Why You Should Play World of Warcraft in A Group

Many players are looking for projects in which they can play as part of a group from the first level.

This allows you to immediately create pleasant conditions for the game, where everyone works for a common success. Knocked-out items are not sold thoughtlessly, but distributed and only useless equipment goes to the market – in the case of playing an MMO RPG.

Such groups are easily adapted to the genre, since any mechanics are available to them without being tied to random participants, which means they will be able to communicate and achieve results purely on their own, without giving resources to outsiders.

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Consider the best projects for playing as part of a group.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Despite the need for a paid subscription, WoW remains one of the most interesting and convenient projects for playing as part of a ready-made group that is moving to the project.

You only need to choose your faction for all players and start conquering the world of Azeroth and start your adventure to new lands – the Dragon Isles.

What can you do:

  • Collective grind
  • Raids
  • PVP
  • Professions
  • Land exploration
  • Dragons and flying

Collective Grind

If you play as part of a large group, then it makes no sense for you to focus too much on quests, but just go through the storyline and level up in key locations until you completely grow through the levels.

This will allow you to constantly have resources for yourself and your group and accumulate equipment and other useful items for production, or subsequent sale.

There are a lot of materials at the locations that will help equip all members of the group in the best possible way.

When considering the advantages of group play in World of Warcraft, it’s essential to ensure you have the optimal gaming display, and this review and buying guide for monitors can assist you in making an informed choice.


Raids are difficult but one of the best ways to earn the best equipment and weapons in an active and combative way.

You need to go into the boss’s lair and defeat him and his retinue by dodging his deadly attacks and avoiding unpleasant skills.

Since you play in a group, you can always communicate with each other and competently get out of any, even the most critical situations, and most importantly, all the loot will remain inside your squad, and not have a chance to go beyond it in the case of raids with random players.

Raids are divided by difficulty level and the most difficult – Mythic dungeons will be the most valuable in terms of legendary equipment and weapons and will allow you to equip the entire group with the best items, but will also require much more effort when passing and a smaller threshold for errors, which in total can lead to failure the whole hike.

The key is that through communication and the right approach, you can regularly clear mythic raids, equip yourself and your group with equipment, sell everything superfluous at auction, and have a good income for investing in those items that you cannot get as part of a group.


PVP (1)

Since the World of Warcraft is, first of all, a bright concept of confrontation between two factions, there will be entertainment for the combat groups of players.

Starting from clearing the game zones of your level and the opportunity to get special coins of valor that can be exchanged for good equipment with characteristics aimed at fighting other players.

The second option is arenas, which are special combat zones reserved for PVP, which have the same goal – to allow players to fight among themselves and reward the strongest and most dexterous opponents.

The main thing to know is that don’t try to destroy low-level players – this is not encouraged in the form of coins and is condemned by the gaming community. Of course, you will get a fan, especially when enemy groups arrive at the location and a real battle begins between the Horde and the Alliance.


In WoW, a system of professions has been implemented and improved in the Dragonflight update.

You can choose resource-gathering and production-related professions and occupy two slots of your choice with them.

If all members of the group take away the key prefabricated specifications and crafts, then your squad will receive full and independent equipment and the opportunity to earn good gold by supplying everything superfluous to the trade market and selling resources and finished products to other players.

Professions should not be underestimated, but they should not be overestimated either – this is an excellent resource for collecting additional materials during the hunt and using them to produce new items to strengthen players or sell them. In all other respects, raids and PVP will suit you.

Land Exploration

The study and conquest of lands should be understood as new updates, for example, in Dragonflight, where you need to arrive on the islands and be the first to start exploring them because each new resource will be worth its weight in gold.

Given that the update has been out for a long time – you need to close the gap as quickly as possible and concentrate on getting level 60 to quickly go to the new Dragon Islands.

Dragons and Flying

Dragons And Flying

In WoW, after the release of the Dragonflight update and the addition of the island of the same name, the theme of dragons was closely intertwined with the history of Azeroth.

Players study dragons, hunt them, determine the cause of the extinction of ancient species, and at the end of their research come to master the species for taming and transition to full-fledged flight.

The fact is that before the Dragonflight update, the project did not have full-fledged flights like many competitors like Final Fantasy 14 – all air movements were scripted and were essentially an animated teleport – when you are simply taken from point A to point B with a simple movement, and you’re admiring locations and open spaces – in new lands it is impressive, but with constant reuse it is tiring.

As for the content and free flight, you will have the choice of which dragon you should tame – fire, ice, earth, or wind.

Only the appearance and customization options change.

When you’re part of a gaming group, sharing intriguing World of Warcraft trivia can not only impress your fellow players but also strengthen the bonds within your guild, aligning with the communal spirit of the game discussed in the related article.

You will develop along with your pets – your skills will affect the fight on horseback and the ability to stay in the saddle, and the pet will master air combat techniques and aerobatics.

For a fireteam, this opens up the possibility of fast and free movement, active ways to move to raids on the territory of the Dragon Isles, and start PvP directly from the air.

The key idea of the Blizzard developers is that you can fully explore the islands only from the air and get to hidden places in the mountains and initial raid zones like Aberrus.