How to Add a Sim to the Household in Sims 4- The Expert Tactics

How to Add a Sim to the Household in Sims 4

How to Add a Sim to the Household in Sims 4- The Expert Tactics

Playing Sims might have brought up the question, how to add a Sim to the household in Sims 4. We will reveal the method to you!

Sims 4 is the fourth major of a life simulated game called Sims. Developed Redwood Shores studios and published by Electronic Arts, the game originally came out on 3 May 2013. Many other system-oriented versions such as Windows, Mac, and Xbox were released later.

This video game allows you to create customized characters called the Sims or Sim (singular). You can modify appearances and stylize the living styles of these imaginative characters.

But you will come across one question even if you have played the game only a handful of times; how to add a Sim to a household in sims 4?

Luckily, this article revolves around this very query. Let’s see the right method to do it.


The Sims is a life-animated game that has released the previous three versions, with Sims 4 being the latest version. These games allow you to create a world that is an expression of your imagination or something you would want in the real world to happen.

There are excellent options to explore. You can design your Sims and add desirable décor to their houses. A window that lets you witness a world you created using computer simulation.

It features various places for adventures, and you adopt the kind of lifestyle you want. Pursue career aspirations or develop a relationship or start a family! There is so much more that opens up once you tap the game icon on your device. 

It simulates how a family incorporates, how the assigned jobs get done and what kind of ups and downs are possible in life. Although everyone has different problems, still this insight is close enough to the real one.

Now that you know what the game is about, let’s get into the actual creation of our “Sims.”


There are two possibilities when adding a sim to a household. Either you want to add a Sim to an entirely newly created household or an existing one.

Since the game is compatible with various gaming devices and operating systems, several cheat codes allow you to do the job more quickly. It may be quick, but it won’t be as customizable as the white method.

But don’t worry, we will walk you through all the methods to do so.

Firstly, you need to access the Manage household Screen. The easiest way is the ESC button.


Adding a Sim to a household while playing as a family is really easy. Just make the desired Sim speak to the target Sim, and you will see the screen.

Now when playing as a family, make sure the conversation takes place as a Social interaction. Once the Sims accept the conversing invitation, you will see the access screen. Go ahead and choose, ‘Ask to move in.


Suppose you have just started the game and don’t have enough money to buy a new house but have only the free Sims. This tip may help you a lot.

Finishing a quest successfully sometimes requires more Sims than your household has. If you are new, you will likely come across this difficulty. But don’t worry, there is a way to use the free Sims and accomplish the quest.

To add Sims to an existing household, you will require the two Sims to be friends. One Sim needs to pull interaction on the other Sim to move to the home.

For instance, you want a sim who lives in house B to move to House A for a quest. If the Sims are strangers, you need them to be nice to each other five times once they complete the blue scale of good friends. You get the option to move in.

Ensure the Sim who is living in the house (target house) invites the other Sim to move in. In this case, the Sim in House A needs to request the Sim from House B.

One house can accommodate a maximum of four Sims. Once your first house is full, you need to buy a new home. Also, you can only invite a sim to move in if the current residents are less than 4.


Once finished creating your Sim in Sim Creating Mode, how to add a sim to a household in Sims 4 from CAS?

You need to navigate to the top right corner of your screen and select the option ‘Add to Gallery.’ Or you can use the function key F4 to open the Gallery. You will find three tabs there: Home, community, and library.

Click on the community, and on the left side, you will find several parameters. Check the Category to Households (means you will see only the Sims). If you change it to all, it will exhibit house landmarks also. You can even select the size of your Sim houseful.

Once you click the Sim you will find some fancy icons on the bottom line of the dialogue window. Select the one on the right bottom. Upon hovering your cursor, it will say ‘Place household.’ Click on the icon, and now you will see a dialogue box featuring three options: Merge Replace, Cancel.

The options will do just what the name explains. The Merge option merges the Sim to your current house, and the replace replaces your household. Choose which suits you, and there you go. Your Sim is there freshly downloaded from the Gallery.

The imported Sim doesn’t show up in your library. For a Sim to indefinitely stay in your game, you need to select the option ‘Save Household To My Library’ and then pop open your library tab, and your favorite Sim is there.


Fans who like the terminal commands can use some handsome cheat codes to muscle up the gameplay.

Hold and press Ctrl+ Shift+ C on your keyboard to open a chat box in the top left corner of the screen. The first thing is to enable the testing cheats. For that, type “testingcheats true” and press Enter. You will see a message displayed as cheats enabled or activated.

Press the ESC key to close the cheat box. Next, holding down the Shift key click on the Sim you want to add. You will find a hovering menu around the Sim. Select Add to Family, and you are all done!

You can use the same process to remove any sim from the household.

Summing things up, we hope that is article has been helpful. Now we are counting on you being useful, like, and share our post for completing the friendship bar!