13 Best Graphics Cards under $200-700$ 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

You need to pay $1000 for this graphic card. How come your heart doesn’t beat faster with these words? Like seriously, why you want to put up plenty of dollars on a graphic card.

No, we mean you can cherish the same luxuries with a low-money-asking card. So, why even offer a single dollar additionally.

You might have doodles in your mind right now, how can we have the best graphics cards under 200 dollars. But, this is truly possible and I’ve depicted the picture below by generating a full-proof list.

This list has bestowed the entry to all those well-performer graphic cards that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. And, after investigating every spec, these products are cast here.

Whether you prefer massive settings or 4K ultra mods, these all are supportive. So, punch your ticket and get in to check how these incredible products can save your precious pennies.

Best Budget Graphic Cards for 2023

After comparing every available graphic card, we have listed the 13 best graphics card under $200. Here is the guide for you, read it to get benefits.


The XFX Radeon RX-580 graphic card is the best graphics card under 200 dollars. It justifies its tag of the best value for money by delivering the utmost features for gaming. By installing 1335MHz clock speed, and the highest memory of an 8GB VRAM, the manufacturers have considered its specs wisely.

It is built-in with Polaris architecture, and for your lengthy game sessions, this powerful graphic card contains an advanced cooling system. The most exciting news you could have with this card is, it possesses True Clock Technology. It means that it is hardware dependent product and not software.

XFX Radeon is beautifully designed with the Polaris architecture, which not only increases its looks but also increases its durability. This graphic card is supported with double emission cooling technology, which allows you to play games freely and stress-free.

The RAM capacity of this graphic card helps the player to play high-ending games smoothly without the fear of hanging.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

Whether the high demanding games or heavy software, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 is a smooth handler of hefty jobs. You can get access to many games with this outstanding graphic card. Its cooling technology, engine, and direct-touch pipes are all its best onsets.

This graphic card is equipped with dual fans, swirling in different directions. Its cooling system bounces the heat out quicker, and easier than other products. Also, its 6GB memory and elevated resolution results helped us to label it as one of the best budget graphics cards of 2023.

This graphic card is powered by an AORUS engine, which allows it to perform like a rock star. Another eye-catching feature of this Gigabyte graphics card is that it has dual rotating fans, which cool down the card, easily. Along with the dual rotating fans, this graphic card also has direct touch cooling pipes.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

Get tied up with your sleeves because MSI GeForce Super Ventus 1650 is going to announce superfluous characteristics. The MSI 1650 is a modified product delivering tremendous working with its 4GB memory.

For an enhanced and mind-blowing gaming category, you wish to acquire a well-created graphic card, and this card fulfills that condition.

The heat dissipation technology in this graphic card plays a significant function. It redirects the heat and provides a clean departure route to it from the system.

And don’t want to know about its resolution? So, it gives away your gaming passion a maximum resolution of 7640×4320.

Good news that you can have is that this MSI GeForce graphics card has the ultimate power-energy and silent operator. This helps the card to perform high-class performance without using high-end power.

You don’t have to worry about the heating issue, because this card has plugged-in cooling technology which keeps the card cool even after hours of usage.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

If you want a blend of worthy execution and low cost, pause your exploration and ponder over ROG STRIX 560 as your top choice. What makes this ASUS product pose on the list is its wing-blade fan pair. No burning heat-ups and no air stagnation is the promise of its cooling system.

You can now stay carefree and enjoy the bulk of games with its 4GB memory extension and a booming clock speed of 1285MHz.

So, if your budget has warned you to stay within limits, then this Radeon 560 is your best graphic card under 200 dollars.  

The thing which increases the beauty of this graphic card is its two tweaks. The impressive VRAM helps this graphic card to run smoothly and to store data.

This graphic card is ideal for those players who want to enjoy lagging-free high-end gaming. This graphic card totally worth the price.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 TI has lasting impressions and a huge life span. It is engineered with impressive features that include a powerful dual fan, high resolution, and tweak two. This Pascal architecture graphic card performs expertly at 1080p resolution at 60FPS.

It is an adaptive product so, you can modify its settings to an upgraded level, and this credit goes to its tweak two functionality. With the outstanding power efficiency and last longing fan of this graphic card, you can celebrate your back-to-back gaming rounds.

And, the amazing factor is you can have all the features of this best graphic card under 200 dollars.

All these amazing features within the price tag of only $200, isn’t it amazing? Want something more? Then have a look. This graphic card will never ask you for extra connections and it has out-classed outcomes.

The powerful memory and long-lasting committing fans, perfect for online video gaming streaming and sharing.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

You could easily determine that if Zotac’s 1650 OC edition is in this specially crafted list then it is a well-checked and eventual performer unit. Rendered with 4GB VRAM, this graphic card can make your gaming hours the perfect ones.

The Silicon GPU TU117 maintains a temperature level and prevents your device from being hot. In-charged with an 896 compatible processor, this graphic card provides a strengthened backend to the excess of games.

So, if you don’t want to misbalance your budget account and are digging for something valuable, Zotac GE force GTX 1650 could entertain you.

Being a video gamer you always want to have every gadget which is efficient in performance and is faster in action. This Zotac GeForce graphic card is ideal for those gamers who want to enjoy fast and efficient video gaming.

No worries if want to run the game for hours and hours, because this graphic card has a heat conservation system that cools down the card quickly and efficiently.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon 570 is an improved edition of ASUS 560. You’ll notice, most of its features are on the same footing as 560. But, as it has been upgraded, so the latest model holds a prompt clock speed of 1300 MHz  

If you are a game enthusiast and spend continual time on your PC, the Radeon 570 will definitely suit you. It, because, indicates a great life and also minimize heat warming for several hours.

You will surely get amazed with its settings up-gradation option. Tweak two in it because facilitates some common setting changes in the card.

The AURA sync cool lighting system helps the graphic card to remain cool even after being used for hours. Another cooling system this graphic card has is that it has cooling pipes and possessed potent fans.

This ASUS graphic card is eligible for high-end hardcore games. Under this price range, this model of ASUS is providing so many quality features.

This ASUS graphic card deserves to know as the best graphics card under $200.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

Gigabyte has again immigrated our list, because of its high-quality graphics cards deliverables. If you’re a diehard game fan, this graphic card might speak to you. It is, because, implanted with 4GB memory and enhanced features.

The GTX 1050 does not run effectively for all high demanding games, however, maintains a height of satisfaction for a large number. The Wind Force fans of this unit free you from the hassle of heat. It, because, carry out this function appropriately.

This Gigabyte graphic card is an expert in handling full HD 1080p at 60 FPS video game streaming without even hanging. The Wind Force fan cooling effect cools down the graphic card instantly. What you can ask more than these quality features? 

The last but not least feature of this graphic card is that it has a high memory delivery capacity. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Because Gigabyte is here to keep it in safe hands.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 has efficient capabilities and is a top-notch game supporter. It is, however, granted 2GB VRAM but this least amount of memory will not affect your gaming experience. Because it gives consent to many games.

With this best cheap graphic card, you don’t have to stress about high heat crises. Its cooling system takes care of it all. And, you’ll draw your attention towards this fascinating card more when you’ll realize that it works steadily on 1080p. All in all, its outcome let us mark it as the best graphic card under 200 dollars.

Out of the other graphic cards doesn’t allow adjustable settings, but this graphic card of Gigabyte GeForce allows you to adjust the setting as per your need.

The best news that you can hear about this graphic card is that it has full HD 1080 pixels resolution with 60 FPS, which makes your video quality Pro level.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

The Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 is an ideal graphics card for those who used to channelize 4K video streams. It is, because adaptive to 4K screens. For definite proceeding, it is installed with 2 GB VRAM.

Besides, this model is induced with an AORUS engine which gives it substantial power. Although it is not the best graphics card under 200 dollars it could be a fair option.

This Gigabyte NVidia graphics card support 4K video streaming that is perfect for professional video gamers. This graphic card offers you so many quality features, like if you start counting them on your fingertips, then the fingertips can end but the features will keep coming.

Under this price tag of $200, this top quality graphics card is such a blessing.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

If you wish to have a graphic card that payback to you with its performance, Sapphire Plus Radeon RX-580 can proceed up to this trial. The advanced GCN architecture building in this unit indicates its years of living story.

The advantage point of this remarkable graphic card is its accessibility in two varieties. You can have a 4GB or 8GB memory according to your opinion. If your game has vast graphics, Sapphire’s model is ready to be there with you without costing you extensively.

This reasonable graphic card worth every single penny by providing quality features such as built-in memory and RAM capacity.

Lastly, the eye-catching feature of this Sapphire’s graphic card is its cooling system which doesn’t let the card to heat up, and keep it cool.


Best Graphics Cards under $200

To make a decent choice of the best graphic card under 200 dollars, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 could also be a standard pick. It handles an enormous load with the support of its 1493MHz clock speed. And, the memory allows 4GB VRAM to settle in easily.

This model is derived to intensify your gaming affairs by establishing the 768 cores in it. As it has two fans for cooling purposes, it straightly shows doorways to the heat. There is no doubt about its graded performance and so it is one of our best graphics cards under 200 dollars.

13. XFX RX 550 2GB

Best Graphics Cards under $200

Last, but not least, the XFX RX-550 helps you maintain your budgets pack but not so competitive as other products on this list.

It does not contribute high-end results for extreme game settings, but you can expect it to perform for you with mid-range games. With a 2GB VRAM, this graphic card can approach the speed of 1203 MHz

The Eyefinity and Two Audio technology is what allows this graphic card to reach out to this list. And, as it does not empty your pocket by asking too much of your money, it is a decent graphic card.

All mentioned 13 graphic cards are best in their shoes, but still, if you are a little bit confused, then check our recommendation. We do hope that our recommendation will help you in making the right decision. After all, it’s about your gaming profession! Go and check it out.

Our Pick

First of all, believe that it was really hard to pick out one among all the best graphics cards under $200. Since one graphics card deserves to win the title of best graphic card, so we have pick selected not one but two graphic cards: XFX Radeon RX 580 GTX XXX EditionXFX Radeon RX 580 GTX XXX EditionXFX Radeon RX 580 GTX XXX EditionXFX Radeon RX 580 GTX XXX EditionXFX Radeon RX 580 GTX XXX Edition and ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon 560ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon 560ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon 560ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon 560ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon 560.

These two graphic cards are the best of the best. 

Note: It’s just a case of priorities and tastes. It is not a written fact that our chosen are the best; it is possible that they may not fit into your criteria. So, make the ultimate decision by figuring out your priorities and requirements.

Here below is our buying guide which will help you in knowing that what are necessary factors while purchasing the best graphics card under $200.

Buying Guide

What You Need to Look While Purchasing a New Graphic Card

Do you really need to worry about purchasing an average budget graphic card? Of course, not! We know, you have this doubt and so we maintained this section.

From here, you’ll get a precise idea of what specs are to be examined while paying for a graphic card. So, lift your eye-balls to these significant tips that will truly help you in choosing the best graphic cards under 200 dollars.


It is a recognized fact that a premium graphic card delivers extreme facilities. You can, however, enjoy the essential requirement while spending limited. In those pinpoints that you should glance at is resolution.

Trust a graphic card which at least carries out the task efficiently at 1080p resolution. In fact, you can easily find any favorable performer with an excellent behaving record at 60 FPS in this list.

Clock Speed

You are always conscious when it comes to depositing your bucks. And, never make a mistake because you have hardly earned it. The chances, but, are that you can end up buying an inappropriate graphic card if you did not consider clock speed while buying it.

A complementary tip here is that you should compare the speed of your monitor to your graphic card. A monitor, because, sometimes has a slower speed. And, If your graphic card is even lazy than your monitor, it is, particularly of no use.

GPU Installation

best graphics card under 200

Well, it’s sort of painful to acknowledge that the graphic card market is based on only two GPU companies. One is AMD and NVidia is the other. The AMD cards keep the budget safe and are cheap.

NVidia, however, is a bit expensive company. Its cards are high in deliverables and so is its price. So, if you enjoy non-ending and persuasive gaming sessions, go for a graphic card from NVidia.


Yes, it is understandable that you are low on pennies and plenty much asking graphic card isn’t affordable to you. But, there is no need to settle for the 3rd-grade product. There are a lot of choices available in the market that pronounces a standard result while existing in a poor price range. As we have also started some those.

If you will try to save a lot while investing only $100 and compromises on the quality, you might get hurt by the results. So, keep an eye on the budget but do not settle with the less.

Size and Power

In this price range, considering power is also one of the main aspects. Before selecting any graphic card, make sure that gives quality performance and consumes less power. Because you’re unable to replace the power source on a post office PC, it becomes much more challenging at certain points. 

In any graphics card configuration, you can quickly select the proper PSU voltage and the connectors needed. A PCI Express lane will control GPUs that would not need a connection.

For users of preconfigured devices, another important factor. 

In PCI Express sockets, size is usually determined in the layout, with two nodes becoming a default with most GPUs. You are doing fine as long as you have access points available in the chassis.

PCIe Connections

What kind of PCIe socket the power source has? And what type of PCIe connector port the graphics card comes with is another essential point you’ll like to know on the graphics card. To be connected to a direct current power supply, most GPUs are required. 

To support the power supply for the graphics card, you can easily use a PCIe power connector. Bear in mind that these connection interfaces vary from one module to other graphics cards. 

In general, the more powerful the graphics cards are much more points that the GPU uses on the PCIe power connector.

NVidia or AMD!

best graphics card under 200

The output of every graphics card we have described is good. While not every one of them is helpful for long – run gaming, regular gamers, make a smart choice. Remember that graphics cards of any standard populate the market. 

You are more likely to have problems, and wasting your money if you are not cautious when making purchase judgment. A budget-friend card is qualified to perform means of standard duties and is sufficiently robust for long-term use. 

A limited quality graphics card, on the other hand, is poorer and hardly has any defensive characteristics that keep it running in the longer term. 

Make sure to remember the features of the GPU, V-RAM, clock speed and cooling.


It is not necessary if you put a bulk of pennies only, then you can achieve quality outcomes. And this list specifies it. We have eased up your choice to avail the best graphics card under 200 dollars.

All these graphics cards are quality tested and tremendous players. Also, they lessen your expenditure by offering a little amount of money. So, if you desire to have uninterrupted gaming sessions with a friendly graphic card, you won’t regret choosing any of these.

There is no doubt that these graphics cards have made our life so convenient. If you also want to enjoy your working experience even better, then believe us, you need to spend your $200 to get the best graphic card.

If you’re still pinched from your inner side to have additional information or there is something you are not crystal clear about, inquire from us. The comment section is all yours.


Even after reviewing and analyzing the important things to consider, there are still some lightning up questions in your mind. It’s completely fine, and we believe this happens. So, to guide you with the exact information and to the fullest, I’ve separately arranged this section. Get your answers and stay 100% convinced.   

RFX RADEON RX 580 is the best graphics card for under 200 dollars. It, because, stand up to the mark and does not hurt with a price. Rooted in a smart structure and containing a beneficial cooling system, this graphic card conforms to all the requirements.

Its high-rated performance with 1080p resolution at 60 FPS cannot be ignored. Moreover, the 8GB VRAM memory of RX-580 makes it exceptional for intense gamers.  

The main pointers on which you should make your selection for a graphic card are its Resolution, Clock speed, Memory, and of course the Expense. Graphics card purchasing is not your routine job so before buying it is aware of checking these specs of a graphic card.  

We have settled up our minds to a mark that a cheap priced product is not worthy. It is, however, not actually the whole truth. A low penny begging unit although does not offer the ultimate outcomes, but it’s not the worst or untreatable.

If we consider graphic cards, the same rule applies. Yes, a typical graphic card cannot perform as a number one, but for sure, it also has something extraordinary and unique.

Yes for sure! Many high-end 1080p console apps released in 2023 will work with many budget-friendly graphics cards below $200. At this price point, AMD and NVidia have some outstanding choices. What you can do is ensure that they comply with your specific circumstances. 

You can conveniently have a graphics card that is able to run contemporary blockbuster games, taking into consideration key parameters mentioned in this guide together with the best GPUs tested.

You will definitely get a graphics card below $200 if you want to top out everyone’s graphics settings and enjoy new games at 4K or 1440p. For 1080p Full HD gaming, this is mostly crowded, but it makes all beam tracking features that fit the function, allowing them a decent selection. You can get the graphics card in this budget range that fits better the structure unless you are creating a mega gaming PC. 

The mid-range cards from NVidia are based on the Morphing framework and have recently been modified with new variants that can greatly increase the value ratio.