How to Use Discord On Xbox – Improve Your Gaming Communication

It’s always fun to play games with your friends. Connecting with your friends is such a big part of gaming. The world is full of gamers who use Discord to chat with their friends and be connected with them all the time when they game.


In 2018, Xbox announced the collaboration of Microsoft and Discord. This collaboration results in a unite of PC and console gamers. This collaboration of Microsoft and Xbox makes it easier for players to connect with their friends and see what their friends are playing across the PC and console.


It provides gamers more choices, which allows them to play how and wherever they want to.

What is Discord?

What is Discord

Discord is a voice and chat-application which has taken over the PC gaming sector by storm. There are Ten million PC gamers who use Discord to communicate and coordinate with their friends.

Every PC gamer or mobile gamer probably knows how to install and use Discord; the question remains for Xbox users if you are an Xbox One user and don’t know how to set up and use Discord then, here is everything you need to know on how to use Discord on Xbox. 

The Discord service is fastly expanding into the gamers and console territory because of the features it offers and we found some gamers argue that Discord is taking too much time to setup. Let me assure you that you can easily use Discord with Xbox One. Read on and find out how.

Step-by-step guide on How to use Discord on Xbox One

Discord on Xbox One

Since the collaboration of Microsoft and Xbox is announced, people are crazy about having it in their Xbox. After all, two tech titans combined opens doors to new opportunities to both PC fans and console fans.

At first, Xbox got the integration of Discord. Now both console and PC gamers can be one happy family. You easily watch your friends playing through Discord or you can also hop in if you want to join them and make it a multiplayer session.


The only thing which stops you is a free Discord account. Though you don’t need an account for everything, here, you will need both an Xbox Live account and a Discord account.

The report is required just to link the Discord account with your Xbox Live account. With consideration, you can sign-up from anywhere and download Discord for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac by this link.

The signing-up process for Discord is straightforward all you will be needing is a username, password and email address for verification purposes.

Linking Discord with Xbox One

There are two methods by which you easily link your Discord account to Xbox One. You can choose any from the listed below ways.

  1. Using Xbox One.
  2. Using Discord phone or desktop app.

The detailed steps for both methods are listed below

Using Xbox one

Follow these steps to link your Discord account to Xbox One.

  1. Open your Xbox One Settings.
  2. Go to Account Settings on Xbox One.
  3. There you will see a Linked Social Account option. Click on it.
  4. Select Link Discord account from the options
  5. To link your Xbox One to Discord, Xbox will give you a six-character pin-code which you should input in the Discord app. You can enter this six-character at the connection menu on the Discord phone or desktop app.

Using the Discord phone or desktop app

Discord phone app

You can also initiate the linking of the Xbox One through your Discord app. Follow the steps to do so.

  1. Open Discord on your device, whether it is your phone or desktop.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Then go to User Settings and then select the Connections tab.
  4. By doing so, you will get to see a list of icons that are eligible for pairing the Discord with the apps listed.
  5. Locate the Xbox icon from the right side.
  6. After the opening of Xbox, Select Xbox Live and sign-in with your credentials.
  7. Grant permissions to Discord to access your Xbox One account.
  8. In this way, your Discord account is now linked Xbox One through Discord phone or desktop app.

After linking, users will get an option to display what games they’re playing on Xbox One with the other gaming friends and Discord users.

To use Discord on your Xbox console, you can log into your Microsoft account through a browser in your device.


Once you get there, visit the Discord website and log-in with your credentials and you will have access to the Discord content when gaming without any kind of need of smartphone or desktop nearby.

How to Unlink Discord app from Xbox One

If you are tired from Discord or changing the console, don’t worry. We have got your back here too. The process of unlinking the Discord app from Xbox One is as simple and easy as linking the Discord app from the Xbox One app. You can do so by using three ways.

  1. From official Microsoft site.
  2. From the Discord app.
  3. From Xbox One.

Unlinking the account from official Microsoft site

To unlink your Discord account from Xbox One, use the following link. Sign in with your credentials. Unlink your account and save the changes.

Unlinking the account from Xbox One

To unlink your Discord account from Xbox One through Xbox settings. Follow these steps

  1. Go to Xbox Settings.
  2. Then go to Account Settings.
  3. Now select the Linked social Accounts tab.
  4. Now you will see a connection of Discord app and your Xbox One.
  5. Click on the Remove the Link button, and you’re done.

Unlinking the account from Xbox One

Follow the following steps to unlink your Discord from your Xbox One through the Discord app.

  1. Firstly, sign-in to your Discord account by entering your credentials.
  2. Go to Account settings, placed at the bottom left-hand of the app.
  3. Click on Connections Tab, as we did before.
  4. Now, click on the Xbox Live connection and then click on the “Remove the Link” button.
  5. Just follow the prompts and confirm the settings before backing out.

Using Discord for communication

Using Discord for communication

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official app of Discord for the Xbox yet, but it’s possible to use Discords as your communication and chat partner while gaming. You can use Discord app from your phone, from your desktop to communicate, or chat with your friends instead of the Xbox chat system, which is quite flawed.

The Flaws in Xbox messaging system are like it makes quite it challenging to hear others and it lacks it, delivering your proper voice to your friends, especially on online gaming where communication is the main thing.

This app can be a better alternative if you have a desktop, phone and an excellent and stable internet connection as it eliminates poor sound quality or lagging of the voice.

Your PC or console can easily keep up with you and your current online activities related to gaming all in one place with the integration of Discord and Xbox.

Is linking your Xbox One with Discord worth it?

Keeping in mind that Discord doesn’t have a proper app for Xbox console, Discord goes for a downfall because it’s not the same Discord app that PC users have access to. While on the other side, the excellent sound quality and good communication it offers make Discord worth consideration.

Here is some reason why you should go for it.

  • It’s pretty simple and easy to link, so why not?
  • Excellent chat options: it doesn’t matter if your console is running slow or your online voice is lagging, with Discord you can achieve seamless and impressive voice quality.
  • It shows your game status: if you love playing with your friends or have multiple platforms, your friends can see your gaming on Xbox and also can hop in to join the game.
  • You got a keyboard: for those who like to chat can chat quickly and seamlessly.

Using Discord for communication - Is it Worth it

Unleash the Power of Discord on Xbox One: Discover the Best Features

As the gaming world continues to evolve, so does the need for seamless communication and collaboration. Discord has become the go-to platform for gamers around the globe, offering an extensive range of features to enhance the gaming experience. Now, with Discord on Xbox One, you can unlock even more possibilities and dive into a whole new world of connectivity.

Stay Connected, No Matter Where You Are

Imagine being able to chat with your friends, coordinate strategies, or share your latest in-game achievements without even switching devices. With Discord on Xbox One, you can connect your gaming experience directly to your Discord account, enabling you to access all your contacts and servers from the comfort of your console.

Voice Channels: Communicate Like a Pro

Tired of typing lengthy messages or struggling with in-game voice chat limitations? Discord’s voice channels are here to save the day. By integrating Discord with your Xbox One, you can join voice channels to communicate with your friends, teammates, and fellow gamers with ease. Discuss tactics, share your excitement, or simply chat about your day—all without missing a beat in your gaming sessions.

Voice Channels - Communicate Like a Pro with discord on xbox one

Rich Presence: Share Your Gaming Adventures

Let your friends know what you’re playing and show off your gaming prowess with Discord’s Rich Presence feature. Once you’ve connected Discord to your Xbox One, your current game status will be displayed on your profile, giving your friends a sneak peek into your gaming adventures. Whether you’re conquering new realms or battling it out in a multiplayer showdown, Rich Presence keeps everyone in the loop.

Friend Sync: Unite Your Gaming Worlds

Keep your gaming circles connected with Discord’s Friend Sync feature. By linking your Xbox One and Discord accounts, you can quickly sync your Xbox friends list with your Discord contacts. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to play with your friends, regardless of the platform they’re using.

Customization: Make Discord Your Own

Personalize your Discord experience by tweaking settings to match your preferences. Customize your notification sounds, choose which messages to display on your Xbox One, and even change the appearance of the app to reflect your unique gaming style.

The Ending Line

Finally, after waiting for a long time, Xbox One users can use Discord as PC users are applying for a long time. As you can see, how easy and straightforward it is to link and unlink Discord from Xbox One, there are no complicated steps or installation process to go through.

All you have to do is to connect both the Xbox Live account and Discord account and you are done.

Recently, we have seen more and more cooperation and collaboration of tech titans, which results in benefiting the gaming world. As technology is spreading all over the globe, and it’s becoming available and released to the public and gamer community, which is a total advantage.

We hope, now, there won’t be any issue regarding how to use Discord on Xbox but if you are facing any problem, just let us know through the comments section. We will get to as soon as possible.

Thank you.