PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC – How To Fix

Thanks to technological advancement, there are so many games to play, which has eventually led to the evolution of PC gaming. Commonly used input devices for PC gaming include joypads, controllers, yokes, keyboards, and steering wheels. The evolution in gaming has paved the way for PlayStation and X4.

The PS4 controllers are designed to work in compatibility with PS4. However, sometimes you may notice that the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the PC. This is not that big a deal and can be easily fixed.

The Xbox controllers are designed to function smoothly with PCs, but this may not be the case for PS4s. If you want the PS4 controller to function smoothly with your PC, you need to connect it to the right driver.

Why Does The PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting From The PC?


Windows PC may not be able to function smoothly with the PS4 controller. Some of the common reasons why your controller fails to work with PS4 include the following:

Software Issues

PS4 controllers are designed to function only with PS4 and not other devices. Therefore, there are very few chances that these will work with PCs. However, you can use the PS4 software to ensure that the controller works with a PC.

The software can be glitchy in certain cases, leading to the PS4 controller getting disconnected from the PC.

Bluetooth Driver

It can be annoying that you’re in the middle of a game and suddenly, your controller stops functioning. This is mostly because the system’s Bluetooth drivers haven’t been updated. It is necessary to check the Bluetooth configurations regularly to ensure that the controller works smoothly.

Defective Controller

If you don’t take care of your controller, you will likely face damages. A defective controller may mostly happen because of the mishandling of the controller.

If you don’t properly use the controller, it may stop functioning. Therefore, it will lead to constant disconnection from the PC.

How To Fix The PS4 Controller That Keeps Getting Disconnected From The PS4?


PS4 controllers are expensive. Therefore, you will want it to work efficiently with your system. However, because of the reasons mentioned above, there are chances of these units getting disconnected regularly.

Some of the key ways through which you can prevent the PS4 controller from getting disconnected regularly include:

Use The Right Software

If you want your PS4 controller to work with your PC, you need to use compatible DS4 software. The software will emulate the input controls, allowing the software to understand the process.

You should consider using the upgraded software version to prevent the controller from getting disconnected. However, using the latest version will require you to follow some norms, so you should consider taking a look at it before using it.

Reset The PS4 Controller

People don’t often realize this, but sometimes it may be because of the problems in the controller that it keeps getting disconnected. Resetting the PS4 controller will allow you to bring significant changes in the file configuration if any other controller was previously used with it.

The tips for resetting the PS4 controller is as follows:

  • Get a sim ejector tool or safety pin.
  • A small hole will be present close to the top right screw on the rear end of the controller, and it will come with the direction of resetting.
  • With the help of the pin or the ejector tool, you should press the reset button for some time, usually seconds.
  • After you are done with it, switch on your controller and pair it with the PC.

Check If The Controller Is In Working Conditioner


Sometimes you may not be able to figure out the issue of why your controller isn’t functioning correctly. One of the best ways to check if your controller is working is to connect it to the PS4.

If the controller pairs with the PS4, it indicates that it is in working condition. However, if it still does not connect, it means that there is some flaw in your controller. You should consider getting either a new controller or repairing the existing one in such cases.

Check For Damage To The Wires

If you use the controller by connecting it to the plugs, it is advisable to check for damages to the wires. You should check if the cables have any frayed ends or cuts in between. Sometimes we tend to roll the wires and store them. In these cases, if the roll is too tight, it can lead to internalized damage of the wires.

If your current cable is damaged, you should connect it with other cables. This will help you analyze if the controller is working efficiently or not. However, if there are no damages to the cables, it can be due to computer USB port problems.

You should check for all possible damages to the devices connected to the PC. The malfunctioning of the port can also be one of the most common reasons why your controller keeps getting disconnected. If the port is malfunctioning, you should consider getting a new USB port.

Use Updated Bluetooth Drivers

If you want to keep away the errors, you should consider using the latest version of Bluetooth drivers. To get the latest version of Bluetooth drivers, follow this method:

  • In the Start menu, search for Device Manager and click on it.
  • The dialog box will appear. Search for Bluetooth and double-click on the small arrow on the left.
  • Choose the Bluetooth drive, right-click and update it to the latest driver.
  • Automatically search for the drivers.
  • The Device Manager will automatically install the latest drivers in your system on finding the latest drivers.
  • Restart the PC to finish the installation process.

If there are no more errors, you will smoothly use the PS4 controller with the PC.

Final Words

Now that you know why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the PC, you need to follow the proper measures for fixing it. However, if all the steps mentioned above fail to work, it is advisable to visit an authorized service center to repair your controller.

You should refrain from disassembling the controller if it is under warranty period.

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