Top 10 Easiest Pokemon To Draw

Are you a Pokemon fan who enjoyed watching all these monsters in your childhood? If yes, then you must have tried making any of these at some point too. There are almost 800 Pocket Monsters that you can draw, but as a beginner, you will always look for the easy ones first. A list of the 10 easiest Pokemon to draw is given in the article below for your convenience. You can start with these and shift to the difficult ones after getting ahold of your pencil.

After searching the internet for hours we found some Pokemon that are easy to draw as a beginner. Not everyone is good at drawing so you can start off with these unless you get some grip on the pencil. Go through the list below and start drawing these monsters on a plain piece of paper. I’m sure these will be easy for you as they can be made by using some shapes and a ruler.



Ditto is the first one on our list because it is the easiest Pokemon to draw. It is just a blob with eyes and a mouth. The eyes are literally two tiny dots and it is pink in color. The facial expression can either be a wide smile or you can use a straight line. The shape does not have to be specific as a Ditto is flexible and powerful. You just have to focus on the hands of this jelly-like pink-colored blob.


Voltrob is a red and round monster that can be drawn easily with the help of a compass or a round object. Once you make the shape, you just have to make two eyes and a nose which is just a line. The right eye is connected with the nose and a triangle is present at the top. The upper half of the circle is red while the lower half of the circle is white.


Dratini looks like a cute little snake but it is actually a dragon. It has two white pointed wings and a big round nose. Except for the wings, Dratini’s body shape is very easy to make. It is similar to the letter “S” but is long and has a pointed tail. The eyes are black and a small white circle is present on the forehead. In my opinion, it is extremely easy to make if you get done with the head.


Snorunt is a triangle-shaped Pokemon that was introduced in generation 2. It has a triangle shape and can easily be drawn with a ruler or a 3D geometrical set. It does not have body parts and the legs are round like a ball. Although you might need some time for coloring as it has five different colors, it is easy to draw as it shivers but stays static all the time.



Klink looks like a gear and is a combination of two different Pokemon. It is different and unique as it does not look like any living creature and resembles fixing tools. You just need to make sure that the two Klink’s interlock each other while drawing. A small green circle is present at the midpoint with an eye on one side and a cross on the other.


After Ditto, Luvdisc is the easiest Pokemon to draw as it requires very less effort. It looks like a heart but appears to be fish with a mouth and eye at the side. If you know how to draw a heart, you can draw a Luvdisc in a matter of a few minutes only. You just have to focus on the cheek pouch as it makes it appear different and unique.


Eiscue is a penguin with a cubed head. The lower body is the same as a penguin so you can draw that easily. You might struggle a bit with the head as a beginner because of the edges and the color. The eyes are round and the nose looks like a rhombus. Overall, you just have to maintain the balance between the head and the body and focus on the shading.


Jigglypuff resembles a round-shaped ball and is pink in color. It has two ears and big blue eyes with a white dot in the upper right corner. A hair strand falls in between the eyes and a small mouth is present at the lower end. The hands look like a “v” but have round edges and are located around the mouth area. It was introduced in the first generation of the Pokemon and has evolved during the other seasons.



Mew is not very easy to make but once you have tried making all the Pokemons that are mentioned above, you can give it a try. It resembles a cat and is a little complex so you can break down the body parts and make them one by one. It is pink in color and has two cat ears and a long thin tail. The eyes are round and the mouth has a round shape.


We could not leave out Pikachu from our list. Although it is difficult and might need a few practice sessions, you can do it. YouTube is filled with videos that can help you draw your favorite Pokemon with perfection. It is yellow in color and smiles all the time. Two long pointed ears and red cheek pouches are present on the face. However, the feet are the toughest part and will require more effort and practice.



What is the hardest Pokemon to draw?

There are several Pokemon that are very hard to draw and will need a lot of practice. Guzzlord, Dialga, Raikou, and Kyurem include the list of the Pokemons that are hardest to draw.

What is the most complex-looking Pokemon?

Eternatus, Blacephalon, and Cryogonal are the few Pokemon that are extremely complicated to draw. These will need a week or more of practice for reaching perfection. They are made of different shapes and look very colorful and attractive.

What is the hardest Pokemon name to pronounce?

Mienfoo is the hardest Pokemon name to pronounce. It is usually mispronounced most of the time as people struggle while saying this.


A list of the 10 easiest Pokemon to draw is discussed in the article above. You can show your love for all these Pocket monsters by starting with them as a beginner. After a few months of practice, you can switch to the complex Pokemons and achieve perfection. I hope the article was helpful and you can now start with your drawing sessions real soon.