15 Best Laptops for Drawing 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Technology has surpassed the fantasy and imaginations of human being. All the electronic gadgets have made the life of a common man simple and more comfortable.

If you are an artist or a friendly parent looking for the best drawing laptop either for yourself or for your child, this guide will lead you to select the best. The best laptops for drawing is a reliable tool for digital artists. Through this gadget, they do not only bring their mental state to visualization but also provide reliable designs to the audience. 

The era has changed, and the Screen of the laptop has transformed into the canvass, and the fingers can choose adorable colours from the software.

The selection of the best laptop is the most challenging task because you have to deal it many things at the same time, e.g. design required features and budget. If you have made your mind to select the best laptop for yourself, this guide will help you to choose the best meeting your pocket.

Every company and brand launches the best laptop for drawing, but there are a few brands, which have taken one step ahead by grabbing successful reviews of the customers.


If you are an artist and you want to transfer your ideas to the Screen and want to show your talent to others, bring these laptops now. A genius customer always can take help from modern facilities and take them as a tool while choosing the best laptop.

The price of almost everything has touched the sky height, and In all these circumstances, if you successfully grab the best laptop, this is a blessing in real sense. Don’t fall for the massive and confusing searches and choose the best laptop for yourself by taking a view of this reliable guide. Let’s start the review of this friendly guide.

List Of Top Best Laptops for Drawing

  1. Microsoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface Go
  2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
  3. Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940
  4. HP Spectre X360 Convertible LaptopHP Spectre X360 Convertible LaptopHP Spectre X360 Convertible LaptopHP Spectre X360 Convertible LaptopHP Spectre X360 Convertible Laptop
  5. Samsung Notebook 9 ProSamsung Notebook 9 ProSamsung Notebook 9 ProSamsung Notebook 9 ProSamsung Notebook 9 Pro
  6. Lenovo Yoga book c930Lenovo Yoga book c930Lenovo Yoga book c930Lenovo Yoga book c930Lenovo Yoga book c930
  7. Asus Chromebook Flip C214MAAsus Chromebook Flip C214MAAsus Chromebook Flip C214MAAsus Chromebook Flip C214MAAsus Chromebook Flip C214MA
  8. ASUS ZenBook 13ASUS ZenBook 13ASUS ZenBook 13ASUS ZenBook 13ASUS ZenBook 13
  9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  10. Apple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook Pro
  11. Dell XPS 13Dell XPS 13Dell XPS 13Dell XPS 13Dell XPS 13
  12. Acer Spin ConvertibleAcer Spin ConvertibleAcer Spin ConvertibleAcer Spin ConvertibleAcer Spin Convertible
  13. Lenovo Flex 5Lenovo Flex 5Lenovo Flex 5Lenovo Flex 5Lenovo Flex 5
  14. Microsoft Surface Pro 6Microsoft Surface Pro 6Microsoft Surface Pro 6Microsoft Surface Pro 6Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  15. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2Samsung Chromebook Plus V2Samsung Chromebook Plus V2Samsung Chromebook Plus V2Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

1. Microsoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface GoMicrosoft Surface Go


  • Microsoft Brand
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • CPU: Intel Pentium Gold
  • RAM: 8GB/128GB
  • Wireless wi-fi service
  • Touched and written on Screen
  • Include Multi-tasking USB C

In the past, people have to deal with the surface issues, but the surface goes come with the great features in the market. The reliable features of this simple-looking gadget have ended the search of many people. If you are searching for a product which has the best battery life, And you can keep it anywhere, and then the best portable device would be waiting for you.

The keyboard quality is enough that you feel the best sensor quality by a minor touch. The storage of surface goes enough to save your necessary data. The processor and the wi-fi connection will give the best experience of the device.

The processor of the laptop is Pentium Gold, and it is the biggest reason for the quick working of the laptop. The laptop has designed to resolve all the issues of the artists. The best working and its services for the artists has made it the top choice while choosing the best laptop for drawing.

Go with the flow and fashion. Although the laptop is a bit expensive, it will provide reliable services. You do not have to regret your choice by purchasing surface go.

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


  • Microsoft Brand
  • Wireless Bluetooth and wi-fi
  • 10th Generation Core i5
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 2.79 Pounds weight
  • USB C and A port for connecting

When it comes to the best laptop choice among the tough competition, Microsoft surface laptop three has broken all the record. The box hits the heart when a buyer unboxes the laptop. The user never will regret the investment on this item. Microsoft has always introduced the product with unique features in the market.

Those who want to buy a reliable and best laptop for the drawing will find all the reliable features of this laptop. First of all, the magnificent and the luxury design of the laptop grab the attention of the people. The specification of the product is enough to beat the rivals.

On the other hand, the fast processor, and the sleek design give additional features. It contains USB C port too which have solved all the connectivity issues through the wire. Wireless support is also provided via Bluetooth and wi-fi. The speed charging of the product can serve you more than your imagination.

Now, you can enjoy stylish and luxury design and fast charging at the same time. Although battery life is medium, it is still reliable. The product is expensive, but the beauty matches its price.

3. Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940Lenovo Yoga C940


  • FHD Touch
  • 10th generation
  • Intel Core i7
  • Windows 10, Brand: Lenovo
  • 12 GB Memory, 512 GB SSD
  • Backlit keyboard and finger reader

Every product contains some remarkable features that made it different from the other. If we talk about Lenovo, the company has done the struggle of years to give reliable products. From gaming to art and design, they have laptops for everyone.

The FHD high-resolution touch display can make your art working more comfortable and trustworthy where you can use your fingers to choose the colour. Another advantage of the high resolution is that you will understand the colour nuances easily.

The 4K Screen is a powerful feature of this drawing laptop. If you are looking for the best drawing laptop and your budget is ordinary, this laptop will make the best choice.

4. HP Spectre X360 15-inch Convertible Laptop


  • Touch screen
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Backlit Keyboards
  • HP brand, Wireless Bluetooth and wi-fi
  • 8GB DDR4/ 256GB
  • Vega 8 integrated graphics

If you are searching for a laptop that contains a simple and sleek design with optimum performance, HP will provide you with the services of quality laptops. Due to its features and god graphics, it is thought to be the best laptop for drawing and gaming.

The quality of the keyboard is enough to play with the colours. The 4K vibrant Screen as made the search of many people easier. Although the laptop is heavy and its tablet mode will become tough to manage for the person, but the laptop itself is the best choice for the artists who mostly do their work from home.

The HP has provided specification is less price; on the other hand, many brands have provided the same specification with privacy touch. These easy to afford laptops can also be used the children for drawing purpose. Although you cannot do continuously work on it as it will make the bottom warmer, still you can choose this laptop for the usage of a few hours.

5. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro


  • Convertible Touch screen
  • Windows 10 home
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Brand: Samsung
  • 16 GB DDR memory,256 GB SSD
  • 1.8 GHz Processor with up to 4GHz turbo boost

No one can beat the level of Samsung Notebook 9 pro in design and style. Besides providing style and design, this laptop has a convertible plan. This 2 in 1 quality has blessed the user with the touch of two gadgets. The laptop is made for everyday usage and the tablet for drawing and little gaming.

The top-notch attributes and the best operating system with extensive storage have made it laptop for drawing. While choosing the drawing laptop, the brightness of the laptop should be good enough that you can distinguish minor details of the colour. In this way, this model of note series has optimum illumination, and this brightness is the best reason to buy this laptop.

The keys are slippery, but the touch screen has reliable qualities. The storage id considered as the littles less as compare to the other laptops of the same brands. The luxury design and the multi-mode display have made this laptop as your choice. The ports are available for connection, and with ports, the wireless connection is also available via Bluetooth.

6. Lenovo Yoga Book c930


  • Lenovo Brand
  • Windows 10 home, Touch Screen
  • Intel core i7
  • 16GB DDR,
  • Dolby Atmos audio
  • Active pen
  • 3 LBS

There will be no doubt while saying that the Lenovo yoga cr30 has impressive qualities and the users like it in every aspect. The look of this elegant laptop is enough to show that it has unique qualities. From design to performance, everything is unique and reliable. Among these laptops,  the convertible quality is only given by this brand.

It is the moment of proud for the Lenovo that’s they are beginners of the convertible Screen. The vibrant 4K look of the display can serve best for drawing. That’s why, while choosing these laptops, the users mostly prefer Lenovo because they charge less and provide more.

The touch screen keyboard of Lenovo is best for drawing and artwork. The graphics and high resolution are also helpful for doing the necessary painting. It would be best to say that this item is reliable for most of the products. This is the reason why should you choose this product. The soundbars and excellent speaker quality is also an advantage in the medium range.

7. ASUS Chromebook Flip C214MA


  • Chromebook, touch keypad
  • Wireless communication through Wi-Fi___33 and Bluetooth
  • Chrome operating system, brand: ASUS
  • Anti-Glare screen display
  • 4GB DDR RAM, 32GB flash storage

It is quite apparent that the ASUS Chromebook is considered among the most powered OS chrome products. This laptop is winning the heart of many people nowadays. If you are looking for a laptop that can give you services for hours, choose this laptop, as it has extended battery life.

Another most adorable thing, which is not provided in many other products is that the Google play store supports this laptop. It means that you can install necessary applications quickly and reliably.

The outer body of the item is captivating. Although the speaker quality is not so reliable ut if you are using this for drawing purpose, you will enjoy the performance of the laptop more than the music of sound. It was evident from the design that this is a bit expensive, but overall, it is the best product to make a happy purchase. The professional artist will not think twice when they hear the name of this product and its features.

8. Asus Asus Asus Asus Asus Asus Asus Asus ZenBook 1313131313131313


  •  Touch screen, window 10 pro
  • 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD
  • Innovative 2.0 screen pad
  • Four-way non-edge Bazel Display
  • Connectivity through HDML, type C, Bluetooth, wi-fi, and micro SD
  • Core i7, 4.8 GHz 8M processor

The best laptop is the one which provides you with all the necessary features for your concerned task. The ZenBook is the laptop that has a reliable metal case, and the quality of the matter is adorable. The design of the laptop is captivating.

Moreover, the display is lovely. The HD high screen resolution and the touch screen is the optimum feature of this laptop. The storage is enough to solve all your issues.

Besides this, the connectivity is provided in various ways. All the connectivity ways are mentioned in the specification. The Intel corei7 and powerful speakers are providing equally internal and external qualities to the laptop.

The Bazel display is the best feature provided by the company to the users. The drawing lovers can find it as the best laptop. The choice of this laptop solves the problem of the user regarding reliable display. Most of all, it is not a gaming laptop, so it is not an actionable demon, but your drawing process will smoothly by its extra smooth touch. This laptop can be chosen.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7


  • Microsoft brand
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Touch screen display
  • Intel, 10th Generation, Core i5
  • 8GB Memory/128GB SSD

The market is full of such laptops that have remarkable features. Every item is different from others, but the quality of the processor plays the most substantial role when you decide to buy a computer. If you are looking for such a laptop with a high-speed processor, Microsoft will be your priority.

The jump in the processor in this laptop in the series of generation has enabled it to grab the maximum positive reviews of the people. It would be no less in saying that from quality to the screen display, this laptop is best. The storage is also considered as adequate, and you can store your multiple digital drawing designs here.

Among the list of the best laptop , Microsoft always provides the services which are one step ahead.  The stylus pen and the kickstand make things further easier for the users.

The reliable key board has been sharply improving as compared to the previous models of this company. Although the battery life is not so reliable, the overall features of the laptop are captivating.

10. Apple MacBook Pro


  • Brand: Apple
  • 16-inch screen display
  • 16GB RAM, 512 GB storage
  • 2.6 GHz Intel corei7 processor
  • Touch keypad,
  • Operating system: macOS
  • Wireless communication through wi-fi

 The MacBook Pro has been launched according to the advanced features by keeping in view the modern requirements. The MacBook is not specific to be used for drawing purpose only, but the user can take advantage of this gadget in many ways. From unique and magnificent design to the HD screen resolution result, the MacBook is the product of unique features.

You can use the best features of a MacBook as its powerful speakers. The versatile force touchpad of this laptop is unique and adorable in many ways, is the best feature.

The battery life is extended and reliable. That’s why those people who want the best combination of music, sound effects, long last battery life and macOS, can found this laptop as best and unique. The laptop for drawing will always be made the best choice in combination with apple. So if you haven’t made an opinion to buy it, this review will take your heart. And you will ultimately be made a purchase.

11. Dell XPS 13


  • Brand: Dell
  • Touch screen display
  • Window 10 home
  • 8TH generation Intel core i7
  • 8M Cache up to 4 GHz processor

 The beginning of the sleek designs was given by the well-known company Dell. From those sleek models of the Dell in 2015, it gains the prestige in providing quality design to the market. The 13” laptop has many reliable options for the users.

For grabbing the healthy and professional audience towards itself, Dell has launched this model, and it covers almost all the aspects of a reliable laptop. The touch screen display is provided in these laptops, and this display quality is the best until now. The powerful windows ten home in given in Dell XPS and with the storage of 1TB, this is the best laptop for many purposes.

 The keyboard quality of the laptop is extraordinary; the sensor of the laptop is extra outclassed, so they provide the exact finger smooth touch. Besides, all these factors, the 4GHz processor is enough to attract the audience. These laptops are mini, lightweight, and they also have a materialistic metal case. With all these qualities, Dell XPS has successfully defeated many rivals.

12. Acer Spin 3 Convertible


  • Fullscreen HD display
  • 8th Generation Intel core i7
  • 16 GB DDR4, 512 GB SSD
  • Backlit keyboard with fingerprint reader
  • Rechargeable active stylus

When the company provides the best qualities an average price, it attracts the heart of the people. That’s why Acer is the best company that works on the previously mentioned strategy. The laptops of this company are good to select while searching for the best laptop for drawing.

Besides all these features, the company provides many other features as well, and these features contain a powerful fingerprint reader. by this fingerprint reader, one can make sure the security of the item. The rechargeable active stylus is also provided with the laptop.

The storage is of the laptop is unique and very high, which means that the user can save all the necessary data in the laptop. The features and the fast processor with core i7 generation have provided the best services to the users so far.

While keeping in view all the requirements of the digital world, Acer is successfully launching adorable laptops in the market. Who needs anything else when he/she gets reliable qualities at an affordable price?

13. Lenovo Flex 5


  • Touchpad
  • Window 10 home
  • Connectivity through wi-fi, and Bluetooth
  • Intel core i5
  • 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD

In the yoga series of the Lenovo, it has launched the first convertible laptop. that’s why the Lenovo are the pioneers of the best convertible series. This series has provided many useful advantages. Back in 2015, the market value of this company increased due to launching new and incredible innovations.

The flex five is considered as the best laptop of this series. From display quality to the optimum touchpad, this laptop contains everything for the user. The connectivity is made through wi-fi and Bluetooth, and the ports are also available for the other connectivity.

The market value of these laptops has increased significantly. Moreover, the flex five has extended and reliable battery life. This battery life has made this item as the top product.

The storage is also reliable to save your multiple files with a constant speed of the processor. Although the cooling fan of the laptop becomes noisy sometimes and gives sounds, it does not become annoying. You can choose this laptop due to all these incredible features.

14. Microsoft Surface Pro 6


  • Microsoft brand
  • Wight: 1.7 pound
  • Wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi
  • 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD
  • Intel Core i5 processor

 Microsoft is delivering the best version to the users for a better experience.  All the models of Microsoft contain the unique feature that is enough to grab a good review from the customers. Although the company does not give the USB ports to the users, the best thing is that they have given the options of wireless connectivity.

The speedy 8th generation performance has made this item as unique and sleek in its way. Although the pro six and pro 7 has almost similar features the there re minor updates in pro 7, that means that both items are reliable and same.

 If you are searching for a reliable laptop for drawing, this model will end your search. The best thing is that the multiple and high usage if these laptops do not slow down the performance. The user can still enjoy the reliability of this product. So If you are searching for the best drawing laptop, choose the one with unique graphics and fast performance.

15. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2


  • Intel Core m3
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC
  • 13 MP Camera
  • OS Chrome 12.2”
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth

The laptops which contain the Chromebook operating system are rare, but 2018 has been a year providing multiple options to the users. This plus V2 technology of the Chromebook has attracted the heart of the people. The dual web came, and the high-resolution, vibrant Screen has made it easy for the artist to work passionately.

The artist can now utilize this gadget for multiple working. Although the battery life is not so large, it will support the ultimate system.  There are USB C and A cables, which are facilitating the connectivity with other devices. The camera quality is outstanding, that’s why this laptop is considered as the best.

Along with all these features, the built-in LTE modem is also provided by the company to the users for the better and outstanding experience. Make reliable ways by choosing this laptop for use. This laptop is not suitable for travelling as it is heavy and challenging to hold. But the overall performance of the laptop is impressive and unique.

Buying Guide

best laptop for drawing

 A reliable buying guide always enables you to choose something best. If you do not have general information of requirements, consult this buying guide as it will help you to select your best laptop for drawing.

The laptops that are specially designed for drawing and art contain the below-mentioned features. By reading this guide, you will not be scammed by anyone.

Display Screen:

The display screen of your working medium should be extraordinary to provide full resolution and HD results. While choosing the best laptop, these features play an influential role.  

The screen size should be more significant, and if it is touch, it would be a blessing. You can find art nuances better on the big display screen.

The laptops which are 13 inches or above are considered reliable laptops for drawing and artwork. The display size is, thus, included in the buying guide as the top feature while looking for the best laptops for drawing.


The performance of a laptop always plays an essential role in looking for the best laptop. Those laptops which contain a good quality processor and RAM serve the users most. The digital and other designs will work better if your system has more speed.

If you are a daily user, you have to follow the maximum specification of the speed and performance of the laptop. If your computer can withstand all the workload without hanging, and if it has the excellent specification of RAM, then it would be a good laptop for drawing.


This is the best thing that every artist should search in making a purchase. The graphics and the reliable resolution provide the long-lasting life to the laptop and determine the excellent drawing.

laptops for drawing always contain good pictures so that your drawing and designs will be understood best. It is the best specification for a drawing laptop. A computer that follows the best resolution is considered as the optimum medium for completing your drawing goals. Always choose the laptop with the best graphics.

Keyboard Quality:

The quality of the keyboard is one of the most critical features while choosing the drawing laptop. You can utilize all the functions of a computer if you have the right quality keyboard. The market is now full of touch screen laptops. The touch laptops are offering more options, and now the artist can play with colour through their touch screen laptops.

Always choose the computer with good keyboard quality of at least a reliable and more sensitive touch screen. The keys of the keyboard should have the smoothness, or the touch should have reliable sensitivity to support the work of an artist.


best laptop for drawing

The processor is responsible for the internal functioning of the laptop. It Is considered as the heart of the computer because all the functions will be transformed by it, either input or output. A faster processor means the excellent performance of the laptop. Always choose the computer with the right specification and speed of the processor.

Your best laptop for the drawing will work more accurately if it would have a faster processor. A fast processor ensures the reliable speed of the laptop, so keep this trait at the top f the list while looking for the best laptop.

Compact and Slim style:

The style has always been the priority while choosing the drawing laptop. The market is full of smile designed laptop. They look less like a laptop and more like a mini notebook.  The digital designs will become easier to draw o such laptops. Any laptop that contains the slim and sleep design always attract the hearts of the viewers.

The method of the laptop is an essential part of the buying guide of laptop for drawing. Make it possible to catch your computer by following this guide.

This is a generalized guide designed by experts to make your search easy for your drawing laptop. The reviews of the products with mentioned specs will help you to choose your work easily. You can select a product according to your budget or by keeping in view the pros and cons. Let’s make your purchase easy!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

Q1: How can you draw on any laptop?

Ans: the drawing options are available in every computer or laptop, but if you want additional features, then certain brands, as Chromebook, OS, and Microsoft allow you to download different drawing apps. These applications provide more options to draw the best designs.

Q2: Is it reasonable to use a drawing tablet with a laptop?

Ans: Yes, you can use a drawing tablet, and the market is also full of these convertible laptops. The 2 in 1 laptop are best as your travelling partner.

Q3: Why should one prefer drawing laptops on canvass?

Ans: The drawing is the natural way to copy tour imagination on the page. The modern era is the age of digital designing; in this way, these laptops help to do digital designing with high graphics. This feature is difficult to obtain on canvass.

Q4: What should be the qualities of a drawing laptop?

Ans: A reliable drawing laptop should have a fast processor so that an artist can do his work efficiently. The graphics and the screen resolution should be good to understand the general process. Above all this, the laptop should have enough storage to save the data.

Q5: What should the preference of RAM for drawing laptop?

Ans: If you are an artist and you want t do all the digital designing on a laptop, then it is best to have at least 4GB RAM. This is the minimum and sufficient specification, but 8GB RAM is recommended for those who want a good speed of graphics as well.


You can choose the best laptops quickly by checking the buying as mentioned above guide features.  Otherwise, if you are relying on others for the best laptop, Apple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook ProApple MacBook Pro should be on the top of the list. You can check the ultimate quality of this laptop by reading all the specs and review of the product.

A reliable notebook always satisfies the customers and when it comes to the artists, the fast processor and good display. The second most reliable laptop, included in the list is Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7Microsoft Surface Pro 7, make your purchase easy now by bringing these laptops. Make your work more enjoyable by choosing one of these attractive laptops.

Have a HAPPY purchase!

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