15 Best Laptops for Podcasting in 2023 – Reviewed

Best Laptops for Podcasting

15 Best Laptops For Podcasting Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the ultimate laptop for podcasting could be a difficult job. But, you need to acknowledge it. In this article, we have cleared out all the doubts by reviewing each laptop with its specifications. Go in and get your answer.

Acer Aspire 5, 15.6″ Full HD
Acer Aspire 5, 15.6" Full HD

Podcasting is a passion so; why not select the best laptop for it?


After conducting various researches I built a list of best laptops for podcasting that would resuscitate professionalism in the podcasts.

Podcasting & Choosing the perfect laptop

The spectatorship of podcasts is increasing day by day. So, the podcasters require an exquisite laptop to convey quality podcasts. Podcasts can’t be put down on an everyday laptop.

If you want to get into podcasting you’re welcome on board! But before, you get into podcasting here are some requirements. The specifications required for podcasting is as follows:

  • Great quality computer accessories
  • You should be a Mac or Windows user
  • Excellent quality microphones
  • An audio software
  • Better storage

As we all know, podcasting has its requirements. Not every laptop is the best laptop for sound. Podcasting requires a laptop that would enable clear and crystal sound quality.

One thing should be clear that if you want to acquire podcasting as your career you need to find the best laptop for podcasting because it will make the process easier and convenient.

 If you feel, you are tight on a budget you can opt for the best laptop for podcasting under $500.

The best laptop for podcasting should deliver a quality voice so, that the message delivered through the podcast convinces the audience.

Best Laptop For Podcasting

Well, we require a laptop that will cater to all the requirements of podcasting. The most necessary feature of podcasting is a good amount of storage and microphones to record the podcast with a muffled environment that is free from distortion.

So, let’s narrow down our search and have a look at the best laptops for podcasting.

1.Aspire 5Aspire 5Aspire 5Aspire 5Aspire 5

Best Laptop For Podcasting
BrandAcerStorage256 GB
OSWindows 10Built-in devicesMicrophone

Aspire 5 laptops are known to have a 4.5 rating amongst others. The overall experience for Aspire 5 is way better than its price. It has fulfilled the value for money factor. Aspire 5 is a family of Acer which has cheaper products than Mac.

 Operating system followed by Aspire 5 is Windows 10. The device consists of a microphone that can be used for podcasting. It has microphones that will be essential for podcasting.

Just about two years of possession and battery life have not decayed fundamentally. I added a second hard drive that had a great deal of little screws, yet it was exceptionally basic and simple. You were happy with my buy.

During use, it feels better. The very good quality console and the metal coating make it more costly than it is. I requested an Acer hard drive establishment pack and will refresh my survey after it shows up and introduced another hard drive.

Everything being equal, it additionally looks too adorable, particularly the finished external plastic. The screen doesn’t look especially durable when opened and shut, so If you need something tougher, this probably won’t be an extraordinary choice.

The 1080p presentation makes text understood and simple to see. I haven’t utilized it in direct daylight, yet it looks great inside and experienced no difficulty utilizing it on the shady day I brought it outside.

The battery life may be better, however it goes on for a couple of hours and it revives rapidly enough that it wasn’t an issue for me.

This laptop is a decent harmony among execution and cost. It dispatches quick and offers quick execution with regards to perusing the web and running regular office programs.

In general exceptionally happy with this buy. You’ll be unable to discover a laptop with a 256g SSD, discrete designs, i5 8250u processor, and ddr4 memory for the cash. (At the hour of this audit) We will refresh it later on if my assessment changes.

The plastic cover and aluminum palm rest make prints stand apart without any problem. If you have somebody like me, you may be pestered, yet it’s straightforward.

If you need to add 2.5 hard drives for capacity, you need to arrange the link and section just as the comfort of opening a pristine laptop. The Acer site has a guide with pictures on the most proficient method to do this.

No CD player except for whoever utilizes them at any rate. If you need it, you can generally associate a modest USB stick to it.

Heaps of intensity in a $ 600 laptop. In case you’re not a stalwart gamer but rather still need to mess around, this could be for you. He surpassed my assumptions

I needed to arrange an Acer mounting chip and a link to connect the hard drive (part no.42.GP4N2.SV1) which you can arrange from Acer’s site for $ 8 USD. Different audits have referenced that you can reach them and check whether they will send you one for nothing.

I decided to give up and pay $ 8. The trackpad is responsive and quick (no actual catches) which may be a tip for a few. Battery life while viewing Netflix and riding the web has been 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours for me. I’m certain I can get more with a couple of changes.

I have been utilizing it for about a week thus far it has been incredible. While not actually a gaming laptop, it will deal with most new games at medium to high settings with nice edge rates.

The screen has amazing tone and brilliance, and the sound notwithstanding the speakers looking down was stronger than anticipated.

2.Surface Pro 7Surface Pro 7Surface Pro 7Surface Pro 7Surface Pro 7

Best Laptop For Podcasting
BrandMicrosoftStorageSSD up to 1TB
OSWindows 10 MemoryUp to 16 GB

Surface Pro 7 comes with a top-notch sleek style. The SSD storage can be up to 1 TB that will serve the purpose of saving podcasts and raw audios. The battery’s life is around 10.5 hours.

It works as a laptop PC and it is best for carrying. The sleek and stylish design makes it portable. It allows significant storage. It offers multi-tasking and a faster interface.

It is ultra-slim and it weighs around 1.70 pounds. It comes with a surface pen that enables drawing and surfing at a faster pace.

I practically failed to remember, yet the document wobbles after the primary day. It looks extremely modest. Looking over is regularly jerky, Google Chrome doesn’t perform well indeed, and it overheats to outrageous levels while charging.

You can’t utilize it while charging on the grounds that it is extremely hot and freezes a ton. Genuinely consider bringing it back.

Is a decent tablet that takes care of business? Truly, yet for a Microsoft item worth over $ 1,000, I anticipated a superior encounter.

The screen is incredible and the touchscreen is extraordinary, however, the presentation is exceptionally satisfactory. Get smoother bargains on the $ 400 Android tablet

The lone issue is that Microsoft STILL doesn’t relate the Type Cover with the tablet. Getting an extra $ 150 for something that appears as though a fundamental piece of the bundle is quite tricky. Ideally they can figure out how to incorporate inclusion of the class, regardless of whether they need to make concessions.

I’m an alumni understudy, so I must have the option to land anyplace – library, bistro, mother’s home, companions house, anyplace – and work in a way my telephone simply sometimes falls short for me. Y

et, I likewise need to have the option to transfer films, alter recordings, play computer games, and so forth Up until this point, the Surface Pro 7 has done all that I needed and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Individuals continue to state, ‘It resembles the Pro 6 however with a USB-C connector!’ But it has been affirmed by a few sources that the Pro 7’s i5 processor is superior to the Pro 6’s i7 processor. Furthermore, indeed, having a decent USB-C connector is pleasant.

Indeed, the bezels are somewhat thicker than most telephones and tablets of 2019, yet that is alright with me. I am utilizing Surface in tablet mode and it would be irritating to unintentionally contact things on the screen as there is no place to get hold of the feel. That is a senseless grievance as I would see it.

For instance, I introduced the Xbox Game Pass (Ori and the Blind Forest) and it worked magnificently; I had no clue the 12 inch tablet could run a Xbox One quality game even in 2019. Obviously the Gears 5 wouldn’t run in 4K, yet what number of tablets could he say could run even a game like Ori In proper settings?

I see grievances that this is certifiably not a significant upgrade of the Pro 6. That might be valid, yet the internals are the place where they are. That is to say, I love this thing. It resembles having a modestly amazing work area PC in tablet structure, which can rapidly transform into a laptop.

3.MacBook ProMacBook ProMacBook ProMacBook ProMacBook Pro

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandAppleStorageUp to 2 TB2
OSMacMemoryUp to 64 GB

Mac book pro is launched by Apple. OS is Macintosh that has storage of about 2 TB2. The memory is up to 64GB that is adequate. It has a black-lit magic keyboard and a track pad.

Battery life depends upon the usage. The best feature about the Mac book pro is that it has a high resolution and high-quality display. The speakers are also of high quality.

Adjustable color temperature makes it friendly to use. An ample amount of storage allows up to 2 TB2.

4.Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandDellHard Drive256 GB
OSWindows 10Memory1 TB

Dell XPS 15 is a series of dell laptops. It contains Intel UHD graphics. It belongs to the Intel 10th generation having a 15.6-inch display. The overall look is appealing and sleek.

The display is represented with the finest colors. Images are vivid and crystal clear. As it is sleek it is portable. It contains a good amount of memory. 1 TB will be enough for podcasting.

5.HP Spectra 360 XHP Spectra 360 XHP Spectra 360 XHP Spectra 360 XHP Spectra 360 X

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandHpHard Drive64 GB
OSChromeMemory4 GB

Hp spectra X is a touch screen convertible laptop. It is a 12-inch touch laptop. The processor speed varies from 1.1 GHz to 2.6 GHz that is upgradable.

The hard drive has 64GB space and the memory is Up to 4 GB. The best feature about HP spectra 360 X is that is convertible. It has better sharing options that are wireless too. It also has a black-lit keyboard that will be funky.

6.Razer Blade 15Razer Blade 15Razer Blade 15Razer Blade 15Razer Blade 15

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandRazorHard Drive128 GB SSD
OSWindows 10Memory64 GB

Razerblade 15 is a gaming computer that is fast to use. The screen size of Razerblade 15 is 15.6-inch. Razer blade X has a led display. The memory is up to 64 GB and the operating system is Windows 10.

7.Lenovo Think pad T480Lenovo Think pad T480Lenovo Think pad T480Lenovo Think pad T480Lenovo Think pad T480

BrandLenovoMemory32 GB DDR4
OSWindows 10 ProStorageUp to 1 TB

Lenovo Think pad T480 is consists of a 720p HD camera. It consists of dual-array microphones that would be better for recording. The battery life is near 72 hours which is exceptional.

This laptop also consists of the touch feature. Along with a fingerprint sensor and it also enables facial recognition.

8.Samsung Notebook 9 proSamsung Notebook 9 proSamsung Notebook 9 proSamsung Notebook 9 proSamsung Notebook 9 pro

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandSamsungMemory8 GB to 16 GB
OSWindows 10StoragePCLE

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is a 2 in 1 versatile laptop that is sleek and stylish itself. It comes with USB C thunderbolts. The stereo speakers provide audio three times greater than the ordinary laptops.

It comes with an active pen that has great interaction. It makes noting down things easier and convenient. You can even make voice notes with a pen. One amazing feature is the wireless sharing of files.

9.ASUS Vivo Book F510UAASUS Vivo Book F510UAASUS Vivo Book F510UAASUS Vivo Book F510UAASUS Vivo Book F510UA

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandVivoMemory8 GB
OSWindows 10Storage128 GB

ASUS Vivo book is a series of Vivo. It comes with a 15.6-inch display and a full HD display. The battery life is around 5 hours which is less than other laptops.

 It comes with a fingerprint sensor. It provides complete USB connectivity. The operating system is Windows.

The memory is up to 8 GB and the storage is 128 GB.

10.ASUS Zen book UX 331UAASUS Zen book UX 331UAASUS Zen book UX 331UAASUS Zen book UX 331UAASUS Zen book UX 331UA

Best Laptops For Podcasting
BrandASUSMemory8 GB
OSWindows 10Storage256 GB

ASUS Zen book is a product of ASUS. It is extra sleek and light-weighted. With an 8th generation Intel core. It is portable and easy to handle. It comes with the Windows 10 operating system.

Storage is up to 256 GB. And the RAM is 8 GB. The fingerprint sensor is quick, unlike other laptops that contain sluggish fingerprint sensors.

These were the top 10 picks. So, what if you can’t afford expensive laptops but are eager to start podcasting? For a low budget, you can go for the best laptop for podcasting for under $500.

These laptops would be much cheaper than the expensive laptops and you can dwell into podcasting. So, here is a look at the best laptop for podcasting under $500.

Best laptop for podcasting under $500

So, after reviewing the best laptop we conducted extensive research and came with some cheaper options that will be the best laptop for podcasting under $500.

These laptops are best for people who are tight on budget and they would like to start podcasting as a career.

11.Lenovo Idea Pad 3Lenovo Idea Pad 3Lenovo Idea Pad 3Lenovo Idea Pad 3Lenovo Idea Pad 3

Best Laptops For Podcasting under 500
BrandLenovoMemory8 GB
OSWindows 10Storage256 GB

This is a great option if you are low on budget. It comes with a memory of 8 GB and storage of 256 GB. The processor speed is 2.1 GHz. It has a 15.6-inch display. The maximum screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

It also delivers an HD display and a crystal clear sound quality.

12.HP laptop 15-dy 1036 nrHP laptop 15-dy 1036 nrHP laptop 15-dy 1036 nrHP laptop 15-dy 1036 nrHP laptop 15-dy 1036 nr

Best Laptop For Podcasting
Brand  HpMemory8 GB
OS  Windows 10Storage128 GB

This Hp laptop is also lesser in price. It comes with 8 GB memory and storage of 128 GB. The operating system is windows 10. The battery life is up to 10 hours. It is portable and thin which means it is easy to carry.

The storage of 128 GB allows larger files to be stored without making the system sluggish.

13.Lenovo Legion Y520Lenovo Legion Y520Lenovo Legion Y520Lenovo Legion Y520Lenovo Legion Y520

Best Laptop For Podcasting
Brand  LenovoMemory16 GB
OS  WindowsStorage256 GB SSD

Lenovo Legion Y520 is a good steal at this price. Lenovo comes with a windows operating system. It is a good model with fewer budgets. It offers storage of 256 GB and a memory of 16 GB which is optimal.

14.Samsung Chrome book 3Samsung Chrome book 3Samsung Chrome book 3Samsung Chrome book 3Samsung Chrome book 3

Best Laptop For Podcasting
Brand  SamsungMemory4 GB
OS  ChromeStorage32 GB

Samsung chrome book 3 is budget friendly. It comes with a Chrome operating system. The memory is 4 GB and the storage is 32 GB. It has better performance and a bright interface. The battery life is good.

15.Lenovo Chrome book DuetLenovo Chrome book DuetLenovo Chrome book DuetLenovo Chrome book DuetLenovo Chrome book Duet

Best Laptop For Podcasting
Brand  LenovoMemory4 GB
OSChromeStorage  64 GB
Lenovo Chrome book duetLenovo Chrome book duetLenovo Chrome book duetLenovo Chrome book duetLenovo Chrome book duet comes with a 4 GB memory and storage of 64 GB. The operating system is Chrome. It supports a 2.1 GHz processor. It has sharp resolution that gives a colorful and brighter display. It has a good battery life.

Buying Guide

Buying a laptop is not a difficult job. All you need to know about the laptop for podcasting requirement will be discussed. So, before you spend money on a laptop for podcasting you should check these specifications to make the best deal.

Buying a perfect laptop according to the requirement is necessary to start podcasting. If you don’t have an optimal tool or laptop things will become quite difficult and eventually, you would be disheartened from podcasting.

So, I have summarized the factors that should be considered before you buy a laptop for podcasting.

1.Consider the DAW Requirements

It is necessary to choose a digital audio work station before you buy a laptop for podcasting. The first thing you need to keep in mind is podcast software. The podcasts software are often intense therefore, the storage and memory of a laptop should be favorable enough.


Latency is an important factor when it comes to podcasting. So, latency is known to be the delay of a person recording and the delay that occurs between the voices that can be heard on the monitor.


If you want to pursue podcasting as a profession the most important factor you will be looking for in a laptop is memory. It is recommended to have a minimum space of the memory of 16 GB. This will enable us to run graphics adequately.

Moreover, the raw audio files would also be saved for future use.


It is necessary for podcasting to have a faster processor. The sluggish processors will eventually lead you to make podcasts inactively. So, the advice is to acquire a fast processor. It takes data and processes it.

 A powerful processor would enable powerful plug-ins to install well. The best option is to go for a quad-core processor or you can work with a dual or triple-core processor.

5.Upgrade or replace the system

Well, a processor at 2.5 GHz will also do the job. So, you can update your existing system to bring better performance. Or you can simply buy a new laptop with the same specification in a budget that will be the best laptop for podcasting under $500 as the up-gradation cost would be around $100 or $ 200.

6.Battery Life

The battery life should be at least 10 hours so, that you can complete your podcasts anywhere without the thought of being charged. Most of the laptops have a low battery life which is troublesome most of the time.

7.Primary Requirements

Equipment required for a podcast is as follows:

  • You will need a computer
  • You will need a microphone
  • You will need headphones ( for clear understanding)
  • You will need editing software ( to cut/ edit any kind of redundant content)
  • A host for your podcast ( You can be one too)

 You can select any topic that is close to your heart for podcasting. Or you can go for the trending topics around the globe.

 It is preferred to choose a name that would define your content easily. The name should be captivating so, that it attracts more people and enable more downloads.

Any trending name would work well too.

You don’t need a fancy studio for getting famous all you need is good quality content. You can spend this amount on enhancing your equipment to make the dynamics of your podcast crystal clear.

Yes, when you achieve your mark in podcasting you can level up your studio and add fancy stuff according to your targeted audience.

Well, podcasting is done by many people around the world but you can make your mark in podcasting too. If your content is unique and fresh it will be heard by many people. Most of the people are in blogging so, you can get started with podcasting so, what are you waiting for?

My Pick

Most of the laptops have amazing features. Here, is the one I have chosen one laptop amongst all the laptops as the best laptop for podcasting, it is Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15..strong>.<

There is no doubt that the best laptop would deliver all the necessities.

I believe that this laptop has all the specification that one would require for podcasting. The Dell XPS 15Dell XPS 15strong>Dell XPS 15< has a huge memory and sufficient storage space to cater to all the needs of podcasting.

This is the laptop requirements as it will enable the storage of raw audio files easily. 


After the evaluation of the best laptop , you can effortlessly pursue your podcasting passion.

Follow this buying guide and sort out the best laptop according to your podcasting requirements. As mentioned earlier, the best laptop for podcasting would be the one with an adequate amount of memory, space, and battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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