting in front of their big desktop screens wearing big sized goggles. Just imagine how stressful the process is. Traders were like sitting on the chairs all the time. But things have changed now.


Yes, things have gotten too far actually. Nowadays, traders can be seen enjoying the flexibility of technology. Everyone loves to have a gadget that they can carry everywhere easily.

In this article, we have listed the best laptops for day trading. We have surveyed tons of laptops that would be perfect for an experienced trader and also for those who are a newbie to day trading.


Moreover, the comprehensive buying guide will help you in making a well-informed decision (Make sure you read that).

Top Picks for This Year

With tons of choice out there, it’s quite hard to make the right buying decision. To make it easier for you, we have gathered all the best laptops for day trading under one list. So, let’s have a look at the best laptops for day trading and stock traders.

1. Apple MacBook Air

I don’t think I need to introduce you to Apple since they are producing high-end and most reliable devices for decades and holds an upper hand in the market.

Apple devices are always favored and that is why professionals are often seen using Apple MacBook. And why not? Apple MacBook Air has all things necessary system requirements needed for day trading or stock trading. It’s the features that bring the Apple MacBook Air to the first in the list of best laptops for day trading.

Apple MacBook comes with 13.3 inches retina display along with true tone technology. True tone technology automatically adjusts the tones and colours of the screen according to the environment.

You get to see a resolution of 2500 x 1600p. The reason Apple gadgets are costly is that they serve most of our desires. The laptop weighs less and you can carry it around the whole day.

The laptop comes with 8GB of RAM coupled with 256GB of SSD storage, which makes this laptop one of the best laptops.

The combo of 8GB and 256 SSD memory ensures that all trading software and tools run smoothly. If you ever feel that 8GB of RAM is low, then don’t worry. Unlike Apple MacBook Pro, here you can upgrade RAM up to 16 GB.

The battery life of Apple MacBook Air is up-to approximately 12 hours, which quite useful when it comes to business laptops. Another cool feature is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

2. HP Envy 13” inches

HP laptops are another best-selling laptops in the market. HP is known for its high featuring laptops and their durability. HP Envy continuous the legacy. It is one of the recently released product from HP.

The laptop has 13.3 inches WLED-backlit display with touch support, which means you can also use HP Envy as a tablet. The full metal body case body with corning Gorilla Glass display protection with the 4K resolution makes it one of the best laptops for day traders or stock trading.

The laptop compromises on the Intel Core i7 processor with the processing speed of 1.8 GHz which can be upgraded up to 4.8GHz. No doubt, after upgrading its processing speed to 4.8GHz, this laptop will be no less than Ferrari.

Under the hood laptop has 16GB of RAM coupled with 512GB storage, this amount of memory ensures to run all the desired software and tools that are used in stock trading, and 512GB of storage will let you store your files easily. But here is a thing you should keep in mind before making the purchase that you can’t upgrade the memory on this laptop.

Talking about the battery, the laptop can run up to for 13 hours on a single charge. The laptop weighs about 2.82lbs which makes it easy to carry around. This laptop also has no heating issues.

3. Razer Blade Stealth 12.5 inches

There are two types of day traders one are those who work from office or home, and second are those who are always at the run with the laptop all the time.  If you find yourself in the latter category, then Razer blade stealth is perfect for you. The laptop weighs less than 3 pounds which makes it a good option who are looking for the best laptops for day trading.

Razer blade stealth comes with two display options one is 12.5 inches (the one we are talking about), and another is 13.3 inches. There is not so much difference between these, but for a day trader, this detail could matter a lot because you have to work a lot with a lot of numbers and charts.

The laptops feature the Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of DDR4 RAM which makes it more than enough power to handle the workload of stock trading as well as video editing and video games. In the storage area, the laptop comes with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB SSD.  You can pick according to your needs.

If we talk about the battery, the Razer Blade stealth gives up to 7 hours if you only do necessary online activities like research and web surfing. Remember that if you are a heavy user, then the battery can last for 4 hours.

4. Asus Zen Book 13 (ultra-slim laptop)

Asus Zen Book 13 comes with an amazingly fast speed processor and excellent battery life. The screen is 13.3 inches with wide viewing angles, full HD Nano-edge bezel display. The 0.5 inches bezel gave this laptop a modern-day design. In short, this laptop is a good alternative for MacBook Air that comes with a lower price tag.

The laptop features high-resolution picture quality, i.e., 4K resolution. Within this price range, not many laptops come equipped with 4K resolutions so this laptop brings a good advantage overall. The backlit keyboard feature won’t let you stop even if the power goes down.

The laptop comes with the Intel Core i5 processor with the processing speed of 3.4GHz which brings out the powerful performance from this laptop. Having a powerful processor is always an advantage and when it comes to day trading, that what we need powerful laptops and here we have Asus Zen Book 13. The laptop sports 8GB DDR3 RAM with 256GB of SSD storage which is sufficient enough to store your files and help to run all the tools and software for stock trading smoothly.

The laptop offers clean connectivity options HDMI, USB-C port, 802.11a/c Wi-Fi, 3 x USB 3.0 ports to connect external devices and a micro SD card reader. Another cool feature is this laptop has a fingerprint sensor that ensures security. 

5. LG Gram laptop

LG smartphones were already famous for its features, and now LG laptop joins the legacy. LG gram is one of the best choices for those who are searching for the best laptop for day trading. The worth highlighting feature ofthis laptop is its battery life and high build quality.

The 13.3 inches full HD screen with IPS panel technology delivers you a pretty decent display. Even though the laptop is super light, but this doesn’t stop LG Gram from being pro at durability.

The laptop comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, which lets you enjoy a seamless performance of robust, strong performance. With 8GB of RAM coupled with 256GB storage, you can save your data files easily. Plus, these configurations help in running the stock trading software and tools smoothly.

If you are a night owl, then the backlit keyboard would help you out in most of the cases. The backlit keyboard will also prevent you from making mistakes. The smallest mistakes can lead your losses, so the backlit keyboard is a straight key element of this laptop.

The battery life of this laptop is the best feature of this laptop, and you will be surprised to know this laptop will give you 24.5 hours of back up and you won’t be using a laptop for straight 24 hours so we can say that you can use this laptop for 2 days before you put it back to charge. Pretty impressive, Nah?

6. Acer Aspire E 15

Not everyone has or willing to spend $1000 on laptops, and that’s where Acer Aspire E15 makes appearance costing almost half of Apple MacBook Pro. Acer Aspire is a right blend of simple design, high functioning components and handy features that can hardly be seen on other laptops.

Acer Spire E 15 sports Full HD 15.6 inches display with IPS Panel technology that is not the best in the market concerning price, and this feature is excellent. Another cool feature which makes this laptop one of the best laptop for day trading isits backlit feature.Usually, the backlit feature is not supported in this price tag.

Under the hood, it has 8GB of DDR4 RAM which is quite enough, but if you need to do some heavier task on a laptop, then you can also upgrade the RAM as there is an additional RAM slot available. For the storage side, it comes with 256GB SSD which is upgradable too.

You can upgrade it to 512 or 1TB HDD/SDD as there is an additional slot available for storage also. It holds the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8130U processor with a processing speed of 1.8Ghz.

Being a budget laptop, It comes with a decent battery life of almost 9 hours during which you can surf the web at 150 nits of brightness.

7. Asus Vivo book S15

Another Asus device joins the list of best laptops for day trading with a 15-inch large display. Asus Vivo Book S15 ticks all the boxes and delivers a nifty, slim design and consistent, speedy performance. Asus Vivo book S15 carries it all within low prices and without any significant breakdown sides. It is no less than our editor’s choice for budget-friendly desktop-replacement laptops.

The very first thing you will note is its striking green colour, which is also called Gaia green. The legacy continuous with Indie Black, Dreamy White, and Resolute Red colour options. It’s up to you which colour works for you. It is aimed towards younger users or for those who are new to day trading. The design seems pretty decent with a touch of excellent aluminium alloy.

The screen size is 15.6 inches Full HD display, which holds the resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Moreover, the thin bezels give more space to screen and raise the screen-to-body ratio of 88%.

When it comes to performance, Asus Vivo Book gives a jaw-dropping performance, with 10th generation Intel Core i5-10210U processor the laptop takes the performance to another laptop.

It features four cores and eight threads to get the work done smoothly. For the RAM side, this laptop contains 8GB of RAM coupled with 512GB of M.2 SSD storage. The laptop also includes integrated UHD graphics which means it can also support light gaming.

On the whole, the Asus Vivo book S15 is a powerful laptop with great features. The build quality, the design price all together makes it a choice for the day trader or stock trader. The Fingerprint sensor ensures the security of the device.

8. Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 is another masterpiece that comes with both lightings fast processing speed and ultra-lightweight title. It can be called as a crowd-pleaser.  For those who are looking for a laptop with a broader viewing angle, this laptop gets the job done for them.

Acer Swift 3 comes with a 15.6 inches full HD display that delivers high-quality content at the screen. With its wider angles, it can bring action and adventures to life.

It’s lightweight and thin design makes it one of the portable laptop that a day trader can choose. The Gorilla glass ensures the safety and bright crystal display of the screen (it is a plus). The laptop’s hinges let you tilt the screen.

The laptop features a 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor with a processing speed of 1.6 GHz. The base model of this laptop comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage, which quite fast till now and highly recommended. SSD storage decrease the processing time, loading screens time and quick windows startups. The speakers are also loud.

The laptop has a good battery life of 10 hours which adds a plus point to this day trading laptop. When it comes to stock sharing things, get severe, and day traders want a device that comes with strong security. The fingerprint sensor is the perfect part that ensures the safety of essential files and documents.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is stylish, and an incredible 2-in-1 featured laptop that folds and works like a tablet as well.  For those who need a portable laptop which can be their loyal companion in their travel, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a good deal with price for them. It weighs

1.7 pounds, none of the other laptops comes with such a lightweight, and this feature makes this laptop the right choice for traveling needs.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes with 12.3 inches Full HD display with a Pixel Sense display. Less screen size means less weight, so this laptop weighs less and this makes this laptop highly portable.

You take this laptop anywhere you want. You can use this laptop in three modes first is the laptop mode, second is Tablet mode, and last is Studio mode.

The Intel Core i5 processor with a processing speed of 1.3GHz is something quite reasonable and gets the job done. 8GB RAM, coupled with 256GB SSD storage, won’t stop you from running business-related tools and software.

If these configurations are not enough for you, you can get a 16GB variant of this laptop which will cost you more.

All the parts of laptops such as keyboards and mouse are sold individually which might cost you a little more, but if you are okay with it, then nothing’s stopping you. Make it a hit with Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

The laptop has approximately battery timing of 13.5 hours, which is quite good as compare to other laptops in the list.

10. Huawei mate Book X Pro signature

Huawei Mate Book X Pro has recently released a Signature edition that continues the series, in fact, takes it to another level of success. You would be surprised to know that Huawei Mate book X pro is the only laptop that provides a 91% screen-to-body ratio which is something you won’t find on other laptops.

The laptop comes with 13.9 inches display with the 3K resolution on the screen. The design and build of this laptop are decent, stylish and king of stealing attention. It also weighs only 2.93 pounds i.e., 0.57 inch in width.

It features a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, which ensures the fast working of the laptop. As the list follows, this laptop also comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage for storing your every file and all of your trading and stock information on this laptop.

The laptop features a hidden webcam that only pop-up. It is placed underneath a key on the keyboard that pops up only when needed. It is indeed a remarkable edition.

For the security of your files, this laptop features a fast and secure log-in system. One power touch button is placed at the right top corner that scans your fingerprint.

The laptop comes with just fair connectivity options, which include USB-A port, USB-C port, HDMI port, compact mate Dock 2.0. Moreover, you get 1 year Office 365 personal and 1-year manufacturer warranty with this laptop.

11. Apple MacBook Pro (15 inches)

Another laptop from the Apple side. Apple MacBook is another device on which you rely on when it comes to day trading and stock trading. But to enjoy its features, you’ll have to pay a pretty substantial amount (more than $1000.) If you have a budget of less than $1000, then you might have to skip this laptop.

On lifting the lid, you’ll see 15.3 inches LCD with IPS panel technology with a native resolution of 2560 x 1600. When it comes to day trading, 15 inches display is suitable for the size. The laptop holds a slim and chic look but also bears an aesthetic that’s both refined and aging.

The laptop’s sports 7th gen Intel Core i5 processor coupled with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, which makes this laptop crazy fast and capable enough to handle day trading With this price, you are getting 128GB PCIe based SSD.

You might know that what SSD is, even if you don’t let me tell you that for a laptop SSD works perfectly. This is why most Apple laptops come with SSD storage installed.

Apple makes it easier for everyone when it comes to the battery part; the laptops gives up to 10 hours of battery backup.

12. Dell XPS 13 9370

Best Laptops For Day Trading

Those who have used Dell laptop before, they will surely be looking for dell laptop as because of their durability. Dell XPS 13 9370 is an integral part of the best laptops for day trading or stock trading. The recently upgraded version of Dell XPS 13 9370 is something that one should go for.

The body of this laptop is a classic silver finish with HD webcam on the top. The nearly bezel-less design of this laptop gives it an aesthetic premium look.

The dell logo at the back of the lid gives it an attractive look that steals the show. The 13.3 inches touchscreen with Infinity-Edge 4K UHD display with IPS technology delivers accurate and vibrant colors. It never fails to provide a decent viewing experience.

The base model of Dell XPS 13 sports 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, which is upgradable up to 16GB of RAM, 2TB of storage and Intel Core i7. The base model holds Intel Core i5 that makes this strong enough to handle the software and tools.

The laptop comes with 3 USB 2.0 ports, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, card reader, 1 x USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports. It gives a battery backup of 8 hours on a single charge.

Overall this laptop is a good deal for some looking laptops for Stock trading or day trading, especially from the value perspective.

Buying Guide

Here are vital features you should look for in a laptop before purchasing one.

Battery life

Being a stock trader battery life is an aspect that you should seriously consider. You will be working at any hour of the day because the stock graphs keep changing every minute.

Even sometimes a few seconds can lead you to profits so every other matter. If you prefer Intel Core system then go for the processor who ends with U, they consume less power and ensures long battery life.

Screen size

laptop screen sizes

Screen size is another critical factor that trader bother for. Well, it’s common because stock traders they eyes are always fixed on the screen most of the time.

And larger screen still provides ease in inspecting the content. A smaller screen can sometimes cause your eyes strain.

The recommended size is 13 to 15 inches, as this screen size gets the job done for stock traders. And make sure the laptop doesn’t weigh so much if you need to carry it around with yourself.


Well, Storage is essential for everyone, no negotiations on that. Stock traders need to store their data, files, videos, strategic plans and a lot of screenshots to save. We prefer SDD over HDD as they are speedier and fast. They process data faster and loads the loading screen more quickly.


Trading are into multi-tasking, and smooth and fast multi-tasking goes with high RAM. Opening so many tabs in browsers eat your RAM up. So if you are planning to buy a laptop, we recommend you to go for at least 8GB of RAM.


The processor speed of the laptop is also must needed feature when it comes to day trading, and you just click away to gain profits. Sometimes you might lose your hands on a perfect trade because of slow processors.

So what are the options you have? In our expert’s opinion, if you don’t have any budget problem, then Intel Core i5 is recommended start while i7 are perfect for day trading. For those who are under a tight budget, they can start with Core i3 but after some, they might need to upgrade.


Yeah, design matters but not that enough for the day traders who are in search of dangerous business work machines. But the slim laptops are always loved. Ultra-slim laptops are expensive so if you are under a reasonable budget, go for it.

Make sure the build of the laptop essential the basic features and design. The heat dissipation vent keeps your laptop stable so pay attention to that part.


For stock trading, 8GB of RAM is enough for many stock traders. But if it feels less to you you can upgrade it to 12GB of 16GB depending on your needs.

we are living in a technological era, where everything is easily achievable over the internet. when it comes to day trading let me tell you that day trading is much easier with a laptop.

Well, it depends on your needs and what is the requirement. For many traders, MacBook 13.3 inches works perfectly for stock trading. It offers a screen resolution of 2560 x 1800 pixels that are perfect for viewing stock images.

Wrapping up

On the whole, with the buying guide in this article, your halfway is covered. The next step is to choose which laptop is perfect for you that will work well for your trading sessions. The best way to pick any from our list of best laptops for day trading.

We would love to hear to opinion or any thoughts you have. Feel free to comment in the comments section.