5 Ways to Fix the “Ghost Touch” Problem on Android and iOS Smartphones

Face problems with your smartphone? Have you noticed that your smartphone behaves awkwardly, running apps, taking photos, and sending messages on its own? Most likely, you have encountered such an issue as a ghostly touch. Both Android and Apple owners can face such a problem. What to do in such a situation, and how to fix the issue? Next, you will learn about 5 reasons for such an error and ways to get rid of it.

What is the Ghost Touch Problem?

So what kind of problem are we talking about? Ghost touch is a technical issue that mainly affects the phone’s touch screen. This leads to malfunctions of the sensor and spotting of touches that are not physically present. So, the phone acts like it’s being controlled by a ghost. The owner can face a situation when the device starts to open different apps, write texts or make calls.

Therefore, such a bug is called a ghost touch, and it is as common as a black spot on screen, especially among Android users.

Fortunately, solving both issues is possible, for example, by visiting Howly. However, dealing with a black spot will always require professional assistance.

Ghost Touch Problem

5 Reasons and Ways to Fix Ghost Touch on Android and iOS Smartphones

Ghost touch can be caused by a variety of reasons. Below you will find the most common ones, along with the effective ways to fix ghost touch. But before we get started with discovering the ghost touch reasons, let’s get started with the simplest and the most obvious tip that helps in 90% of cases.

Cleaning the touchscreen on your iPhone or Android can be an effective way out against ghost touch. Perhaps the problem is related precisely to the fact that your screen has fatty prints. Therefore, first of all, you should remove all the dust that may be just the reason why the smartphone detects your touch in the wrong way.

In order to clean your smartphone’s touch screen, you must first turn it off and unplug any connected cables. Then find a soft, clean, and lint-free cloth. This cloth should be lightly moistened with warm water. Start cleaning the touch screen gently from end to end.

When wiping, make sure that there is no moisture on the holes. For this procedure, it is not recommended to use window cleaners, household appliances or cleaning products that contain abrasives or hydrogen peroxide. This can destroy the durable coating that manufacturers put on to protect the screen.

Reason 1: Broken Charger or Cable

Ways to Fix Ghost Touch - Broken Charger or Cable

Sometimes a broken charger or cable can cause many failures in the operating processes of your device. Regularly, it can cause such a problem as a ghost touch when the smartphone starts to react to non-existent input. Surprised? This is the most common reason for such an issue as a ghost touch.

First, you should check the cable for serviceability. If there are any problems with a charger or cable, you need to try charging your smartphone with a different charger. If the problem was related to a malfunctioning charger, then there is a need to use a working one, as this can solve the problem.

Reason 2: The High Temperature

Most mobile phone (or laptops) touch screens detect touch by pressure and temperature. Manufacturers have developed sensors that respond to the specific combination of the two that only a human finger can produce. The extreme temperature can also cause a case when the screen reacts. Overheating can also be caused either by excessive use time or by overloading the smartphone’s operating system with unnecessary processes.

You can think about taking breaks between uses and always make sure your phone is cool. Do not use the phone while it is charging or when the battery is below 10% as the chances of the smartphone overheating are usually high at this time. It is also worth clearing the app cache in order to get rid of system overload.

Reason 3: The Low-quality Screen Protector

The Low-quality Screen Protector

Many users often use screen protectors to prevent damage and normal wear and tear effects from everyday use on our phone’s screen. However, a screen protector that has started to peel off is damaged or has never been attached properly can cause your phone to spot a fake touch. This can be either the protector itself or the dust and debris that have fallen under it.

In these cases, you should start by cleaning the screen using screen wipes or screen cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, and then reattach or replace the screen protector. Ideally, this should be done by a professional, as the slightest crease can cause a lot of trouble.

Reason 4: The Outdated Device

As stated earlier, ghost touch is rarely the result of a software glitch. However, outdated software or bugs can cause your phone to create ghost touch issues. So, there is a need to make sure your device and apps are up to date to fix this, as most bugs are fixed with updates.

Always use all the new versions so as to never face such a problem like a ghost touch in the future and the lion’s share of other possible issues with smartphone performance and security.

Reason 5: Software Updating Problems

Ways to Fix Ghost Touch - Software Updating Problems

As you realize, not all ghost touch issues are related to hardware. The reason why your phone’s touch sensors fail can be the software updating process problems. It is vital not only to update your smartphone, as in the above tip, but also to pass by bugs that can occur during such a process.

We’re talking about software updates or core apps that break due to a bad internet connection or a sudden power outage. As a result, the data can calibrate the touch screen and make it more sensitive. So, there is a need to use all the updates that are available.

The easiest solution to this problem is to run all the updated processes without any bugs. Hence, it is vital to update apps or the operating system with a stable internet connection and when your device is fully charged.

Wrapping Up

Try all the above tips to get rid of the feeling that your phone lives a life of its own. Such a problem as ghost touch can create a lot of problems for the owner of a smartphone, so you should try all the above tips in order to get rid of such an issue. What’s more, you can fix it on your own by following the simple tips we have shared above.