Best Magisk Modules for PUBG [Tweak NFS] 2023

Best Magisk Module for PUBG [Tweak NFS] 2023

Are you trying to find the best magisk module to boost the performance of your pubg game? What is the best way to increase RAM and graphics card resource utilization? Then you are at the right place.

PUBG is one of the best survival games in the world, it has captured the attention of players thanks to its amazing interface and user experience. FPS is critical for a great gaming experience as it can positively affect a player’s ability to aim.

The magisk modules can be used to unlock extreme 60 FPS and 90 FPS on PUBG Mobile and it’s compatible with any device that is rooted with Magisk, so you can install it on almost any device. You can use this module on any version of PUBG Mobile. Optimal FPS settings for low-end phone users largely depend on the capabilities of their phones. However, most gamers recommend 60 FPS on Smooth graphics for the best performance and memory utilization. If you’re looking for the best possible gaming experience, here’s how you can boost FPS using the Magisk module in PUBG Mobile.

Listed below the best Magisk modules for PUBG game

#1. GFX Tool for PUBG – Game Launcher & Optimizer

Game launcher GFX Tool allows us to fine-tune video game graphics to view elegant pictures and improve gaming experience. There are lots of tools and options within the tool such as anti-aliasing, version control, resolution tweaks, graphics tweaks, styles, vulkan graphics API, and most importantly FPS tweaking.


#1. Versions In version 0.7, the application will ask for root access. Without it, it will not be able to access the desired FPS. Ensure the game version is correct before attempting to run it through the GFX Tool.
#2. Anti-aliasing By using anti-aliasing, textures are often smoother, but the performance is affected. Disabling it will grant you the best possible frame rate.
#3. Shadows Although disabling shadows can boost your performance, it is not recommended to do so in games such as PUBG. Skipping it would be a wise decision.
#4. Vulkan Vulkan should work on the newest devices, but if the game does not start, you should turn this option off. The game will crash at launch if it is used on an unsupported device.
#5.Resolution Reducing the resolution to 960×540 ensures a smoother downscale while significantly reducing the amount of pixels required to be rendered.
#6. FPS The recommended setting here is 60, although you may not really need this unless you want to avoid thermal throttling. Fluidity is better as the value rises, but power becomes steadily more required.

You can find this project here.

#2. L-Speed – The most advanced Android tweaker

L Speed is a kernel modification that aims to optimize parameters for a wide range of devices by combining tweaks inside an intuitive module. In addition to improving overall performance, it extends battery life, reduces significant lags, and boosts your gaming experience. You need a rooted Android device with Magisk 19.x+ version. However you can also root your device using SuperSU and Kingo Root. As long as the device meets its minimum requirement, the module should work.

The features include –

  1. CPU tuning – You can tweak CPU usage based on three modes.
  2. Battery optimizations – You can optimize battery, RAM. In addition, you can disable vibration, auto-rotation.
  3. GPU Tuner – There are several options available for tweaking GPU. You can force system to render the UI using GPU.
  4. Disable Debugging – You can disable logging to enhance the performance of your device.
  5. Animator Duration Scale, Transition and Window Animation
  6. Cleaner Scripts – It auto clean the obsolete files

You can find this project here.

Magisk modules above are the best tweakers to play PUBG smoothly. You can easily tweak your PUBG game with ease. These modules provide a number of options related to CPU and GPU tuning.

Still having trouble finding an optimal level of settings, and don’t know how to set them to the optimal level. Read on.

Android devices are also subject to battery draining issues, besides game performance booster modules. Recently, I have listed the best magisk modules to extend battery life of any android device, click here to read the article.

PUBG is my favorite game and I play it all day and night. The performance of my devices isn’t great despite having 3GB RAM and a functioning GPU. Although I have experimented with various magisk patches and scripts, I have found that GFX Tool gives the latest binary and core functionality.

Here are some recommended settings for GFX Tool that you may use on your device.


GFX Tool – Optimal settings | How to Guide

The optimal settings depend upon the hardware of your device. I have a low-end device and I am hopeful that this should also for work for you,

Resolution 800×600:SVGA resolution (For low-end devices)
Graphic level Smooth
FPS Ultra:40FPS
Style Soft
Shadow I turned it on since my device has 3 GB of RAM. If your device does not have 3 GB or more of RAM, then it is recommended that you turn it off.

Important: Make sure that these magisk modules work with your device before installing them. Don’t forget to backup your ROM and personal data before installing magisk modules.



In recent years, there has been a proliferation of applications that claim to enhance your gaming experience. While I have tried almost every one, I am sure those applications are junk and will not work properly. I finally had to root my Android device.

Android rooted devices offer lots of useful tweaks and latest features that are not available on non-rooted devices. Each day, Magisk modules for a wide variety of devices are published on the XDA-developers portal. On XDA, you’ll discover a large selection of gaming tweak modules that can be installed on your device.

The GFX tool has been downloaded more than millions of times, and it is the best game performance enhancer. It therefore became the subject of my article. Along with the GFX tool, you should also install Battery Drain Fixer. There is already a published article about this, you can read it here.

Thanks for reading this article. I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Please let me know if you have any questions.