How to Edit Games Video Like a Pro

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns it caused worldwide led to the ascent of the gaming community. Gamers across the world played their respective games and streamed them online through various platforms like YouTube, Discord, Twitch, and many more. Some streamed live videos, while others shared their gameplay videos. Their viewer count reached a whopping 1.2 billion worldwide, a massive hike of 18% from the viewership figure before the pandemic.

The gamers who shared videos of their gameplay had to edit those recordings quickly and upload them so that their viewers never lacked content. Shooting and then editing a gaming video can be pretty challenging due to the multiple steps involved. But now you have a detailed guide of how you can edit gaming videos like a pro.

Since this industry is growing, you can also try your luck with posting gameplay videos. Here are some professional tips that you can use to publish exciting videos based on your favourite games.

Your game should run flawlessly


Having a game that runs smoothly and flawlessly is a basic necessity for publishing gaming videos. You should have a professional setup to cater to the requirements of the games you play. Ensure that there is no lag during the gameplay or any notifications popping up. Excessive distractions in the video can annoy viewers.

The device you are playing your game on should have a basic resolution of 1080p at 60 FPS or Frames per Second. The quality of your gameplay will determine the overall quality of your final video footage.

Adjust the video profile and colour saturation

Here, video profile means the colour scheme of your video. Once you record the raw footage, you can use an online video editor tool like InVideo, Animoto, Kizoa etc to edit and correct the colour scheme of your video. The two most important aspects of your video are brightness and contrast. Both can be adjusted to a suitable level through the video editing tool.

Apart from that, there are many more colour correction factors that you need to check and set at an appropriate tone to make your video look professional. You can do all of this with the help of the video editing tool.

Again, the colour saturation of your video is an essential aspect that you cannot skimp on at all. Imbalanced colour saturation can be disturbing for viewers to watch. In a professional sense, use the mix of 15% and 10%, or 30% and 20% colour contrasting tones. This also enhances the minute details within your video.

Trim to a suitable length while editing


While gameplay can last up to an hour and more, posting an hour-long video can be boring for the viewers. Moreover, recording and uploading a gaming video can be tiresome due to its high-quality graphics and sizing features. Hence, when editing your gameplay video, ensure that you differentiate the whole footage into smaller segments according to relevance. Then trim each part and stitch the clips together to get the desired video of the suitable length.

Creating segmented videos keeps your audience engaged and wanting more. This is a subtle way of increasing your followers. Since most game video editors deliver the output in an MP4 format, it would not be a problem to post on most social media platforms.

Add special effects and transitions

Since you are posting gaming videos, you will want the content to be as exciting as possible. Adding attractive special effects and transitions to your video ensures that your audience will engage with your content. Moreover, adding effects will make your video look highly professional and ensure that you are following the current trend. Most video editing tools, be it online or offline, come with a vast array of special effects, filters and transitions. Hence you can use them to their full potential.

Adding these effects and filters also enhances the video quality, although you have to keep the length of the video in mind.

Add audio and narratives


When posting a gaming video, it is essential to add voice overs or at least some audio effects in the background to make the video even more enjoyable. Gaming videos without sound effects can be bland and boring. The background sound, when properly synchronised with every visual, sets the right mood for your video.

Most game video editor tools allow you to add background sounds. You can either go for commentary based on the visuals displayed or add special audio effects. When adding voice commentary, ensure that it is synchronised with the clip and recorded in high quality.

Use proper thumbnails for your videos

If you post your video on YouTube, an attractive and engaging thumbnail is mandatory to attract more views. You can create a relevant and captivating thumbnail with a simple picture editing tool. You can add an exciting face or just reveal your face in the thumbnails since it could attract viewers. Apart from that, you can add pictures from your gameplay clips and add text alongside those pictures. Make sure that all the thumbnails are relevant to attract a good audience.

A thumbnail is the first step towards attracting an audience and making them feel like they would miss out on something interesting if they did not watch the video. Hence creating a colourful and fascinating thumbnail is quite essential.

Prepare a complete draft of your video


It is essential to have a proper plan for arranging the various clips for your video and publishing the outcome. Creating a decent draft or outline of all the steps beforehand will make your work much more manageable. Once you have a clear roadmap and you follow a step-by-step process of filming, editing and then publishing your video, you will have guaranteed success in this field.

Wrapping up

With the right recording equipment and editing tools, you can become a professional game streamer. Since the gaming market is pretty popular these days, anyone can try their luck. Moreover, social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and many others have become quite compliant and supportive when it comes to publishing gaming videos. The viewers and gaming lovers have become supportive towards all kinds of channels, be it small or large. The enthusiasm of the audience and their support is what drives gamers worldwide to create exciting content regularly.